2012 HHSAA Boys Wrestling Finals – 171 Grace-Reyes vs Ikehara

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19 Responses to “2012 HHSAA Boys Wrestling Finals – 171 Grace-Reyes vs Ikehara”
  1. Fujimoton says:

    Bravo bubba bravo!!

  2. miss call says:

    that was the worst call of the nite, that should of been an reversal. the refs really loss the match for ikehara.

  3. raqq says:

    Stalling bad on farrington in third round. ikehara won that

  4. Good says:

    The stalling call was right on. However Ikea needed to break Bubba's lock in order for it to be a reversal. Good Officiating by the referee the whole match.

    • refs need glasses says:

      Not true….Crossface, back hook, hip control= reversal……..reversal criteria is less than takedown criteria…..Max stole this match from Ikehara.

  5. raqq says:

    Okay, first, Reyes takes off his headgear with 41 seconds left in the match. It took him almost a minute to put the thing back on. That's one minute of rest time. Clearly stalling.
    Second, as Ikehara went for the standup, Reyes held onto the waist multiple times, and then went for the leg attack. Clearly stalling.
    Thirdly, once Ikehara had the leg hooked on that last reversal, it should have been two points for Ikehara. If you look at figure 21 on this article on the high school rules, you'll see this was clearly a takedown. Exact same situation.

    Clearly, bad calls.

    • Anon says:

      The ref max was determined not to let Kam win. Dropping to the legs from top can be considered stalling if done 2 or more times. And frm 508-523 Farr just lays on Kam! A first year ref would recognize that as stalling.
      Also, you don’t need to break the lock to get a reversal OR takedown. U jest Ned control of the hip as the picture shows in the above link. What the he’ll kind of refs do we have deciding our kids fate?

  6. fujimoton says:

    Reyes did an excellent job of controlling the match if watch the video ikehara is basically running away. After all it wasn’t even a close match cause the referee actually looked in favor of Ikea.
    (1) there is no coaching in blood time what is the kam coach doing clearly coaching while referee is hounding the Farrington coach.
    (2)reyes had Ikea on his back four times no points. Did ikehara come even close to even attempt a pinning combination? I THINK NOT!!

  7. discredited says:

    what the hell are you talking about? coaching is allowed during blood time. know the facts, you’ve just been discredited.

  8. guest says:

    Hahaha good one mr. Discredit but Fuji has got a point on the back points.

  9. discredited says:

    what is the point of number2? the ref is right there saying no back points, so what’s your arguement?

  10. guest says:

    All I can say is> who did the most attacking? yeah you wanna focus on stalling Reyes clearly dominated that match if you wanna talk about who won that match. No back points,not even one. Congrats to both kids and good job Reyes!

  11. raqq says:

    Reyes didn't dominate. You can't dominate if you don't even get one takedown

    • Anonymous says:

      Reyes put Ikehara on his back multiple times. Maybe not past the requred 45 degrees for near-fall points, but Reyes was clearly imposing his will upon Ikehara, even if it doesn't show that in the final score.

  12. nunya says:

    cheeeheee IKEA IKAHARA <3 he did great. & should of won. garrunteee.

  13. guest says:

    all u guys are hatters….. and were is babs near fall point?????

  14. Guest says:

    All of you guys should just shut up because ikehara got pinned and didn't call and he was not stalling because was the main person attacking. HATERS

  15. Richard says:

    I know Reyes controlled Ikehara for a good portion of the match. Unfortunately for Reyes he wasn't able to get back points because of Ikehara shoulder angle. Reyes did a terrific job at neutralizing Ikehara. No disrespect to Ikehara, he's a workhorse and I know he'll dust himself off and be back for more.

  16. Hahahaha says:

    At least Ikehara didn't get DQ'd for headbutting!!! Sometimes cheaters get caught and somtimes they take 2nd

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