1st round, 2nd day results *pau*

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So the big round to qual for placement…. it’s going really fast today.

big upsets: 100’s Aina (KSH), 116’s Rapoza (KSK), and 222’s Spencer (PEC) lose in semis.

  • g100 Somera (KIL) and Pico (MOL) going to finals.  Enos (ROS) v Sloan (PUN) and Aina (KSH) v Segi (AIE) going to cons semis.
  • g105 Nagasawa (PBA) and Davis (KSM) going to finals. Fukushima-Piligrin (MAU) v Barcina (KAH) and Dias (MIL) v Nanhta (PEC) going to cons semis.
  • g110 Taniguchi (PUN) and Nagatani (PBA) going to finals.  Lecker (LAH) v Balanay (MCK) and Oliver (FAR) v Ryder (MIL) for cons semis.
  • g116 Higa (AIE) and Rabaino (KAH) going to finals.  I missed the backside matches…. I’ll update if I can find the results. :\
  • g122 Fukunaga (ROS) and Shigi (IOL) advance to finals.  Torres-Umi (MOL) v Yamat (LAH) and Evans (PEC) v Torres (WAN) going for cons semis.
  • g127 Chow (PUN) and Louis (KON) advance to finals.  Paaaina (MPI) v Sebala (CAM) and Yamaguchi (MIL) v Miyamoto (LAH) going for cons semis.
  • g132 Chow (PUN) and Johansen (KSH) advance to finals.  Alama (KIN) v Chong (AIE) and Manley (MOL) v Coston (LAH) going for cons semis.
  • g142 Factora (CAM) and Monis (PEC) advance to finals. Truitt (MIL) v Hernandez (PUN) going for cons semis.  I missed the other one.  I’ll update if I find out.
  • g157 Santiago (KAH) and Kaye (PUN) advance to finals.  Lankford (CAM) v Scheidt (KSK) and Kahala-Minczer (NAN) v Hussey (WAN) going for cons semis.
  • g177 Fuamatu (PEC) and Manning-O’Brien (AIE) advance to finals.  Poch (WAK) v Lundquist (PUN) going for cons semis.  I missed the other one.
  • g222 Mataafa (LAH) and Moe (RAD) advance to finals. Tau’a (BAL) v Petrie (KAH) and Spencer (PEC) v Yamane (CAS) going for cons semis.

Girls Teams Standings following this round:

  • PUN 122
  • PEC 90
  • KAH 83.5
  • LAH 83.5
  • AIE 72
  • MOL 52


  • b110 Terao (MPI) and Carbajal (LAH) advance to finals.  Kobayashi (WAL) v Cabbat (BAL) and Yonamine (KSK) v Kamaka (PEC) going for cons semis.
  • b116 Oshiro (MAR) and Kamaka (PEC) advance to finals.  Nakama (KPO) v Taira (KIM) and Yamamoto (IOL) v Suda (MCK) going for cons semis.
  • b122 Nakagawa (KAS) and Souza (KSH) advance to finals.  Yamamoto (PUN) v Fargaragan (IOL) going for cons semis.  I missed the other one. sorries
  • b127 Terao (MPI) and Fukushima (PUN) advance to finals.  Hirae (KSH) v Fujimoto (KAS) and Cruz (LAH) v Lum (IOL) going for cons semis.
  • b132 Murakawa (PUN) and Takahashi (IOL) advance to finals.  Enos (HIL) v Lee Loy (MOA) and Kuahine (KSK) v Pantastico-Banaay (CAM) going for cons semis.
  • b137 Terukina (KSK) and Will (PUN) advance to finals.  Oishi (HIL) v Quiocho (KEU) and Bloch (KIN) v Solomon-Camanse (LAH) going for cons semis.
  • b142 Luning-Hoshino (KSK) and Hew-Len (CAS) advance to finals.  Wilson (DMN) v Yonemori (WAK) and Cooper (PEC) v Dudoit (MOL) going for cons semis.
  • b147 Akamine (IOL) and Uyeda (LAH) advance to finals.  Kahalewai (KSM) v Rivera (FAR) going for cons semis. sorries, missed the other one
  • b154 Peralta (PUN) and Grace-Reyes (FAR) advance to finals.  Saiki (STL) v Myers (AIE) and Scott (LAH) v Kinimaka (KPO) going for cons semis.
  • b162 Remillard (PUN) and Pico  (KIN) advance to finals.  Ikehara (KSK) v Kamaka (WAN) going for cons semis.  I missed the other one. :\
  • b173 Sheehan (PUN) and Cooper (PEC) advance to finals.  Chang (STL) v Corbett (RAD) and Burgess (KSK) v Carney (KLH) going for cons semis.
  • b191 I like…totally missed this…. sorry.
  • b217 Makaiau (KAH) and Pestano (KSK) advance to finals. Greenleaf (PEC) v Lyoyd (KIM) and Rickard (LAH) v Chow (IOL) going for cons semis.
  • b287 I missed this.  Ching (PEC) advancing to finals.  Thompson (CAM) v someone and Bates (LAH) v Ortiz (WAP) going for cons semis.

Boys Team scores:

  • PUN 187
  • KSK 135
  • LAH 110
  • PEC 108.5
  • IOL 76
  • CAM 70


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  1. Anonymous says:

    intos way to long, would rather see the finals seperately one at a time

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see the championship matches first & second shown sepret under a spot light 1 at a time and run the other matches 3&4 5&6 before the break.

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