2012 HHSAA Girls Wrestling Finals – 98 Canyete vs Pico

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6 Responses to “2012 HHSAA Girls Wrestling Finals – 98 Canyete vs Pico”
  1. Guest says:

    Can anybody find the difference between the stalling calls that happened at 4:20 and 5:50 that BOTH went against Molokai and decided the 1 point match?

  2. Guest says:

    Hey they gave a point to molokai before she got hurt and then after she recovered it was gone….What's up with that?? That wouldve tied the score at the end…..

    • Guest says:

      The referee incorrectly awarded a point rather than first issuing a warning on Canyete for stalling. 

      I was a little dubious about the 1st stalling call against Pico. While she was wrestling w/ her head down, she was actively building her base and pushing the action. Sadly, she was stationary & reaching back right before he dinged her for stalling. He really should have noted her movement before his call and how Canyete was doing absolutely nothing w/ that bar.

      The 2nd stalling call was more understandable. Pico was definitely riding parallel. Canyete did a much better job at _appearing_ busy for most of that match. Educated eyes will see how Pico was the aggressor for the majority of it.

      This type of "counter wrestling" was driving a lot coaches NUTS throughout this state tourney, but until the refs change the way they call matches, it's actually a very effective way to wrestle more aggressive, athletic opponents. (ie Murakawa almost losing to Uyejo) 

      • Rico says:

        Defensive wrestling can be very effective. It's easier to teach and much quicker to learn. The one major drawback to it come when you face an opponent who make few mistakes and when you need to create a situation to score.

      • guest says:

        So since Canyete was doing nothing with that bar and she gets the stalling like how Pico did on that second call, and Canyete gets one again since she was playing defensive; You take one point away from Canyete and add one to Pico, tie score.

        • Guest says:

          The significance difference in the two situations you seem to keep missing is the build up in each one. Stalling is not a snapshot call, it is based on whether the wrestlers are working to improve their positions.

          Pico did not even lift her head or move either leg from 4:00 – 4:20, while Canyete worked both sides and attempted multiple scoring techniques(ball and chain, bar arm, half).

          In the second situation Pico had a leg laced and figure-foured from 5:30 – 5:45 with no attempt to improve. Canyete was actively trying to free her leg and hips while Pico did nothing from top.

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