Jimmy Pedro/Kayla Harrison Judo Clinic–March 23, 2014

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Get ready Hawaii judoka, Jimmy Pedro is returning to the islands for a judo clinic on Sunday, March 23, 2014 at Iolani School. The 4x Olympian, 2x Bronze medalist and 2012 US Olympic Judo coach will be accompanied by 2012 Olympic Gold medal winner Kayla Harrison. Rounding out the clinic staff is World Team member and Olympic Training Center coach, Todd Brehe.

The clinic will be split into three sessions, with juniors beginning at 1pm, followed by a session on mental preparation at 2:30pm, and wrapping up with a senior class at 3:30pm.

It’s a rare opportunity to be coached by some of the best judoka in the world!


When: Sunday, March 23, 2014
1:00pm – 2:30pm Junior Class (ages 7-13)
2:30pm – 3:00pm Goal Setting & Mental Preparation Seminar
3:30pm – 5:00pm Senior Class
Where: Iolani School
Lower Gym
563 Kamoku Street
Eligibility: Current USJF/USJI/USJA Membership
Participants must present membership card at the clinic
Cost: $50 individual
$500 per club
Make checks payable to Iolani School
Liability Waiver Please bring with you do the clinic
Click here to download a copy
Registration Form Email to judo@iolani.org by March 7, 2014
For more information, contact Dan Nishita (808) 382-9779 or email judo@iolani.org

Moanalua, Pearl City Tops in Judo

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Moanalua edged out Mililani by six points to win their third straight Boys State Judo Championship, while Pearl City topped 3-time champion Punahou to win the Girls title. The Chargers, led by 220-lb State Champion Sanoe Spencer (her 3rd individual title) beat Punahou by 13.


Final Results for the 2012 HHSAA State Judo Championships

Boys Team Standings

Boys Individual Results

Girls Team Standings

Girls Individual Results

Hawaii Wrestling & Judo on TV?

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Can we get Hawaii Wrestling & Judo on TV?I was chatting with a reader the other day who pointed out that OC16 will be televising a band competition — which got him a bit riled. He was wondering (with all due respect to band) why a band competition is being televised and yet no one is televising the state championships for wrestling and judo in Hawaii. Read more

OIA Divisional Championship Results

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Thanks to reader Bushido for this contribution!


Eastern Championships

108 pounds–1. Kelson Onigama, Moanalua. 2. Chasen Yuu, Roosevelt. 3. Brandt Kageno, McKinley.

114–1. Bryson Castro, Moanalua. 2. Chad Patulingan, Moanalua. 3. Bradley Suda, McKinley.
121–1. Cody Fernandez, Roosevelt. 2 Brant Tsuda, Moanalua. 3. Bryce Inouye, Moanalua.
132–1. Jacob Palimo’o, Moanalua. 2. Jon Kitamura, Moanalua. 3. Josh Heth, Kaiser.
145–1. Dillon Takeshita, Moanalua. 2. Derek Lee Loy, Moanalua. 3. Trevor Kalawaia, Kahuku.
161–1. Chaeden Grace-Reyes, Farrington. 2. Sage Yoshida, Moanalua. 3. Ethan Pereira, Kalani.
178–1. Randy Ishitani, Roosevelt. 2. Phillip Bryant, Kalaheo. 3. Justin Fujiwara, Moanalua.
198–1. Myer Alokoa, Kalani. 2. Matthew Lee, Moanalua. 3. Simon Vierra, Kahuku.
220–1. Weston Akamine, Roosevelt. 2. Keith Greene, Moanalua. 3. Jheryl Makaiau, Kahuku.
275–1. David Hunter, Moanalua. 2. Tyler Kunishige, Roosevelt. 3. Robert Lateselu, Kahuku.

98 pounds–1. Marina Higa, McKinley. 2. Kristyn Takai, Moanalua. 3. Chale Chee, Kahuku.
103–1. Angela Enos, Roosevelt. 2. Jahya Costa, Kahuku. 3. Marissa Rogers, McKinley.
109–1. Brittany Balanay, McKinley. 2. Uy-Di Nancy Le, Kalani. 3. Alanda Nguyen, Farrington.
115–1. Amber Hekkei-Nagaoka, Castle. 2. Monica Portugal, Kalani. 3. Ayame Higa, McKinley.
122–1. Brittney Shinsato, Kalani. 2. Marissa Fukunaga, Roosevelt. 3. Carmela Go, Farrington.
129–1. Jasmine Brown, Moanalua. 2. Maria Olsen, McKinley. 3. April Rilles, Farrington.
139–1. Kevie Kawasaki, Moanalua. 2. Dioan Cantiller, Farrington. 3. Uilani Freitas-Smith, Kahuku.
154–1. Sandra Baik, Moanalua. 2. Amber Lundsford, Kahuku. 3. Gretchen Carnate, Farrington.
172–1. Brianna Jeffries, Roosevelt. 2. Diandrea Sagusi-Burton, Farrington. 3. Makana Borden, Kaiser.
220–1. Libby Petrie, Kahuku. 2. Drea Colobong, Farrington.

Western Championships

108 pounds–1. Landon Arimoto, Mililani. 2. Micah Platt, Campbell. 3. Jared Oshima, Campbell.
114–1. Donovan Nakama, Kapolei. 2. Alec Ikei, Mililani. 3. Jacob Pekelo, Pearl City.
121–1. Zach Kido, Campbell. 2. Ethan Ogata, Mililani. 3. Michael Ishikawa, Pearl City.
132–1. Tyler Kono, Kapolei. 2. Cody Uyejo, Mililani. 3. Travis Kamioka, Aiea.
145–1. Shayne Sakanoi, Pearl City. 2. Dustin Bataya, Pearl City. 3. Kanioa Marumoto, Kapolei.
161–1. Jordan Ogata, Mililani. 2. Shawn Ferreira, Kapolei. 3. Jesse Fines, Aiea.
178–1. Tevin Miyahara, Leilehua. 2. Isaiah Alcantra, Pearl City. 3. Charles Jaegger, Pearl City.
198–1. Spenser Shimazu, Pearl City. 2. Dayton Furuta, Mililani. 3. Tyson Tarumoto, Pearl City.
220–1. Demetrus Roby, Pearl City. 2. Will Crowell, Campbell. 3. Owen Souza, Kapolei.
275–1. Evan Greenleaf, Pearl City. 2. Joey Choi, Campbell. 3. Iokepa Alcantra, Pearl City.


98 pounds–1. Kaelyn Canyete, Kapolei. 2. Taylor Vidad, Pearl City. 3. Mary Jane Garcia, Waipahu.
103–1. Lauren Dias, Mililani. 2. Shanelle Ramelb, Kapolei. 3. Breanne Takesu, Pearl City.
109–1. Diane Mikuni, Kapolei. 2. Toni Uyehara, Pearl City. 3. Kelly Rivera, Mililani.
115–1. Ilisha Badua, Kapolei. 2. Sharesse Ader, Pearl City. 3. Selena Ryder, Mililani.
122–1. Taylor Castro, Pearl City. 2. Alyssa Dixon, Aiea. 3. Jacqueline Laborin, Leilehua.
129–1. Phairin Hicks, Mililan. 2. Lindsay Villarmia, Aiea. 3. Jade Laborin, Leilehua.
139–1. Rachel Factora, Campbell. 2. Brittnie Fuimaono, Pearl City. 3. Trudie Eltagonde, Pearl City.
154–1. Meridian Burrhus, Aiea. 2. Mylinda Jefferson, Pearl City. 3. Brandi Lopez, Kapolei.
172–1. Kacie Awa, Pearl City. 2. Sierra Steenburg, Kapolei. 3. Kaiponohea Puahala, Pearl City.
220–1. Sanoe Spencer, Pearl City. 2. Anina Uhatafe, Kapolei. 3. Dora Jean Matsushima, Pearl City.

MatMeticians Presents: Moanalua at States – Chapter 3

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Heading into the home stretch for judo season, here’s a look back at last year’s champions.

Matmeticians presents: States Heartbreak Judo 2010

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There’s not to many words that can describe the emotion every athlete in this video is feeling. Share with us your thoughts and comments please



MatMeticans Presents:Moanalua vs. Roosevelt 2010 OIA Judo Finals

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Jacob Palimo’o was on the 2009 team OIA Duel Meet Championship Team with Roosevelt. In 2010, can he help Moanalua win this year against his former team?

MatMeticians Presents: Moanalua Judo Documentary part II

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Watch the second part of our documentary following Moanalua’s Judo program as they battle through injuries, rule changes and old rivals Pearl City and Farrington

Are you ready for Judo?

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Take a look behind the scenes with the Moanalua Judo team as they battle through injuries, rule changes, and a young nucleus as they quest for their first ever HHSAA team title, and Brady Lafortune competes for his 4th individual state title

Ibera, Kwon & Pestano Qualify for Junior World Team

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Congratulations to Taylor Ibera (44kg), Anthony Kwon (66kg) and Dane Pestano (+100kg). Ibera and Pestano both won their divisions at the 2010 National Junior Olympic Championships yesterday in Duluth, GA, and Kwon was runner up. They all qualify for a spot on the U.S. team and will compete at 2010 Junior World Championships in October in Morocco.

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