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Monday July 22, 2013
Everyone was up early and eating 
breakfast in the hotel, I was kind 
of surprised since they were up 

We got all checked in and on our 
first flight out of  Minneapolis to
Chicago! It is a heck of a long 
flight back home!
We gathered for one last group picture and talk by Coach Corbett before separating, 
most towards baggage claim the rest with me to the inter island  terminal!
I took notice of of the wrestlers lingering good byes! Many of them did not  know 
each other, or perhaps just acquaintances, now they are bonded as Team  Hawaii!
This wraps up my blog for Team Hawaii's 2013 USAW Cadet and Junior Nationals!

Note:  Within an hour of touching down in Honolulu, Ray “Coach Mac” Pigott, Team Hawaii 2013 Assistant Coach, and Hawaii Federation of USA Wrestling Director from Kauai, was dutifully on his iphone, sending this final “Aloha Edition” of his Fargo Blog. For those of us back home and curious about what things were like , he permitted us to connect with Team Hawaii 2013, gain insight into their moods and movements, and follow them through the 2013 Fargo journey.  

And, we hope he helped our Parents, and Coaches, and Families and Friends back here in Hawaii live Fargo a little, along with the wrestlers they sent off two weeks ago. 

We think he did all of that perfectly.

The HFUSAW extends its warmest Mahalo to Coach Mac for his dedication to Team Hawaii 2013.

And, to the Coaches, Members and Chaperons of the Team, WELCOME HOME!







7 Responses to “COACH MAC’S FARGO BLOG – Aloha Edition”
  1. Middlecool says:

    I second that! Great Job Coach Mac. I looked forward to your blogs over the last two weeks. I think you really captured the vibe of the trip and everyone back home got to share a little bit of that this year. Huge Mahalo!

  2. Much thanks to you Coach Mac! I hope everyone knows how much Coach Mac has done on the trip. He was constantly on top of things and I didn't once see him get flustered or upset.

    Thanks Coach!

  3. Rick says:

    This is a bit off topic, but my daughter found a posting on instagram that said Chanse Uyeda had passed away. Is there any truth to this or is it just stupid crap. From what I saw it was posted by his former girlfriend Kelsie.

    If anyone knows something your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Sadday says:

    Its true. Car accident

    • Rick says:

      Thanks for the reply. Theres a lot on facebook about what happened. This really sucks, especially when the kids are supposed outlive us older folks. Still in shock, good kid now wrestling with the angels. Stay safe everyone.