2013 HHSAA State Championship Brackets

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2013-hhsaa-wrestling-logoHere are the brackets for the 2013 HHSAA State Wrestling Championships. As always, it looks to be an exciting tournament.

Wrestling begins Friday, March 1, at 10:00 am at the Neal Blaisdell Arena.

Reminder that the finals will be broadcast on OC16 (thank you!). Tune in Saturday, March 2 2013  4:30pm  Channel 12/ HD 1012.

Wrestling (Boys) Brackets 2013

Wrestling (Girls) Brackets 2013


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  1. Steve James says:

    What is Saturday's schedule? I'd like to bring my daughters to watch. Thanks.

  2. guest says:

    i would think semi finals and consolations start at ten and go until finished. possible break with championships starting at 430

  3. Steve James says:

    Thanks! Do you know if brackets will be updated later today?

  4. guest says:

    The HHSAA has a new requirement for wrestling this year. Wonder if there doing it:

    4. Require the sports coordinator to implement a Referee’s Ranking system to gather input from coaches as to which referees should officiate the final session of the State Wrestling Championships.

    HIADA VOTE: 84-0-0.

    HHSAA VOTE: 72-0-25 (ILH abstains).

    • guest says:

      The refereeing in the Championship matches was overall the best its ever been if you take Akeo/Tawata off the table. It seemed like the referee ranking system had something to do with it since there were a few unexpected faces in the Championship refing lineup.

      Akeo, Ohashi and Massey were excellent as always. Alcain was solid. Miura and Kihara have been on an extended (couple of year) fairness/even handed streak that continued through the finals – that was good to see because they are clearly two of the best when they are calling things fair. Orsetti showed how good he could be if he puts away the flamboyance (which he seemed to do for the entirety of States. Routon is demonstrating a really impressive maturity as a ref.

      One real surprise was Kamakaala. He was way off his game for most of the two days of States. Some of his calls over the two days were simply outrageously bad, leading many to wonder what exactly was going on. He missed the Alo violation before calling the pin (not that it would have mattered).

      Verdonk was a pleasant surprise. Everyone in Blaisdell must have been stressed to see him back on the center mat initially, not the least of which was OC16 which only had 5 hours for the broadcast (can't waste 1/2 hour per match of TV time while Verdonck prances and preens). But, maybe Verdonck has heard us, or someone has told him, because he was generally much better over both days of States, refraining from taking the spotlight off the kids and shining it on himself. So, it wasn't just the cameras and the threat of being exposed to a broader public realization that tamed him (or, maybe he new he had to behave to get on TV?). He certainly showed that he has it in him to be a restrained, systematic, and facilitating referee, who will let the kids be the stars. BUT, that also illustrates just how wrong he will be in the future should he give in to his impulses, self agrandise, and entertain himself at the expense of the kids the coaches and us. Hope this weekend was a new beginning and he can be that same ref for the rest of his career.

      What's most important is that the new system apparently kept Honda and Katsuda off of the Championship mat and buried on the 5th place mat. Not too good for the 5th place competitors, but much, much better for the sport that the broader public couldn't see the kinds of things they are prone to do. Even Jack Weirs would have understood and recognized the lack of integrity with which those two blight the image of Hawaii referees. Really can't expect any kids wrestling in matches involving them to ever completely respect officials – and that is tragic. They really harm the credibility of all Hawaii wrestling officials. Specifically because of them, anyone watching matches they've refereed is justified in saying, "Hawaii referees cheat." Even coaches at states who benefited or won as a result of their unethical calls were heard discussing how bad they were. I guess those coaches voted with integrity to keep Honda and Katsuda at the bottom of the list for the good of the sport. The other officials should truly consider removing them from the lineup in order to preserve their own reputations. They both have problems that pretty obviously can't be fixed with more training.

      So, the system overall worked pretty well for the Championship round. Maybe the HHSAA and the leagues should implement a regular season referee ranking system that governs continued eligibility to work as a referee. Or, maybe every high school wrestling match should be televised. We can only dream, huh?

      • guest says:

        I cannot believe the bashing or criticizing for stopping the match due to bleeding. The best refs in US let alone any ref would stop the match for bleeding regardless of what position (even in pinning situations). There are procedures when in nf and ref followed it according to the rules. Pac5 coaches could not protest or debate the call because they know the rules and it was done right. Injuries can be faked and tapout = injury default but you can't fake bleeding. The bleeding rule was put in place to address the concerns for bloodborn pathogens back when breakout of HIV, hepatatis etc. Ref did what he was required to do. I also believe that the bashing also is ruining the fact of the terrific comeback by Akeo. If you have a 5-0 lead and can't seal the deal, then give credit to Akeo.

      • gymnasticsref says:

        Katsuda haboot cuz cant do a somersault anymore.

        • guest says:

          I saw the weirdest thing where katsuda was so close looking for the pin that his head got in the way and prevented a bridge out. even his somersault wouldnt have helped, his head was trapped.

      • guest says:

        as for bottom 2 refs, how do you teach old dog new tricks? I think K has been refereeing for 30 plus years but H maybe just 3rd year so cut him some slack.

      • Guest says:

        I cant recall ever in Katsudas refereeing that he was on championship finals. What I do recall is he has always been on the 5th place mat. However, most were involved with matches before the finals, even semis and thats where big damages cane be done. Just ask the Campbell coach. The match was delayed a good 10 minutes as he kept chnaging his call. I dont know if anyone ever noticed but no referee calls as many cautions as Katsuda does. Whats with that? And why is he so close to wrestlers? I think a good referee should be almost invisible. BTW, I believe that was the first time Ohashi refereed the finals match, nice to see him have a chance after all those years he dedicated to the sport.

        • Guest says:

          Ono won't allow a Ref too ref in the finals that he can't persuade or a ref who is not bias like him, and that he knows will make the right calls.

          • Guest says:

            hmmmm, idk about that. seems like the 6 top referees were paired with less experienced referees throughout the tournament and finals.

            • Top 2 says:

              Top 6? I can see a top 2. Who would the top 6 be, there all terrible.

              • guest says:

                6 mats so 6 top would be needed. I agree with you though, after the top 2, it gets really iffy. Perhaps you should ref top2 and see where u would fall.

              • Guest says:

                Let me guess Top2, your top 2 is Katsuda and Honda right?

              • Guest says:

                Mura is pretty fair. Would you not agree?

              • Guest says:

                ok thats one, name the other for top 2?

              • Guest says:

                I think his from kahuku, but he has black hair with a side comb and i think hes in his mid-forty's and wears a silver metal fram glass about 5'5 to 5'8. Don't know his name, but I hope someone will know who I'm taking about. Don't think he has as many years as some of the older refs. Maybe eight to ten years, but I've watch him for many years, he consistent and very professional with nothing up his sleeves. He doesn't give you the feeling that he will rob you of your match. He would be top one or two.

              • guest says:

                Sounds like Kamakaala and no, he wouldnt be top 2. try and read earlier messages. I think he's in his 50s and refing over 20 years.

              • Guest says:

                Man seems like that guy never ages.

              • Top 2 says:

                I would say max and akeo are the top 2, but as for the next 4 for the top 6, I think alot of the younger refs have passed the older refs, but most people probably consider the older guys in the top 6 over the younger guys. As for me reffing why would I so I can get talked bad about on here. Besides I would be on the bottom 3 with your favorite 2

              • Guest says:

                thanks for being honest Top 2, If you have any wrestling experience, I think you would make a good referee. not a coincidence, both referees u mentioned wrestled and refed on the mainland.

              • guest says:

                top2 should try refing, we all know you would fair better than Katsuda and Honda. "go for it"

  5. Ronnie says:

    Looking for updated Brackets 2nd cons today…..? anytime expected?

  6. Proud parent says:

    Congratulations to Kamehameha on their long awaited state wrestling championship title. And for all the coaches who gave their hard work and commitment to our kids. Thank you coaches you guys are the best.

  7. Guest says:

    What a dominating performance by Kamehameha. Hats off to them, they really worked hard all season and it finally paid off. Good job coachesi

    • Mac247 says:

      It was a good performance, but soory it wasn't dominating. Im glad Ikea was able to get one.

  8. Pac5PP says:

    Who had the most dominating performance at the state tournament this year?

    • Guest says:

      You're right mac247, it was a smashing performance!

    • Middlecool says:

      First, great job Kamehameha. Coach Wes gave a great interview on OC 16 and really praised the work ethic of the team and the effort and intensity from the captains. The grind in the wrestling room Mon-Fri is what builds the character of a championship team. Setting expectations high and getting them to believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. That is what wrestling is all about. I'm paraphrasing but it was a great commentary. Any wrestler, team or coach should watch it.
      Campbell did a great job too and came close with Lahahainaluna just behind. However I do think Kamehameha dominated where it counted. In the finals Kamehameha went head to head with teams in the hunt and they closed the deal. 135, 189, and 215 were all clutch wins.
      Second, Kamehameha, Punahou, Iolani, Saint Louis and Pac-5(if you add the scores) were all in the top 8. There are a lot of reasons given for this dominance. Most of the negative comments towards these programs look over a very simple fact. The ILH invests its time and resources into Middle school sports. The ILH acknowledges that the values kids learn from organized sports can and should be embraced at the middle school level. The values, philosophy, work ethic, coaching system then seemlesly transfer from the middle school to the high school.
      This feeder system does not have an equivalent outside the ILH. To be clear this is not a private vs. public school issue. There are lots of private schools in the State that are not in the ILH. So any excuses about, unlimited resources, parent involvement, or cherry picking talent are just that; excuses. The ILH is simply recognizing the fact that Middle school sports are important and should be supported. They support it and we don't. As the old saying goes, "Don't tell me what you value–show me your checkbook and I will tell you what you value". If you want your program to dominate some day. If you want a team to raise that trophy someday then look to the middle school that feeds into your high school wrestling team.
      Kamehameha High School gets to raise up the 2013 trophy this year. They just happen to be the school fed by the 3xILH intermediate wrestling champions. Coincidence?
      Come on let's hui up and create our own middle school wrestling programs, compete against one another and raise the level of our high school programs.

      • guest says:

        would be just as nice to see NCAA DI wrestling return to UH and also DII-III at HPU, Hilo, Chaminade, etc.

        • Middlecool says:

          Yes it would be great. Hawaii can grow the sport below High school and grow the sport above it. I remember in college my teammate’s little brother came up to watch a dual with his Middle school wrestling club. It was just a little 45 min field trip but must of had a huge impact. That 8th grader went on to wrestle in D2s and was a national champion.

          I agree with you 100% it would, could and should be seen. To all the naysayers out their…there is no need to post a 100 excuses why it can’t be done in Hawaii. Im from here too and we all know the deal. But we can overcome the obstacles because that’s what wrestlers are all about. Les Gutches gave one of the most inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard to our middle school team this year. He ended it with saying he personally hoped to bring back college wrestling to Hawaii.

          Our sport has taken some lumps from Title IX, pathetic news coverage and now the IOC decision. But we wrestle through this stuff and are stronger for it. The sport is growing and in Hawaii especially. Why not openly avow Intermediate School wresting programs in our State? Why not openly avow wrestling programs at our colleges?

          Avow; boldly support, acknowledge without shame, take responsibility for
          Disavow; deny knowledge of, deny association with, refuse responsibility for

          Let’s go this is a wrestling public forum. I’m all chips in on Middle school wrestling in Hawaii. You guys going to avow it or disavow it.

        • Middlecool says:

          Yes that would be great to see. I remember in college my teammate's little brother came up with his middle school club to watch a dual. For the team it was just a 45min drive on a Friday night to see college wrestling. But to watch a family member or a wrestler you have a connection to it must of had a big impression on all those kids. His 8th grade brother went on to wrestle in college and was a D2 national champion.
          I think Hawaii could grow the sport below high school and above it. It should, could and would be done if we all pushed for it. Wrestling has taken some lumps in the past but is growing and more popular then ever. Our kids have the talent, passion and heart. Imagine if they had the added infrastructure of a robust Middle school program before high school and then an opportunity to wrestle at a local college.
          No need for the naysayers to post a 100 reasons why it can't happen in Hawaii. I'm from here too and we all know the deal. We are wrestlers though and if we wanted it bad enough we could push through all the obstacles. This past year Les Gutches gave one of the best inspirational speeches I've ever heard to our Intermediate wrestling team. He ended with saying that he would personally like to see college wrestling return to Hawaii.
          We can become a wrestling state if we want to. As for me I've pushed all my chips in for Middle school wresting in Hawaii. This is a wrestling public forum so where does everyone stand on growing the sport!?
          Avow; to boldly support, take responsibility for, to acknowledge without shame.
          Disavow; to deny knowledge of, refuse responsibility for, to be ashamed of acknowledging.

          I avow all things wrestling in and for Hawaii, in particularly public Intermediate schools participating in a traditional wrestling season along side the High school programs they feed into. In addition, those public intermediate schools should hold a regional championship and create qualifiers for a annual Hawaii Intermediate State Championships. Finally, Hawaii's Intermediate champions should make a annual trip to Middle school National Duals (going on this weekend by the way).
          Not a single "wrestling state" would ever think to disavow their middle school wrestling programs. However decades ago I'm sure each state had to really struggle to get it established. It is now time for Hawaii to step up, fight the good fight and establish ours. Lets get to work!

    • guest says:

      I think that Mililani girl did as stated by announcers. She had pinned all 4 of her opponents with a combined pin time of less than 6 minutes. As for those questioning OIA 6 over Maui 3, Kahuku girl took 5th at OIA and ended up State champ. I suggest they bring back fish tail rounds and bring some of the Maui 3 as alternates depending on wt class. to gaurantee 3 spots for all wt classes is not feasible. Many times when Maui had the fishtail seed, they didnt come to Oahu due to cost.

      • Guest says:

        Works for me. Sometimes the OIA places all 6 at States and sometimes the MIL can take top 3 places at States. In these situations we need a system that allows the best to go. 2 is to tight for MIL. In the past we were allowed 4 spots and I recall some "new" wrestlers not going. However I don't know of any 3 spots that didn't go.

        • guest says:

          on the mainland, top three in league go to district, top 3 in district go to regionals, then top 3 in regionals goes to state. Here in Hawaii there is just league you need to place in and you qualify for state. Sorry to say there is no system that we can implement unless all outer island schools participate in Officials tournament, MIT and Big Island so there is head to head competition. I coached a wrestler that was OIA 5 due to injuries and at state his only loss was to a 3 time champ in semis. He took 3rd pinning the maui champ. Also had a JV champ that was placed in the fishtail round the next year and he lost in semi to same guy placing 3rd. fishtail opponent was Maui 3.

  9. gnation says:


    The highly anticipated 215lb Finals? There was a lot of whispers which than became chirping out of maui that they had the beast to tame pestano however they failed to tell us that the "L" on his chest meant "Laydown". Pestano turned the giant, into a cute little cuddly teddy bear who surrendered early and refused to put up any type of fight. He also turned the luna coaches pale white in the corner and silenced the entire Luna Nation as thier hero lay face flat on the mat begging for a merciful ending

    • Guest says:

      Wow that must of felt good to type. Your right, your boy dominated. Herc will be back next year though and he will be better because of that loss. The "L" thing hurt my feelings, your not very nice gnation. 😉
      The Luna Nation was not silenced however. About 47 seconds later we were screaming and cheering for our first ever Freshman state champion! Lots of heros did great! Congrats to the Jaramillo family two state champs! Also all 7 Lunas in the finals were underclassmen and will be back next year by the way. Gloat if you must gnation but the Luna Nation is alive and well.

      • Guest says:

        There is a reason Pestano is ranked 17 in the nation at 220 and it showed on the mat. Herc did what he could but in all honesty he is a far cry from being competition but he should be treated with class for his accomplishments and not bashed… you have a problem with the Lunas or the poster address them, not the kids with the heart to step on the mat.

        • gnation says:

          Thats my view of the match that I responded to a poster!

          You saw the match with the rest of the world and state, worst final performance of the night!

          When you get the top two gladiators in the final; expectation is sky high, performing with heart is expected, this is WRESTLING!!! We make no excuse, feel no sympathy and battle till our last breathe! Reality can be a bitter taste to swallow but will move you forward much better than the sweet tasting lie

          Hope he has someone in his corner to be honest or repeat the cycle

        • Guest says:

          Amen, don't bash the kids they had the heart to step on the mat and wrestle.

    • Guest says:

      Pestano was definitely more prepared for the match but all in all Herc is built for football and no doubt an All-Star on the field and the mats. Congrats to both wrestlers and good luck to Pestano in Iowa where his year round training will not go unnoticed up there. Herc has one more year and I'm sure he will be focusing more on football than wrestling which is what he has been doing these past years.

      • pun302 says:

        such an athletic family i look forward to watching both mataafa brother and sister wrestle at states next year. didnt their two older sisters wrestle as well?

        • Olden says:

          Yes. The Mataafa's may go down as one of the best brother-sister acts in Hawaii wrestling, joining the Chow and Hernandez families.

          • Guest says:

            Lahainaluna had two sets of brother-sister acts. Bubba just won as a Jr and little sister pinned a returning state champ as a sophomore plus the older sister took third. Not to shabby!

          • guest says:

            nope to late for that…. chow and hernandez; but Jaramillo's look like they are on thier way

            both Bubba and Carly are scary good

            • Guest says:

              Come on now. So if Herc had a down to the wire match with one of the best ever his sophomore year, a bad match with a Nationaly ranked Senior his Jr year and then say he were to pin his way to a championship his Senior year and Lil Sis pinned everyone for three years straight you wouldn't reconsider? Wow tough crowd but hey got earn the respect of the fans.

            • guest says:

              i agree with that as well. bubba and carly had an amazing performance especially carly taking away a state champs title as a sophomore. i would love to see her go up against hernandez and take away another state champs title. they are great:)

        • Guest says:

          Mataafa's are indeed among one of the most athletic families.Their older sisters did wrestle as well one of them I believe is now wrestling for American Samoa's National team and the other is playing water polo in college. Great things are yet to come from the two younger siblings! I look forward to watching next years state championships and hope it is just as exciting!

      • guest says:

        wrestling forum not football, i hope the best for him in football but the millilani kid is tough.

        His sister maybe the best heavy weight female in hawaii history, she is athletic moves well and is put together well

    • guest says:

      seriously? If you're going to bash on Hercules, you better have been a state champ in wrestling and an all-star in football. if not, please excuse yourself. I'd like to see you wrestle Hercules. I'm not even from Lahainaluna and I find this offensive.

  10. Kam96707 says:

    Teshya Alo (130) spent less then 1.47 secs on the mat as a freshman to win the finals match in .35 sec
    That's the best performance I've ever seen in a state wrestling tournament boys or girls.

    • guest says:

      she had illigal headlock on right before the pin. should've been broken and penalty point and perhaps match last a little longer before she scores another pin.

      • Guest says:

        With the officiating that we have here in Hawaii. They wouldn't catch something like that and it's just something we have to deal with. You would think with as many year that the older fat Japanese and the other shorter fat haole ref been reffing would do a lot better job and no matter how hard it maybe, to keep their personal feelings out of it and keep it totally professional. It has seem to have gotten worst between the two of them. I thing the other would do better if they weren't there. They treat the other refs like they're dumb.

    • Guest says:

      You can't compare girls wrestling to boys wrestling. It's like taking a girl from the WNBA and putting her on in the NBA and saying she is the MVP. That's why they don't give the girls their on season, nobody would watch, but their family and teammates. So they piggyback off the boys. If you notice every time the girls round came it would kill the momentum and get very boring and became a tortuous struggle to watch. But you have no choice it's just the way it is. So if you think it's so easy just make one division, wrestling division I would be fine with that. I know the butt drag or the Saturday night ride and the splaydle would be the favorite moves with the fellas.

      • Alonator says:

        She could of beat several of the boys state champs easy.

        • Han Solo says:

          Starting from 130 who does she beat? She has more experience and better technique than some but no way she beats any of the boy finalists from her weight.

        • Guest says:

          Alonator, can tell you never did wrestle. Only a none wrestler wouldn't know the difference. But atleast you support wrestling and that's all that matters too us.

    • Luna 4 life says:

      Jamarillo will destry Alo at states next year. Lets see if Alo has the guts to challenge a real wrestler.

      • Guest says:

        were you on the bus smoking dope too? you are delusional, Alo is better. You are ruining the glory for Jamarillo. Let her enjoy the moment because she deserves it.

        • Iao Needle Worship says:

          Janarillo will do better against Alo than all of you think. Her family provides great support. Keep the faith folks.

          • Luna Nation says:

            Jamarillo vs Alo May, 11

            You gotta keep the faith folks. Where the love middlecool?

            • Middlecool says:

              Iron sharpens Iron so they will both benifit. It would be great if they could be partners in the practice room and help each other Smash girls at Fargo. I bet a Girls Team Hawaii could win a National Duals Tourney. Thanks goes out to the youth wrestling community in Hawaii. The future looks great for both of them! Peace Matsiders High school season is over and it's time to support Team Hawaii.

      • Luna4life ah ka mon says:

        Luna4life you have no clue what your talking about. Jaramillo is good but she's not that good. She will have no chance against Alo. Alo beats boys down here in Oahu. Something Jaramillo can't do. The Lunas is good in Maui but when you come to Oahu you aint #1. You guys are #3, and that's because of numbers cause overall the Lunas aint that good. Step to her and you'll get a beat down. Seriously. Luna4Life your dumb. Jaramillos was wrestling for Napili not for Lahaina in there younger days.

  11. Rob Sherrill says:

    Who got the boys OW?

  12. Middlecool says:

    IDK but my vote was
    Boys Terao LWT, Pestano HWT
    Girls Alo LWT, Mataafa HWT
    I hope all 4 go to Fargo and smash everyone. Time to come together and represent Team Hawaii. Good luck to everyone going to Reno Worlds and USA events.

    • guest says:

      Girls should have LWT, Middle weight and Heavyweight MVPs.

      Alo and Mataafa middle and heavy.

      Bree Takayesu should be MVP light. She not only won her weight, but Canyete ran to 101 after losing to Takayesu twice.

      • guest says:

        canyete was planning to go 101 all season, she wrestled up because her decent plan didn't allow her to go 101 right away

      • Guest says:

        Trudat, Canyete was smart and ran or she would of ended up like Paaaina. No shame in that. That is just smart wrestling.

        • No Can! says:

          If you READ the newspaper article after Officials you would have seen that Canyete was going to wrestle at 101 lb. not 105lb. from the beginning of the season! She wasn't running away, it was part of the decent plan idiots…Stop hating on State Champs… you make yourselves sound and look stupid. Every year it's the same ole shit talking about State Champs. Why can't everyone just be happy for our KEIKI of HAWAII and support and empower them instead of DRAGGING them down to your levels. As adults we all should act like them. We suppose to be UNITED in HAWAII but guess that's why MAINLAND will always have best over us cause we can't even get along. SO SAD TOO BAD!!

          • Art of War says:

            Get a clue. The mainland critics make this forum look like a church service. Perform well and you get accolades, perform mediocre face the wrath. Get off this unity platform, it's survival of the fittest.

            • the art of love. says:

              what about the Art of love. whats going on with us hawaii people? my kid lost its over, we're looking forward to next season. let's get team hawaii going and kick some mainland okole and let them talk smack about how bad they got they'er elemu kick from those Hawaiian's. now that I wouldn't mind.

            • Art of War ur gay says:

              Art of War. Seems like the only art of war you know is hiding. It makes you look stupid and cowardly with a name like that on a forum like this. I bet you wasn't even close to winning states.hahahaha. Poser

          • Art of Aloha says:

            No Can! Your 100% correct. Don't even waste your time with the keyboard warriors of Matside.
            I'm very proud of the high level of wrestling coming out of Hawaii. It's time to come together and make Team Hawaii the best team ever this year. Don't worry about the Art of Waha and his "wrath".

      • #realtalk says:

        Takayesu lost to Thai ha sloan a girl two weight classes below her… so either bree isnt that good or Thai ha should be the MVP

      • Kaelynn's Dad says:

        Don't understand why you put Kaelynn's name on your post. But if you got something to say about Kaelynn then why don't you come to her family and say it. I support all wrestlers from Hawaii. I think it's awesome that this sport is growing. Think before making negative remarks on wrestlers from Hawai'i, especially my Family. If you got something to say about someone, have the courage to say it to their face.

      • "0" says:

        If Bree was undefeated then she might have a chance. But she lost to a 97 pounder at Moanalua, Thai Ha Sloan.

      • guest says:

        YOU GUYS HAVE NO LIFE. seriously, stop hating on the wrestlers just because they made it to becoming a state champ and you guys didnt.

    • Guest says:

      Like it, we got nationals now. Lets come together and represent. I heard they got new and better coaches for team Hawaii. Jill a top national wrestler is back, a pioneer for girls wrestling and not just for Hawaii. She made an impact nationally. If you know wrestling, then you know who she is.

      • Parent says:

        Jill will be a great role model for the Team Hawaii girls and young female coaches. Team Hawaii needed that last year.

  13. Guest says:

    I think Richardson, he had too wrestle against Kim and the refs.
    Usually that young ref, refs a good fair match. But, can't blame him when you got the head ref looking over his shoulders undermining his calls and telling him what points too-call. That really made him look bad. It showed he has no balls "integrity" to make the right calls and do what is right. He showed his true colors. That he will fold under the "pressure of authority" and not hold his own.

    • B.Kim says:

      So true but i am still unclear who won the match Kim or Richardson? because they both seemed happy at the end and i seen both hands raised.

    • 808gang says:

      That's why you can't leave it up to the refs.

  14. guest says:

    Want to try refereeing?

    • Guestesess says:

      I want to try refereeing! How do you become one?

    • Guest says:

      Please…… so I can be like Stan Ono and help out all my cronies son's and wresler's win matches. Please let me know how. You wonder why get people walking up to OIA/ILH wreslting ref's and punching them in the face. Cause they wrong most of the time. and when they wrong they like act like they right and argue. Cracks. no more time for BS. These wrestler's work to hard for donkey refs. and had plenty at states. Coach Seyno is the best we get. Bryan Akeo is fair. So is Ishikawa. To bad Stan Ono the most tenured ref is a dummy who make questionable calls that one blind man can see and cloud everything to what we got now. Feel bad for the Akeo's not there fault. Guilty by association. Pay ref's from cali come down and ref for states. HHSAA should look into that so no more this kind huhu. This sport deserve it.

  15. Parent says:

    What about tawatas match

    • Guest says:

      Its sad when you break a pinning combination in the finals.

      Tawatas was "ONO'ed"

    • Pony Boys says:

      Tawata blew it. He was up 5-0. and in the finals.

      • so sad says:

        Tawata knew he had no chance once akeos uncle ono stop the match and save his nephew from getting pinned. so all he could do was finish the match. Tawata knew, noway in hell that akeos uncle was going to give him a fair chance to win. And after all that Tawata remained humble.

        • guest says:

          what are you effin talking about so sad? any referee would have stopped that match. why can't you be humble like tawata? you blame others for failure and thats far from being humble. you really are so sad, sad poor sport.

        • so happy says:

          so so sad,the ref stopped the match in the 3rd round preventing Akeo from scoring. So what do you say on that? Or you can't type right now because you're still wiping tears from your eyes.

          • guest says:

            touchette so happy, they both battled and wrestled a tough match. too many cry babies is all. they gotta blame somebody so they pick on Ono. How can he be blamed for doing something he is required to do? I suggest all the cry babies try referee and see if they can do better instead of cowardly bashing behind computer…

  16. guest says:

    Akeo was saved from being pinned,… no question about it

    However he dominated Tawata the rest of the way…you cant be a state champ if you are spotted a 5-0 lead and take sloppy shots and loosey goosey wrestling unless your opponent is your mirror

    • Yahrite says:

      Right he had a second chance. But after that akeo did not look dominate, he knew no matter what happens my daddy's friend is the ref, and I'm guaranteed to win. so everyone knew Tawata had no chance because if akeo got turn Ono would stop it again and given a third chance. We all know who won, and it wasn't akeo.

      • guest says:

        yahrite sounds more like yahwrong or yah crybaby. Bleeding is a no brainer, matches has to be stopped. Z Hernandez had r cooper pinned lights out but stopped due to bleeding. Cooper later rallied and pinned hernandez.. Ono did what he was supposed to do when there is blood. just goes to show how much u know about the rules

      • GetReal says:

        If Tawata was the better wrestler then he would have won. He had a 5pt lead and then got outclassed by a returning state champ. I do feel for him because the stoppage did affect the match however i do not believe he would have gotten the pin with the way he was holding the cradle. also, is there an extra point for blood stoppage or does that only come into play when the stoppage is due to injury or screaming?

        • guest says:

          I saw a 4 count and that = 2pt nf but Tawata got 3 pt nf due to extra 1 pt for stoppage. The ref made the right call to stop the match when there is blood and awarded the correct 3nf. Now if he stopped the match before 2 count, only 2pt nf awarded. The ref made the correct calls.

      • guest says:

        Some people are accusing the Akeo/Tawata ref of a bad call. Some say it was justified. Clouding it all is the fact that Akeo's Dad is a well respected referee and clearly part of the referee's club.

        Some people laud Tawata, claiming he pinned. Some laud Akeo for coming back. As the arguments go, some say Tawata should be champion and Akeo doesn't "deserve it", and some say Akeo earned it with his comeback.

        This was a tough situation for everyone involved.

        The referee was in a damned if you do, damned if you don't position on many levels.

        The circumstances cause some to claim there is a cloud over the title for 125lb boys. Brayden Akeo shouldn't have to deal with that.

        Thomas Tawata will always wonder, about many things. If he feels he was robbed, that might be one of the worst feelings in the world. He shouldn't have to deal with that.

        The central problem with all of this, and the thing that colors everything, is the fact that so many officials, wrestlers and coaches have familial and longtime professional and interpersonal interactions (for better or worse) that come into play, or are ammunition for conspiracy theories and accusations. Take out the fact that Brayden Akeo is the son of a referee, and there might still be claims the call was bad, but there would be no suspicion of a biased bail out.

        Because of the closeness of the community, every year there are questions that can legitimately be raised about referee biases. Are they valid? Who knows? BUT, the fact that relationships exist colors things.

        The HHSAA should expend some money to bring in a couple of "neutral", or at the very least unconnected crews from the mainland to participate in the State Tournament. They could be used on a standby basis to ensure that referee relationships with wrestlers, their families, or even their programs do not create basis to worry about, suspect, or make accusations of bias.

        The Akeos, Tawata, and Ono really shouldn't have to go through what they're going through now. Having refs with no local connections available for these sort of circumstances would be worth it.

        • guest says:

          believe it or not, referees on the mainland would call it the same way. Bleeding trumps, injury, pinning situations, possible takedowns or escapes/reversals anytime. Money used for refs airfare, hotel etc is too costly and not worth it. I would like to see money used to bring back fish tail qualifying rounds instead so Maui can bring 3. In return to the qualifying round, cut down girls weights back to 11 to keep first day within 10 hrs.

          • Guest says:

            As bad as the KIL did, at some point they will have a legit gripe to bring 2 instead of 1. The MIL needs its 3 back and if the ILH can go 1st, 2nd, 3rd at states it makes you wonder how many 4 spots could of placed. Although its rare the OIA can place all 6 in a weight class from time to time. So, let's all chip in the 12 bucks a weight class to have a one and done fish tail and give the hard luck kids a chance at the "underdog/Cinderella story". Come on already it was a bad decision in order to make it look like we were cutting the budget. Teachers are about to go on strike over budget…what next go from 16 to 8?

            • guest says:

              I agree with you except for KIF…. 4 schools have wrestling and 2 out of 4 for state is 50%. Sorry but only champion should qualify.

          • medic says:

            No they would not, Blood time calls for the person to be bleeding.

            There was no blood at all, period! nose bleeds dont just stop cleanly?

            There was nothing, hence it never dripped again for the next five minutes.

            Not Akeos fault but go ask him, i wiped it

            • Watch the tape says:

              U can clearly see blood being whiped off of Akeos lip if u watch the replay. And yes their was a 2nd blood timeout which occured just as akeo was about to score a takedown. U can argue that Akeo was "robbed" of a takedown

              • Guest says:

                Not if he was pinned. The video clearly showed he was pinned and Ono jump in before the ref could slap the mat. He's shoulder was flat as a board. Sorry you can lie all you like, but it's all cought on tape. So you can make all the excuses you like Tawata got robbed, literally!!!

              • FA9 says:

                Ono jumped in before the ref could slap the mat? ONO WAS THE REF!!!!! QUIT MAKING SH!T UP!!

              • guest says:


                here you go clear shot

                ono was second ref and stepped in

              • Open ur eyes says:

                Ur an idiot. WATCH the match!! I see ono as the ref not as assistant. I see blood. I see a 2nd blood timeout just before akeo is about to score a takedown. U can lie all u want but video doesnt lie

              • Uncle Bully says:


              • Brayboy says:

                Thank you…

                Love you always Uncle STAN!

              • Guest says:

                That's right he made sure he refs that match, thank you, fat head!!!!

              • guest says:

                Ono was the head ref so he would be the one slapping the mat. head ref is mandated to stop if bleeding is visible. He saw it so he stopped it. as for med who wiped it, if there was no blood as you claim, why did it take long to stop blood time? why was there clean up time? are you med for pac5? seems like a conspiracy to me. All of this crap is taking away the comeback by Akeo. Give it a rest… all your crying isnt going to change the fact. Tawata blew a 5 pt. lead but still could have won it in ot…. he had his chance

              • Uncle Bully says:


              • Uncle Stan says:

                You're welcome!

              • Uncle Bully says:


            • guest says:

              video shows st. louis trainer holding gauze on Akeo and when he removes it you can clearly see blood on the gauze. looks like bleeding came from lip, vaseline used so that may explain why it stopped. 30 seconds blood time used. If you wiped it, that means you are the st. louis trainer and the blood is on the gauze. watch the video and stop the bashing.

        • Guest says:

          Every year it's usually Ono or verdonk that is consistently bias. Verdonk actually did pretty well this year and kept his personal feelings aside. No matter how tempting it may have been to favor a match, he did the right thing. But on the other hand that can't be said for Ono. Video don't lie. He doesn't have to live with the outcome Tawata does. I really feel sad for the kid, but what's done is done. We just have too wait and see who will be the victim next year. I hope it's not your kid.

          • guest says:

            But Verdonck set a standard for himself and now we can have a reasonable level of expectation. We now know he can behave himself like a competent ref. So when he doesn't, it means he either disrespects the kids and the fans, or has some other uncontrollable problem that needs to be curbed before he's allowed back on the mat. Either way, if he departs from the pretty good refing he did this weekend, he should be removed.

        • Joe cool says:

          would the complainers prefer Katsuda and Honda ref Akeos match?

          • guest says:

            Katsuda and Honda are the reason so many find it so easy to accuse Ono of juicing that match. I don't think Ono cheats. In fact, I think he's pretty good and fair. But, there are other refs with problems in their approaches that hurt the credibility of Hawaii wrestling refs. The cheating refs are the worst problem, and because they exist, all Hawaii refs are stained and susceptible to accusations of cheating. Just the fact that someone had to ask everyone to consider how much WORSE things could have been with Katsuda and Honda on the mat – and how everyone nodded their heads to themselves – makes that very clear.

    • TO ALL THAT CRY says:

      The ref didn't help Akeo after he was down 5-0. In fact, the ref helped tawata from Akeo getting a takedown. This is how wrestling goes. Crying about it will do nothing but make you look like a spoiled brat.. It's over so get over it. Brayden Akeo Is and Always will be the 2013 125lb. State Champ. And that's the REAL.

      • guest says:

        Akeo is truly a champ and wrestled lights out besides getting caught in a scramble situation however I dont feel he would have been pinned. tough break for tawata but even tougher on Akeo. His legacy will always be remembered as the three timer that was saved by his uncle stan ono. its a grossly unfair to the kid so stop the bashing

        • guest says:

          few yrs ago at officials tournament Z Hernandez threw R Cooper on his back and was about to be pinned but match was stopped due to bleeding. Trust me, his lights were out. Later in the match, Cooper came back and won the match. Same scenario as Akeo/Tawata but different reaction from crowd. both Cooper and Akeo are warriors… end of story

  17. Guest says:

    I wouldn't say dominated…

    • Guest says:

      If his father Akeo was refin the match he would have pinned his own son!

      • Guest says:

        Every year it's always the same one or two ediots fat Stan or verdonkey abusing their power, and just because they been reffing for a long time doesn't mean they know what they're doing. Can't blame the dad, if my kid was getting pin that I hope my friend Stan would save my son. I could live with the embarrassment… too save my son from feeling hurt from losing. And let him believe he's won. Isn't that a parents job.

        • guest says:

          what's an ediot? if you think you can do a better job why dont you join? we need good referees according to you the expert ediot. and if you have a kid wrestling you can ref the match.

      • guest says:

        no, he would stopped the match, give nearfall and 1 stopage pt and call time for bleeding like any other ref would.

  18. guest says:

    need to remind pac5 coach and punahou coach as well. they both held up tournament complaining and punahou coach got tossed from the tournament

    • Guest says:

      While his final win 10-0 win over Hoshino was not as flashy as some other final matches, LJ Remillard merits mention as the male wrestler who appears to have scored the most points in the tournament: 3 pins (1 in the first round and 2 in the second round) and a major decision.

      Please post any results for for a male wrestler that exceeds this outcome.

      And major props to Kamehameh boys and their coaches. Despite all the nay sayers on Sports Hawaii forum, Chris West and his boys put on a superb performance.

      • guest says:

        to hold opponent scoreless while racking up 10pts is dominating.
        3 pins and 1 major is awesome
        to repeat is dominating
        to be humble is amazing, you don't have to be flashy

      • Olden says:

        LJ Remillard is a super 2X champion-no doubt. But Shayden Terukina pinned his way through his last two state tournaments, and Zack Hernandez pinned his way through his last two state tournaments AND was not scored upon. That is domination.

        • Wolf Pac Rules says:

          Peralta did the same last year. 3 pins and 10 – 0 in finals. Pinned Uyeda in semis.

        • guest says:

          1982 state champion Mike Giffin from Radford pinned all his opponents by head and arm. Ask Coach Jimmy if he remembers the guy since he's the same old age lol

        • Guest says:

          I am not suggesting that Remillard dominated to a greater degree than Hernandez or Shayden. Only that he scored the most for his team this year.

          It is worth noting however that Remillard pinned all four of his opponenents at States last year.

          • Guest says:

            LJ is a fine wrestler, very sound technique and can change up when he has too. He can control a match or be very dominate when need to be. I'm not a pun fan, but appreciates a good wrestler when I see one, and that's for all wrestlers girls or boys.

  19. Guest says:

    Guy that's called passion some coaches don't have the balls to backup their wrestlers, Punahou and pac5 does.

    • Guest says:

      Do they realize that by doing so, they are costing the wrestler his/her match?
      Props to the coaches who have the balls to swallow their pride so their wrestler(s) don't get disqualified

  20. guest says:

    punahou coach was not backing up his wrestlers and thats not passion. pac5 assist is beyond passion more like stupidity

  21. Maui Scrubs says:

    Here we go another Luna trying for start stuff. You maui people are clowns. Putting her club name for start trouble. Unreal. Shame on the Maui reporter for putting a juvenile on blast in their bush league newspaper, "Maui News". Show some class. Granted "IF" and only "IF" Paaaina did that then that's the coaches and parents job to correct her actions. Nobody else's buisness. These competitors are kids. Not professionals. Kids are going to make mistakes. Maybe the honolulu advertiser should report how everytime we go up to maui for the Maui invitational half your wrestler's are smoking weed in the back parking lot with all the molokai stoneys. maybe we should report that. Maui Scrubs.

    • Middlecool says:

      I agree with you that the Maui News should not of had the chairs information in the article. But, why do you think a Luna had anything to do with the post that upset you? For a year people upset about last years match involving Paaina have been saying horrible things and embarrassing the sport of wrestling on Matside. Just because a Luna wrestled Paaina and won theses same posters are now talking about payback and justice. I seriously doubt a Luna wrote this.

      As for the weed in the parking lot. I think any Maui or Molokai coach would like to know more information so they could put a stop to it. If you want that as well, can you give up a few more details? Was this on the Friday during school hours? Was the MIT at the Lahaina Civic center or on a campus gym? Have you seen this every time? Did you recognize the stoners to be high school wrestlers of a school. Trust me we all want you to keep coming to the MIT and I will look in to this.

      • Lunas Rule says:

        It was actually Paaaina cooking on a hibachi that caused all the smoke behind the gym. Anyone for Shanburger!

        • guest says:

          hey Lunas this is getting old… we get the point.

        • Luna4Life says:

          All these posters talking crap about Paaaina still. I hope you all can tell that they are pretending to be from Lahaina. They are the same haters from a year ago. Lunas Rule, Maui Rules, Luna Nation? You guys aren't fooling anyone. No shame if you can't let it go at least don't pretend to be us. Lunas Rule what's higher on campus the Luna Library or the Gym? What is in the center of our football field? Name the 2 elementary schools in town? What's more north Scorpion Bowls or Slaughter House. What Mc Donald's just got renovated? You don't know cause you guys are the haters from Oahu. Get a life already. If not go google some answers or phone a friend 😉

          • Ilh says:

            It's all talk don't let'em suck you in, but I gotta say its pretty sad when people start putting down kids.

          • guest says:

            well, maybe but do it somewhere else. In my opinion she was beaten by a superior wrestler. You guys got the Gold, bashing ends here. sportsmanship is about being a good winner as well as a loser.

            • Guest says:

              Weak people revenge…..
              strong people forgive…
              intelligent people ignore ….

            • Luna 4 Life says:

              Hey, this person is not from Lahaina, Maui or a Luna. They are the haters from last year and have been talking crap to Paaaina on this website. They are using the fact that she lost to another wrestler (who happens to be a Luna) as another excuse to bash. You can put any name you want and post it. Again if your from Lahaina Paaaina hater why don't you answer the Lahaina trivia?

              • Gerald says:

                Your trivia request shows me where head is at. Gotta love public schools!

                Here's a bone, now fetch.

              • Luna4Life says:

                Bark Bark! Tourist questions? This just proves that the posters talking crap about another wrestler are the same haters who are obsessed with bashing Paaina. This started over a year ago and they have been displaying their class ever since. Now all of a sudden magically there are a bunch of people talking crap about Paaaina posing as Lunas? I don't buy it? You can be snob if you like private guy but any Luna local from this town could verify the questions. It's been 24 hours now and Luna Nation, Maui Rules, Luna 4 Eva are strangely silent. Just pointing out the haters are from Oahu pretending to be Lunas and making the Westside look bad. In case you haven't noticed it's wrong to talk trash and gloat and they are pretending we are doing it to Paaina.
                To Paaina and her family congratulations on a hard fought match I wish you all the best and it would be great to see you and all the other wrestlers come together under Team Hawaii at Fargo.

              • Maui Noka'oi says:

                Luna4life, all I know about Maui is that you guys get the best Pakahoho mau'ke kua. Noka'oi, Ono dakine stuff sweeeeet!!!

              • Eli Jones says:

                Nobodys gonna answer your stupid questions. Its fun reading your posts asking posters to answer your trivia questions. You remind me of that charecter Carlton on the fresh prince tv show. Please keep posting it makes my day!

              • OG RU says:

                Could be people from Maui posing as Lunas, not saying they are but I know there's a rivalry in Maui between the Lunas and the rest of MIL. So don't start pointing fingers at Oahu Luna4Life, unless you really know the facts. They could be from Oahu, but do you really know that?NO. You don't like the fact that Lunas are being accused but yet you accuse.HELLO. Talk about double standard. You're making the Lunas look bad. I'm from Oahu and I tell you this, The Jaramillo's that won states deserved it. They wrestled like State Champs. The Mataafas are great wrestlers too. Those two Families make Lahainaluna look Awesome. You, make them look like hypocrites. Then after that you want to congratulate Paaina, and then you want Team Hawaii to come together after you bash Oahu. Just saying.

              • Luna4Life says:

                You got a point sorry Oahu. The posters that have relentlessly bashed Paaaina for a year all claimed to be upset about their wrestler getting robbed. They justified the bashing as payback. Your right though could be anyone. It could even be Carlton he was TC's son on Magnum PI right? Peace then and long live Oahu. 🙂 just for fun though can anyone from Oahu guess the answers LOL. Not even the rest of Maui knows the custom made Fresh Prince of Belair answers.

              • Guest says:

                I went to college on the mainland with a couple Lunas, worked with one also and they were always humble and cool. 2 were wrestlers, 2 played football for the lunas. I respect them as much as they respect me. Im from Oahu and we all said back then that we are from Hawaii

              • Lunas4Life says:

                Jeep? He always had a crew too.

              • Makena says:

                Pedicab. The throwback from the 80's

              • Pick me says:

                I like play, can

              • Maui Rules says:

                I like the idea of Alo and Jamarillo. Paaaina had her chance and lost. May 11, 2013 will be a good day for Maui!

              • gueest says:

                Alo wont be in Maui, she will be at Body Bar National World Team Qualifiers in Lakeland Florida

              • Dirty car hater says:

                Your right the tournaments are the same weekend. Although I wish she could go to Maui tournament, the Body Bar event will be a showcase for how good she is. I think all the Luna/Maui/Jaramillo fans should look into seeing if she would go if given the opportunity. How about it Lahaina, fundraiser for Jaramillo and Mata'afa? We can send our best to Oahu to train and send Hawaii's best to Florida. CAR WASH!!! FIVE DOLLARS!!!

              • Gueest says:

                any club can go to Body Bar it does not have to be Team Hawaii , Thats for Fargo

              • Dirty car says:

                Team Hawaii is going to Body Bar but some wrestlers from Hawaii are going separately?

              • girls rule says:

                instead of fighting we should get the best girl in the state and send them to body bar. i know our girls got a real good shot at winning it all. where do i send my five dollahs.

              • Dirty car hater says:

                I would guess contacting Jill from HFUSAW website. She is a Girls Team Hawaii Coach and very involved in moving the program forward. Every island should have a contingency plan in case their own have an opportunity to represent Hawaii at the National level. It shouldn't be about who can afford it or who likes to travel. If your a State champ there could be a support system ready to sponser you. How much would it be for a State Champ to go to Florida with Team Hawaii?

              • Nice car says:

                All depends on who's paying. In the past they were hand selected and sponsored by Team Hawaii. Is it still ran the same way or are new board members doing it differently?

              • Gerald Celente says:

                If you pay, you can play. The trend I can see is that this method of selection will not change due to the lack of participants.

              • Guest says:

                You mean things won't change? T.H will only pay for the good wrestlers and the average wrestler have too pay their own way to travel. So what is the system? Wrestle off, place first in a tourney or be coaches pet. I thought all the bull crap was done.

              • Gerald Celente says:

                It's up to the participants to pay. Team Hawaii does not sponsor anyone. Doing so would cause ncaa eligibility issues.

              • Kamo Tow says:

                It's freestyle in Maui in May. Totally different to folkstyle.

  22. Posts up says:

    Everybody Pau Hana, matside going off 4 to 6 post and rising epic condition. Go fo broke matside warriors … Finally get action again!

    • Night lite on says:

      Yea Matside warriors going off. But it's a school night so they better finish their homework and brush the teeth cause its almost bed time for da Lil Warriors.

  23. Luna215 says:

    I honestly wasn't prepared and didn't have drive for the finals match. Pa'ihi is way out of my league. Im sorry for my Luna fans and parents for speaking as if i'd win the match. Paihi is a man amongst men boys.



    • Guest says:

      Hercules, you are amazing. Can't wait to see how much damage you & your sister will do next year. She has a great chance at being a 4 time state champ. Don't let anyone bring you down because you are GREAT

      • guest says:

        I agree and I also think Mr. Pestano is even more amazing. I hope he does well at Iowa State and represent Hawaii wrestlers like Travis Lee, Grant Nakamura, David Terao, As for Hercules, he will be recruited for football and thats amazing too. Would love to see him play for warriors but guys like that usually go big time.

        • guest says:

          Calling people overrated at 3am is a sign that you feel underrated.

          • guest says:

            Fuck all you haters! Seriously am not gonna censor anything because all you bastards would never be able to do what any of these athletes can do. Sit behind your screens and talk about yourselves before you talk about anyone else… I really hope this site gets taken down. Nothing productive… just a whole lot of shit talking! Build these kids up don't tear them down!

            • Guest says:

              Don't feed the troll, they get off when people respond to them. They have nothing better to do, but put good kids down.

            • Daniel Rosen says:

              When criticism is met with anger or denial there is no improvement. Winners look at criticism as medicine for the soul, fuel for the heart and inspiration for improvement.

              • eFamous says:

                theres a difference between criticism to belittle and constructive criticism…. the site is a good venue to talk about stuff, but this anonymous commenting really helps no one. take it to the forum if you want something constructive to talk about instead of just pointing fingers.

              • Middlecool says:

                The forum is unfortunately dead now. No one to talk to about stuff unless you post on the comments. 90% of anonymous comments are terrible and unproductive. I can see why some people want the site down at this point. But 10% is good stuff that helps us all stay in the loop. Where else can we get info? I hope the haters don't ruin what's left of a once great website.

              • 123 says:

                "Daniel Rosen", the prophet of the church of child abuse.

  24. KIM 145 says:

    So did i win or what? cuz i thought i won that match

  25. guest says:

    Looks like Gudoy is out for good at Moanalua:

    Coaching vacancies at Moanalua High School
    ScoringLive staff

    Moanalua High School is accepting applications for a Head Coach for Varsity Girls Basketball and a Head Coach for Varsity Girls and Boys Wrestling. All resumes should be faxed to the Athletic Director at 831-7920 or emailed to Joel_Kawachi@notes.k12.hi.us.

    • wrestling808 says:

      About damn time. I've been hoping this day would happen for years. One less useless fossil on the mat.

      • guest says:

        I agree, I remember when he cost his girls the OIA when he got kicked out for 2 unsportsmanlike penalties. The girls were pissed at him because the point deduction made them 2nd.

  26. Guest says:

    Why? he is a good coach.

  27. guest says:

    Looks like trainer from Punahou was just moving his chair closer because next match was a Punahou wrestler. When Paaaina ran off the mat, they switched to replay so was really hard to tell. Was the MN reporter actually there behind the mat in that area? Did reporter actually hear her swear, cuss?

  28. Guest says:

    Yoshi Honda named new Punahou Head Coach.

    • bryan says:

      Why do some of you individuals feel the need to act like clowns on this website. We all have the right to give our opinions and feedback both positive and negative, but acting like bozos with these senseless statements only shows how immature you really are. Wake up!!!!

  29. guest says:

    bryan is right. Stop the troll posts.