2012 HHSAA Boys Wrestling Finals – 189 Hernandez vs Lotulele

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5 Responses to “2012 HHSAA Boys Wrestling Finals – 189 Hernandez vs Lotulele”
  1. Rico says:

    At first it seemed like a good matchup. Lotulele looked big and strong and from my perspective looked capable of handling Zachs intensity. Unfortunately it became very apparent that Lotulele wasn't in the shape he needed to be in. It was tough to watch a wrestler in the finals run out of gas. He obviously never encountered an opponent who went after him relentlessly like Zach did. I'm not sure if Lotulele is graduating or coming back again. If he does come back, he'd better remember what happened and train like he has to. Aloha.

  2. Yoshihara says:

    Tau is an outstanding wrestler and dominated throughout the MIL and coming into the finals but he had been sick for quite a few days in the beginning of that States Championship week. Tau had been training his hardest and he has shown this throughout the wrestling season. Unfortunately he is a Senior but hopefully he gets into a good college with a scholarship to wrestle in. Tau has had a great high school wrestling career but his future as an athlete continues.

  3. wrestling says:

    Hernandez is a "Terminator" and dominated his will on Tau and everyone else beside Pestano.

    The thing about Hernandez is he makes everyone else look so horrible that you don't realize how good the kid actually is.

  4. Fan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to Zach!!! After taking a recruiting visit to Columbia University, Brown University & University of Pennsylvania, He has committed to Columbia to wrestle.

  5. Anon says:


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