Cambell Boys, Pearl City Girls Win 2013 OIA Championships

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OIA_logoCongratulations to Campbell and Pearl City for winning the Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity Championships, respectively.

Wrestling Girls Varsity 2013 Team Standings

Wrestling Girls Varsity 2013 Results

Wrestling Girls Varsity 2013 Final Brackets

Wrestling Boys Varsity 2013 TEAM RESULTS

Wrestling Boys Varsity 2013 INDIVIDUAL RESULTS

Wrestling Boys Varsity 2013 FINAL BRACKETS


49 Responses to “Cambell Boys, Pearl City Girls Win 2013 OIA Championships”
  1. Middlecool says: has results. Lunas bringing 13 boys. Only top 2 from MIL get to come play at States. There are a lot of 3rd placers in the MIL that should be at States IMO. We should go back to the 20 man bracket.

    • Fishtail says:

      What happened to the 32 man bracket? Would like to see that again and that would give some of the kids a chance who had a bad day to fishtail in. Or others who make peak at states. There were guys who won it all from fishtails. Just a thought

    • guest says:

      it was 16 bracket with fish tail qualifying rounds. I agree we should bring it back however, elimanting that round cut day 1 from 12 hours to 10 hours.

  2. guest says:

    sorry its a numbers game, Kauai enters and takes 1 spot

  3. Guest says:

    Takes one spot from the OIA, BIIF, ILH? No of course not, just take the MIL's 3 spot. Who would win in a dual between the OIA 7th spot and MIL 3rd spot? BIIF 4th spot? How about a fish tail that feeds into Kauai's first round. 2 spots for the MIL is wrong IMO.

    • OMJ says:

      Like stated earlier, it's a numbers game. They get the total number of schools competing and give each league their share based on what percent of schools they have in their league. So Maui wants more spots get more schools to participate in wrestling!

      Also I have heard that the fishtails were done away to save money. Refs get paid per match and travel expenses (complaints from traveling families that went to states only to be ousted in fishtail).

      They should have never increased the number of girls weight classes! Almost all the girls get automatic berths to states due to lack of participation as it is. Now States going drag on 2 more hours each day!

      • Gess says:

        Girls are being handed championship medals with no effort being required. 14 weight classes for girls, what a joke girls wrestling has become. Wish they had their own season.

        • guest says:

          ^ i agree states would be way more exciting if there were less weight classes and each bracket was able to accommodate more wrestlers. It would make it a lot more competitive and placers would be able to feel the weight of their medals.

          • Goose says:

            Agree, make like college just ten weight classes, that would really make the kids work harder or quit, which is fine with me.

            • guest says:

              girls wt classes increased to match boys was due to gender equity. As for the weight classes, national federation determines wt classes and states where wrestling is big, it takes league, district, region, sectionals championships b4 u qualify for state

              • Guest says:

                Gender equity is a pile of crap… they want gender equity then get rid of the girls division and they all wrestle together. What next girl's football league just cause they can hack it with the boys? I don't see guys invading girls sports and then asking for their own division… that's what basketball and volleyball is for.

              • Guest says:

                Yes but woman's wrestling is growing fast and it's hard to cut a college wrestling program if they share the same mat and coaches. Who knows title 9 may ironically become a asset for college wrestling if the sport grows.

        • guest says:

          if you look back at Hawaii first state championships, the amount of teams were small and only boys. 8 man bracket, win 3 matches and you are state champ. Even if the girls brackets are inferior, state champs still deserve all the credit. You will find that the championships for girls are very competitive.

  4. guest says:

    Did anyone notice that there are now 14 weight classes for girls? Last year there were only 11….

    • guest says:

      yes thats old news, what they need to do is spread it out more than 4 lbs and put wt in between 155 and 175 , and 175 and 220. The spread is too gr8 in the upper weights

      • OhMeOhMy says:

        Well if you knew anything they take a spread of the weights and quantities (from weight monitoring program) of the girls over x amount of years and break up the classes accordingly. Want to change the spread get more fat chicks to wrestle, we all know the upper weight girls are not physical specimens…. maybe we should get rid of those weights!

        • guest says:

          well yes I do know and 4 lbs difference in lighter weights is dumb. I f girl weighs in at 156 she qualifies for 175 and can be bumped up to 220 in dual meets. 70 lns difference is dangerous. there have been awesome heavier girls wrestling so dont call em fat chicks.

          • No ore says:

            No, no, no!!!! No more sumo weight classes….what kind of message are we sending to these girls. We need to encourage them to stay in shape.

            Wrestling is about an athlete training to be in unintelligible physical shape and pushing their body above and beyond incomprehensible measures, preparing "too Conquer". The ultimate prize. And only in the heat of the battle, we'll find out who we truly are.

            No Mercy please.

            • guest says:

              I knew this girl sister of a famous football star that when she was 7th grade, she weighed 190 lbs and she was in good shape, not fat at all. I wrestled 98, 112, 118 and noticed girls are heavier in this generation. Definately the guys are too. Back in the 60s maybe a few over 200 lbs on the football team…. now we talking about lots of 300+

              • OMG says:

                The kids are fatter now because of bad diets and the lack of exercise, plus the Internet. And the single worst part on why our kids are more obese today than ever before, is the excuses we make up for our kids. Since the Internet was started we have become fatter every since than. So ten years from now parent will say my kid is 5 feet and 400 lbs and he/she is awesome shape. Hate to hear what people will say 30-40 years from now.

              • Guest says:

                I will have to print your post on paper and let my skinny kids read it the old fashioned way. Don't want to let the evil Internet to take hold of them.

              • Mr. Printer says:

                Maybe you should have your skinny kids write it out. And you can explain how tough you had it when you had to print out all your work, and how skinny you were before the evil Internet replaced parenting.

              • Guest says:

                I love it! Matside is back! Mr. Printer I'm going to wake them up write now and make them all write argumentative papers on the pros and cons of social media sites like this one.

              • Mr. Printer says:

                Lol… Why don't you message, text, Facebook or Instagram them. So you Don't have to wake'kum up. I'm pretty sure that their are fast asleep with their eyes glued to their cell phone listsening for you to sneak up on them. And say eh go sleep befo I go turn off da intanet, k you heard godd@#it. Oh! I forgot their're fast asleep because you told them it's time for bed. My bad.

              • Richard Simmons says:

                In 20 years Paaaina will be an easy 362 pounds.

              • Guest says:

                Than she would be perfect, like someone posted in 20 years that will be the norm. Go figure, she' ll be hot, hot, hot to trot.

  5. Guest says:

    1. Does PAC 5 count as one school? Nope all those little schools get counted. Maui has Lahaina, Baldwin, Maui High, King K, Kamehameha, Molokai, Lanai, Hana, Saint Anthony this year. 9 schools make 9 teams with 2 spots. We could take one of theses schools chop it up into 6 private schools and call it Maui PAC 6. Punahou, Kamehameha, Iolani, Saint Louis, Damien and…PAC 5. That is only 6 teams but a dozen schools? Just #s? Nope just semantics. OIA upper weights barely had enough guys to fill all their alloted spots. The MIL semifinals for the 2nd seed and 3rd seed is a war. Often someone loses a tough clomat arch and the dream is crushed. The winner goes on to place.

    2. Don't refs get paid $3 a match? I will kick in 20 bucks if that's all it takes.

    3. What family complained from the outer island that their kid made it to the big show and was one and done? Are you saing they would prefer to have their child's dream of placing crushed to save the money on airfare? The kids who take 3rd in the MIL behind 2 studs that place have a case. There is no room for error when you don't take the 3rd place in a sectional tournament.

    • guest says:

      I dont know whats your point… if u ever checked out mainland states, u gotta place in league top 2, then district, then sectionals, then regionals b4 qualifying for states.

      • guest says:

        Hawaii High School sports CANNOT accommodate more Wrestling State tourney entrants. The implications of doing that will SEVERELY harm important and more substantial priorities. First, if there are more State slots for wrestlers, there might be more wrestling participation. This would definitely adversely affect the ability of intermediate, JV, and second varsity basketball teams to practice throughout the season. At some point, intermediate and JV teams might have to use gyms as few as only 12 times per team, per REGULAR season, per school. Locker rooms might also have to dispense even more water or worse, stay open, for wrestlers, driving up costs and potentially making hot water scarce for the basketball players. If States wrestling continues to occur this late in the year, volleyball will also be impacted. Already, valuable locker space for the more important intermediate, JV and, now, second varsity volleyball teams are being denied VALUABLE locker space, hot water, and most of all, gym/meeting room space because of wrestling. Water usage is also a significant concern. Water used to clean mats or shower could be better used to hydrate softball fields. Also, wrestlers get injured too much. Ice and tape allocated to wrestlers means less for the basketball, volleyball and softball players – which is unacceptable when you REALLY think about it. Finally, equipment costs! Think about it! All those dollars spent on mat cleaning solution, and mat tape, and. . . . well. . . mat tape and cleaning solution, all those dollars could buy at least one or two extra balls for basketball OR volleyball OR softball (maybe up to s3 balls for softball). And, considering how softballs get lost in the bushes, and how time consuming, tiring, and disruptive it is to have the court and diamond players players go and shag balls during practice, they really need more balls!

        So, wrestling should be happy with what it gets. Look at it this way: Unlike swimming, or water polo, or softball or most soccer venues, or baseball, or many football venues, wrestling spectators ALWAYS have to pay admission. With less slots in States, less people will have to pay admission prices.

    • Nowin says:

      Pac5 is divided when it comes to finals. They should be one team and not be divided the would probably win the state title. Than everyone would cry foul. So MIL I feel your pain.

      • OhMeOhMy says:

        PAC 5 could not win it as a team, not with the coaching staff they have.

        • Guest says:

          Why not? Look at all the awesome wrestlers and state champs they have produced. How can you say they don't have a good staff? I'm confused.

          • OhMeOhMy says:

            There is a big drop off between their stand outs and the rest of the team. When you look at a team like Punahou (well a couple of years ago) they had depth at most if not all their weights. Why? because the coaching staff coached the team. Most of the stand out Pac5 wrestlers train together year round with coaches not associated with the Pac5 program… Which coaches do you think the wrestlers attribute most of their credit to: the coach training them year long or the coach training them for 3 months? Haven't these coaches been there for a while and only now have successful kids. Why? The drive of these kids would make them successful at any school they wrestle for, the Pac5 program is lucky to have them as they try to elevate and inspire everyone around them.

          • KeepReal says:

            Pac 5 didn't learn how to wrestle from their coaches. Those kids already knew how to wrestle before they even went to a Pac 5 School.

  6. Guest says:

    Yes I think we should chip in for not just the 3 bucks per match but have a fundraiser for mat tape and cleaning solution aka bleach. Two capfuls per gallon in my household. πŸ˜‰

    As for the other guest who cant figure out my point; Seriously the MIL only gets two spots now from three. Not cool.

    Your point is, that's how the mainland does states? Yet, your cool with the OIA getting a half dozen spots. Your cool with the ILH counting tiny schools that can't even have their own teams. Your cool with the BIIF having two more spots then the MIL. But you can't figure out my point?

    • OMJ says:

      Have you seen the brackets at MIL? almost everyone is a placer! and schools enter in 2 wrestlers!!! the ILH I don't agree they should get as many spots as they do, have you seen their brackets? more kids go states than don't! OIA -6 spots? No one want to see the 5th and 6th placers wrestle at states, heck no one wanted to see them wrestle at OIA finals!!!… stop pissing yourselves and do something about it!
      You want better representation for MIL, I get it, but make the MIL worthy of it and get more participants… then come make some noise!

      • guest says:

        I heard that if people from a league grumble too much, then they're going to take it into account and hold it against the league when handing out the States slots next year.

        • Guest says:

          So if the MIL is all sour about going from 3 to 2 they better watch out or next year it will go from 2 to 1? Again the MIL has 9 real teams for its 9 schools. The ILH has 6 teams. The OIA does not even fill its brackets in the upper weights but get to take 6. We should have a state dual championships to expose how non existent some of these "school wrestling teams" are. Going by schools in a district is arbitrary. Maybe go by the amount of teams in the top 20 or the success of the teams from each district. I have nothing against the ILH so if they get another spot (4) by that standard then so be it. The Big 10 in college gets a lot more spots in NCAA then other conferences. Whatever works just make it fair for the kids who have real shots at placing at States . Perhaps a wild card system or fish tail or bigger brackets or…give the MIL it's 3 spot back.

          • guest says:

            Who are you saying "doesn't belong" at states who made it?

          • OhMeOhMy says:

            There you Maui guys go again blah, blah, blah!!! Stop moving your lips and do something about it. Cause I don't think I have a towel big enough!!!

            And if you gotta ask which kid… Must be yours!

          • guest says:

            Your reasoning doesn't hold up.

            Last year the MIL had 15 placers (8 from Lahainaluna)(15 placers out of 42 total entrants = 35.7%).

            The ILH had 28 placers (6 from Pac 5 by the way) (28 placers out of 56 total entrants = 50%).

  7. Guest says:

    OK I will work diligently with the county and housing developers to bring more residents to Maui. This will lead to more schools and we can get our third spot. The world will go back to normal and I can change my clothes as they currently wreak of urine.
    On a side note our MIL finals was very fun to watch and judging by the hooting and hollaring the familes of all the participants were having a rootin tootin good time! I'm sorry the OIA finals was not as pleasurable for you or other residence of Oahu. May I suggest you pack your things and move to Maui. That goes for all of you Matsiders please migrate to Maui ASAP we need our 3 spot back. πŸ˜‰

    • guest says:

      I heard MIL was small this year, Hana didnt show up. Also Lahaina had infraction/team-coach reprimand.

      • Guest says:

        Yup, but finals was fun and the crowd loved it. Someone said OIA finals was hard to watch. So invited them to move to the fun island that loves wrestling πŸ˜‰

  8. OhMeOhMy says:

    Why you need people come to Maui? Recruit from what you got there already. Unless you looking for Oahu kids come there and take away your Maui spots.

    • Guest says:

      I was just playing boss. The guy said if I have a problem with 2 spots to get more schools. So I said we got to get more people to get more schools. Fine will do it the old school way and just make more babies. This will take about 15 years though.

      • Guest says:

        Better yet go send your Maui kids to OIA school they can take the 5th and 6th spots and go states automtically.

  9. guest says:

    "Fine will do it the old school way and just make more babies. This will take about 15 years though." If you start with a good plan, I'm sure you can find a willing mate faster than that. Good Luck!

    • Guest says:

      I got the mate funny guy but it will take 15 years for all our wrestling babies to grow LOL πŸ˜‰ come on Maui it's baby makin time! Do it for the sport! Yet another reason to move to Maui! πŸ˜‰