Welcome to Matside Hawaii! If you’re a fan of wrestling (or grappling or judo), you’re probably as frustrated as I am with the lack of coverage our sport(s) get in the local media. To be honest, I can’t blame the papers or the TV stations – the news business is a tough one to be in right now and I can understand that there are simply not enough resources to cater to everyone’s interest. And that’s why I’m starting Matside Hawaii.

Having been involved in wrestling and judo in Hawaii for most of my life, I know there is a large and passionate community out there who love the sport. I hope that Matside Hawaii can become the information resource for our community.

So how’s this going to work? To be honest, I’m making this up as I go, but think of this as an experiment in community journalism. I hope I can recruit a few passionate people out there who are willing to contribute reports (anonymously or otherwise), so we can keep our community up to date on news, results, events, etc. I will be gathering news and administering the web site, but because of my responsibilities with the Punahou wrestling program, I need to rely on the rest of you in the community to help collect results, photos, analysis, etc. From reading some of the local message boards, it looks like there’s a number of you out there who follow the wrestling scene closely and I’m hoping you might be willing to share your observations here, as well.

The web platform I’ve chosen should be able to grow and evolve as our community needs. It’s much richer than a simple forum, though adding a forum is something we can do if that’s what people want. Initially the layout will be fairly basic, but as we get more content and more diverse contributions, we can expand appropriately.

So, let me know what you think. Comment below or send me email and let me know how together, we can help promote our sport and create a richer, more vibrant community for our athletes.


Jimmy Takatsuka
January 19, 2010