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Here’s an interview of David Terao (Mid Pacific ’11) from the American University wrestling team’s newsletter. David was interviewed by Steve Fittery.

Steve: Can you tell us a little about your hometown?

David: My hometown, Honolulu, was a great place to grow up in. Hawaii itself is very diverse, yet not too large, which allows for pursuit of multiple interests.

S: Are there any memorable moments from your childhood?

D: I definitely remember my first Judo practice at Shobukan Judo Club in Hawaii. It was a great experience and it eventually lead to becoming a competitive athlete in both Judo and wrestling.

S: Can you tell us about your family members?

D: My parents are Lindy and Debra Terao. I also have a brother named Joshua.

S: Where did you attend high school? What were some of your high school accomplishments?

D: I attended high school at Mid-Pacific Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii. I won two high school wrestling state championships as well as four high school judo state championships.

S: What a stud! So what clubs/organizations have you been a part of in high school?

D: In addition to being a high school wrestler and judoka, I actively practiced jujitsu as well as breaking (break dancing) and surfing for fun.

S: Can you tell us why you chose American U?

D: American University offers a quality academic program as well as a wide range of courses, which for me is very enticing, since I’m not completely sure about what my major should be. In addition, Washington D.C. has so much to do and plenty of opportunities.

S: What is your favorite thing about Washington, DC?

D: First off, Washington DC is the American capital, which already makes it an appealing place to live in. In addition, Washington DC offers numerous internships and unique career opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else.

S: What is your favorite move that you use in order to take someone down?

D: A foot sweep to an ankle pick.

S: What do you like about wrestling here at American?

D: I love the atmosphere that’s present in the wrestling room. American has multiple All-Americans and many more quality wrestlers that in turn will help me better myself as a wrestler and an individual.

D: Something people may not know about me is: I started wrestling my freshman year of high school, and I was probably the least skilled kid on the team at that time.


8 Responses to “Get to know AU’s David Terao”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Cassidy Oshiro and Josh Terao will be traveling today to North Carolina to participate in the "Super 32" wrestling tournament. Wishes of good luck and safe journey go out to both them and their traveling posse.

    Plans are to have David Terao meet-up with them at the tournament.

    Rumor has it that representatives of the the armed forces and CIA will also be there with an eye toward recruiting both Teraos and Oshiro to form the vanguard of America's new, super secret, "Elite Ninja Force I".

  2. two says:

    Go Get'um Boyz!!

  3. Island Pride says:

    Go kick some a%$ BOYZ, and let'em know where da best wrestling come from!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Super 32 update for Cassidy Oshiro and Josh Terao:

    Both boys weighed in tonight and made their registered weights. Cass at 113, Josh at 120.

    Wrestling starts tomorrow.

    Some scary and interesting stats on the registrations (as opposed to final groups based on weigh-ins):

    In 113 (Cassidy's weight class):

    134 total high school students registered for the weight class

    of the 113 registrants:

    17 2010 State Champions

    14 2010 State Runner-ups

    9 2010 State 3rd place finishers

    In 120 (Josh's weight class):

    182 total high school students registered for the weight class

    of the 120 registrants:

    27 2010 State Champions

    21 2010 State Runner-ups

    13 2010 State 3rd place finishers

  5. #1best says:

    These two boys are the best ever to represent Hawaii. I know they will make Hawaii proud.

  6. Hawaii Supporter says:

    Okay they're not posting the vids till tomorrow. Any info on how the Oshiro and young Terao is doing in the tournament?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cassidy Oshiro's weight class (113) is moving very slowly, while Josh Terao's weight class (120) moved at breakneck speed.

    Cassidy is 2-0 so far today (but there is little information available).

    Josh, unfortunately, ended his tournament with a 6-2 record. The good news is that he finished among the top 16 out of the 180 some odd wrestlers in his weight class, and his two losses were to highly accomplished seniors. Word is that Josh really opened some eyes at the tournament, and represented Hawaii with great honor.

  8. Hawaii Supporter says:

    That's too bad he's out, but great that he did so well. I'm not surprised at all. Good Job Joshua! Hawaii still proud of you. Good luck Cassidy! We still rooting for you too!