2012 HHSAA Boys Wrestling Finals – 140 Bloch vs Kuahine

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9 Responses to “2012 HHSAA Boys Wrestling Finals – 140 Bloch vs Kuahine”
  1. Anonymous says:

    So all of a sudden, I guess 1 second near falls equals 2 points? Refs really messed up this match and Ikehara's match…

  2. Nip says:

    Looked like 2 seconds to me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As a Kuahine fan, much as I wanted it to be clearly less than 2 seconds (not that it could in any way affected the outcome), it looks like just a little over 2 seconds.

  4. raqq says:

    Doesn't matter if it looked like two seconds or not. The referee needs to wave his arm twice in order for two points to be awarded. I did not see two seconds signaled by the referee. Unless he did it out of the camera's point of view. From what we can see, the match should have went into overtime.

  5. guess says:

    The ref does not have to wave his arms to award the points. he can count in his head or count out loud if he wants, the arm counting is more of a courtesy to the coaches.

  6. Guest says:

    ^^ this. The referee is not required to signal. And Kuahine was clearly on his back for at least 2 full seconds after the failed granby attempt. Good match & great comeback by Bloch.

    Note: nice job by the referee on quick, consistent stalemate calls.

  7. Wrestlinguru says:

    I think a great contrast and comparison match would be the 170 finals on how NF was awarded.

  8. ANON says:

    Bloch deserved every point in that match, down 4-1 in the beginning of the third and scored 5 points to win.

  9. maximal says:

    Using that logic? Reyes did not deserve NF on two spladles and a cradle that all three had more control and longer duration using the same ref.