2011 State Wrestling Tournament – Final Results

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As TBone said, we’re working through a ton of pictures and videos, which we’ll make available as soon as we can. In the meantime, here are the final official standings.

Congratulations to all the wrestlers on a tough and very exciting tournament!

State Wrestling (Boys) 2011 FINAL

State Wrestling (Girls) 2011 FINAL


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Have you ever seen a state tournament like this? Have you ever witnessed so much emotion in every win, and so much devastation in every loss? The crowd was as loud as its ever been cheering, fighting, pleading, and screaming at the top of their lungs urging their wrestler to push past their limits for one chance at GLORY.

This year’s states had more than its fair share of controversies, storylines, and outcomes that could/should have been different.

There were 4 wrestlers going for their 3rd Individual State Championship. 3 won.

Shayden Terukina (112- ’08, 130- ’10, 135-’11)-had possibly the most dominating 2 years in Hawaii High School Wrestling. In 2 years at states and 8 matches, he racked up 8 pins, only one of them in the 3rd period. As a fan, the only words we can say to describe his wrestling is “poetry in motion”. His duck under will amaze you with how fluid his hips and body move together, his scrambling possess an incredible amount of body control and understanding of how the body works. And, He becomes Kamehameha Kapalama’s first ever 3x State Champion and 4x finalist, 10 minutes before Kamehameha Kapalama’s next 3x State Champion…

Jacob Luning Hoshino (135-’09, 135-’10, 140-’11)-Intelligent, methodical, and dominating. 3 words to describe “Jake the snake” Hoshino. He had one goal in mind, “Not let anyone score a point on me, not even an escape”.  There was one escape point scored on him the entire state tournament. Has there ever been a wrestler that has had only a single point scored on them? I cant think of any. Intelligent, methodical, and dominating. He becomes Kamehameha Kapalama’s second 3x State Champion and 1st 4x ILH Champion.

Ray Cooper (152-’09, 160-’10, 171-’11)-For the last 2 years Cooper has competed in the hardest weight class. For 2 years Cooper has lost in the preseason, and for 2 years he has finished atop the Podium. Ray Cooper has become the most intimidating presence in high school wrestling, and he has earned it. This season, he added a variety of tilts to go along with his power game.

Ian Akamine (140-‘o9, 145-’10)- Ian has 2 more state titles than 99% of anyone who has ever wrestled, and I hope he remembers that.  Ian’s strength throughout his wrestling career has always been a wicked top and bottom game. His signature move, a standing gramby that he has hit on some of the top wrestlers in the state is memorable, and we may never see another one quite like it.

A video of the 2011 HHSAA Wrestling Tournament will be released, and we promise it will be a Great one. Stay tuned

We will also be writing our take on other story lines that has developed during this year through0ut the coming weeks.

Patrick Sheehan, Bree Rapoza, Jonathan Pico, and others are some of our upcoming articles.

final match ups

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Even if you were somehow uncool enough to miss the entire Wrestling State Tournament up to this point…. you can still come out by 4 and watch all of the final matches.  There’s gonna be 3 mats running for 1st, 3rd, and 5th. 

Here’s the match ups, come on out. ^_^



brackets for finals

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State Wrestling (Boys) 2011

State Wrestling (Girls) 2011

Sorry for the wait.  Finals introductions will be starting pretty soon–3ish.  Wrestling is supposed to start again at 4.

Current Team Standings (as far as I know….):


  • PUN 193
  • KSK 151
  • LAH 125
  • PEC 118.5
  • CAM 80


  • PUN 136
  • PEC 104
  • LAH 103.5
  • KAH 100.5
  • AIE 84

1st round, 2nd day results *pau*

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So the big round to qual for placement…. it’s going really fast today.

big upsets: 100’s Aina (KSH), 116’s Rapoza (KSK), and 222’s Spencer (PEC) lose in semis.

  • g100 Somera (KIL) and Pico (MOL) going to finals.  Enos (ROS) v Sloan (PUN) and Aina (KSH) v Segi (AIE) going to cons semis.
  • g105 Nagasawa (PBA) and Davis (KSM) going to finals. Fukushima-Piligrin (MAU) v Barcina (KAH) and Dias (MIL) v Nanhta (PEC) going to cons semis.
  • g110 Taniguchi (PUN) and Nagatani (PBA) going to finals.  Lecker (LAH) v Balanay (MCK) and Oliver (FAR) v Ryder (MIL) for cons semis.
  • g116 Higa (AIE) and Rabaino (KAH) going to finals.  I missed the backside matches…. I’ll update if I can find the results. :\
  • g122 Fukunaga (ROS) and Shigi (IOL) advance to finals.  Torres-Umi (MOL) v Yamat (LAH) and Evans (PEC) v Torres (WAN) going for cons semis.
  • g127 Chow (PUN) and Louis (KON) advance to finals.  Paaaina (MPI) v Sebala (CAM) and Yamaguchi (MIL) v Miyamoto (LAH) going for cons semis.
  • g132 Chow (PUN) and Johansen (KSH) advance to finals.  Alama (KIN) v Chong (AIE) and Manley (MOL) v Coston (LAH) going for cons semis.
  • g142 Factora (CAM) and Monis (PEC) advance to finals. Truitt (MIL) v Hernandez (PUN) going for cons semis.  I missed the other one.  I’ll update if I find out.
  • g157 Santiago (KAH) and Kaye (PUN) advance to finals.  Lankford (CAM) v Scheidt (KSK) and Kahala-Minczer (NAN) v Hussey (WAN) going for cons semis.
  • g177 Fuamatu (PEC) and Manning-O’Brien (AIE) advance to finals.  Poch (WAK) v Lundquist (PUN) going for cons semis.  I missed the other one.
  • g222 Mataafa (LAH) and Moe (RAD) advance to finals. Tau’a (BAL) v Petrie (KAH) and Spencer (PEC) v Yamane (CAS) going for cons semis.

Girls Teams Standings following this round:

  • PUN 122
  • PEC 90
  • KAH 83.5
  • LAH 83.5
  • AIE 72
  • MOL 52


  • b110 Terao (MPI) and Carbajal (LAH) advance to finals.  Kobayashi (WAL) v Cabbat (BAL) and Yonamine (KSK) v Kamaka (PEC) going for cons semis.
  • b116 Oshiro (MAR) and Kamaka (PEC) advance to finals.  Nakama (KPO) v Taira (KIM) and Yamamoto (IOL) v Suda (MCK) going for cons semis.
  • b122 Nakagawa (KAS) and Souza (KSH) advance to finals.  Yamamoto (PUN) v Fargaragan (IOL) going for cons semis.  I missed the other one. sorries
  • b127 Terao (MPI) and Fukushima (PUN) advance to finals.  Hirae (KSH) v Fujimoto (KAS) and Cruz (LAH) v Lum (IOL) going for cons semis.
  • b132 Murakawa (PUN) and Takahashi (IOL) advance to finals.  Enos (HIL) v Lee Loy (MOA) and Kuahine (KSK) v Pantastico-Banaay (CAM) going for cons semis.
  • b137 Terukina (KSK) and Will (PUN) advance to finals.  Oishi (HIL) v Quiocho (KEU) and Bloch (KIN) v Solomon-Camanse (LAH) going for cons semis.
  • b142 Luning-Hoshino (KSK) and Hew-Len (CAS) advance to finals.  Wilson (DMN) v Yonemori (WAK) and Cooper (PEC) v Dudoit (MOL) going for cons semis.
  • b147 Akamine (IOL) and Uyeda (LAH) advance to finals.  Kahalewai (KSM) v Rivera (FAR) going for cons semis. sorries, missed the other one
  • b154 Peralta (PUN) and Grace-Reyes (FAR) advance to finals.  Saiki (STL) v Myers (AIE) and Scott (LAH) v Kinimaka (KPO) going for cons semis.
  • b162 Remillard (PUN) and Pico  (KIN) advance to finals.  Ikehara (KSK) v Kamaka (WAN) going for cons semis.  I missed the other one. :\
  • b173 Sheehan (PUN) and Cooper (PEC) advance to finals.  Chang (STL) v Corbett (RAD) and Burgess (KSK) v Carney (KLH) going for cons semis.
  • b191 I like…totally missed this…. sorry.
  • b217 Makaiau (KAH) and Pestano (KSK) advance to finals. Greenleaf (PEC) v Lyoyd (KIM) and Rickard (LAH) v Chow (IOL) going for cons semis.
  • b287 I missed this.  Ching (PEC) advancing to finals.  Thompson (CAM) v someone and Bates (LAH) v Ortiz (WAP) going for cons semis.

Boys Team scores:

  • PUN 187
  • KSK 135
  • LAH 110
  • PEC 108.5
  • IOL 76
  • CAM 70

1st day pics

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I think I finally got it.  🙂

So I’m having major issues with this.  Sorry.  I have no skills.  🙁  Hopefully this kind of works. 

updated: boys and girls brackets for Day 1

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Here’s the finished brackets for the first day.

State Wrestling (Boys) thru Champs Quarters & Consol Round 2

State Wrestling (Girls) thru Champs Quarters & Consol Rd 2

girls 2nd round results

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sorry, I’m missing some.


Aina (KSH), Pico (MOL), Sloan (PUN) advancing to semis.  Sijalbo (MAU) and Segi (AIE) advance on the back.


Nagasawa (PBA), Barcina (KAH), Davis (KSM) advancing to semis.  Prevost (FAR), Nanhta (PEC) advance on the back.  Dias (MIL) and Rogers (MCK)  both won, but I don’t know where they are–front or back.


Taniguchi (PUN), Balanay (MCK), Nagatani (PBA), Oliver (FAR) advancing to semis.  Collins (RAD), Gandauli (MPI), Wong (WAL), Prado (PEC) advance on the back.


Rapoza (KSK), Higa (AIE), Jaramillo (LAH), Rabaino (KAH) advance to semis.  Bumatay (MAU), Masters (KEA) advance on the back.


Fukunaga (ROS), Yamat (LAH), Evans (PEC), Shigi (IOL) advance to semis.  Bobadilla (FAR), Lopez (KSH), Miran (CAM), Hakkei-Nagaoka (CAS) advance on the back. 


Chow (PUN), Sebala (CAM), Louis (KON), Yamaguchi (MIL) advance to semis.  Luna (HIL) and Gonsalves (WAN) advance on the back.


Chow (PUN), Johansen (KSH), Manley (MOL) advance to semis.  Trani (KPO), Alama (KIN), Faualo (FAR), Brown (MOA) advance on the back.


Hussey (LAH), Hernandez (PUN), Monis (PEC) advance to semis.  Rodriguez (MCK), Rilles (FAR), Silva (WAK) advance on the back.


Santiago (KAH), Scheidt (KSK), Kahala-Minczer (NAN), Kaye (PUN) advance to semis.  Aki (CAS), Jefferson (PEC), Amby (LAN) advance on the back.


Peapealalo (KAH), Fuamatu (PEC), Manning-O’brien (AIE), Poch (WAK) advance to semis. 


Mataafu (LAH), Petrie (KAH), Moe (RAD), Spencer (PEC) advance to semis.

sorry I’m missing a bunch.  Hopefully we’ll get updated official brackets pretty soon.

just a little more….

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So we’re most of the way through the 2nd round.  There’s been the handful of people not making weight or wrestling like crap because they just barely made weight this morning.  There’s a few injuries–at least one of which required hospitalization–and then a couple of those really bad headbutts, late pushes, etc.  And of course the usual round of questionable and controversial calls.  *sigh*  So yeah….

But it’s a pretty smooth day overall.  We’re moving through everything fairly fast.  There’s just the consi quarters left and the rest of the girls 2nd round.  Hopefully we’ll be getting a bunch of pics and videos later today.  We were actually supposed to have pics earlier, but SOMEone sadly had no compatible cords/card readers….. so we’ll have to get to those later.  We ARE getting some videos at least.  😀  Anywho… moving quickly now.

boys 2nd round results

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I wasn’t paying attention during the lightweights again.  -_-;  sorry….  I’ll fix and add if I can

Terao (MPI), Yonamine (KSK), and Carbajal (LAH) advance to semis.  I think Cabbat was the 4th.

Oshiro (MAR), Taira (KIM), Yamamoto (IOL), and Kamaka (PEC) advance to semis.  Kido (CAM), Tihada (LAH), Dionio (MAU), and Yuu (ROS) advance up the back.

Nakagawa (KAS), Aoki (KON), Yamamoto (PUN), and Souza (KSH) advance to semis.  Sunajo (CAM), Viveiros (HBA), and Palimo’o (MOA) advance up the back.  I missed the other one 🙁

Terao (MPI), Fujimoto (KAS), Fukushima (PUN), Cruz (LAH) advance to semis.  Bejer (CAM), Andrade (KSK), Uyejo (MIL), Lum (IOL) advance on the backside.

Murakawa (PUN), Lee Loy (MOA), Kuahine (KSK), Takahashi (IOL) advance to semis.  Samura (HPA), Morita (LAN), Ridela (WAP), and Inouye (MOL) advance on the back.

Terukina (KSK), Quiocho (KEU), Will (PUN), Bloch (KIN) advance to semis.  I missed some matches again…. I got Kono (KPO), Pihi (CAM), and Nakashima (MPI) advancing on the back.

Luning-Hoshino (KSK), Yonemori (WAK), Cooper (PEC), Hew-Len (CAS) advance to semis.  On the backside, Okuda (AIE), Moore (LEI), Huihui (KAU), Franco (KEA) advance.

Akamine (IOL), Rivera (FAR), Oka (DMN), Uyeda (LAH) advance to semis.  Gallagher (RAD), Kahalewai (KSM), Bataya (PEC) advance on the back.  Missing some again :\

Peralta (PUN), Myers (AIE), Scott (LAH), Grace-Reyes (FAR) advance to semis.  Sylva (KSM), Barcina (KAH), Manufekai (WAN), Beets (HIL) advance on the back.

Remillard (PUN), Galacgac (AIE), Ikehara (KSK), Pico (KIN) advance to semis.  Moe (PEC), Pallet (LAH), Sugai (KAH), Ishitani (ROS) adance on the back.

Sheehan (PUN), Corbett (RAD), Burgess (KSK), Cooper (PEC) advance to semis.

Hernandez (PUN), Lotulelei (MAU), Kuaiwa (KSK), Heron (LAH) advance to semis.

Makaiau (KAH), Rickard (LAH), Pestano (KSK) advancing to semis.  Sorry, I’ve been missing a bunch around here.

Wills (KSK), Paleka-Kennedy (KSH), Bates (LAH), Ching (PEC) advancing to semis.

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