2 weeks left in the season and what have we learned so far?

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1. There’s one thing we know for sure. States is anyone’s for taking. Individually, the competition is growing extremely stiff. Team wise, a few teams are on the horizon waiting for their chance to shine.

2. The level of Hawaii high school wrestling is rising exponentially everyday, and the participation level is rising even faster.

3. With the season being cut even shorter, a few things might slip through the cracks; The talent and skill of Shayden Terukina, Jacob Luning Hoshino, Ian Akamine, Ray Cooper, who are all vying for their 3rd straight individual title is not one of them. These kids are poetry in motion on the mat. Truly a treat for any fan of the sport.

4. Without a doubt, Ray Cooper, Kevin Corbett, and Jessie Carney are in the most exciting weight class…again. Patrick Sheehan and Kahikina Burgess add to the firepower of the 171 weight class.

5. Josh Terao has emerged himself as the consensus favorite in the 108lb weight class. The first freshman to do so since Jonathan Spiker’s freshman year, enroute to his 4 consecutive state titles.

6. Seniors Bradley Suda MCK, Ryan Nakagawa KAI, Brett Will PUN, John Hommel MOA, Stalin Myers AIE, Jon Pico KK, Geovanni Chavez Pardini HON, Kevin Corbett RAD, Jessie Carney KAL, and Evan Johnson PUN among the notables are all looking to win their first state title

7. Last year there were 4 consensus favorites that were considered invincible at last year’s state tournament, 2 of them won. Shayden Terukina and Galen Mcleary pinned their state final match, and Patrick Sheehan and Sani Fuimoana suffered heartbreaking defeats. This year, possibly 6 wrestlers, Josh Terao PAC 5, David Terao PAC 5, Shayden Terukina KSK, Jacob Luning Hoshino KSK, Ian Akamine IOL, Zac Hernandez PUN, are consensus favorites this year. States will determine if the public is right.


2 Responses to “2 weeks left in the season and what have we learned so far?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    171 is between Cooper and Sheehan. Everyone else is batting for 3rd.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who has Evan Johnson wrestled this year that is notable?

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