Vote on the best storyline of the HHSAA 2012 Wrestling Tournament

Vote on what you think is the best storyline of the 2012 State Tournament

200+ pt. Club – The Dynamic Duo Does it again! For the 5th consecutive year of their 6 year run, Head Coaches Matt Oney and Jimmy Takatsuka and the Punahou Buff’n Blue Wrestling team scores over 200 pts for the team title. This matches the total amount of teams that have won with 200+ pts. in the State’s 45 year history.

Wrestling at its STRONGEST- Everyone hears about how wrestling was stronger “back in the day”. Students that were so athletic that they could show up and just manhandle all their opponents. There were some that were men amongst boys. Practice or not, healthy diet or not, disciplined or not, they are still the legends of the sport in a few people’s mind.

In today’s day and age, you either need to beat a 10+ year wrestler or be a 10+ year wrestler. That is the truth. To me, that means preparation is everything, and if you are not eating, breathing, and living wrestling, it will be very hard to stand on top of the podium. Doesn’t that mean currently wrestling is at its STRONGEST? What is your opinion?

Grant Nakamura does it again- For the second straight year, Grant Nakamura brought over his top wrestler and battled all the way til the final seconds for the Victory. Both matches, Jonathan Pico over LJ Remilliard PUN in overtime 13-11 at 160 last year, and Austin Bloch over Tyson Kuahine KSK 6-4 have people still talking about the controversial calls that make this sport so exciting. No matter what your opinion is, in the end, King Kekaulike Na’ali’i has a HHSAA Champion for the 2nd consecutive year.

The crowd advantage – The Aiea girls and Head Coach Ason Abe have worked too hard to let their dreams slip away. Trailing by 1.5 pts going into the medal matches, Punahou was determined to 4-peat as Girls Team Champions. It came down to 2 matches. During the 155 lb. final top seeded Tiara Kaye PUN vs. Joslyn Kahala Minczer NAN played in the most exciting girls match of the night. The entire Aiea crowd seated right in front of the championship mat cheered their hardest pushing the Nanakuli wrestler to fight on. They screamed and fought, just as they did all tournament to get to their position, and Joslyn rode that wave to her first State Championship. This ended Punahou’s team points for the night.

Aiea had a chance. Returning state champion Darcie O’Brian needed to avenge her loss against Roosevelt’s Brianna Jeffries in the OIA final, just as earlier in the night when CJ Segi pinned Roosevelt’s Angela Enos for the 103 lb. crown to avenge her OIA Championship loss. Darcie pinned her opponent and pushed Aiea for their first ever Girls HHSAA Team Championship.

The final score tally was Aiea 121; Punahou 116.5. A win in the Championship final adds 4.5 points to the team score. A pin in the Championship final is worth 6 points. Can you see the many scenarios with these 2 matches? A win for Punahou and we have the first ever tie for the State Team Title; A loss by O’Brian and Punahou 4-peats; A win by Punahou and a win by Aiea and Punahou 4-peats. It came down to 2 matches, and Aiea is your HHSAA Girls Team Champions.

The first change we need to see in the sport

Wrestling in Hawaii faces many challenges, keeping the kids on the mat can be one that’s easily remedied.

When you think of a wrestling coach, most think of a pitbull slobbering over their whistle waiting to weed out any non-conformist by pushing the Read more

MatMeticians Presents: Moanalua at States – Chapter 3

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Heading into the home stretch for judo season, here’s a look back at last year’s champions.

Matmeticians presents: States Heartbreak Judo 2010

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There’s not to many words that can describe the emotion every athlete in this video is feeling. Share with us your thoughts and comments please



MatMeticans Presents:Moanalua vs. Roosevelt 2010 OIA Judo Finals

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Jacob Palimo’o was on the 2009 team OIA Duel Meet Championship Team with Roosevelt. In 2010, can he help Moanalua win this year against his former team?

MatMeticians Presents: Moanalua Judo Documentary part II

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Watch the second part of our documentary following Moanalua’s Judo program as they battle through injuries, rule changes and old rivals Pearl City and Farrington

Matmeticians presents: Pico vs. Remillard

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Matmeticians presents: 2011 State Wrestling finals at 160. Jonathan Pico (King Kekaulike) vs. LJ Remillard (Punahou).

Are you ready for Judo?

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Take a look behind the scenes with the Moanalua Judo team as they battle through injuries, rule changes, and a young nucleus as they quest for their first ever HHSAA team title, and Brady Lafortune competes for his 4th individual state title


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Have you ever seen a state tournament like this? Have you ever witnessed so much emotion in every win, and so much devastation in every loss? The crowd was as loud as its ever been cheering, fighting, pleading, and screaming at the top of their lungs urging their wrestler to push past their limits for one chance at GLORY.

This year’s states had more than its fair share of controversies, storylines, and outcomes that could/should have been different.

There were 4 wrestlers going for their 3rd Individual State Championship. 3 won.

Shayden Terukina (112- ’08, 130- ’10, 135-’11)-had possibly the most dominating 2 years in Hawaii High School Wrestling. In 2 years at states and 8 matches, he racked up 8 pins, only one of them in the 3rd period. As a fan, the only words we can say to describe his wrestling is “poetry in motion”. His duck under will amaze you with how fluid his hips and body move together, his scrambling possess an incredible amount of body control and understanding of how the body works. And, He becomes Kamehameha Kapalama’s first ever 3x State Champion and 4x finalist, 10 minutes before Kamehameha Kapalama’s next 3x State Champion…

Jacob Luning Hoshino (135-’09, 135-’10, 140-’11)-Intelligent, methodical, and dominating. 3 words to describe “Jake the snake” Hoshino. He had one goal in mind, “Not let anyone score a point on me, not even an escape”.  There was one escape point scored on him the entire state tournament. Has there ever been a wrestler that has had only a single point scored on them? I cant think of any. Intelligent, methodical, and dominating. He becomes Kamehameha Kapalama’s second 3x State Champion and 1st 4x ILH Champion.

Ray Cooper (152-’09, 160-’10, 171-’11)-For the last 2 years Cooper has competed in the hardest weight class. For 2 years Cooper has lost in the preseason, and for 2 years he has finished atop the Podium. Ray Cooper has become the most intimidating presence in high school wrestling, and he has earned it. This season, he added a variety of tilts to go along with his power game.

Ian Akamine (140-‘o9, 145-’10)- Ian has 2 more state titles than 99% of anyone who has ever wrestled, and I hope he remembers that.  Ian’s strength throughout his wrestling career has always been a wicked top and bottom game. His signature move, a standing gramby that he has hit on some of the top wrestlers in the state is memorable, and we may never see another one quite like it.

A video of the 2011 HHSAA Wrestling Tournament will be released, and we promise it will be a Great one. Stay tuned

We will also be writing our take on other story lines that has developed during this year through0ut the coming weeks.

Patrick Sheehan, Bree Rapoza, Jonathan Pico, and others are some of our upcoming articles.

Matmeticians presents: Season Review/States Preview

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Through all the highs and lows of the season, the peaks and valleys each individual wrestler goes through, there’s only one thing left to do this season…

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