2011 HUAWA Fall Wrestling Clinic–Oct 12, 14 & 15

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Vladislav (Izzy) Izboinikov



Farrington High School Gym

October 12,14,15, 2011

  • Vladislav Izboinikov, US National Women’s Assistant Coach
  • Coached US Women’s Olympic Wrestling Team 2008
  • Women’s World Team Coach 2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 2011
  • Women’s Freestyle Resident Coach at the U.S. Olympic Training Center
  • Bronze medalist at the Moscow College National Championships in 1992


Three Day Pass is $50          Or a           One Day Pass is $20 

Required:  2011-2012 USAW Membership is $35 

Make checks payable to HUAWA


Clinic times:

Wednesday Oct. 12 4pm – 7pm
Friday Oct. 14 4pm – 7pm
Saturday Oct. 15 8:00am–12:00pm


 Download registration form here.


81 Responses to “2011 HUAWA Fall Wrestling Clinic–Oct 12, 14 & 15”
  1. Android says:

    USA wrestling is competing against there own folkstyle tournament at Kahuku,

  2. eFamous says:

    oh, interesting, never knew that they had two things going on at the same time. that's unfortunate, but then again, being from town… kahuku is so far! 😛

    • TdG says:

      Kahuku is canceled and Farrington stepped up and took the date. Beside, Kahuku always makes the drive to participate in all the tourneys so it can't be that far. Try driving 4 to 6 hours to get to a tourney in other states then Kuhuku isn't that far.

      • LuvWrestling says:

        I miss the old days when Kuhuku use to have the biggest tourney, I looked forward every year to compete in the Christmas invitational and enjoyed the long drive through the countryside. I would even drive to Maui if there was a bridge, just to compete.

        Prop to Farrington and staff for hosting, love the support for our wrestlers.

  3. eFamous says:

    that's true, but other states dont usually have 2 lane highways to get there :P. glad to know there's no overlap. what time is the tournament being held if the clinic is going on during most of the day?

    • Anonymous says:

      From Timothy Greenleaf on Forum (Topic: USA Wrestling Tournaments):

      USA Wrestling tournament, Sat. Oct 15th, at Farrington High School, Honolulu
      -1st registration and weigh-in at 700am-800am, $4.00
      -12th Annual Fall USA WRESTLING Clinic with Vlallslav Izbolnikov from 800am-1200pm, cost is $20.00 for Saturday.
      -2nd registration and weigh-in at 1030am-1130am, $4.00
      -All weight classes will start wrestling at 1200pm
      -4 man round robin format
      -Volunteers needed to help work tables and referee
      -USAW card must be presented at registration
      -USAW cards will be available for purchase

  4. 10 year tourist says:

    Awesome, reminds me of back home where wrestling never ends. I want to go take a look this weekend and see what we got in this state

    • Micky says:

      Hey tourist, bring the shoes. I 'm sure you have an old pair somewhere in your closet. There's an open division you can enter, you might have fun.

  5. Micky says:

    This is the first time that I've seen USAW, go year round.

    • Coach G- says:

      It is. All the club coaches have worked together to make this happen for the first time. 100% a volunteer effort to benefit all Hawaii wrestlers.

  6. Offthewhistle says:

    Not to mention that after the USAW season the PAL league will now be AAU wrestling for 8th grade and below from Nov through Dec.

    • 10 year tourist says:

      Heard this guy is still looking for a podium to stand on and has boycotted Hawaii USA events cause unlike his personal agenda the light is now on the wrestlers…

      • WTH! says:

        will that same guy that single handedly ruin the PAL season, be the new face of AAU? good luck! AAU fans.

      • WTH says:

        will that guy who ruin the PAL season for all the kids, be the new face for AAU? good luck AAU fans.

  7. Rick says:

    Farrington Folkstyle tournament / October 15, 2011
    Great match between Jake Clark and Ray Cooper III.

  8. Micky says:

    Thanks Ricks for posting the match. Didn't get a chance to watch them. It was nice to see Coach Clark supporting USA Hawaii wrestling. He brings some needed national exposure. It was awesome to see
    Ray Cooper out there wrestling, he is just awesome to watch, and will help the wrestlers get better. He is also a good rolemodel for all the young and up coming wrestlers. I hope to see more of them.

    • OTH says:

      I guess it is clear at this point that Ray won't be wrestling in college this year. Any info on whether he intends to in the future? It looks like he's still in great shape and his technique is sharp enough to hand with a former Olympian!

      In any event, it was nice to see him mix it up with Jake Clark.

      • Gerald Celente says:

        College is tremendously overrated. Look at the sorry state of our country. It's run by the white shoe boys who spend every moment of the day figuring out newer and better ways to separate you from your money. Keep doing what you're doing Ray.

        • I smot allredy says:

          It's dumb to go to college and get one edgamacaion, only stuuupid!! People go college. Duh….

          • Gerald Celente says:

            Learn a trade. It's a heck of lot more productive and you actually learn how to do something
            that genuinely helps society.

      • 10 year tourist says:

        I was hoping to see Ray in college and think he would of done very well for himself. The main thing however is that the kid is happy and pursuing his dream.

  9. Westsidewarrior says:

    Nothing new. Ray in great shape, but still no offense at all. Stalling at neutral and on top.The fact that he hung with Clark is vastly overrated. Clark is top flight at greco, and a legit college wrestler. Clark was never in the hunt for a national title in folkstyle. Ray would get killed in greco or freestyle by Clark. Nothing against Ray, I'm glad he's fighting, and pursuing his dream. Therers just a bunch of high school wrestlers who would be able to "hang" for the first period, sit in a western hook on top, and then get put on their back by Clark. Think Ray will make a great fighter, and that he made the right career move. He would have done well in college at any level, but nowhere close to a DI national championship at his weight.

    • eFamous says:

      Well said, that sit out was really ugly, which was the turning point for that match obviously, but cooper wasn't controlling the pace/center of the mat at all. Granted he probably gave up 20lbs or so.
      Neither showed a lot of technique for the amount of 'reputation' that both of them have, so you could say I was disappointed that the match wasn't more "exciting". It was unfortunate that they spent half the match (1st period, lol) feeling each other out, should extend the match times for marquee matches :).

      On a side note, was there anyone else representing hi flyers besides jake? Wanted to see who their program is developing. It was great to see the gym packed, hope everyone got a good show.

    • guest says:

      no offense and a person who stalls? he took down most of his opponnents

      • Westsidewarrior says:

        Coopers best attribute is he trains harder than most. Its one of the best and classic attributes to have in wrestling. Just plain old out toughing a guy mentally and physically. Cooper deserves all the credit he has received. This is looking at him in a perspective against real, top flight competition. Clark is great, but there are likely many D1 starters that could beat clark in Folkstyle, emphasis on folkstyle. Against real competition Cooper stalls. Only takedowns he got on Sheehan this year were off of bad shots, and quick go behinds. Def something that all wrestlers need to be good at, and a very common college takedown. My point is that Cooper was a great high school wrestler in Hawaii, and could have succeeded at the collegiate level, but not at the D1 level. In most states Cooper wouldn't have placed. Neither would Sheehan, or Hokoana. MAybe in states like Tenessee, alaska and south dakota. But in New Jersey, Iowa, Ohio, California, Illinois, NY etc.etc. I don't think so. One of the most dominant Hawaii wrestlers of the last 5-10 years. And again he deserves the praise people give him. But people also realize that he's not as good as a lot of people try to make him out to be. Daniel Chow would have ripped Cooper/Sheehan/Hokoana apart even giving up a ton of weight.

  10. Guest says:

    Seriously, the hating never stops when it comes to Cooper. Instead of people from "Hawaii" being happy for the kid and encouraging people need to be negative. The kid has done great things and worked hard that is why he is a 3x state champion in 3 different weight classes!! Just remember he is only 18! How old is everyone that is posting hate?? Try speaking words of wisdom before posting. jus my opinion 🙂

    • eFamous says:

      here's a tip: don't squander a free college education.

      I don't know the full story, cooper or his family, but I heard he had a full ride at whatever college he went to. College isn't cheap and it prepares those who make the most out of it for a successful future. Giving that up to come home is a real waste. College is short term, but it has long term effects on the rest of a persons life.

      as for coopers wrestling, he's a bit one dimensional. He has not shown any real technique beyond being explosive and using strong power moves. The reason he gives most people problem is because of his strength from what I can see. Have someone who can handle his strength, but with superior technique and it wouldn't surprise me if cooper struggled.
      Look at cooper's road to victory, in last years championship for states. His topside bracket for seeding was lopsided, he had no real competition, while you had 3 competitive wrestlers in sheehan, corbett, and carney all on one side of the bracket. Sheehan had to face all 3 competitive wrestlers for states. Who did cooper face? Sheehan who had to wrestler 2 tough matches. Yes, when it comes down to it, a wins a win, but are you happy with a meaningful win or just satisfied with your medal?

      sorry to digress, I wish cooper the best in his future, but it is unfortunate that he came home after such a short time in mainland college. Another thing is that one could say it's a negative example for Hawaii kids to not go to mainland college. As a role model to all wrestlers, he should be showing that wrestling can open doors to ones life.

      • guest says:

        yeah well he comes up in the end. weather its one point or a pin, its a win. get over it. whats the big deal? leave the kid alone. seems as if whatever he's doing must be working because eFamous can only hate.

        • eFamous says:

          hate is a strong word, you put him on a high pedestal, expect him or anyone else to be criticized, and I really don't know what cooper is doing, I can only speculate, which is what I posted previously. I also gave some advice like you asked too.
          and what if I did wrestle? or what if I was just a spectator in the stands? I have eyes and a brain and from what I see, I give my opinion, you're welcome to give yours as well. would you mind addressing my point about sticking with college (especially since it was a free ride from what I heard)?

          • Anonymous says:


            Cooper is just a brand new adult with lots to figure out and a heck of a lot of more life to live. Whether Guest is in the know or not, this conversation is bordering on unfair from your end. Even if it were Ray Cooper (Jr., I think) posting, his choices are his choices. He has no duty to go to college to set any example as you might wish. And, a good deal to you might not be to him. He has done nothing he or anyone else needs to explain to you or the rest of us, much less be criticized for on this forum.

            No matter how irritated you are with Guest, don't make Cooper the victim here. To me, it's unseemly.

            • eFamous says:

              great points, I can totally understand what you're saying. My point is that you can tell what a person's character is like by watching their actions and not what others post about them. Cooper can do whatever he likes for whatever reason he likes, but if people are going to tout him as one of the greatest, I hope THEY can take the negatives with the positives.

              I do wish cooper the best and hope he makes something out of the decisions he makes, hopefully it's all for the best.

              • Anonymous says:

                Appreciate that acknowledgment. Counted on your usual integrity. The one thing I would comment is that I saw and heard all the same things you did, but have no idea about Cooper's character. I don't know the young man. I've only ever seen him in the "about to wrestle or just after wrestling" mode.

                Also, any number of young people I've known throughout my life have forsaken the opportunity to go to college on the mainland. There are all kinds of different, very real reasons. But overall, In my view, the mainland sucks – particularly when compared to Hawaii. So if homesickness had anything to do with Cooper's decision, I sympathize fully.

                I think Guest reverting to the challenge of you going on the mat is really quite funny.

                Here's why:

                [From small kid time, I remember this TV show, "Celebrity Superstars", or something like that. Gabe Kaplan (Mr. Kotter – who really looked like a geek) led a team that beat a team headed by the supposed tough guy who starred in the "Wild Wild West" TV show, and used to do the "knock it off my shoulder, I dare you" battery commercials (can't remember his name – uh, just looked it up – Robert Conrad).

                Conrad's team lost some sort of relay race. So Conrad got all huffy and challenged Kaplan to a 100 yard dash – to settle it like a man. Conrad thought Kaplan would back down. Kaplan didn't. He said (I'll never forget), "OK, you wanna race? I'll race you". Kaplan kicked Conrad's butt. It was hilarious. Also, my sense is that Conrad didn't ever do another Battery commercial.

                I've also seen tough guys get their butts kicked in parking lots.

                Not too smart challenging people to physical contests to resolve disputes. Never know what might happen, or who might surprise you.

                So, eFamous, not in top wrestling shape? Figure your reasonable wrestling years are behind you? Too old, like me, to risk any sort of physical injury unnecessarily? Will a wrestling injury hamper your ability to earn income and support your family? All darn good reasons to ignore Guest and the foolish and meaningless challenge posed.

              • eFamous says:

                "Also, any number of young people I've known throughout my life have forsaken the opportunity to go to college on the mainland. There are all kinds of different, very real reasons. But overall, In my view, the mainland sucks – particularly when compared to Hawaii. So if homesickness had anything to do with Cooper's decision, I sympathize fully. "
                part is really sad, the rock we live on is so small (yet wonderful), and the world outside of it is very large. Your family will always be there when you return (hopefully). Being able to do things on your own without relying on others is a step of maturity/adulthood. Yes, some places in the mainland are more narrow minded to Hawaii people and getting along in a foreign place without the support of your family is hard, but it is an experience one should at least stick with and try, especially if it involves a FREE education.

                I remember that show back in the day… just kidding, you're showing your age! That was a funny story you told though. My old bones may still have some grease in them, so you may see me on that mat or not, I may be just saying that to throw you off and I might just be in college. I could still be in high school too :). Yay for internet anonymity!

              • Westsidewarrior says:

                I don't think eFamous is a hater. His praise and good wishes towards Cooper are consistent. No ones trying to say Cooper didn't deserve to be a 3xer. There is just a major misconception on how good he was, and I think eFamous is right about his technique. C'mon if you looked at Sheehan, would you even think he would stand a chance against cooper, or Corbett for that matter? Sheehan's technique was one of the best in the state this year. His mental drive and toughness in big matches over the years seemed to be less than that of Punahele and Cooper, but Cooper never beat Sheehan 6-0 or 5-1. The matches Cooper won were all close, and off of the waiting game. They were about playing a safe match and captializing on Sheehan's mistakes. Cooper was called for Stalling 5x over three matches against Sheehan. In the other two matches I saw, Cooper never once attacked. Again the right guy who trained harder and wanted it more won the state medal. But I agree with eFamous that Cooper has won most of his matches on strength and toughness. At the D1 level everyone is tuff as nails. Technique comes into play a lot more. And for all the haters. I did wrestle D1 for two years before seperating my shoulder.So I do understand at least a little about D1 wrestling

              • Anonymous says:

                Do Cooper's perceived strengths and weaknesses translate well to MMA/UFC type competition?

                Anyone know whether or not he's a good puncher?

              • Anonymous says:

                Or kicker?

              • 911 says:

                why don't you take a chance?

              • 911 says:

                you say your not trying to take it away from him yet talk about his "easy" way to victory. Well sorry, but thats just part of winning the oia's.

  11. guest says:

    here's a tip, why don't you wrestler instead of criticize. then you can talk all the crap you want.

  12. 10 year tourist says:

    The kids is young taking on a seasoned veteran, say what you will but Cooper just got better by playing that guy. Its great to see both of them wrestling on the mat, they both will help hawaii.

    Personally I thought he was college material and even informed some people, drive and passion unquestioned.

    • eFamous says:

      thats a great point, from what I heard, it was a exhibition match, ray didn't need to wrestle Jake because he was already in a seeded pool already. It was good to see him push himself, or get talked into wrestling a seasoned veteran. He could only get better by wrestling someone of Jake's skill, but it would be nice to see cooper expand his repertoire to actually see his growth.

      breaking down the match further, I could understand Jake's lack of moves due to being used to wrestling Greco, it's very different from folkstyle. Granted he probably does have leg attacks as well as riding, but he's a specialist in a different field.
      What was really nice to see was that if you watched the match, it wasn't just Jake's size and strength that showed control over cooper, watch how he was able to just position cooper and force cooper on the edge of the ring, international rules would have made that a point and folkstyle it should have been stalling on cooper.

      • Westsidewarrior says:

        Agree on the stalling. In a college match Cooper dinged twice. Once in the first, and a quick one in the second for holding on to a western ride. But I agree with eFamous. All props go to Cooper for always seeking out the best

  13. Anonymous says:


    You don't want Ray Cooper to get criticized, then quit stoking the fire.

  14. 2k11 says:

    Wasn't he already being criticized? From the looks of it he was. I don't know how you can't say he wasn't one of the greatest from hawaii. He had his ups and downs but still managed to be on top of the podium. No one was putting Ray high up. Sad to see only negatives. Heck the kid graduated, I would think everyone would have nothing to say about him, yet still alot more being totally irrelevant to this pass weekends match against jake clark.

  15. Involved Parent says:

    There was a USA wrestling meeting last night, sounded good and a lot of ideas to look at. One thing in the meeting that I found very odd was when some people brought up that USA wrestling was going to bring in a Greco coach from Missouri to do a clinic. I was confused as to why USA wrestling didn't just ask Jake Clark,who was at the meeting, to do this clinic. From what I have looked up he is very good in Greco, and is the best at his weight in the United States and one of the best in the world. Just odd. I am hoping that this meeting and the ones in the future will help our wrestlers.

    • Alvin says:

      Perhaps this was scheduled before Mr. Clark arrived into town? Or it could be that since Mr. Clark runs a for profit school, he would want to run it under his school and control instead of under HUAWA and USA wrestling.

      Just a thought…

      • Anonymous says:

        Not so odd about the Missouri Coach.

        His name is Gary Mayabb. He has a long cultivated relationship with John Robinson, and actually is the Coach who spends tons of time with Team Hawaii in South Dakota on the build up to the Fargo Tournament. Mayabb’s Team Missouri and Team Hawaii practice together in Brookings S.D. for about a week prior to Fargo.

        Mayabb has some pretty solid coaching credentials. He’s coached US Olympians and has been a Junior National Team Coach. He also was the coach who did major extra coaching of Travis Lee the year Lee was a double National Champion at Fargo.

        When Mayabb comes to Hawaii (he’s been here once before), he only gets airfare, lodging, and I think a small stipend for meals. He gets no “pay” or economic “profit” out of the trip. Essentially, he’s doing the clinic for free with all clinic revenues going toward expenses and HUAWA fundraising. Actually, I think all of the HUAWA sponsored clinicians come here under the same circumstances.

        That’s why Coach Rob can offer the kids these awesome teachers at such a reasonable price. The Coach Izzy clinic ended up being 9+ hours of super good instruction for $50.

        On a side note, Grapplers HI offers the same sort of thing, under the same terms with clinicians, for its members. Actually, Ryan Sugihara busts his butt managing membership dues and doing ancillary fundraisers to pay the expenses of top flite clinicians as an extra benefit for Grapplers HI members.

        So, in any even, thanks Coach Mayabb. And, thanks Coach Rob for arranging it.

        • JWS says:

          Coach Mayabb is one of the best teachers in the country. His philosophy and his techniques mesh well with what Coach Rob teaches Team Hawaii. His practices are a treat for the athletes being put through their paces by him and for the coaches who observe him. Team Hawaii works with him (and Team Missouri) the week before Fargo and what the Hawaii GR wrestlers are taught in April, May, and June dovetails nicely with what Coach Mayabb emphasizes in July.

          Jake Clark and other clinicians have much to offer Hawaii but getting Coach Mayabb early in the preparation process for Fargo as well as late makes for a great opportunity.

        • Confused says:

          I have talked to Coach Clark and it is my understanding he has been here for some time, helping with BJ Penn and others in the UFC. So unless this was planned some 2 and a half years ago I still think it is odd. No disrespect to Coach Mayabb, but I think Coach Jake's credentials speak for themselves. Not sure why some one would bring up a for profit or nonprofit organization, it has no influence on who does a clinic. Why wouldn't Coach Rob take that money he is spending on airfare, lodging and that stipend for meals and give it to Coach Jake. To me it doesn't make sense to give in upwards of $1200 plus dollars away when it could stay right here. I also know that Coach Jake has offered free clinics with an Olympic Coach, a current team mate and himself for free in the past and it was never considered. This again I find very odd, specially when a poster puts in the aspect of Coach Mayabb doing it for free. In all actuality it isn't free as his airfare and other things are being paid for. This is not free!!! Free is ZERO dollars spent!

          • Knowsthestory says:

            I think your screen name is apt. You really are confused about a lot of things.

            • Confused says:

              My confusion is not about what I have written it is why HUAWA has not taken advantage of the things it has been presented, to better our wrestlers. If you have better information than what I have gathered, please share.

              • An idea? says:

                I have an idea why don't all these coaches put their egos aside and work together to better Hawaii wrestling? An observation is that there is a lot of knowledge in the sport currently here and it seems like people want to go in their own direction. With this meeting that has been mentioned it sounds like a start. Now from what I am reading here sounds like nothing has changed. Come to common ground and make Hawaii wrestling better.

              • Anonymous says:

                "Now from what I am reading here sounds like nothing has changed. "

                I respectfully disagree. Seems like there's been quite a bit of change and apparent progress from USA Wrestling's end.

                In years past, there was only the Steiner clinic. This year, Steiner couldn't make it at his normal time because of National Team coaching obligations, so he recommended Coach Izzy, who was terrific. Now, there's apparently an additional clinic planned for Coach Mayabb.

                Add in the terrific and selfless work by Richardson and Terukina in collaboration with the Robinsons and a whole lot of other volunteers to make a USA folkstyle season a reality. Awesome work by all.

                In collaboration with Grapplers HI, Iolani held a very generous clinic (again) this past summer and was able to have Les Gutches as the clinician. Gutches is Director of Development for USA Wrestling, a former college Coach, and a former world class competitor.

                In addition to all of that, Team Hawaii was pretty large this year. I hear the numbers either exceeded or were near its biggest contingent ever. Coach Rob, Coach Schmidtke, Coach Oney, and Coach Reyes put together a really, really skilled, generally selfless and devoted coaching staff, and moved Heaven and Earth to get the kids focused, quality practice and training.

                I think a lot has changed and is changing for the better, as rapidly as I've ever seen in Hawaii wrestling.

              • Just want results! says:

                This current post is exactly what I think "An idea" is speaking of. Egos. All these people trying to get their names out there to make it seem like they are doing it all. I personally don't care who is doing it, I just want wrestling in Hawaii to do better than it has. Look up the stats on how many all americans we have produced in the past 10 years and compare that to the talent we have. I don't want any excuses either. We have the talent here and with seeing the interest at the meeting we have the coaches to do a lot better. It was brought up in the meeting that the current people in charge need to allow more help to allow larger growth. So quit all the name puffing and ego stroking. Just get the job done and elevate our young wrestlers to a higher status in the nation.

              • Working together! says:

                I think all posting on here should realize that everyone is trying to come together to make things better for all the wrestlers. The pointing of fingers gets no one any further ahead. I feel all mentioned have a big piece of knowledge to offer and all should be allowed to do so, as they all have great intentions and outlooks for the future of Team Hawaii and all wrestling in general.

                I also bring to the table that it is my understanding that Grapplers HI, HI-Flyers(both for profit), Semperfit, and other organizations are all working in conjunction with HUAWA to get better organized and have as many people involved as possible to make things happen for the whole state. Lets make great suggestions, instead of pointing fingers to move things forward.

              • Anonymous says:

                There's a distinct difference between the "Ego" you accuse people of having, and the "respect" I have for their work. In fact, it's only through my expression of appreciation that their names were mentioned here at all, because it wasn't them promoting their names.

                To be clear, I was and am saying "thank you" to Coaches Robinson(s), Schmidtke, Oney, Reyes, Richardson and Terukina. And, to the extent the following people keep abreast of this site, I am also saying "thank you" to Coaches Steiner, Gutches and Izzy for their past work here. I hope they come back to do additional clinics. I'm looking forward to my kid going to Coach Mayabb's clinic, and also thank him for the coaching he did of my kid on the mainland.

                I think all of the above individuals have made my kid and others better wrestlers by creating opportunities here. I believe they deserve my gratitude.

                I also believe some comments here show a dire, if not nasty lack of respect for those individuals. To me, that's completely unproductive here, and the tendency to that really adds nothing either specifically, or overall.

              • Just want results! says:

                "Anonymous" I commend you on your support of the current system and how it has helped your kid. This doesn't exclude the fact that it hasn't worked for Hawaii in a whole. You say some comments are a dire and nasty lack of respect for the individuals mentioned, but I would not agree. I feel it is constructive criticism that is long over due. The current coaches have done a great job up to this point but, it is very obvious by the meeting others are expressing they need help. Even one person you mention in this group agrees. Sometimes people take things to a point on their own where it becomes at a stand still. I think we are at this point. There are many more people waiting to help, but the current staff is not all that inviting to let this happen. It isn't about what they want, as I have heard them say, it is what is the best for the state and its wrestlers.

              • Anonymous says:

                "Just want results!",

                You and I disagree on whether or not things are at a standstill. My understanding was that the meeting itself was called with an eye toward progressing, as opposed to standing still. My understanding was that it was aimed at providing a framework for better group effort and more collaborators in the operation.

                One thing that always tends to undermine these high minded efforts is when people see it as an opportunity to usurp, or a starting gun for separate pursuit of individual agendas.

                Objectively, I see some pretty good developments by HUAWA in the past year alone, and I've pointed them out. They seem to have taken place based in great part on the efforts of those I've mentioned.

                I'm a consumer of these USA Wrestling services. From a consumer's standpoint, I'm pleased, both with the value added recently, as well as with the approach, style and manners of those who've accomplished it. It seems like they all respect one another and collaborate well with on another, care about the kids and their families, and have done it with a minimum of controversy and turf wars. To the extent these things have led to improvement and growth, to me, that means they're on the right track.

                From my perspective, the leadership is sound. So, rather than criticize it, constructively or otherwise, I think it's time to support it. The infrastructure and leadership is well established, and seems poised to do even more with positive support. To me, for now, providing that support (as opposed to opposition or finger pointing) iss the way to get "results". Perhaps not the ones you specifically want. But, then again, the community is large, and the range of interests wide.

              • Organized? says:

                I looked up the the structure of several different states organizations.

                I ask why Hawaii is not ran in this manner? HUAWA is supposed to be an organization similar to these yet I can not find this form of structure. If this is available please post. How can any of us support an organization that is not properly structured? I think the best way to get the positive results all are speaking of is to make the individuals mentioned function like other states organizations. I will look up more if you would like and post? Not sure why we are not following this type of direction.

              • eFamous says:

                It's great/fantastic that you found those great links to well organized state organizations, but what's your point? To show how behind Hawaii is compared to the mainland in wrestling organization? Show what plan and structures we're lacking? Its quite obvious Hawaii is playing catch up.
                However who is going to spend the money and the hours/days/weeks/months/years (most likely volunteer) to organize and set up such fine organized programs? You? That's right these programs take money and resources that don't appear out of nowhere. Most of these programs are volunteer and those that are 'for profit' (waiting for an official statements from their head coaches) will not be making any money soon until the wrestling community/interest is built. I bet everyone who went to the coaches meeting are all pushing to bring Hawaii to the competitive national level, it takes time, resources, and commitment not everyone (including most of the critics) are willing to commit. Unless you are actively building, promoting, attending the meetings, helping organize and run the tournaments, there is a lot more to be done to get Hawaii to the level you and others want. What are YOU willing to sacrifice to bring Hawaii to the levels you want?
                You and I can write/talk all we want on internet boards, but unless you are a part of the active change like I mentioned before, there's really nothing for you to complain about. I believe HUAWA is headed in the right direction and I hope they continue to make their progress and continue improving Hawaii wrestling.

              • FAITH says:


                I can't agree more with you. You always have to take into consideration that there will always be the left wing extremist wanting to see things fail. Even at the cost of our most prized possession! Through their selfish agendas for self gratitude, these people can't see anything being constructive. Through the collaboration of the organizations, the betterment of developing our children will help make them be productive citizens and successful in all their future endeavor whether on or off the mat. Wrestling is just one of many vehicles that a child can use to accomplish their dreams. What a wise man once said, in due time love will always conquer evil and evil will never conquer love.

              • Godbless! says:

                This is the best I've ever seen it. It is giving the High Schoolers more opportunity. Because of budget cuts, USAW has made it possible for the kids to wrestle all year round. Their is people who say that they want to help, but when you see them not contributing at the tournaments standing around and giving their constructive criticism, really makes me think if they really know what is wrestling all about. Makes me think if you can't help with the little things, you sure is not going to help with the larger things. Every good wrestler knows, it all starts with the BASICS!!!! Well I guess If you can call contructive criticism helping. Thanks for the help and all we need is more guys like you so we can get more done.

              • helper says:

                "Godbless!" I help at every tournament. So is my constructive criticism and help are their? What people do you speak of? Name some names. Because it seems like you have people in mind. I also agree with "Organized?" on the organization part. I will look up those organizations up and never knew HUAWA was not set up like this. I would guess fact like this is good right?

              • Anonymous says:

                "What people do you speak of? Name some names."

                As a parent looking for positive and productive role models for my kid, the approach reflected in the quotes above troubles me.

                I want the kids trained to be prepared to confront each other ON THE MAT for 6 minutes plus overtime, BUT THEN, and more importantly, to know how to be effective in the rest of their lives by avoiding divisive confrontation (the parking lot scrap approach).

                If that style of management were to become the rule for Hawaii USA Wrestling, in my mind, it would be something to avoid exposing my kids to. After all, God created MMA so that those approaches could play out.

                The direction of this discussion seems to me to be potentially and seriously counterproductive.

                If one assumes that Hawaii wrestling newbies are reading Matside for insight about the sport and its organization, I think they would see and sense trouble.

                Sadly ironic, since the stated goals are to grow the sport.

              • Mike Horner says:

                I'm happy that my child has matches. It's tough enough getting my kids ready to compete, let alone being involved with the politics of sports. The elite athletes will always find their way to the top.

                Seeya at Nanakuli.

              • Jack Horner says:

                As "parents" the responsibility to raise your child should be yours!

                Life will never be obstacle free hence your child will be presented with choices to make, those choices will be his/her to act upon. Please do not allow your child to blame some internet banter as to his/her failure to make proper choices. If you do not feel like you want to expose your child to obstacles than please don't.
                Coach, I value your input but I am equally grateful that you no longer have a microphone in your hand.

              • Anonymous says:

                Jack Horner,

                "Life will never be obstacle free hence your child will be presented with choices to make, those choices will be his/her to act upon. Please do not allow your child to blame some internet banter as to his/her failure to make proper choices. If you do not feel like you want to expose your child to obstacles than please don't."

                First, the choices you must be referring to are parental ones. Fundamentally, it is the choice over whether or not to permit children to be involved.

                With that choice comes constant evaluation. And, that is an important point to understand.

                This is not about kids' choices. But, even if it were, I think most parents are going to try and prevent bad choices from being made.

                Also, I ain't the coach you're referring to.

              • Jack Horner says:

                your writing and approach is strangely familiar to past e-mails.. if you say so, this is a message board and everything posted is factual…

                either way, glad you have no microphone unless it was connected to earphones in which you may enjoy.


              • Anonymous says:

                I ain't a wrestling coach.

                I make that "factual" statement so that you won't waste your time with conspiracy theories, or direct your animosities inaccurately, again.

              • Jack Horner says:

                If you say so, I heard that one for years

                That's odd, your entire argument is based on theory and assumptions

                You still provide great comic relief!

                Good luck Coach and I truly mean it.

              • Anonymous says:

                What argument? That I ain't a wrestling coach?

                What "theory and assumptions"? Please elaborate so I can try to correct any misconceptions.

              • Get it says:

                Can, ca, ca, can we all just ge, get along…."Rodney King"

              • work says:

                Yes, that is the question why is HUSAW so far behind. It’s because everyone want to wrestle but no one wants to work.
                HUSAW needs helpers not talkers. (Sweat equity)

          • Walk the Talk says:

            Free clinics aside

            He can start by rolling up mats!

    • off the whistle says:

      Bringing is a Greco clinic was planned before Jake got here. No offense to Jake intended. He will definitely be folded into the USAW mix so. Jake is as motivated as they get when it comes to getting kids ready to wrestle. We will all benefit from his experience.

      • Micky says:

        Met Coach Clark, nice guy, very motivated, and wants to see wrestling in Hawaii be successful. From talking to him, he has all the right intension to improve and step up the quality of wrestling in Hawaii, and has alot of national connection that will give Hawaii that needed exposure. I believe his (HEART) is in the right place. But, like we say only time will tell ….

      • Micky says:


        I was not comparing any of the coaches and believe they are all fine coaches. I appologize for the misunderstanding, but meaning that he is now living in Hawaii and expresses his passion for the sport of wrestling, and is willing to help in anyway he can by supporting and continuing the growth of wrestling here in our state. Like I said, only time will tell… Aloha.

  16. 2k11 says:

    Leave the kid alone. Cooper moved on with his with his life. Why don't you critics do so to? Making life miserable for yourself worrying about the kid. Blaming other people for his victories is certainly not right. Just end the talk about him, he obviously is never drawn in to the things said about him. He performs the same every time. Heck he even gets better with everything bad said about him. So i really don't know what you guys are trying to do.

  17. AL-LE-LU-IA says:

    wrestling was good today, there was alot of good matches in all ages. the kids have been showing alot of improvement on their wrestling skills. i was impress on how much and how quickly, in just a few short weeks, that the level of wrestling has stepped up. also, how well orginized the tournaments have been and how much kids turn out to wrestle. i like to thank all the coaches who has made it possible for all our kids to wrestle. i heard there will be more wrestling tournaments after this season starting in december, just for the middle school and the little kids, while the high school is in season. i think that's GREAT! can't wait…

  18. top guns says:

    Any up date on the ninja's