2012 HHSAA Girls Wrestling Finals – 125 Paaina vs Sebala

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29 Responses to “2012 HHSAA Girls Wrestling Finals – 125 Paaina vs Sebala”
  1. Spladled says:

    I was skeptical at first but after re watching, I agree with the people saying that the campbell girl got robbed. She was attempting to take shots while the pac-5 girl really only just drove her off the mat. I didn't see pac-5 attempt any real takedowns. with that being said, the campbell girl really should have been more aware of what was happening. I really wish Ray (the ref) would just let the kids wrestle instead of ALWAYS trying to flex his muscle.

  2. Wiz says:

    Thats a juiced match if I've ever seen one…

  3. wrestling says:

    Ray has been losing his mind for years…

    Its time for him to retire or be forced out

  4. JJ said says:

    The more you watch this match, it's clear ray ripped Sebala off and should apologize too her and be banned from ever reffing another high school match ever again. That was truly the worst reffed match of the night. That state title should have an asteres next to it.

  5. Guest says:

    That ref makes things interesting and entertaining. I look forward to any match he referees. You never know what's going to happen. Very creative angles used to keep himself in the spotlight.

  6. guest says:

    This ref never makes good calls.He always sucked being a ref and will never ever be good at it. Paaina didnt attempt any takedowns the whole match. Sebala is the REAL STATE CHAMPION and everyone else knows it

  7. guest says:

    I think our refs need to understand that there is a difference between sumo and wrestling…

  8. wrestlinghi says:

    Get a life. You don't like a referee's call so for 10 months you insult a High School Girl, who has done nothing wrong.

    • Marcia says:

      Why is it important to say high school girl? Would you feel the same for a college girl? Would you continue your line of thinking if the girl were 30 years old?

      Sexist Bigot.

  9. Zach says:

    Paaaina isn't overweight like posters are trying to infer. She's fit and in shape, body proportionate. If you expect to see some kind of bodybuilding physique then you're going to be disappointed.

  10. Ewa Beach says:

    I got to see this match and everyone was correct saying It was a horrible call. Stan Ono needs to reprimand this ref "Ray". Of course that ain't gonna happen. Ono is useless.

    Paaaina is going to get hers and it ain't gonna be pretty. That celebration that Paaaina did when the ref awarded her the match is the most disgusting scene I've ever scene. Remember this, payback is gonna be a bitch. It's being worked on everyday.

    • Free Mason says:

      To Ewa Beach she'll have the same pathetic refs, so no matter how you flip it you'll get the same results from last year. Ono and his thugs will never change. It's not about being fair it's about power control and letting people know that they can make or break a kids match. And no matter how many bad call they make, even in front of thousands of fans they wont admit it, but blame the kids and justify their cause. You see it year after year. So no sence crying about it, become a ref and leave your personal agendas out and treat the kids fair and don't be ashame to admit when you're Wong and people will respect you. But only one problem, I heard its easier to become a Free Mason then a referee in Hawaii. So good luck and may god be with you.

  11. Johnny be-sly says:

    Maybe it's all the Asian influences that got our refs thinking that its sumo-wrestling? Curious to c if ne other state has their wrestlers run back to the center of the mat while the time is still going?

    Good strategy to get pushed back to the edge of the mat, circle in, and then force your opponent out. Ray can't tell who did what. Right peeps?

  12. Jarred says:

    Paaaina should consider a low carb, high protein diet. Stay away from sodas and drink a lot of water. This will help her to shed those unwanted pounds and improve her physical performance and appearance. It should really do the trick in getting her back to the 125 target weight she wrestled at last season.

    L&L has a great low fat and carb menu you should check out the next time you're there.

  13. Middlecool says:

    Lets talk about…
    Hawaii State Championships this year being wide open!…
    New era for Hawaii USA wrestling new season, new coaches, all up and running!…
    Save Olympic wrestling movement!…
    Middle school wrestling in Hawaii!…
    NCAA wrestlers from Hawaii!…
    …Nah, lets mock a local high school wrestler for 10 months instead?
    Keep it classy Hawaii.

    • Ewa Beach says:

      You should start another thread instead with your topics. This is the Paaaina vs. Sebala thread.

      Paaaina is getting her just rewards after being given the championship match knowing full well it wasn't deserved. Words said here mean nothing. But it will on the mat next year. There's a big surprise coming her way. Payback is a dish best served cold.

      • Middlecool says:

        Look I'm not trying to say she is right or wrong. You say all these words mean nothing. OK, fine maybe your right. I believe in the sticks and stones may break my bones old school philosophy too. My point is nobody seems to want to talk about any topic on any thread other then this girls weight/body type.
        Why is that?
        Revenge is the dish that is best served cold?
        Wanting revenge, being petty and vindictive to another wrestler? Come on Hawaii we can do better.
        Let this go. She is a fellow wrestler doing the sport we love. I hope my daughters will compete some day for a Hawaii State championship. They are going to have to have some very thick skin if they don't meet everyones ideal body type I guess. God bless.

      • Wrestling Fan says:

        Paaaina will most likely be the champ this year and next year.

  14. guest says:

    I watched the match and the girl did nothing wrong. Unless you are the girl who challenged Paaina, i don't understand the reason for so much hate. If the other girl was that great she would have won convincingly, otherwise it was a close match that could have gone either way.

  15. Think about it says:

    All this hate towards Pa'aina is coming from anonymous posters close to Sebala. Since no one wants to put their name, do you anonymous posters feel comfertable with Sebala feeling the brunt of the public backlash against her because of all this hate on a website? You know who you are and you will be responsible since the only face anyone can put this on is Sebala herself. Since you are close to Sebala, Is that what you want for her?

  16. Thickness says:

    Adobo tastes very good after a bad day. You go girl and enjoy the buffet.

  17. Guest says:

    Because Stan OooooNo! Was too busy saving akeo and the whole mililani team. But no worry she still got next year.

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