3 National Championships, 11 All-American Honors for Team Hawaii 2013

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Led by double Women’s Freestyl National Champion Teshya Alo, and Men’s Greco-Roman  National Champion Joshua Terao, Team Hawaii 2013 begins making it’s way back to Hawaii to celebrate an extremely successful Fargo journey.

In addition to Alo and Terao’s Championship performances, Team Hawaii 2013 Members earned All-American honors in all 6  Divisions wrestled in this year’s ASICS/Vaughan Junior and Cadet National Championships (Cadet & Women’s Freestyle, Cadet & Junior Grec0-Roman, and Cadet and Junior Men’s Freestyle).

All Members of Team Hawaii 2013 contributed to this year’s Fargo success.

First time Team Hawaii 2013 Head Coach Kevin Corbett and his staff return home to Hawaii already planning how to build on this year’s success.

Congratulations to our amazing Wrestlers and Coaches!

Women’s Cadet Freestyle

Teshya Alo – 125 lbs., 1st Place


Men’s Cadet Greco-Roman

Liam Corbett – 138 lbs. 8th Place


Men’s Junior Greco-Roman

Joshua Terao – 120 lbs., 1st Place


Women’s Junior Freestyle

Maia Prethandara – 97 lbs., 3rd Place

Thai Ha Sloan – 97 lbs., 6th Place

Rebekah Johnson – 117 lbs., 8th Place

Kristin Yamasaki – 121 lbs., 3rd Place

Teshya Alo – 125 lbs., 1st Place

Shannon Paaaina – 130 lbs., 6th Place


Men’s Cadet Freestyle

Zackary Diamond – 126 lbs., 8th Place


Men’s Junior Freestyle

Joshua Terao – 120 lbs.  7th Place



92 Responses to “3 National Championships, 11 All-American Honors for Team Hawaii 2013”
  1. Rick says:

    When the girls have 100 + wrestler brackets then I'll them the respect that their placement deserves. Until yhen congratulations to Terao, Corbett and Diamond. Great job boys.

  2. Reason 4 Title 9 says:

    Congratulations to all the girls who did so well at Fargo. Unfortunately Stan Ono doesn't feel so joyous in you accomplishment as hr tries to eliminate your participation in their "officials" wrestling tournament. Girls you need to stand up for yourselves. contact the news, contact the newspapers,and let everyone know of the bias being set forth against you. unless you do something now the next tournament to be eliminated from your participation will be states, don't let that happen.

    • Patrick says:

      Officials was always a Varsity tournament with the JV filling in the remaining empty spots in the weight bracket. Doesn't make sense to remove the girls to create a second rate JV tournament.

    • Guest says:

      JV boys should get live mat time in December too. What's the difference between a JV boy wrestler and a Varsity boy wrestler? Sometimes, not much at all. Over the past few years, JV boys have had few opportunities to wrestle in November or December, to develop, and to test their mettle in live match conditions before the start of Varsity regular seasons. Giving the JV boys, or, more realistically, the number twos on the depth charts, a chance to compete at a high level pre-season is a development whose time has come. Girls have the Pa'ani Challenge and the Iolani Duals, while JV boys are excluded from the first, and might be relegated to the sidelines in the second.

      • Patrick says:

        Survival of the weakest. JV boys supporters should be ashamed of the notion that unless we create a separate tournament for them they will never get into "Officials". What ever happened to earning your spot? So much for hard work and perseverance.

        The crazy thing about all of this is that they already have JV wrestlers filling the brackets once the varsity wrestlers are entered. In fact Punahou and Kamehameha created "B" teams so that they could put in even more JV wrestlers. So with all this, the girls VARSITY wrestlers are still gonna be kicked out for even more JV boys wrestlers to enter. Stan Ono is gonna be in some hot water trying to explain this one away to the news reporters that cover this.

        Tell you what, if the JV boys need more opportunities, then the JV girls need more opportunities and should be included into officials also.

    • Grow or Stagnate? says:

      Do you really think girls wrestling will grow quicker in the shadow of boys wrestling, JV or Varsity? The best bet for girls is to separate and make a name for themselves. Paina Challenge or even their own season. Unless you're a parent of a girl wrestler you probably take your concession stand and bathroom break during the girls portion of the tournament and I'm not saying there aren't excellent girl wrestlers who are exciting to watch.

      Several mainland states still make the girls wrestle with the guys. The best thing Hawaii did was to make girls wrestling separate from boys. In my opinion this is one of the main reasons Hawaii is so competitive in the mainland tournaments. It is a different sport just as girls basketball or girls volleyball is not the same as the guys.

      If I were trying to grow girls wrestling I would push it at the local college level and try to have it in it's own season and own spotlight.

      • Middlecool says:

        I think Hawaii has the right formula. We seperate boys and girls wrestling but we run parallel tournaments at the same event. Anymore separation would possibly hurt attendance and crowds. The State Championships would be smaller if boys and girls were on different weekends or seperate venues. If you really want to build girls wrestling in Hawaii let a small college like HPU, Chaminade, BYU Hawaii join the NCWA. In fact we should add boys too like Ottowa Kansas just did.

        I copied this off the Mat yesterday "Ottawa University joins a growing list of colleges adding wrestling to their sport rosters, including 43 men's wrestling teams in the NAIA, three of them in the state of Kansas: Benedictine College, Baker University, and Bethany College. OU will be the second KCAC program to add wrestling and the first to add women's wrestling. There are currently 280,000 high school students actively engaged in wrestling at the secondary education level.

        The NAIA currently does not sponsor women's wrestling, so the Lady Braves plan to compete both regionally and nationally in the Women's College Wrestling Association (WCWA), which hosts 10 NAIA teams. The National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) added a Women's Collegiate Division in 2008.

        The WCWA is the current governing body for all collegiate women's wrestling programs at NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA institutions. Ottawa University will be the second Kansas college to add women's wrestling, joining Northwest Kansas Technical College (Goodland, Kan.) Current NAIA schools with women's wrestling programs include Oklahoma City University, University of Jamestown, Missouri Valley College, Wayland Baptist University, Missouri Baptist University, University of the Cumberlands, Midland University, Waldorf College, Lindenwood University – Belleville, Menlo College"…a little Hawaii college with local wrestlers would smash these teams!

        • Guest says:

          Someone should pitch the idea to Bob Hogue.

          The PacWest implementing Women's wrestling might happen sooner if Hawaii High School Girls wrestling did have its own season and could demonstrate its viability as a stand alone sport.

          • Hawaii>Kansas says:

            Like they do in Kansas?

            • Hawaii>Oregon>Kansas says:

              Its been a great discussion on Matside for girls wrestling in Hawaii. We have talked about Officials, college wrestling, seasons, and all kinds of stuff to move our State forward. In fact, during the time we have all been "talking", the state of Oregon, has added another wrestling program for men and women. This is the 4th college in a year to add wrestling for both genders at the same time. This pushes women's wrestling over 15 programs and for the first time qualifies it as an official National program.

              What is keeping Hawaii out of this collegiate trend or movement? Our homegrown talent could destroy these teams and be the center for woman's collegiate wrestling! Apparently a boys program comes along with it. I guess it's like a buy 1 team get the 2nd free. Who what of thought Title IX would come full circle and grow men's wrestling.

              From the Mat 2 days ago "Many top wrestlers in Oregon and Washington are forced to leave the state to pursue college wrestling, while others just stop wrestling after high school," said Director of Athletics, Jamie Joss. "The return of wrestling at Warner Pacific College provides wrestlers in our region with the opportunity to continue their pursuit of athletic excellence, while providing an outstanding urban Christ-centered liberal arts education. We are very excited to find the right coach to lead both programs and begin recruiting student-athletes who are ready to excel as champions on the mat, in the classroom, and in life." …

              Are we missing a golden opportunity to bring college wrestling to Hawaii? Who could/should/would lead the charge?

    • title9 says:

      The girls tourney is called the Pa'ani challenge that excludes all male partcipants.

      Girls you need to build your sport and not ride off the boys coat tails. How many girls teams have all spots filled? I can only think of kamehameha, lahaina, pearl city & punahou. and thats the entire state.

      you need to contact all your friends and help get better numbers for participation purposes. Nothing more boring in wrestling than forfited matches

      • Patrick says:

        I must apologize to my support of girls wrestling at officials. I didn't receive the memo that said when the Paani challenge is created, women would be excluded from officials making it a men only tournament.

        Paaini was created to provide more wrestling opportunities for women, not replace their participation in other tournaments.

        It's sobering and sad to see gender bias (discrimination) is alive and well in Hawaii.

        • title9 says:

          your support is misplaced that's all.

          Support Girls Wrestling period not just at officials.

          Pa'anai Challenge is proving that girls can stand on their own two feet just like volleyball, soccer, softball, baskteball, etc… as they deserve to have their own championships just like the rest of the girls sports world. Coaches are not giving them 100% of their time which is what girls need to continually improve. My words are harsh but true just watch any tournament you see the same coaches.

          Separate the seasons and watch the girls flourish, have their own championships and colleges will come down by the dozens to get all of the girls.

          • Ke Alii Pride says:

            Under your scenario would the practice be seperate? I definitly don't want it seperate like volleyball where girls is in the fall and boys is in the spring. Basketball and paddling is same season seperate practice. But what about Cross Country, Track and Tennis. Those sports train together and ride the same bus to the same event. Nobody is asking to seperate girls track events from boys track events. It's all seperated but at the same night in the same venue. Infact Track and Field championships is even mixed up so sometimes the girls are spotlighted and sometimes the boys. No controversy and it's been that way since woman were in the Olympics.
            I think people are disappointed because they don't like that girls can't go to something they used to go to. If I was a girl who won officials last year it sure would suck not to be able to repeat. What if as a freshman your goal was to win officials by your senior year? To bad? There are no boys only tournaments in Hawaii because there was never a need to promote boys trying out the "girl dominant" sport. However a girls only tournament was created to showcase that in Hawaii girls can and should wrestle too. Now what are we saying?
            PS. I have 32 girls on my intermediate team, anyone like dual?

            • title9 says:

              Your comparing apples to oranges?

              cross country, track and tennis vs basketball and volleyball

              why not have seperate practices?

              If a girls goal is to win Officials than she is short sighted. Girls already can and do wrestle too, its a great way to show girls can stand on their own two feet.

              Its not like girls wont be competiting in states, that should be the goal.

              PS, you can bring them down to tne ILH tournaments which will be coming up shortly or better yet lobby for inclusion to tne Pa'ani Challenge for all female age levels.

              • One Bus says:

                Its good to have little short sighted goals to go with your grand vision goals. Winning officials is not mutually exclusive with winning something else.
                We probably can only afford 1 trip and I think it will be ILH intermediate tournament Jan 18th.
                Pa'aina Challenge should definitely be all ages. Either way neither is a dual. That is apples to oranges.
                Are you sure the girls/boys track and field reference didn't put the tiniest little dent in your point? The only thing I'm opposed to is season seperation like highschool volleyball.
                I just had a separate practice today it was great. I was just asking what is the big deal since some sports like tennis and cross country practice together. Other sports ride a bus to the same venue and event.
                PS. Any intermediate girls team on Oahu want to dual Saturday night January 18th? No hybrids, no all star, jus school vs school.

              • Guest says:

                The overall problem is the way wrestling is allocated very limited space, and competition venue (school gym) time, compared to other sports. One area that EVERYONE can agree upon is that a given high school wrestler's access to the multitude of gyms in the State places that wrestler at the back of the bus, behind basketball players and volleyball players. Not advocating AGAINST those sports, as much as I'm suggesting that the differentials in access should be narrowed or more evenly balanced.

                Fundamentally, competition opportunities are so valued by the wrestling community to the point where the argument becomes over WHO SHOULD GET TO PARTICIPATE, because those competition opportunities are so relatively and significantly scarce.

                One obvious metric in that argument is the difference in access to gym time, gym dates, and gym area enjoyed by a JV basketball player versus a JV wrestler. Or, the answers to these questions: "Do the leagues (OIA, ILH, MIL, BIIF, KIF) require their JV basketball programs to ALL to gather in a single gym, and play a quarter of their season in one day?" OR, "Do the leagues require JV basketball teams to play on half courts, or shorter 1st and 2nd quarters?" The answers to those questions reveal the rather stark level of "unfairness" with which wrestling as a whole is treated. Not just girls wrestling. Not just JV boys wrestling. All wrestling, Varsity Boys too. That's the problem we should be united in addressing.

                And, those dynamics make any attacks whatsoever on the guys who run Officials pretty out-of-bounds. The guys who run officials do so out of love of sport, to support student scholarships, taking nothing away for themselves. Without their initiative and work, there would be no wrestling that weekend, especially if left merely to the whims of ADs.

                If the guys who run Officials seek to address areas of need or concern (and lack of non-varsity starter competition opportunities is DEFINITELY a concern), then the last thing they should be accused of is some sort of crime. The resources are severly and unfairly limited. But, instead of taking the perspective of, "I'm gonna get mine of the limited resource", balance should be the goal.

              • Get on the Bus says:

                Very well said, best post on Matside in awhile.
                My question is does Hawaii have a facility with enough mat space to run a 2 day tournament that can allow every wrestler to participate, boy and girl? Do we need more mats, earlier starts, more table help? What can be done to accommodate everyone in the future. Wasn't Kahuku invite in the 90s huge at BYU Hawaii?

          • Travis says:

            What is misplaced is your priorities. Girls were gonna be excluded from officials. So that was the top priority. Separate seasons makes no sense considering the logistics and participation levels.

            • perplexed says:

              so girls programs cant stand on their own considering logistics and participation levels?

              i have yet to find a strong advocate for the girls program who says it should be seperate seasons!

              how can anybody expect to get better when coaches are concentrating on the boys because they have higher participation numbers

              • Travis says:

                You can't find a strong advocate for a separate girls season because it make no sense to do so. It's easier to schedule vardity boys and girls and jv to give fans who attend their moneys worth.

              • Bus Route says:

                I'm with Travis. I don't see how seperating everything is righting an imagined wrong. Tennis, Cross Country, Track and Field, Paddling, Judo, Bowling, and I'm sure a few others all share a practice, resources, coaches, consessions, fundraisers…
                Why would everything get better if girls were wrestling in the spring? Can't girls share the traditional winter wrestling season with boys. Does Serina Williams need her own Wimbledon? This ain't apples to oranges. Lots of high school sports and pro sports share events and fans why does wrestling have to seperate it's fans and participants?
                Colleges apparently are doing the opposite route by connecting two programs. Clearly if you want to get around Title IX and bring wrestling to a college just make sure you have a woman's team to go with the men's. So, UH Hilo, BYU Hawaii or HPU?

              • Guest says:

                You think Serina Williams practices with the male counter parts? Or has the same fan base? Girls don't need their own season but to grow both boys and girls wrestling you can't pretend they are the same or have the same appeal to everyone. I've seen a national placing adult women's wrestler being taken down by a decent high school wrestler. But put her in her own world she is exciting and fun to watch.

                Same season, same tournaments to some extent, but better focus on event promotion, fan comfort and venue or mat space. Season at different high schools for boys and girls. Championships together in a larger space or add cafeteria to gym floor space. Or larger facility.

              • Travis says:

                I don't know who Serena Williams practices with. I presume that with the resources at her disposal, she can practice with with anyone she chooses.

                From my first hand experience the "appeal" to the fans in the stands are the parents and friends of the wrestler or team they are supporting. You find very few spectators who are there for enjoyment of the matches. There were approx. 1800 wrestlers in the state last season. 350 of those were girls. It's safe to say that because of the high number of boys participating, only 1/5 are there to watch the girls matches.

                It's easy to say we need bigger venues, separate seasons etc. Unless someone forks out the money for these great ideas, combining the season is the most effective way to do things.

              • Guest says:

                Aiea does a good job with 2 mats in the cafeteria and at least 6 in the gym with a lot of wrestlers and spectators. Iolani duals are all over the campus. Campbell has their cafeteria next to the gym that fits 2 mats. That's a bigger venue. Leilehua does 5 mats for two of the biggest tournaments of the year, Officials, OIAs.

                Where do you get your stats, not doubting just wondering. Of course the appeal is to family and friends but how many aunties uncles neighbors whatever come once and never again.

                You ever go to a national tournament in the mainland or a local club tournament in the mainland? Comfortable and organized for family friends and wrestlers. FILA recently had to rethink the sport to save it in the Olympics. If they hadn't thought outside the confines of that's the way it's always been done this very discussion may have been irrelevant.

              • title9 says:

                Of course it is apples to oranges

                Men & women college wrestlers do not share the same stage nor do they share the same season. How would one expect more women college programs to grow when the truth is it cant even do it at the high school level which feeds the college program.

              • Bustin out says:

                Girls and boys are both wrestling in college right now. I think girls wrap up about a month earlier. It's the fastest growing sport for girls at all levels. Colleges have added 2 teams in the last month. Whenever a state adds woman's only wrestling for high school it jumps up.
                Also Hawaii may have 4/5 boys and 1/5 girls wrestling for all kinds of reasons.

                At states 5/5 of the crowd cheer for their school. We go off and scream when one of ours makes it to the championships. Are there other schools that only cheer for one gender and then sit on their hands when the other is up? What schools do that? If a boy or girl wrestles with heart they have their coaches full attention, the crowd cheers, the support is there. We should be very proud of what Hawaii has accomplished for girls. In fact we should send out a copy of OC 16 HHSAA Championships to every state and show them what they are missing. 1/3 of Olympic wrestling is female so Hawaii and USA is going to get some more metal over the next century. Be patient.

              • Guest says:

                "At states 5/5 of the crowd cheer for their school."

                That's not true.

              • Truth? says:

                Do they cheer for the opposing school? Could you explain a lil bit so I can understand your point of view. I didn't think the cheerful culture at my school was unique but perhaps it is. How does it work at your school?

              • title9 says:

                they have different seasons and never have wrestled in the same arena nor share the same practice mat!! What the hell are you talking about? you are making my point!

                How can they have their coaches attention when they wrestle at the same time, you sound like that fairy tale coach at the charter school

              • Last Bus Stop says:

                Nope that's a different coach but thanks he is a good guy in my book.
                So are you title9, Im pretty sure your all about promoting the sport and helping grow girls wrestling at all levels. Since that's the case I probably am making your point since we share the same passion.

                Here is what I was talking about;
                Several small colleges have a men's and woman's wrestling programs.
                Some of those programs have an overlapping coaching staff.
                Those colleges with men's and women's wrestling teams do not have seperate wrestling rooms. Seperate practice maybe.
                It is college wrestling season right now…for both teams.
                Missouri Valley Open is Nov 16th for woman's wrestling.
                Men's wrestling has already started dual season Penn State vs Rider is Nov 16th for example.
                High school scholastic wrestling starts up next and it all goes down during the winter. We are a winter season sport. I get that "wrestling has no off-season" and "summer wrestlers make winter champions", but we are talking about the school season…aren't we?

                Woman's college wrestling is not an official NCAA or NAIA sport and they do freestyle so the line gets a little blurred when you factor in the USA freestyle spring season.
                But would you agree that WCWA has a traditional college wrestling season that runs very close with the men's?

                I don't feel coaches neglect girls in a "boys" practice. If anything we neglect beginner wrestlers when a strong team has a title shot or a tough wrestler when the team is young and inexperienced. Its hard to be all things to all people but coaching girls and boys in the same high school wrestling practice is no more difficult or controversial then a coaching a back hand swing in tennis or the pole vault in track.

                I know apples to oranges, but it makes my point so there it is.

              • Guest says:

                Title IX does not apply to high school sports.

              • School Bus says:

                Yes Guest that is a true statement. Thank you for clearing that all up. Did someone say that it does?

              • titleIX says:

                Some do have over lapping coaching staffs but the practices are not mixed.
                They also share the same room but they are at seperate times.
                The seasons run close but they are seperate seasons

                There are not much GOOD programs in the state. With Oney and company gone at Punahou only time will tell if the new crew will continue what they built. Most programs are trying to find talented wrestlers and stake claims on them, most dont have the time or the capacity to build up a wrestler from scratch, sadly enough girls fall into this category and are being left behind. 90% of our highschool coaches never wrestled at the collegiate level let alone won at that level, some are even pretending to have wrestled in college which is not good. If you look at our high school football coaches its the reverse where 90% of the head coaches have played at the collegiate level which has raised the bar. My point being if you dont know what it takes how do you get your program there. Successful coaches will take thier program and create their vision and not just wait for success to fall in their lap. Majority of the programs cant do it with thier Boys program
                With that being said, add girls with the boys and coaches are being overwhelmed, like the old saying goes wrestling is already tough why make it tougher.
                Watch this years Officals Tournament, where do the head coaches go when his stud wrestler and his girl is wrestling at or nearly at the same time.

              • Empty Bus says:

                It is what it is. You go where your needed. The hypothetical of two tough matches at the same time happens all the time. Adding a girl or boy variable is not a big deal. You go where your needed most. Anything else would be sexism/prejudism. I dont think Hawaii coaches desrve that lable. If anything we are showing the rest of the world how to act.

                I think a lot of good coaches never wrestled in college and some great college wrestlers don't have the patience to deal with younger or inexperienced kids. But for the most part I agree with the correlation. Beggers can't be choosers and this state needs more coaches at all levels. Jus jump in and coach everybody the sport needs you and the kids need you!

              • title9 says:

                Exactly my point coaching staffs are being stretched thin, it happens at matches and it happens in practice.
                "Hawaii showing the rest of the world how to Act!" you are either stuck on yourself or just plain stupid. the wrestling world does not look to Hawaii for leadership. lol

                We all have our own definition of "good" and "great" coaches thats a whole different topic. My point again, the girls should not see themselves as "beggers" nor should the coaches.

              • Guest says:

                Thinking like the above take girls' wrestling a step backward.

              • The little Bus says:

                title9: I'm of average intelligence (I hope) but I do think I'm wonderful so who knows maybe I'm wrong and your right.

                WE Hawaii coaches have embraced girls wrestling unlike many states. I believe only 5 or 6 States have scholastic girl wrestling. Of those 5 or 6, Hawaii was one of the first. I'm proud of Hawaii and it's coaches for fully embracing the concept. Girls or Boys it's all just wrestling to me. I judge a good wrestler by the content of their character and trust me wrestling reveals your character better then any other sport. Show me heart, show me fire, show me dedication, determination and desire and I'm sold.

              • Guest says:

                To criticize Hawaii coaches or suggest they have not supported girls wrestling in order to get "more" is pretty much a cheap shot. It comes off as overbearing greediness. Considering what resources are devoted to wrestling in general (often one coach for the Vars boys, vars girls and JV teams, and not even a FULL mat to practice on), and the fact that Hawaii coaches are actually the ones "begging" for female coach help, it just is misguided and somewhat ignorant to suggest Hawaii coaches are in any way at fault. It's thinking and rhetoric like "title9"'s actually, that makes it somewhat personally hazardous for male coaches to be involved AT ALL with female wrestling. Why should coaches risk being accused of "discrimination" or unfairness at all? The safer approach is for a male coach to throw a female program back into the lap of an AD, and require an AD to find a female coach. To the extent that is not done, Hawaii coaches are owed a great deal of thanks.

              • title9 says:

                whomever said that coaches dont support girls?

                Coaching staffs are being stretched thin!
                Girls deserve to have thier own stage.

                Time to take it to the next level or lets keep the catepilliar in the cocoon

              • Girls only Bus says:

                Their own stage and bada bing bada boom, coaches are no longer stretched thin?
                Great you win let's do it title9.
                I announce to Hawaii that you are the leader for this and I'm your first follower. When and where do I show up with my girls.

              • titleIX says:

                I cant find them because no strong advocate actually believes girls can stand on their own and like you said it just makes no sense. Only the vision of Pa'ani Challenge will prove girls can make it on their own!

                Why invite them to Officials when you will only have 2-3 full teams? Your logic implies that girls are tagging along on the boys coat tails

                Girls can stand on their own but they need to be given that chance

              • Guest says:

                A concern is whether this issue, as reflected in this sort of discussion, becomes a competition for obtaining more of a limited pie, or expanding the whole pie.

                Care and wisdom is needed. Partisanship should be minimized.

        • Guest says:

          In terms of promoting participation overall, it makes more sense to include the #2 boy wrestlers in State programs. The #2's may be close, or even with a program's #1 (the #1 being the only wrestler there being room for – for most programs – in past Officials Tourneys). #2's or JV wrestlers should get the development opportunities also, as the girls definitely would with Paani, but #2's would not if girls are in both Paani and Officials. Consideration of that by the Officials cannot and SHOULD not be characterized as discrimination. It's an ugly and inaccurate tactic. Trying to provide more wrestling opportunities for during the pre-season for up and coming boys, or boys in the hunt for a starting position (but not quite there the week before Officials), is also a legitimate concern.

          • Want Mat Time? says:

            You want opportunity or mat time for beginners or experienced? There have already been 2 tournaments for kids to adults (one at Castle HS and one at Campbell HS). HIgh school refs honed their skills, in their zebra suits, and donated their time, thank you. High school has 1-1/2 min periods and wrestle on full mats. Championship on 11-16-13 at Moanaloa HS.

            Where are all you parents and wrestlers? A USA Wrestling card is $15 folkstyle season or $40 per year, $5 to enter tournament, $2 spectator cost. Join a USA team or enter unattached.

            There is also a season that runs from around April to July competing in freestyle wrestling and greco. About 6 to 7 tournaments with a season end championship.

            Don't squwak unless you are already taking advantage of every opportunity available. I have watched average wrestlers become state placers by competing in these off season tournaments.

            That being said the high school season could use a little more love. Follow the money. Basketball or volleyball (need gyms) can fill a gym with spectators. They are not mutually exclusive. Wrestling fills a gym with wrestlers. Sponsoring schools get a per wrestler entry fee from the other schools. However, if you make the tournament spectator friendly they will come. Promote the sport by coming out to off season tournaments, showing up at high school tournaments, bring aunty, uncle, mama, papa, friends.

            • Guest says:

              Separate issue. Wrestling during the fall and wrestling during the official high school season currently present two distinctly different participant pools. The word "currently" is important both for the fact that it is now football season, and in terms of the historical point we are at. And, in fact, the football season tends to make the need for increased Christmas break wrestling at all levels even more important (Teams/schools going deep into the football play off system don't have their football playing wrestlers even thinking about wrestling until well after wrestling begins taking off for its season). There is a cross-over between football and wrestling. Perhaps not enough now days, but it is there. Very unlikely to see a football playing wrestler at fall tune up tourneys. But, those USA Wrestling tourneys are golden opportunities. Schools should fully support them. Tough to get those gyms, however, when the girls volleyball high school season, and boys volleyball club, and basketball prep is going on. Wrestling tends to stand behind all of those uses – and that is a problem.

              • Want Mat Time? says:

                Different participation pool? True to some extent.

                The real "separate" issue is whether you are discussing making a better High School wrestling program or discussing making a better wrestler? High schools will always be limited by resources and competition for a piece of a limited pie. A good wrestler is only limited by the parents' and kid's willingness to be the best.

              • Pack the Bus! says:

                Your both right. Seperate issues but both on point, this is why Matside is so important for Hawaii.
                I want to build better wrestlers. HFUSAW's pre-season is built for that purpose and so are all those year round clubs that participate in them for that matter. This is the path every little jr Olympian is on in PA, OH, NJ, CA… , so we need to build and support that part of the wrestling community in HI.

                I have some very dedicated wrestlers and parents that love and support anything wrestling but they are in football season. The cross over is there and I think it should be. I'm a wrestling Dad but my kid gets a "break" from me when he is a linebacker for 4 months. Then we go wrestling mode for 7 months and rest in July. We still drill a little and grab some mat time but come on wrestling is great for football and football is great for wrestlers.

                If I'm building a better wrestling program I want to take my high school to the biggest and toughest tournaments in HI. So again, how big of a facility do we need to do a 2 day tournament for everyone. How big can the brackets be? Do we need 8 or 10 mats? Do we need those 30×30 "tournament mats"? Do we need a campus with an auxiliary space for the 1st day? Is it a shortage of officials or table help?

                This discussion was originally about a decision to remove X amount of wrestlers to make "room" for Y amount of wrestlers. Are we saying HI can't physically run a tournament with huge boy brackets and girls brackets? If so why?

                When Basketball practice ends at 5, 6 or 7pm can't we whip out the dollamur at half court in any gym across the state and do Wednesday night duals? Mainland high schools dual mid week and then do tournaments on weekends. Is someone stopping us from adopting that simple fix? Club sports, even school club sports, practice is trumped by OIA and MIL scholastic sports. No matter how unpopular wrestling is and how popular basketball is the AD's have protocols. Get in there and take what's yours!

              • Patrick says:

                I've received word that the girls will be included in the officials tournament. Thank you very much Mr. Ono.

                A possible solution to the large number of wrestlers would be to use multiple venues. The Varsity boys could be a Leilehua, The JV Boys could be at Mililani,
                and the girls could be at Aiea.

                The semi finals for Varsity, JV and Girls would be brought back to Leilehua.
                We could use 3 mats for the semis and finals allowing all bleachers to be used
                and alleviating the crowding.

              • Guest says:

                How about BYU Cannon Center? Too ambitious? About 2500 to 3000 seats. Could probably do 8 or more mats? Another gym adjacent to the center. Might be expensive and take money from Leilehua.

              • officials says:

                how about one weekend boys and another weekend girls?

              • Party Bus says:

                Yes!!!! I went to an invite back in the day there. The tournament had teams from mainland and a team from Japan! If could then, can now!

              • dualz says:

                Couple years ago Ewa ran a dual under the lights with Kamehameha?

                Both boys and girls, was hoping that would be an annual thing

              • guest says:

                The event was called Thursday night lights. I heard Kamehameha coaches got into trouble for attending. They didn't have permission from the school.

                I hope they do the event again and Kamehameha can attend.

              • Bus ted says:

                What were the top 2 teams last year? Hint they both have an amazing feeder club and intermediate programs. EWA knows was UP!
                I'm sure the liability police were called as soon as the pencil pushers found out that 2 teams were wrestling each other in a packed gym on a Thursday night.

              • guest says:

                Ewa and Campbell were not in the top 2 last year.

              • Bus laugh says:

                Ewa is not a high school so yes we both agree. A lot of EWA's wrestlers end up being freshman at the 2 highschools that went 1 and 2 last year. In addition both high schools have intermediate wrestling teams. Im pointing out an observation and implying a correlation. Thus my thesis statement; EWA knows was Up!

  3. guest says:

    Can someone here do a tribute to Sam Silva?

  4. Carl says:

    JV boys are where they are because they didn't train hard enough in the off season. Wrestlers that put in the time and work can easily make the varsity squad.

  5. Buds says:

    The best thing to do is to get rid of Stan Ono and the refs. Except for Akeo he is a good ref.

  6. Elementary Kids and High School Girls that wanna scrimmage this Friday 5:30-6:00 weigh ins, email coach with your name, grade, weight and age.. Teams that will be there are: Ku Lokahi Wrestling Club (Kalihi), Semper Fit Wrestling Hawaii, Just Wrestle Hawaii and some kids from Grapplers Hi.

    Email: kulokahiwrestling@gmail.com

  7. Due to NAGA this Weekend and Semper Fit Coach having Duty we have decided to reschedule for next week Friday the 25th. Elementary Kids and High School Girls that wanna scrimmage, 5:30-6:00 weigh ins, email coach with your name, grade, weight and age.. Teams that will be there are: Ku Lokahi Wrestling Club (Kalihi), Semper Fit Wrestling Hawaii, Just Wrestle Hawaii and some kids from Grapplers Hi.

    Email: kulokahiwrestling@gmail.com

  8. Buds says:

    I checked the folkstyle tournament at campbell this weekend. Small tournout. The one thing that stood out was the younger Diamond kid who came in second at states. He did a cartwheel to a takedown in his match. Kinda reminded me of the Kolat flip!

  9. guest says:

    Why would Diamond do a cartwheel? I don't understand what you are saying. Was it a reversal or sit out?

  10. Buds says:

    Diamond cartwheeled to a outside single. It looked like he was just having a good time!

  11. guest says:

    Where is the Saturday tournament?

    • Middle cool says:

      It's in Las Vegas at the Rio. The rest of the tournaments got canceled unless someone steps up to host or finds a place. Still get the Championships @ Moanalua November 16th. We don't have anything on Maui so at least Oahu tried and had something. Looking forward to checking it out. Good luck to everyone at the Freak Show especially that Napili kid from Oregon 😉

  12. Hawaiian Miles says:

    It's in Las Vegas at the Rio.

  13. Guest says:

    Hawaii has several college wrestlers competing this weekend. David Terao, Shayden Terukina, Paihi Pestano, Jacob Luning-Hoshino, Cassidy Oshiro……. Support Our Boys!

    • Go Hawaii says:

      3 Kamehameha, 2 Pac Five. Come on public schools represent!

      Actually I believe there is Nainoa Tompkins (Mililani), Christian Carbajol (Lahaina), Keomalu Richardson??? (Kamehameha) Brandon Perez (Campbell), Kevin Corbet (Radford), Andrew Johnson (Castle), Brian Peralta (Punahou), bunch of Punahou I think as well. Whether they wrestle this weekend I'm not sure. Bunch of girls.

      Who else?

      Go Hawaii!!!

      • wrestlinghawaii says:

        LJ, Zach Hernandez, Brandon Oshiro, Jordan Ng, Patrick Sheehan, Kai Kamaka, Zen Ikehara, Micah Kekala, Sky Kekona-Souza, Thomas Tawata, Randy Ridela, Matt Lee, Punahele Soriano, Nathan Yoshimura, Eric Hironaka, Dallas Collier, Chaeden Grace-Reyes, 
        Of the 9 senior 2103 state champions 7 have continued on to wrestle at the next level. This was unheard of in the past 25 years…I'm hoping that this trend will continue and that Hawaii wrestling will continue to flourish. 

        • Hawaii! says:

          anyone have results?

          • Bryan says:

            Check each wrestlers college wrestling website for results along with trackwrestling.com Search for tourney to view brackets and live updates.

            • Hawaii's Team says:

              This is great! Please post more info on our college wrestler's! Leagues, divisions, etc. Support Hawaii! Keep it positive folks!

              • Middlecool says:

                Last couple of post gave me chicken skin! Hawaii is on the map and wrestling in college like never before! Let's move forward and get are talent out there. Totally agree we need to support this trend any way possible. I'm curious to here everyone's opinion on why so many are competing in college. And yes, please keep this positive. One Hawaii!

              • Hawaii's Team says:

                I'm with you Middlecool, Chicken skin!
                Just my opinion, I think it's a combination of new generation of parents, coaches, clubs and embracing change/getting involved. Remembering/respecting the past contributions, standing on the shoulders of those who came before (good or bad) and aggressively chasing and/or building competition. I think this is a couple of reasons but the biggest one is that these Hawaii wrestler's deeply love the sport and there are dedicated people who support them. But maybe that's justmy experience….. What do you think? Keep it positive. 🙂

              • Middlecool says:

                I think this crop of kids got to see Travis Lee kick butt right when Hawaii started to develop its youth club programs. So if you were a 10 year old, or a parent of one, you could see with your own eyes what was possible. Combine that with these kids going to some of the national level tournaments at a young age and you had the seed planted. If so this is the fruit of all the above things you mentioned.
                I think I have one idea to help continue the trend. Finding a big youth tournament or wrestling camp that is held on a college campus is priceless. Let them dream big early and often. Western Regionals is on the ISU campus and young families can be stay in the campus dorms for 8 days and eat in the campus cafeteria and play in the student recreation center. Several different state youth clubs take over the dorms and it is very family friendly. We tried it, loved it and going again. Please join us this summer!

              • Bryan says:

                For those of you thinking of a national or regional tourney to attend, I strongly urge you guys to consider middlecool's invite to the Kids Western Regionals in Idaho in June. By far the best tourney for our kids up to cadet divisions. All three styles in 6 days, you can't go wrong….. Two days later is Kids nationals down the road in Utah if you can pull it off. Reno worlds in April is also great as well as the Freak show in Vegas in October if you want to wrestle the the top kids. I've attended each one and it's worth it. We all know where you need to go if your in high school. Fargo….. Also Jr. west regionals in vegas or North west regionals in washington.

              • the Next Level says:

                Byran is right. Don't forget Super32 and Flo Nationals but I think competing at a higher level, attending clinics & seminars(especially locally), training year around and traveling are important to contribute to athlete development.

              • Buds says:

                The resonating factor among many of Hawaii wrestlers is the expense of travel. And to a lesser degree training.

              • Middlecool says:

                Western Regionals also has the Greco and Freestyle Duals: 14 free matches June 13 and 14 before the tournament even starts. Hawaii has never fielded a team like the orher States do. Lets rep it this year. California brought 4 teams and Colorado (not in the western regional) brought 2 teams. Both stayed in Turner Hall with us. The duals are open to not just Cadets but Juniors as well. Lots of the Juniors and Seniors enter the jr referees program after the duals are over. Jr referees will get their room and board covered and train with the other older wrestlers from 11 states.

              • the Next Level says:

                How could we forget Marcus Finau, Tyson Kuahine? I know there's more. How about the girls in college?

  14. Vernon says:

    Brandon Perez from Campbell 2013 and Bryan Peralta from Punahou 2012 are wrestling at Oregon state. They walked on and look to next year at cracking a spot on the roster.

    • Maui Fan says:

      I admire Oahu for its year round clubs and emphasis on testing your wrestlers at a national level. But if there is one thing I'm truly envious of its the ILH's track record of getting their wrestlers to wrestle in college. To all those who have pushed that idea to these young men congratulations and well done.
      Work Hard – Dream Big – Stay Focused – Surround yourself with Good People.

  15. Buds says:

    Can someone share the oia, ilh wrestling schedule.

      • Middle Cool says:

        To the Oahu wrestling community,
        Please look at this list and the OIA wrestling schedule just posted.
        This is based off the DOE website and how they determine a school complex area.
        High School wrestling coaches, many of your kids come from several different elementary schools. This list however is where your middle schoolers come from. You may have kids from other middle schools because they have parents that applied for exemptions or just sneak them in for various reasons. Also some high schools are magnet schools that have specialized programs.
        But this does not change the fact that each high school has 1 and sometimes 2 middle schools that are "their" feeder. Pearl City's wrestling team, for example, gets wrestlers from Highlands Intermediate. Highlands used to have a team by the way and anyone in the ILH can tell you how tough it was.

        But why enter a few club wrestlers into the ILH intermediate tournaments when you could start your own Public Middle School League. Your schools all do it for basketball, soccer, volleyball and track but no love for wrestling. Wrestling? That's crazy, can't be done, no time, no gyms, no coaches, no money, and on and on

        It can be done with little effort and no money. You just need to work with the clubs that have 6th-8th graders and vice versa.
        • Start a school chartered wrestling club at any middle school.
        • Fill out a use of facility form for gym/wrestling room at the corresponding high school in your complex. There is no charge at all for DOE sponsored activities.
        • Work around the high schools wrestling practice. You only need an hour before or after a few times a week
        • Most importantly, follow the OIA schedule! Every gym has the mats, clocks, chairs, tables and gym prepped for duals on Saturday. This set up is done Friday after practice (and basket ball practice). There aren't any basketball games however that night because of this set up.
        • Now fill out a use facility form for Friday Night Duals. Who fills it out? Again the middle school that corresponds with the high school complex. All free too!
        • School club can run concessions and fund uniforms. Untill then wrestle in school PE uniforms. No club singlets, this is DOE school vs DOE school. Rule of thumb, run it just like the high school would.
        • Convert each Saturday high school dual on the OIA schedule into a Friday night middle school dual.
        Using the OIA schedule then it would be King Intermediate hosting Friday night January 10th if Castle was hosting on Saturday January 11th. Since McKinley vs Kalaheo is the first dual on Saturday, it would be Central Middle vs Kailua Intermediate.
        • Have fun, support your middle schools, grow your roster.

        Aiea Intermediate = Aiea
        Moanalua Middle = Moanalua
        Aliamanu Middle = Radford
        Wahiawa Middle + Wheeler Middle = Leilehua
        Mililani Middle = Mililani
        Waialua Intermediate = Waialua
        Ewa Makai Middle + Ilima Intermediate = Campbell
        Kapolei Middle = Kapolei  
        Highlands Intermediate = Pearl City
        Waipahu Intermediate = Waipahu
        Nanakuli Intermediate = Nanakuli
        Waianae Intermediate = Waianae
        King Intermediate = Castle
        Kahuku Intermediate = Kahuku
        Waimanalo Intermediate = Kailua
        Kailua Intermediate = Kalaheo
        Dole Middle + Kalakaua Middle = Farrington
        Niu Valley Middle = Kaiser
        Kaimuki Middle = Kalani
        Washington Middle + Jarret Middle = Kaimuki
        Central Middle = McKinley
        Kawananakoa Middle + Stevenson Middle = Roosevelt

      • Buds says:

        Thanks 4 the OIA schedule link. Is there a schedule for Maui that you know of?

  16. Middle Cool says:

    I can't find it on my email but going on
    MIT is Dec 13,14 @ war memorial?
    Jan 4th Open or Canceled
    Jan 11th MIL round robin @ Lahainaluna
    Jan 18th MIL round robin @ Kamehameha
    Jan 24th-25th MIL round robin @ Molokai
    February 1st MIL round robin @ King K
    February 8th MIL Duals @ Baldwin
    February 15th MIL round robin @ Maui High
    February 21st MIL Championships @ Civic Center?
    I think this was the plan but may have changed since.

    Maui Middle School Extramural Wrestling Hui runs duals the Friday night prior to all the above dates. The feeder school hosts @ the corresponding High School.
    For example Lahaina Intermediate Ke Ali'i will host a dual with Molokai Middle Farmers, Iao Intermediate Tigers and Maui Waena Falcons. The gym will be packed. We run girls and boy dual teams side by side on 2 mats at the same time. The school vs school rivalry, energy and atmosphere is great.

  17. Middlecool says:

    Please double check first (they are not confirmed) but I'm pretty sure that is the schedule they will use.