Hawaii Wrestling & Judo on TV?

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Can we get Hawaii Wrestling & Judo on TV?I was chatting with a reader the other day who pointed out that OC16 will be televising a band competition — which got him a bit riled. He was wondering (with all due respect to band) why a band competition is being televised and yet no one is televising the state championships for wrestling and judo in Hawaii. Perhaps someone out there knows what the audience reach of band is out there (or for that matter, high school volleyball, which also gets broadcasted locally) and how it compares to participation in wrestling & judo.

I asked the reader to share his thoughts on this:

OC16 has been a proud promoter of high school athletics for some time, but I ask to promote the little guys with big hearts. Wrestlers and Judokas across the state of Hawaii devote their lives to their sport as much as any other athlete in their respective sports. I believe that it is about time that these sports are given what they deserve. Wrestling and Judo has taken the backseat to almost every single sport that you can name. You give coverage to athletes of different sports but, I request that you give coverage to what I call, “Gladiators and Warriors.”

These warriors compete fiercely against each other to test each others stamina, speed, power, technique, and above all, heart. They compete in a sport where losses are taken much harder and the taste of victory is much sweeter. You can’t pass the ball when you’re in trouble and nobody throws a block for you; the result of a battle is determined by you, and only you. All the countless hours of training and studying tape, will be tested once you step onto the mat.

The Wrestler and Judoka not only worries about training in their respective sport, they worry about dieting. They try to stay on strict diets that’ll give them the edge to battle. Choices like ice cream and candy go out the window in the pursuit of perfection. Sacrifices need to be made to reach the ultimate goal, victory.

Wrestling and Judo are not just sports, they are lifestyles that only a select few can endure. OC16, ask yourselves this, “What’s wrong with giving these sports a shot to say, I AM”…..

So, mat fans…your thoughts?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw a discussion w/ Dave Vinton (OC16 sports programming director) on another board. Someone had asked about broadcasting Judo.

    Vinton mentioned that money and I think timing was the issue. He claimed something about $20,000 to broadcast one event, and there was nothing in the OC16 budget for Judo.

    My thought on reading that: "OK, so that means $100 million per year is being spent on high school volleyball."

    Someone just gotta pitch it right. A sponsor stepping up would help.

    • Mike Horner says:

      Vinton is referring to football game coverage. There isn't nearly as many cameras, cabling and personnel needed to cover wrestling or judo. You would use 4 cameras maximum, with one of those being mobile.

      For Vinton to say 20k leads me to believe he doesn't know enough about the sport or he's brushing you off.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe, but Vinton is the OC16 Sports Programming Director (or whatever his title name is). So, I place more credence in what he says.

        But, I'm guessing it's more than 4 cameramen.

        I have no understanding of whether there are rights fees paid to the leagues, venue fees (e.g. pay something to Blaisdell or Sheriff Centers for wreslting and Judo), high costs union labor requirements, "talent" fees, etc. OC16 also seems committed to doing whole sports broadcasts, so that there are generally some sophisticated pre-produced pieces played.

        Also, since he occupies the position he does, I can't see how it's helpful to dis him on the internet. That approach will achieve nothing, or less.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe, but Vinton is the OC16 Sports Programming Director (or whatever his title name is). So, I place more credence in what he says.

        But, I'm guessing it's more than 4 cameramen.

        I have no understanding of whether there are rights fees paid to the leagues, venue fees (e.g. pay something to Blaisdell or Sheriff Centers for wreslting and Judo), high costs union labor requirements, "talent" fees, etc. OC16 also seems committed to doing whole sports broadcasts, so that there are generally some sophisticated pre-produced pieces played.

        Also, since he occupies the position he does, I can't see how it's helpful to dis him on the internet. That approach will achieve nothing, or less.

    • brandonmaki says:

      Scoringlive.com will be live streaming the championship matches of the boys and girls @ the Mililani Invitational tournament today!

  2. eFamous says:

    Great article, it would be very nice to get equality in coverage and exposure to help promote the sport. We got a lot of talent, and it would be nice to share it with the rest of the state. Again it will most likely come down to money, but what will it take for oc16 to get wrestling on their broadcast schedule. I hope that there are nice companies out there that is supportive and can request to have their ads be broadcasted for wrestling…. maybe that may provide the proper motivation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    OK, so while surfing, I noticed that they're replaying the Band broadcast on OC16 RIGHT NOW.

    I stopped to watch so that I could comment here. I considered it an imposition to do so. Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares was on and Gordon was about to announce the climactic solution to the restaurant's problems, and Iolani was the band playing.

    Talk about "unbearable sacrifice".

    Or, so I thought.

    What struck me first was the SIZE of the Iolani Band. Looked to me like 200 +. I was wrong. The announcers later said it was "197" kids. That's from Iolani alone. Included in the group were a drill team, dancers/twirler types, 5 very talented hula dancers, and the rest of the obviously dedicated Band. They were all pretty good. I enjoyed what I watched.

    Screen shots of the stands showed a packed Mililani Stadium (appeared to be mostly families of performers) – even in what appeared to be very, very, poor weather conditions (lots of rain). What struck me were the very happy and proud faces.

    TVoing the event must have been a must for all of them.

    First, consider the numbers. 1 band had 197 members. ( I just went back. Moanalua is on. Looks as big if not bigger than Iolani). Extrapolate out. 197 members x an average of 4 interested family members. One Band (no pun intended). How many total Band kids in the State? How much total Band alumni vs. wrestling alumni?

    Second, the way OC16 is doing the broadcast, plenty of kids are getting their moment on TV. Lots of close ups, lots of tight group shots, lots of informed backround chatter and naming of names by commentators. I have to think there are a heck of a lot thrilled kids and families watching out there last night, and even more this afternoon.

    Both of those considerations make OC16 initiative to broadcast the event a pretty smart one in terms of audience reach.

    Add in the likely well organized and vocal Band community, and it makes sense OC16 devoted a SINGLE broadcast to Band as an activity.

    UPDATE: Gordon Ramsey is now absolutely FLAMING one of the co-restaurant owners. Worst I've ever seen.

    Anway, I looked up the other HHSAA and ILH sports. Here's a list of the other sports that find themselves in the same situation we do, and therefore, I perceive might feel the same way we do:

    Tennis, Golf, Track & Field, Girls’ Water Polo, Boys Water Polo, Bowling, Air Riflery, Swimming and Diving, Caonoe Paddling, Cross Country, Cheerleading (I think).

    I think it'd be a good idea to get the leagues to mandate that ALL sports' State Championship competitions be televised (in exchange for the rights to the glamor sports).

    Abesent something like that, how do we move into a position that would get OC16's attention and make it see the light, distinguish wrestling and Judo from all the above listed sports, and put wrestling and Judo (or at least one of them) into the same categories of Football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and to a lesser extent despite their numbers, Band?

    To get on TV, those are the questions we need to answer, and then execute the answers.

  4. Faga Wily says:


  5. IN-trest-ING says:

    I feel it falls directly on those who organize the state championships..I'm specifically talking about wrestling , where it is perhaps the most chaotic and unorganized event in the state.

    I'm the decision maker make at OC16 bring me to the state championship, I would not know what the hell is going. Wrestlers all over the place to the left I have girls, to the right boys, 3/4 left its a 3rd match, 3/4 right its 5 place match, turn again it maybe a final maybe where it was 5 & 6 is now final different weights class. At the end of the tournament you ask me to broadcast on tv…. I say "_____"? fill in the blank..

    if they are showing a band championship than the wrestling community can take that as a slap in the face or a wake up call.

    Not sure who is responsible for the state tournament but it is horrible… sorry if I ruffle some old feathers but it is. The NCAA wrestling tournament is outstanding and the finals exemplify that… a little to big to compare to Hawaii??? How about California HS? still to big? how about PAL?
    I am tired of hearing the same sorry excuses, no one helps, same people, same time, cost, etc… tap into the right people and you will get the help!

    FINALS….should be done as FINALS! p
    Perhaps someone should stop worrying about being a massage therapist and do something about it!

    • whatswrong says:

      we need people who is knowledgable about our sport. People move on others move up, because it might be a promotion or just another job they may have gotten from their body from the inside. tell him it's an easy job all you got to do is jam a whole bunch o f mats together and let them wrestle. who cares how it looks, just hurry up, get paid and get the hell out of here. these people really don't know what it takes and how hard these kids work to compete. these people just don't care that's why they keep making all the excuses why they can't. that's why we need ex-wrestlers who understand our sport, to setup our state event and make it feel like you are competing at a real wrestling championship tournament and not some rinky dink state tournament. our state championship is a joke!

  6. Anonymous says:

    OK. You and the author of the article convinced me. What do we do next? Please provide detail.

  7. IN-trest-ING says:

    Details or the Truth?

    Details? In my best Treky voice "details is futile"

    The truth stings like a mofo but is real as hell

    • Anonymous says:

      The truth is that you're complaining about somebody else not addressing something that requires a lot of detailed analysis and work, yet, when asked, your answer is, 'Nah, no like, too much details!!"

      If you think it's so simple, provide the details and start the work.

      • IN-trest-ING says:

        I'll agree that it does take work but it simply starts at organizing the state tournament. Bitch…I mean pitch the idea all you like but when they walk in and watch the tournament there is no way you can put that on TV. Its mass confusion and its just not TV friendly its barely wrestler FAN friendly.

        Two heads can be extremely helpful here but one continues to work on his massage therapist license and the other is to busy picking flowers from his personal garden

        They both can be useful to each other however there is little to no communication.

        Hello?????? dial tone……. What it be????? dial tone………

        Here is a helpful link…"Stay Focused Daniel-son"

        Now that can be pitched!

        Years ago the manufacturer rage was to have your TV's main channel and little windows showing other channels while still tuned into the main channel, however marketers worked with scientist who confirmed that the 95% of the worlds population's mind do not function in that manner it works more like a spotlight in a dark area, with the ability to only focus on one thing at a time>today those multiple little windows do not exist in most TV's.
        State Tournament is ran in that sense; with all matches going on at once….its an extremely tough sale for anyone to buy especially a high powered TV Executive; "hey TV EXEC" Do you like what you see? What do you mean "no"? All you do is bring in 5 cameras 10 announcers and catch whatever match you like at the time, run around like a chicken without a head and I'll have my people do the same, I'll try and get your color guys some background on the athletes before the match ends if we can figure out who they are! #*^ still NO….oohh shucks
        Reality you can only showcase the finals…put some effort into that

        Be organized and you have a chance….currently no way

        How can anyone believe they can continue to do the same thing and get better results??? Its never been on air and at this rate never will, Organize and FINALize the state tournament!

        Start within…..start within……

        • Anonymous says:

          I think to do it that way you need to find somewhere another day for the State Championships (e.g. 3 day tourney), run more than one venue, or do 3rd and 5th places in the dark.

          Remember, the mainland venues tend to be much larger than Blaisdell, so more mats to run more matches. The only break in wrestling over the 2 days of the HHSAA Championsips tends to be a long one before the Championship/place round. That round takes about 3.5 hours.

          To buy an additional 3.5 hours, where you gonna squeeze over the two days? Make prelims start at 6:30 a.m.? After weigh-ins? Run the thing until 1:00 a.m. (after 3rd and 5th matches?).

          I guess you could run another backside round on day 1. But, that wouldn't be altogether fair to the the guys on the backside wrestling through the backside on such a first day, waiting for their eventual opponents to come off the front side.

          A bigger venue would be great. Where? Another day of tournament? hmmmmmmm (3 days of holding weight? Alternatively, they do do it at Fargo). Run the thing until 1:00 a.m.? That might be a good way to get on TV – they need 1:00 a.m. programming.

          By the way, I thought last year's finals set up was pretty good all things considered. Much better than the year before. OH YEAH!!! What if there's another tsunami. . . or, actually, there's supposed to be another tsunami????

          • IN-trest-ING says:

            You started off positive….lone ranger but fell off your high horse

            If the community is happy running one of THE worst state tournaments in USA than so be it….. all things considered

            Glad you mentioned FARGO for comparison, been there several times and consider it the 2nd best tournament besides NCAA.

            Last year was the same as the year before….consider the "tournament" not the athletes or matches…the tournament from open-close. OH YEAHH…. What if I am the exec of OC16? and I actually have wrestling in my background and can pull a string or two to make this happen????

            Ohhh well just heard another alarm…hhhhmmm its either a tsunami or get out of dodge alarm.

            • Anonymous says:

              How do you propose getting around the reality of the situation? I understand what you want. And, what you want would be great.

              But address the realities.

              Consider that Hawaii runs a two day tourney with 14 boys and 10 girls weight classes. They are 32 wrestler brackets, 768 slots (albeit some are not full).

              They do the tournament on 6 mats (this is all blaisdell will reasonably fit) over two days. And, as it stands, it HAS TO BE DONE IN TWO DAYS.

              Do you advocate a 3rd day? Separate venues? Division of boys and girls championship events? 1:00 a.m. finish time? I think you gotta pick one to get what you want.

              What would really be great is if we could guarantee that Obama AND Lindsay Lohan were there sitting at matside for all championship matches. THAT would impress the OC16 guy. Maybe we could have the finalists ride in on Rolls Royce convertibles from opposite sides of the arena. The OC16 would drool.

              To me, you have to work with what you got. Right now, we have a single, 6 mat venue over two days to accommodate 24, 32 person brackets.

              Check out the numerous Youtubes of the finals last year. They're plenty photogenic and dramatic. And, if merely sending them to OC16 were all that it took, then I think they'd be pretty compelling. But I don't think you get in the door without other doing other things regardless if you got the Rollses (Maybe Obama and Lohan). Those other things will be what brings home the bacon, if at all.

              • Doomsday says:

                Let's get real, their is no one smart enough to do it. They can barely run a f@#%up state tourny. What makes you guys think they can get it on OC16. Move on and accept it, and stop whining. You'll never get the Flower Picker and the Massage Theripist to agree. They both have their own personal agendas to sustain.

              • IN-trest-ING says:

                Accept and expect to never be more than Average…

                The REALITIES:
                We have multiple islands, multiple venues, way more than 6 mats and the know how within this state to get it done. Wrestling still needs to learn to walk before it can run in this state!

                Perhaps let Maui run it…..they did a great job taking the Hula Bowl away from Oahu.

              • I....LIKE says:


              • Jim says:

                States in Maui would be nice.

              • I...LIKE says:


  8. BOB says:

    I believe that there needs to be some sort of commitee formed inorder to try and promote these two sports. Maybe live coverage is too much to ask for at first but, definitely a tape delay on sunday seems like a real possibility to me. I personally don't believe that a tape delay would cost that much to set up. I'm pretty sure that we can make this happen in both sports. FUNDING is the problem but, there is ways to resolve this issue. Basically, we have to go door to door and sell our sports to companies. We need multiple sponsors and donors. Matside and Sportshawaii are sites that we can use to market our sports. Sportshawaii might be a btter site to market it on because it is a more generalized site. The people who come on matside are directly involved with these sports. Also, maybe calling or writing to companies. These are just some suggestions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get IN-trest-ING to head the Committee! Should get the most knowledgeable person up front. Plus, someone needs to inject a dose of reality from the get go. Clearly, this is a "futile" discussion. Everyone needs to know that up front.

  9. BOB says:

    I'll push it to get on tape delay to start if off…

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s one approach in advancement of the Committee idea:

      1. Define the goal narrowly and CLEARLY (Get Wrestling on TV?)

      2. Gather a Committee of people devoted only to that goal (no hidden agendas e.g. make money, get publicity for self or company, etc.).

      3. Get commitment to leave league and rivalry politics, as well as ego issues at the door.

      4. Identify the players involved (e.g. Wrestling Community rank and file, HHSAA, OC16, Leagues, ADs, Community movers and shakers)

      5. Identify potential helpful players (e.g. sponsors, contacts, Obama, Lindsay Lohan)

      6. Develop multi-pronged approach to solicit support

      7. GET SUPPORT

      8. Develop pitch to OC 16, HHSAA and Leagues

      9. Arrange bail for Lindsay Lohan

      10. Agree to find gym space for Obama to play basketball

      11. Pitch to OC16

      12. Work butts off to support

      13. Enjoy quietly

      • Anonymous says:

        I'd love to watch the mat competitions on OC 16. I think there may be another way of doing this. The OC 16 website says that they will consider airing DVDs — Matmeticians, how about sending your videos in? Alternatively, if all who would like to see this, bombard the OC 16 website with our request, they may begin to understand the demand, and advertising potential.

  10. IN-trest-ING says:

    Than why the hell ask for details??? From the start it was "futile"

    Take on obstacles as challenges or continue to accept mediocrity.

    I guess one mans definition of greatness is only limited by his lack or inability to seek it.

    I hope you are a person that makes these decision or has a hand it because it truly exemplifies the attitude that we have to deal with. To put a feather in your hat because a kid got to wrestle in the Blaisdell and you are simply satisfied with your tournament. Why even attempt to improve? The measuring stick is the Venue? LOL…priceless

    side note: they handle the track and field event pretty good?

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, you haven't provided any details. You just make complaints, and then propose broad ideas. If you've got detailed ways of doing what you want to see happen, that's what I'm curious about, and that's what I see as productive. If not, then you're just making noise.

      I don't think it's futile to think about things, and try to formulate workable ideas. But, if you're going to champion a given idea, then it's YOUR responsibility to address the details. I'm merely providing some you need to address. To me, if you can't address the details, then again, it's just noise that you're making.

      Also, I'm wondering, considering all of the potential considerations I've raised (all of which, plus many more, I'm sure the people who put on the State tourney must wrestle with) can't you reconsider your gratuitous insults toward individuals and retract? At the very least, you must be becoming aware that things might be more complicated than you think.

      Finally, I have no hand in making decisions. I have put my own sweat into helping in order to be supportive. It's bust a**. But, it's also been educational. . . . I would say, in fact, a "priceless" experience.

      • IN-trest-ING says:

        I'll agree that our perception of reality is very different

        What you see as impossible I see as possible
        What you see as a great tournament I see as below average
        What you see as a no good idea I see as an idea none the less

        Wonder how much times this guy had to address his realities?

        • Anonymous says:

          I'll bet that guy indentified and dealt with the details of what he had to do and overcome to get to where he wanted to go, rather than just dreaming, complaining or talking about it.

        • Tufi says:

          Well, as long as he had fun while doing it!

          • Anonymous says:


            Don't worry, Dude, he says he did. . . .

            "I didn't get into wrestling for the attention. I love the sport and I just wanted to be good at it," Robles said. "But I've been blessed and I'm very grateful for the experience that wrestling has brought me. It's been a fun ride, and it kind of sucks to see it end in another month, but I think I'm ready to walk away now."

            “I just want to thank everyone out there for supporting me. Make sure you vote for me! I've had a fun journey in my wrestling career but I'm not done yet! Anything's possible! You can do anything you set your mind to!The week of the ESPYs my motivational speaking website http://www.anthonyrobles.com will launch so definitely check that out!Take care and thanks for chatting with me today!”

      • lumpy says:

        Intresting I agree,
        Anonymous must be new to wrestling or a great friend of the Director. but any way you look at it you lose! Maybe you need a person with no legs to prove your point. Just saying…

  11. IN-trest-ING says:

    Luke: "I don't believe it"


    roll the credits………

    • I...LIKE says:

      sounds like anonymous is new to the sport of wrestling, or a good friend of the director.

    • Anonymous says:


      Oh, now I understand. You have "the Force" with you.

      Well, why didn't you say so???? Of course if you apply the teachings of Yoda things will happen. Wow! Can't wait for this year's finals!

  12. Lee Foster says:

    I first would ask that I am not put to the stake for commenting here but it seems like a very productive and positive discussion on ways to improve the sport of wreslting.

    That being said, I think all that people are looking for can be done it is a matter of getting a meeting of the minds and making it happen. This means opening your mind and letting other peoples ideas come in. One thing that can't happen is to many ideas trying to be accomplished at one time.

    I will agree that if you make the finals match you should be the marquee match for that session. Running both the boys and girls finals together is not to bad of an idea but if others would have another idea that could be discussed?

    A few questions since I am not real familiar with the state tourney here yet.
    1) What are the coaches meetings for during the weigh in periods?
    2) Is it possible to start 1 hour earlier?
    3) What time does day one usually end?
    4) Does anyone know how long each round boys & girls takes?
    5) Could you put the 3rd place matches prior to introductions?
    6) Why does the finals start at 3?
    7) What is the absolute finish time for the finals or for the days sessions?

    I am sure I will have more questions but this is a few to start with. So I can get a better understanding of the state tourney here.

    • Maui Jim says:

      Mr. Foster you make some good points, now lets see if we can get some good answers. Anyone!

      • OTH says:

        This thread predictably has become a negative rant; this time against those who run the state wrestling tournament. While states does not always come off without a hitch, it is generally well run and is certaintly not an obstacle in the betterment of Hawaii wrestling.

        Regarding having the state wrestling tournament televised on OC 16, we should pool our efforts towards this worthwile goal and stop with the hating.


        • Anonymous says:


          I personally appreciate your lending some rational, level headed perspective to this discussion.

          One problem/reality that will always exist in any situation is that there will be dissatisfied people with agendas. Now days, seems like the way to do it is to go on the internet and attack either directly or indirectly.

          Also, more and more (or perhaps more and more obviously), it seems that there are those who've targeted Hawaii wrestling as a place where they can make money, or make a name for themselves, or feed whatever needs feeding inside them, or make money, or carry out vendettas for perceived slights, or all of the above. Seems like the approach tends to be to seek anointment (or exercise self anointment) as a "leader", replace existing leaders, or search constantly for a band to lead or ship to captain.

          But, it seems to me that those dissatisfied actually have a horse in the race. For them, I recommend getting involved. Show up, and work from the inside. If you want to see something specific done, work to cover the details that will get it done, which will definitely involve working on details that may not be that interesting or compelling to you. I suspect the experience will be eye opening, and I suspect perspectives of dissatisfaction will change to understanding and a meaningful appreciation for just how much is actually accomplished with very little, in a constant uphill battle. But mostly, in my view, it is how you actually will make a difference.

          For those seeking to satisfy personal needs, in my view, you're not helping or going to be helpful at all, and questionable motivations are things to be very, very leery of. And, here's a good general rule of thumb considering what's happening on the mainland: Before you approach a kid directly, get the parents' or their established, trusted Coaches' permission first.

          • Lee Foster says:

            Anonymous – One thing I find very interesting is this comment " Also, more and more (or perhaps more and more obviously), it seems that there are those who've targeted Hawaii wrestling as a place where they can make money, or make a name for themselves, or feed whatever needs feeding inside them, or make money, or carry out vendettas for perceived slights, or all of the above. Seems like the approach tends to be to seek anointment (or exercise self anointment) as a "leader", replace existing leaders, or search constantly for a band to lead or ship to captain."

            I first say I had a hard time following your post, however this paragraph stuck to me. Is there a problem with people making money off of this sport? Every sport is being tapped into for money. Should we keep out Asics, Brute, Addidas, Dollmar, or any other company making money off of the Hawaii wrestlers? I have heard this comment several times now and I find it some what disturbing. I know football is huge throughout the nation as well as here, I am willing to bet people are making big money off of that sport. It's the nature of the beast. Guaging people is probably the problem, making an honest living off it I seriously don't see a problem. JMO!

            • Anonymous says:

              Nothing wrong with people making money off things.

              Except, when there are people willing to not trying to make money off doing things, and people trying to make money off doing the same things, I'll take the volunteer. Particularly when the performance level of the volunteer is good.

              The wrestling "product" companies you name are bad examples of what I speak of. They are product providers, their products speak for themselves, and they compete with one another on a national level for market share. Hawaii has no local shoe or mat manufacturers. But, their impact in Hawaii is the same as Green Giant and Del Monte is to the canned corn market. Also, however, were there shoe, mat or wrestling apparel companies out there volunteering similar products and giving them away, I'd actually support the volunteer company first.

              Football is a really GOOD example of what I'm talking about. A few years ago, Hawaii was the wild, wild west of economic opportunism relative to football. There were multiple different "camps" (most now defunct or severely marginalized) cropping up promising college scholarships or eventual access to college scholarships. Lots of people fancied and promoted themselves as potential paid trainers, recruiting consultants, or some sort of football agent on the rise.

              All of that football stuff has calmed down considerably, and the sport in Hawaii, at the school boy level, has begun reverting back to the hands of the high school and pop warner type coaches who generally have given years of time and effort as basically volunteers to the sport.

              Much as you may disrespect the local wrestling establishment, it has done a fine job, in my opinion, of maintaining the sport through lean times, and making what growth there is happen with limited resources and commitment from the schools. To the extent wrestling enjoys more popularity today, it is those people, from my perspective, who set the foundations for that popularity here in Hawaii, and are well equipped in terms of talent to take it much further. And, the guys I see, aren't focusing on money, except to get enough to give it right back to the kids.

              What really sticks in my craw is the employment of the tactic of attacking (out the motivations I wrote and which you quoted) the established body of good work, and the people who've done it over lifetimes.

              • Lee Foster says:

                Anonymous – A couple of things.

                1) Can you explain where I have disrespected the local wrestling establishment? Or is that a general statement?

                2) I have presented some questions that are still not answered, do you care to take a shot at answering them?

                I add that it is always great to get volunteer help. I think almost every state and organization does this. I feel the key to getting a great event done is to intertwine both hired and volunteer help. Not every element will do things for free. I also add that the "free" mentality is probably what causes the most problem. There will always be greed I will agree, but you also have to agree that some people will not do things for free. I only use those companies as examples, as they are the most common and easiest to attack. I am sorry to inform you that it takes money to get a lot of things done not only in wrestling but in life in general. I for one would not want volunteer refs at a state event. I would also think that any event center will be asking of money to host a state meet. So getting any large event done takes money. Where that money comes and goes seems to be one of the biggest issues.

                When any person opens their minds up and looks at others ideas, takes bits and pieces of those ideas, mixes them in with not only their own but a collectives ideas, things seem to progressive forward in a positive way. I will agree not everyone will be "happy" but the majority will. The biggest concern should be making this the biggest and best event for our young wrestlers. They put in the most time and hard work to get to this event. I repeat it is the biggest event for a lot of state wide kids to participate in. Make it above and beyond anything else, simply make it "SPECIAL"!

                I finally say I respect all the organizers of these events. It takes a ton of man hours and head aches to pull these off. But, you have to be willing to change with the times and you always have to look to improve what you have done the year or two prior. JMO!

              • Maui Jim says:

                Mr. Foster I have seen no negative posts, but only good ideas on helping hawaii's wrestling to be Better. Sometime it takes what you see from the outside to change what you can't see from the inside.

              • Pun Dad says:

                Mr. Foster,

                No need to reply to the "negative" accusations. It reads like the infamous "Bungahead".

              • Son of Bungahead says:

                General Bungahead has returned. The dumb comments are so easy to see through.

              • Anonymous says:

                Wassup Turbo et al.?

              • Anonymous says:

                “Pun Dad” (or should I say "taker of Pun Dad's handle" – which is REALLY an uncool thing to do, by the way )/”Dan Gable”/ “Tufi”/ “Wrestling Parent”/etc., etc., etc.:

                Now, now. . .

              • rational says:

                Sorry… but I know for a fact that the very person(s) that is trynna keep out these “money making” people are making money themselves off the sport. Why do you think they are trying really hard not to welcome Coach Jake? Heck, the last I checked, the OIA head coaches get paid for coaching, the ILH coaches I’m sure get paid for coaching. Nothing wrong with volunteering, but some people gotta eat! The people that pays Jake are not complaining so why are you so quick to get your BVD’s stuck in your ass???!!!

        • Maui Jim says:

          Don't be content we can do better!

          • Lee Foster says:

            Maui Jim – I think you hit on a great point. Sometimes people and organizations get content with what they are doing cause it is easy to repeat things. Doing this isn't always right. Finding ways to better anything is always great. I love tradition as much as the next guy but sometimes we have to change with the times, this may mean adding a little something new to the tradition.

            I haven't viewed or been present at a state tourney here yet, this year will be my first. I will get an idea of what everyone is speaking of then. However, I make this comment no matter if I have or have not seen it. This is the premier event in high school wrestling for the state. That means it should be above and beyond any event prior. Show casing the states best for 2 days and doing a great finale, will seriously help increase numbers on the all around (fans and participants). JMO

  13. Lee Foster says:

    OTH – I have no negative remarks towards the HHSAA or any other person organizing this event. However, it sounds like people aren't either pleased with how it is currently presented, or they are looking for more of an attraction to this event. Positively discussing something like this is key to getting a change. I have presented some questions, now just waiting on some answers.

    I would be willing to bet there a plenty of great ideas out there to be shared. We all have to remember this is what most wrestlers are trying to accomplish, being in the state finals. To make it an subpar event, does not help in growth. Putting on a great showing and getting it televised is huge when trying to recruit higher numbers of participation. More numbers means more competition and I think everyone else knows the rest of the story.

    • wrestlinguru says:

      "there is no try"

      "you do or you dont"


      if one ask who has walked the path before one might know where to start?

      John Schmidtke/ taped and edited
      Billy Woods/ taped edited DVD
      John Robinson. ???
      Bryan Sanders/ Live Internet Stream/DVD

      Why not stream Live on matside?
      Why not do it as a service to wrestling community?
      I will donate to the cause wheres the paypal donate bottom?
      Why cant we do it better and cheaper then broadcast TV?
      Send out a internet press release invite every college wrestling
      coach to view for free?

      • Maui Jim says:

        I think it would be great if wrestling can be viewed on the internet. Atleast people from the outer island would be able to watch it live. We all can't afford too make the finals. I would love to attend the state championship, but if not, the internet would be fine.

      • Anonymous says:


        Now I'm confused about what you're trying to do.

        First, you talk about wanting to feature the finals on a raised mat under a spotlightlight. Your contention being that it would be “futile” to try and get OC16 to broadcast wrestling unless that is done.

        Now, you say broadcast wrestling. Just do it over the internet instead of TV.

        And, one examples you cite as the failing of the present system are that others have done DVD recordings, and the availability of the internet.

        Want to see internet videos of last year’s finals?

        Here are the boys:

        Also, I don’t know why you keep on quoting Star Wars to try and make your point. That last one was particularly ineffective. Just on a logical level. “There’s no such thing as trying”??? “Only do or do not”???

        There is no “doing” without “trying”. And, fundamentally, I would say that while the destination can be glorious, it is the journey that it important, particularly in wrestling, win or not.

        Also, congratulations, I guess you and Yoda just made all except 24 of the wrestlers in last year’s state tournament irrelevant.

        You've certainly got something there, though. The problem is that it's more "farce" than "force".

        • wrestlinguru says:

          First of all try talking to "Vinton" OC 16

          Then come on here and see what he says because he owns all rights to broadcast all HHSAA
          state tournaments.

          I find your attacks on people funny, I just dont understand why?

          Maybe can explain that? Your very passive aggressive.

          • Anonymous says:


            If, as you claim, "Vinton" "owns" all rights to broadcast all HHSAA State Tournaments, then why talk about internet broadcasts? You saying the rights should be purchased from Vinton?

            Your latest clever idea was to broadcast on the internet. Now you saying cannot?

            Or, were you suggesting, armed with your knowledge, that those named should violate Vinton's rights?

            I am yet more confused by your latest.

            Maybe you could explain first? Please?

        • IN-trest-ING says:


          You should change your name to "close minded"..

          Keep the forward mind thinking going…

          Does the super bowl make all the other teams irrelevant? Word Series? Prep Bowl? NCAA Championship…
          simple stated a very stupid reasoning

          "Fear is the path to the dark side"…comeback you must

          • Anonymous says:


            You made my point.

            The reason I suggest wrestlinguru's Star Wars quote makes everyone else irrelevant (a concept which I consider "bad") is that the standard, "do" or "do not" makes all other accomplishment but the "do" failure.

            I interpret that Yoda quote the same as all of wrestlinguru's other wrestling catalog T-shirt quality sentiments as being focused on "glory" only, and applicable to only a few.

            Now, those few certainly those few deserve great credit and the glory that comes with it for the things that fall into the "do" category. But, to me, that does not mean we then discount all other work, effort, and achievement and place it into the category "don't". It's not black or white. The true glory comes from working at this sport, participating, and buying in. If that's not true, then there are many who are involved who should just quit right now. Because, according to Yoda and his prophet wrestlinguru, they "don't". And to not "do", and "merely" "don't" or "do not" to the gurus is, I guess, failure.

            So, IN-trest-ING, I agree with you. Neither the super bowl, the World Series, the Prep Bowl, nor the NCAA championship make all other competitors irrelevant. Just the opposite in my view.

            Is that the sort of comeback you were seeking? Or, did you forget to put that last phrase in quotes?

            • wrestlinguru says:

              If someone was going to even try to broadcast the HHSAA state wrestling tournament they would have to get permission from OC16 David Vinton which owns the broadcasting rights.

              That would be a good start. He is a good man and it can be done under some strict guidelines that would have to be considered.

              The list of people in my past post have went to Vinton to get those guidelines.

              Have you called Vinton? Are you serious? Still Not doing?

              Doing starts with a call to Vinton! Then come on the board and talk about what he
              says is possible.

            • yoda says:


              The only point you have is being point-less

              From your above post, I would make the following assumptions:

              Young – no more than (24-28)
              Know-it All type
              mule headed
              Crave attention
              In a position of slight power

              "profiler I am…"

  14. Anonymous says:

    If that's true, that's actually important information. Much better than t-shirt slogans.

  15. smokey says:

    Can we move on and talk wrestling, the season is fast approching. Any prediction on any black horses that might be a sleeper, that could have shot.

  16. talking in my sleep says:

    Black Horse….the Micronesian kid out of Kaimuki? Impressed me this past weekend

    Not positive what school but if he is still in High school he should be there at the end.

  17. ME! says:

    Give the kids the publicity and recognition they deserve! If you can do it for the other mainstream sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, etc, than I'm sure it could be done for Wrestling. The dedication wrestlers put in is unbelievable. A true wrestler knows what I mean. If wrestling were to be shown to the public and given some airtime it wouldn't only make the wrestling community proud but it could also help in recruiting and the growth of the sport. I know money is probably an issue but if it were to be an issue for basketball or volleyball, would it really stop OC16 from airing it? I highly doubt it.

  18. a student athlete says:

    i think wrestling and judo should be played on OC16. why limit publicity to volleyball, soccer, football etc. judoka and wrestlers work just as hard if not, HARDER, then other athletes. individual sports like wrestling and judo should be played on oc16, it demonstrates the stamina and skills of INDIVIDUAL athletes where as basketball and baseball are team sports.

  19. Carl Lewis says:

    what about track & field, we work just as hard if not harder than wrestlers, we easily outwork judo players who have bodies like a sumotori.

    • i agree with Carl, I've been training wrestlers full time for about 14 years and some of my best students have been track and field players too. The amount of effort these guys put into their training is just as intense, I can promise you that!

    • lets do it says:

      agree eventhough my kid wrestles I would like to see all hi school sports on tv….

    • HHSAA Wrestling says:

      Words that I use to describe Track and Field training.
      Challenging, Tiring, Arduous, Difficult, Tough, Labored and Strenuous.

      Words that I use to describe Wrestling training.
      Brutal, Combative, Guts, Pain, Fighting, Willpower, Relentless, Violent, Domination, Mental and Physical Toughness.

      Wrestling is a hands on combative duel between 2 athletes. Track and Field showcases athleticism.
      Working hard in Track vs. Surviving a practice in Wrestling is very different. Maybe they should put weight classes in Track to more equally pair up the competition. Oops, only wrestling does that 🙂

  20. Carl Lewis says:

    Quick question so if they work hard or "survive" in practice do you blend that with learning wrestling technique? I have sat in the room of many practices here in the islands and some are more aerobics/conditioning while some are more technique oriented. Which form is better….

    In track you would not use a long distance coach to teach sprints as they are very different styles but still called track and field. My point is, If our sprinters just ran back and forth all day or even long distance all day it would be a tough practice however at the end did my sprinter get better at sprinting? My response to you is, learning in track is very different from learning in wrestling. Practice may not be as rigorous however I could make the argument that it is much more technical than surviving.
    Track has more to do with technique than it does conditioning.

    • HHSAA Wrestling says:

      Not all wrestling practices are the same. It's usually the wrestlers who take it upon themselves to improve that come out on top. Wrestling and Track may share some common elements but in the end they are two very different sports.

      • angrybird says:

        hmmmm…. so why is the coach there again?

        • Guest says:

          Charging for coaching services is fine if you can find someone to pay. Clark and Foster need to invest in their own facilities and turn the wrestlers who join them into champions. This take money and time, something Clark and Foster appear not to have. Clark and Foster want every USA wrestling club to charge what they do so that they can rationalize to future clients that they need to pay because everyone else does. And since everyone charges we can do a better job than they can so go with us.

          • Imua4Life says:

            How does Clark charge when he does not pay rent up at "Kamehameha"? I am not sure if the Athletic Director knows what is going on in the room but I am sure they will find out. Clark and his staff have been at every USA pre-season tournament; several Kamehameha wrestlers have been also, by ILH rule they should not even be in the room when the student athletes are there practicing. Not sure how dumb the HC at Kamehameha is but if he is willing to put his neck on the line (Clark before the Kamehameha students) than when heads roll, he has no one else to blame.

            • Blackout says:

              Not sure how correct your are on what's happening up at kam but there is a blackout date that has been adopted by the ILH. If there is a infraction of the rules either the coach/student athlete becomes ineligible for this upcoming season. Kam had several state level guys at the tournament(s), if they are deemed ineligible I'm sure the media gets wind of it.

              Would any sensible coach risk the consequence?

              Not that I agree with the rule but the rest of the ILH has to be in compliance, either way its a bonehead move for any program to let happen.

              • Guest says:

                Kamehameha is really on thin ice with this issue. Coach Lucas was at 4 practices in which Kamehameha wrestlers were participating. The problem lies within the fact that coach Lucas was helping Jake Clark with the registration. I'm not going to name the Kamehameha wrestlers that were there, but this is a clear violation of the ILH quiet period.

                There were also coaches from Kamehameha who participated in coaching their wrestlers at the USA wrestling tournaments. Another clear violation of the ILH quiet period. Needless to say, there are going to some very serious ramifications for Kamehameha.

              • James Cook says:

                What I heard is Clark and his entire staff walk in there like they own the place.
                They run their training during Kamehameha's practice time, also uses some of the bigger kids for his paid students as training partners.
                During the kids practice??? Are you serious!!! This is Hawaii not the mainland.

                Its the kids time to shine! not some old has been

                I've never been up there but will be tomorrow to see first hand, I'll be the one with the video camera!

              • kam4 says:

                AD does not know whats going…. send a copy of your tape

              • Guest says:

                Clark coached Kamehameha wrestlers during the dead period in the Kamehameha wrestling room and now is coaching during Kamehameha practices. What gives?

              • Guest says:

                If Jake Clark was not an official member of the coaching staff during the dead period he's allowed to teach wrestling to the Kamehameha kids.

                I'm not sure if he's an "official" Kamehameha coach for this season or not, but it wouldn't have affected the eligibility of the Kamehameha wrestlers who attended his pre season classes. If he is designated as a "official" Kamehameha coach this season, he wouldn't be able to teach the Kamehameha wrestlers during the dark period next year. That is unless he gets removed from the coaching roster. It will be interesting to see how Kamehameha plays this one out.

              • RedRaiderNation says:

                Hahaha wishful thinking. No forgot what happened to Kahuku las year. When come time for states going have a vote.

              • kam4 says:

                you can't continue to skirt around the system because you think you know more than the dumb brown people. If the argument is "I'm not an official coach on staff so all rules do not apply to me" Kamehameha wrestling will be in for a rude awakening.
                Does this guy actually care about the local kids or just himself?
                I heard he is in the room practicing and training, more practicing but if he is not an official coach should he be on the mat. Knowing that he was at all the tournaments that the kids participated in, should he be on the mat?
                I think it makes it worse when you try to skirt around the system or cover it up.

              • OTH says:

                I am not a Kam coach or parent, so I certainly have no reason to be protective of Kamehameha or Jake Clark. But if I recall correctly, Jake Clark ran a number of clinics for free and thereafter was simply seeing if kids wanted to join his club.

                I'm sure Kamehameha will get things straightened out re: the formalities of whether Jake Clark will be an official Kam coach now or in the future. But in the mean time, I think our Hawaii wrestling community should be grateful that a wrestler with Jake Clark's resume was willing to share his knowledge, initially for free, with the Hawaii wrestling community.

                And surely, if Jake Clark , through a club or othewise, is available to help Hawaii wrestlers in the off season, it will only improve the prospects for our wrestlers at Fargo and beyond.

              • Anonymous says:


                I don't think you recall correctly. The initial free sessions were club practices to develop paid membership in Mr. Clark's club.

                And surely, if any ILH coach, through club or otherwise, is available to help Hawaii wrestlers in the off season, it will only improve the prospects of our wrestlers at Fargo and behond.

                The thing is, ILH coaches are not available for a specific period during the off season, designated by the league as a no practice, or coaching blackout period. As I understand the concerns raised above your post, the question is whether or not there are violations of the ILH no practice period/coaching blackout period.

                I don't think such a black out period should exist, and that ILH coaches should be permitted to coach wrestling as soon as school begins (because, OIA coaches are permitted to do so). But, if the policy is that an ILH coach should not be coaching during the no practice period, then the rule should be followed, and any coach that did should be prohibited from coaching during the regular season.

              • WTH says:

                Be real….
                Jake went free to get the kids in the door, sort of like samples in a store. He than charged a fee, although he does not pay a rent for the gym. In talks to the AD, this was an unknown fact.
                sure Jake is a very accomplished Greco Wrestler but its not like he is saving Hawaii Wrestling. In all seriousness the guy never wrestled a college match in his life, there are a lot of good coaches in the islands.
                Time will tell what he really is after and who he can develop.

              • SMH says:

                Fear is a crazy emotion isn't it?

              • Anonymous says:

                "Fear is a crazy emotion isn't it? "

                It is.

                And this discussion is making me very fearful for the future of wrestling in Hawaii.

                After all the progress over the past couple of years, now this?

                There should be no controversy over these issues. The rules have been clearly delineated for years.

                Let us remember, now is the season where we focus on and enjoy high school wrestling. We should be doing whatever is necessary and/or prudent to ensure all students can participate without distraction or risk to things like eligibility, or even taint by association. Any modicum of concern should be addressed with an abundance of caution. The adults should self-regulate in favor of avoiding any possibility of a problem.

              • support wrestling says:

                I don’t see anything wrong with people paying to wrestle, they do it in every sport, and why not wrestling? Things cost money mats, facility, travel, maintanence and the coaches time. Nothing is free somebody pays. The problem is people got spoiled because they never paid before. My kid wrestled for the cobras and we were paying way before grapplers hi or clark and foster started and no one complained. My son has graduated now, but I would still do it again.

              • kimo says:

                Yes! Fear is crazy, especially if you don't know the rules and a child not even aware of being band from wrestling because a bonehead coach who thinks he can twist the rules. Go ahead and take a chance on a kids life. Real smart!!!!

              • Coach Lucas says:

                Before you start an angry mob of people holding pitchforks wanting to bring down the kids and team down, Get it straight. Kamehameha, myself, and Jake Clark did not break any rules. Its like a fan in the stands yelling at the ref on a call but the fan does not even know the rules, so in the end, he looks like a fool.

                I also wonder if this is the same group of posters were screaming about how the kids arent as tough as they used to be skilled or conditioned, calling themselves purists, and now they are screaming about no wrestling means no wrestling. You cannot stop a kid from wrestling who wants to wrestle, you can stop a coach from coaching, which we did oblige. (official USA wrestling club has an exception to this rule, besides, Jake Clark was not a part of Kamehameha last year, and we did not name coaches until the season started, so when was he a official coach coaching the kids?. )

              • Coach Lucas says:

                As for Jake Clark, how can anyone get mad about someone wanting to eat? Everyone has to eat, dont you? Is anyone mad that you get paid for your time and expertise at your job? Especially if you have high qualifications for your job.
                Take that mentality to any soccer league, and you'll get laughed at. Those parents pay thousands of dollars to be in their club. Dont they practice at a park or a a high school? What about any martial arts or MMA club? or even Zumba?

                There were a few smart individuals that saw what David Terao did, and win probably over 200,000 in scholarship money based on one tournament, Fargo. Now, who cares if you spend a couple hundred if it will win you several thousand dollars in scholarships? Wouldnt that be the smart way to go?
                If you did your research years ago and predicted that the value of gold would rise exponentially, wouldnt you spend a few hundred to make a few thousand? The value of gold went up over a thousand over the last 2 years. Or would you let the opportunity pass you by while everyone else is enjoying the benefits of the knowledge. Sometimes you gotta be an optimist and not a pesimist, you'll find life is a lot more enjoyable.

              • Guest says:

                To Coach Lucas,

                Rules are there for a reason. If you don't like the rule, change it. Don't break it and then complain that it's not fair.

                Simply put, you've placed yourself and
                the wrestlers in jeopardy of being DQ'd for the season.

              • is he says:

                clark is not an official hi school coach

              • WTH says:

                Don't be so dumb
                If you guys new the rule was in place you cant skate around the rule by saying he was not a coach during the pre-season. same like gold you guys should have done your homework before the hiring.
                I could care less about the guy, my concern would be the kids!
                Tell me the kids will be fine and its all good

              • Ron says:

                There was a few kam boys wrestling but clark was not coaching any of them

              • WTH says:

                questioned still not answered …
                However 1 or 2 days before states this will all resurface and we will get the HSSA official answer.

                Till than we wait……

              • Coach Lucas says:

                Guest- I think you are mistaken. I was at 5 practices helping with obtaining USA Wrestling cards at an official USA Wrestling Club.

                The rules does allow for the kids to wrestle if it is with an official USA Wrestling Club. Please check your facts, and some of the other clubs that have wrestling year round.

                As for KSK coaches coaching at the USA wrestling tournaments, are you referring to a KSK coach who was coaching his SON? (not that I was there or seen it, but I assume thats the situation you would be talking about) Because we have asked about that hypothetically and could not get a clear answer.

                So where is the thin ice or problems within the rules?

              • Guest says:

                Coach Lucas – Blackout means no coaching contact with your wrestlers in a practice or match setting. Although I personally feel this ILH real is out of touch and unfair, it is what it is and it has to be abided by until it's changed.

                Is it fair that every other ILH school abided by the blackout rule except for Kamehameha? Is it fair to every other wrestler in the ILH that Kamehameha wrestlers received an unfair training advantage?

                By you admitting to being at 5 practices, you've cracked the thin ice.

              • Coach Lucas says:

                Again, -The rules allow for the kids to wrestle if it is with an official USA Wrestling club- Also the rules prevent coaches from being in the room unless it is with an official USA Wrestling Event/Club. Im not sure if you were around last year, but there was a wrestling clinic during the blackout period in which the kids could attend, and so could the coaches, but we just couldnt coach our own kids. Did you see me coach anybody at those 5 practices?

                Obviously you were at the practices, which narrows you down to just a few possible people. Before you accuse Kamehameha and myself of cheating AGAIN, check your facts.

              • Anonymous says:


                You're saying the ILH rules make an exception for USA wrestling club practices? So, all ILH coaches can coach during the black out period so long as they do it at a USA wrestling club? Could you post the language of the rule that says that, please. I'd be very interested to see that. It means there's a loophole for all ILH coaches to coach during the blackout.

              • why says:

                That Blackout rule is ridiculous.

            • BJp says:

              Clark is not charging for the gym. He is charging for his exsperties. He wants to make hawaii wrestling the best in the nation. There is no coaches here in hawaii with his typ of credentials that can make Hawaii a top national wrestling team

              • IMUA98 says:

                Perhaps the gym should be charging him?
                Kamehameha Schools was built for our local kids not for one mans personal interest and gain. Now all the local kids gotta pay to be in our own school, while he does not have to pay for our facilities, that does not make sense. Seems like taking advantage of another dumb hawaiian to me.

                Open your own gym like all the other guys Gracie, Onizuka's, 808, Icon, BJ, GHI etc.
                He got the credentials and I'm looking forward to see Hawaii whooping ass in the Greco world!

              • great says:

                Maybe that Kamehameha's HC does not pay clark but lets him run a club for compensation. I think it's a smart move, clark gets paid and the kam coaches might learn something and they just maybe, have a chance of winning this year. I think the HC is on to something. Wow, now that's thinking!

              • Anonymous says:

                Will be interesting to see how this comes out. Watch for Punahou, Iolani, St. Louis and Damien to begin running Fall programs with "unemployed" coaches who end up "employed" come winter season.

              • Anonymous says:

                Puns, Raiders, Crusaders and Monarchs wrestling would all benefit from terrifically from a late summer/Fall training loophole. Would be convenient and a lot easier for tootball players could get in technique sessions after football practices and on weekends!

              • MakoShark says:

                Upon review of both the ILH website and the HHSAA website, there is nothing in writing about the blackout rule. I am not denying its existence, I am sure that the league meets to talk about this. So unless there is the actual quotation on what the rule actually says, no side can truly be sure on whether or not the Kamehameha is in violation of this rule. Coach Lucas is a very smart coach. Probably one of the smartest in the state and maybe underestimated by many. He would not let the boys and girls at Kamehameha lose out because of this. I'm sure that the staff at Kamehameha has spoken with ILH officials before they went about with their new USA Wrestling Club team.

                I feel like this situation can be related to many events going on in America today. Someone is trying something new, something to positively impact the state of Hawaii, and others will bash and criticize. Prime example is Tim Tebow. He's 6-1 this season and people still continue to criticize him. I think that what Kamehameha is doing is good. They are simply trying to bring the skill level and intensity of our wrestlers in Hawaii higher. And we have seen Hawaii wrestling strengthen.
                Travis Lee first came out and won two NCAA Championships at Cornell. Now, we have two, not just one, wrestlers at top ten div. 1 teams. and Terao at American and Terukina at Iowa State. From what I have been reading about them, they are doing very well so far in their college careers. Not to mention some other Hawaii wrestlers at lower college levels. And I didn't even mention girls wrestling and their success.
                Look, Hawaii wrestling is moving up. What's happening at Kamehameha will only make that growth increase exponentially. I recommend other teams follow this example, and make it a regular occurrence so that our kids get better.

              • ILH says:

                go info, when did that blackout rule all start? To be competitive we need to have wrestling all year round. Does anyone know who made up that rule?

              • HHSAA Wrestling says:

                Mako, I'd agree that Lucas is enthused and spirited about wrestling. He'd better pray that the ILH AD's don't file a complaint with Matsumoto over the pre season practices.
                Putting the cart before the horse isn't very smart.

                The Blackout rule actually applies to all leagues. However, it's enforcement is the responsibility of each league. Put simply, and not surprisingly, only the ILH enforces the rule.

                Every sport has a designated season and a maximum amount of days it can be run. In the case for this years wrestling season, the start date is determined by the last day of wrestling competition. That day would be states weekend. Take that date and minus the allocated days for a winter sport and you end up with the last week of November as your start date.

              • MakoShark says:


                Do you have the actual wording on the blackout rule? I think that's essential to this discussion. I hate to be technical but I think that's what it will come down to.

              • Anonymous says:

                Good luck getting an "official" and reliable copy of the ILH rules. With the ascension of the Maryknoll rep to the head of the ILH, all bets at certainty are off. It will come down to perception and collegiality in the end.

                The plain fact of the matter is that ILH wrestling coaches tend to copiously avoid any hint of participating in wrestling practices, or presence at September – Start date wrestling events. I know of many ILH coaches who either adhere to that practice, or forego coaching in the ensuing season if they coach wrestling (as opposed to conditioning) during the pre-season blackout period.

                On one hand, perhaps it is good if the gates open to more pre-season practice for ILH schools (the OIA does not observe any blackout period, and have been holding wrestling mat practices since at least the beginning of the school year).

                On the other hand it seems that the understanding about restrictions on black out period practices and coaching is clear, and most ILH coaches simply grit their teeth and abide by it.

                I'd still like to see the USA wrestling club exception that was held out as a basis to permit an ILH coach to coach during the black out.

              • Anonymous says:


                There are a lot of rules that don't make sense to people. But, I don't think that can be the standard for not abiding by them. That's known as "anarchy".

                I note that Lee, Terao and Terukina achieved their success under the rules. Thus, I don't see how their success belongs in a discussion about whether or not rules and practices should be ignored or dispensed with.

                I hope you're right that everything being done at Kamehameha, or for that matter ANY ILH school has been cleared ahead of time and compliant with rules and procedures.

              • joey says:


                Great points!
                Kamehameha has been the most stagnant ILH wrestling program in the last 5 years and has lacked serious leadership from its coaches. Jake Clark brings instant leadership, knowledge and know how to a team that has accepted being 2nd best for many years. His mainland experiences will help provide guidance and knowledge to their current coaching staff, who although are great guys; they just lack wrestling knowledge. I predict by next year Clark will have his Kamehameha boys returning to their place as state champions!
                and "Imua" you need to get over it, the simple truth is they will never win it without Clark.

              • Hope says:

                I think we need to bring coach Bill back. when he was coaching, Kamehameha was a power house in the 90's. Kamehameha has a lot of talent, but lack coaches with wrestling knowlege. Hopefully Clark can turn this program around.

              • Kam Housing says:


                Unless Clark puts on a singlet that says Kamehameha the program will need to wait until the current senior class from Punahou graduates.

              • MakoShark says:

                I got a few things.
                Anonymous: If there is no "official" copy of this rule than how can it be enforced? There has to be a copy some where. Without a standard set, in writing, than I don't think there can be a legitimate case for either side.

                Other Anonymous: Lee, Terao, and Terukina all came from various backgrounds and families who have brought them up in wrestling, judo, or jiu-jitsu. They also participated in summer wrestling as well. All of them went to fargo. I will give you the point that they all had to put in the work to get to where they are on their own, but what about the kids who aren't fortunate enough to have family support and the luxury of growing up in the sport? Having a club team at the high schools would only improve the skill level of the wresters.

              • Anonymous says:


                All good points and questions. I share many of your concerns.

                But, as to THIS discussion, I think the most important considerations are perception and collegiality.

                Who has EVER seen an official copy of any rules?

                And, Lee, Terao and Terukina are beloved both because of their accomplishments and because they've been positive parts of the fabric of Hawaii wrestling, transcending school affilitations, their parents and coaches working well within the system that's long existed, and proving within that system that Hawaii is to be respected for its ability to create formidable wrestlers.

                Of course we all want our young wrestlers to do well. And, increasingly, they have, within the context of our system, which is improving in no small part because you and I are able to have this discussion on this website, for instance.

                I agree that having club teams a high schools would only improve the skill of our wrestlers. So would year-round wrestling at high schools, and permitting coaches to coach unfettered by timing/seasonal limitations. So might doing away with weight monitoring, so might adding weight classes in 5 lb. increments to boys wrestling from 150 through 225. No doubt limiting the number of basketball teams and number of "games" played at/by a school to that equal to the number of wrestling teams and number of "matches" would do wonders.

                Perception and collegiality. I'm not sure those two factors are well served by lowering horns and bulling through rules (whatever they may say) or established practices and understandings.

              • MakoShark says:

                What exactly do you mean by perception and collegiality? As far as I am concerned, all the focus should be on the kids and their well-being. If you are saying that the "general public" might perceive this as "too much" training or overworking kids than I think you just have a construed idea about what wrestling really is about.

                When I brought up the "big three" as we can call them, of Hawaii wrestling, I brought them up to show why they were successful. They got better within the system but they were always surrounded by influences who made them better in the sport of wrestling. Most kids don't have this influence. That is why we NEED to get exposure to these kids so that the quality of our wrestling improves.

                I respect your argument, but I think you just got carried away with the basketball part. That is simply a hypothetical and unrealistic situation. We aren't wrestling year-round. Its a simple off-season club team to help grow our skill set.

              • Anonymous says:

                "Perception": How a School, or Coach, or Program is perceived is important for the interests not only of the aforementioned, but also for the interests of the students and families affiliated with them. A while back, my kid joined a wrestling club. Because of my kids' school, the initial reception at the club was a little chilly. Because of the attitudes towards the school my kid is constantly exposed to as a student at the school, it took awhile, a long while, for my kid to feel completely comfortable. To this day, comments from both sides of the experience marvel out loud often at the existence, effect, and realization that the pre-existing perceptions were invalid.

                That stuff is hard to overcome.

                For our wrestlers, sometimes the only opportunity to find out the truth is in the brief period in the chute at a tournament. And, depending on how deeply the "perceptions" run, that is simply not enough time.

                I think you're right. It is about the kids. So, I think it behooves the School, the Coaches, and the programs to make sure there are no mis-perceptions. Obviously, there are "perceptions" out there about our current topic. Perhaps they are wrong. Perhaps not. The fact that negative ones might exist is very unfortunate.

                My further guess is that negative perceptions are not based only on things discussed so far on this site.

                "Collegiality": This concept is sort of included in the perception analysis. However, one thing I am certain of is that this topic and the individuals who are the subjects have become lightening rods for controversy here, and perhaps even more out in the larger wrestling community.

                I personally had a wonderful experience interacting with Kamehameha Coaches last year. Last I checked with anyone of consequence (last year), I also came to understand the Kamehameha staff commanded high respect and fondness from their colleagues, their wrestlers' opponents, and the families of their wrestlers' opponents. I fall into the last category, and generally feel the same way. I'm a fan of Kamehameha Wrestling in many ways.

                Is that good will and collegial atmosphere at risk because of this topic and whatever has led to its discussion?

                Some pretty harsh words are being traded here.

                Is the impact of that dynamic worth it?

                Apparently, you seem to think so.

                I think, in the end, this all gets resolved along the lines of perception and collegiality. At least, I hope it does.

              • Anonymous says:


                I hope things get resolved along the lines of perception and collegiality in a good way.

              • MakoShark says:

                I see your point. And can see that perceptions can hurt at times. But I don't think perceptions are something that can be necessarily controlled. Furthermore, I wouldn't shut down a wrestling team because of what someone might think. That's just not how a wrestler thinks. Its not the fault of the coaching staff at Kamehameha and Jake Clark's fault that people are saying things on a website. I don't think that any individual that has been training with Clark is being looked down upon or perceived as something negative.

                I apologize if I personally have said anything that was harsh, that was never my intention.

              • Anonymous says:

                There is no "BIG THREE" Lee is the top dawg, terukina and terrao have not proved anything next to Lee.

                Personally I feel its the big Two.
                Clark and Lee at this current point there is no one else.

                One of these guys is doing his thing at Nanakuli and has improved a wrestler there that just recently won a tournament on the neighbor islands. Don't be negative, he is the driving force at Nanakuli, Kamehameha and Kahuku. He will have individual state champions from this school under his guidance.

              • puni says:

                there in no big two, there is only the
                BIG ONE JAKE CLARK! lee never made it on the world team. CLARK did it twice.
                Clark does more for the hawaii wrestlers than lee ever did.

              • Anonymous says:

                Clark is a nobody in his hometown of Minnesota and had to leave, but he is the GREAT WHITE SHARK on this island.
                Reminds me of when Cook came and everyone bowed down….till of course u know how it ended.

              • eFamous says:

                You should get your stories straight, Travis lee is the best wrestler to come out of Hawaii and has titles to prove it. Had he not gotten injured, I'm sure he would be on the Olympic team, the current person in his weight he faced in the finals of Fargo. It was unfortunate, but give Travis the respect that he deserves. He put Hawaii on the map, without Travis, shayden and Terao would have had trouble getting interest from D1 coaches.

                As for Clark, what happened to his aspirations of 2012 Olympics? http://www.themat.com/section.php?section_id=3&am… he is good no doubt, but he has yet to win a major competition. Like I said below, let's see what he can produce before you start praising his abilities. I have yet to see his contribution to the Hawaii wrestling scene except for that blue and white banner of his that he puts up at every tournament…

              • eFamous says:

                You should get your stories straight, Travis lee is the best wrestler to come out of Hawaii and has titles to prove it. Had he not gotten injured, I'm sure he would be on the Olympic team, the current person in his weight he faced in the finals of Fargo. It was unfortunate, but give Travis the respect that he deserves. He put Hawaii on the map, without Travis, shayden and Terao would have had trouble getting interest from D1 coaches.

                As for Clark, what happened to his aspirations of 2012 Olympics? http://www.themat.com/section.php?section_id=3&am… he is good no doubt, but he has yet to win a major competition. Like I said below, let's see what he can produce before you start praising his abilities. I have yet to see his contribution to the Hawaii wrestling scene except for that blue and white banner of his that he puts up at every tournament…

              • Anonymous says:

                A world team member competes against the best in the entire world not just American Colleges. Furthermore Greco is a lot more difficult as you are unable to attack legs. Leverage and technique are critical. Not to offend anyone here but Hawaii pales in comparison to its counterpart in the states.

              • eFamous says:

                Greco isn't that much more difficult, it's just a different variation of the sport. I agree that Hawaii is not as competitive on a national level, but it has come a long way. Travis wrestled internationally as well, it was just unfortunate that he got injured before he could show his talent. There was a tournament in NY I think where he placed 1st, above Cejudo, the current 55kg olympic champion.

              • puni says:

                You have one wrestler to come out of Hawaii and think it's a big deal, that's all you got, and will ever have. There are many great wrestlers that come from Minnesota and there will be many more after, and it's no big deal.
                Clark brings in a higher level of wrestling, world level exprience and top notch training. Better than any NCAA D1 wrestler. Lee could not make the team, didn't have what it takes.

              • Daddy says:

                Wait wait wait…. This comment is f’d up. Seriously, Lee not having what it takes?… you crossed the line. I know him personally and the only reason he stopped wrestling is because he had a very serious neck injury. Shame on you whoever this is…

              • eFamous says:

                What a nice way to generalize the Hawaii wrestling community… All I have to say is that Clark has yet to show any results, and until he does, please stop blowing hot air. Please let us know who he has up and coming so we can be amazed!

              • anonymous says:

                The point is Clark moved to Hawaii to train for the Olympic trials and in the same time wanted to share his wrestling knowlege. But, what all you guys have done is make racist comments negative remarks about him. And so what if he what to make money, doesn't everyone! Hell, even Lee came to Hawaii, and wanted money to do a clinic. Clark is not even from Hawaii and has done more for Hawaii's wrestling community. That more than I can say for Lee. So why don't you guys get off your high horse and show some support and ALOHA!

              • Clarks Truth says:

                That's a total crock. He started a wrestling club to conquer everyone else and make a whole bunch of money. Or so he thought. I've seen his classes and it ain't that great. That's the truth so get your facts straight before you post.

              • anonymous says:

                So what if he wants to make MONEY! WHO DOESN'T.
                People don't mind paying for top notch training. Are you jealous, because he makes money and you can't. Maybe you should take some lesson from him, you might just learn something, and please stop whining.

              • eFamous says:

                I mildly agree with the poster above.

                I don't mind clinicians making money off of coming down or making a wrestling club. However having people tout ones greatness without having anything to show for it, is really irritating. What has Clark done that hasnt been done before in hawaii that is so admirable?

                Your claims about Travis are completely bogus, wheres your proof? You heard from someone huh?

              • Anonymous says:

                I don't think any poster is advocating that a wrestling team get shut down. Just the opposite, in fact.

                Certainly, some of the posts on this topic have been taunting in nature. You can't avoid that on the internet. But, I think that underlying all posts, taunting or not, the message is cautionary, supportive of Kamehameha as an institution and reflective of concern for the wrestlers, although negative as to an individual.

                Also, some, if not many of the posts supporting whatever is rumored to be happening at Kamehameha or Nanakuli or Kahuku are as taunting and/or confrontational as it gets.

                The lightening rod aspect of this topic is huge and, I think, actually cultivated to be that way by either the misguided or the undesirable. I've observed and admired Kamehameha for AVOIDING that approach since small kid time. To see it happen now makes no sense to me.

                And, I stress that I can't imagine anyone in the Hawaii wrestling community wanting to see the Kamehameha wrestling team shut down. As we wear our various hats, we all know, support and cheer for a Kamehameha wrestler (or many) or the team here or there. They will be our children's friends, associates and colleagues in the future. This is the place they will all live and/or call home after the dust settles.

                I think and hope you are right that no individual is being looked down upon. I hope, if that is the case, that it stays that way. I think other posters, again, taunting or not, are actually expressing similar concerns.

              • Anonymous says:

                Clark is making a difference to that program right now! He is doing what needs to be done building the youth program, off season training, in season training, national, collegiate, international experiences at the highest level, knowledge, wisdom and leadership. Do not understand estimate how he is turning that program around right now, he is doing everything possible for those kids (all within the rules). He could win it this year if he brought in his own staff, trust me they have given him the reins but it will take a year with the current staff in place.

              • eFamous says:

                So what have all the clubs and programs that have come before Clark? Useless? Inadaquette? It's nice for a wrestler of his caliber to come to hawaii, but I rather let his 'products' speak for him. I don't know who goes to his club, so I don't know who to watch. As of now, he doesn't have anything to show, so let's see his kids win some titles/place first before many of you get ahead of yourselves.
                The issue is Clark coaching during the off season/black out date and then continue coaching at kamehameha from what has been rumored. So a lot of clarification needs to occur to clear this up. How would you feel as a parent that your kid became inelegible to compete because a coach messed up on the rules? It hasn't happened yet that i know of, but there will always be a first…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! I'd never actually heard an authority on track actually break things down that way. I think the reason for that is because I couldn't have given two hoots about track before getting trapped into reading some of the recent posts on track here. And, I find that I still don't give two hoots about track, and find that a comparison between track and wrestling is about as relevant as a comparison between participating in wrestling and playing monopoly.

  22. Carl Lewis says:

    I'm Carl Lewis man….. I won at all levels

  23. FAN says:

    Any results from the waialua tourney, anyone looking tough?

    • 808wrestling says:

      Heard that Campbell killed Kapolei in a dual this past week.

      • Guest says:

        They did, but Kapolei's line-up consisted of 5 first year wrestlers and only 3 returning starters(boys). Girls had 3 first years. Kapolei got throttled, but the line-up was not indicative of the overall varsity starters' quality.

        • westside says:

          I've watched that dual, Campbell's boys and girls looked stacked up and down they looked very dominate. I think they will be the team to beat in the OIA.

  24. CALSU says:

    This misguided wanna-be gonna bring down the house BIG time.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Exactly! No one in Hawaii has his resume and its not even close. Clark understands wrestling, he grew up in the heart of wrestling!! World Champion is much more than just NCAA, he is and has been the best in the world not just colleges. If you want your child to be successful there is only one name in Hawaii that has been there and done that!
    If you guys showed more aloha rather than being racist, he will advance your state to the 21st century. Who can pick up the phone and have olympic coaches on that island in a flash!
    He will have his team as state champions within the year! Lots of teams have been asking him for his help because of his experience and the exposure he can provide, you guys are lucky to have him.

  26. Rational says:

    I just trip!!!! All ya'll just rambling on like you was there!!! Puhleeeze! You are probably the very ones trynna take Jake to dinner to "buy" him out to train your kids! And then, pin point innocent coaches to be the bad ones. You guys not shame or what? First of all, my 8 year old learned alot from Coach Jake. His expertise are far more greater than ALOT of the coaches here in Hawaii, the very ones who didn't welcome him. Why wouldn't you want your kid to learn from one of the best? Second, Lucas was seen couple of times during practice and did not do a thing but say hi to the parents, ALL THE PARENTS, not just Kamehameha parents, but the Punahou parents, Iolani parents, public school parents. He is not much of a talker but when he did speak, it was about "photovoltaic systems". Some people on hear talking about this balckout date like it's in their blood but probably didn't ever see it in their lifetime! I thank the coaches who introduced Coach Jake to Hawaii. They are willing to say that they don't know it all and that if our kids can other training to better their chances for their future, then MORE POWER TO THEM!

  27. mike says:

    very spirited comments and debates in this article. so much passion here. i dont know what the current argument is but i do hope there will be more publicity and coverage of judo and wrestling. the kids in hawaii deserve it. they all work so hard.

  28. Junior says:

    Wonder what this year's High School Judo season will be like? Who are the stand outs? What school will be dominant if any? Will there be more photo and video coverage?

    • HIWarrior says:

      Punahou girls win again. Moanalua boys gets knocked off by Millilani but, very tight state tournament. Punahou girls return most of their team. Millilani returns all of their team. Plus, there's a rumor going around that Millilani got a big time transfer. Can anyone confirm who this kid is?

      • Mr. Rothschild says:

        One thing is for sure, the transferees parents have no pride in education to send their kid to a public school. Or they could be poor and or homeless. Sucks to be a transfer.

        • Jessee says:

          Don’t be so ignorant, a kid can make it anywhere. It doesn’t matter where they go, it’s the effort they put in that will make them successful or not. Isn’t it what we teach our kids. You parents need to grow up.

      • Guest says:

        but they lost jordan ogata

      • anonymous says:

        I've seen them, they are bada$$es. everyone is going to have a big surprise.

      • anonymous says:

        I've seen them, they are bada$$es. everyone is going to have a big surprise.

      • DOUBLE S says:


        • one&done says:

          After watching this weekends Mililani Invitational. Tournament, Moanalua won't go down without a fight..I know mililani was without several starters but moanalua looked like dey had most of last year's starting line up in the stands and still managed to pull off the win with according to one of the parents in the bleachers stating dey did it with 4 freshmens in the championship match..if this is true, da future looks bright for na menehune..

        • Genki Judo says:

          heard some good talk about the castro boy. respectful kid. looks like he has decent judo but he looked gassed in the final.

    • Guest says:

      What about Kapolei? At the invitational the score between them and Moanalua were 40-50 while Mililani's score was 7-70

      • GrapplingSNIPA says:

        Kapolei is alright. I'm pretty sure that was a different lineup that Moanalua used for the Millilani and Kapolei matches. When you look at Moanalua, they normally don't show all their cards til' later in the year. Moanalua didn't fool me, I know exactly who didn't play in the Millilani for them. Let's put it this way, the guys who weren't playin' aren't junk.

  29. Junior says:

    Wonder what this year's High School Judo season will be like? Who are the stand outs? What school will be dominant if any? Will there be more photo and video coverage?

  30. Cat says:

    Perhaps Olelo may be a good place to start? And/or working with a couple of high school media classes? It's not as far-reaching as OC16, but it could be less cost-prohibitive.

  31. Genki Judo says:

    so? is there going to be any video coverage of High School Judo this year? what schools are the ones to watch? who are the main girls and guys to be looking for? one things for sure, joshua terao is gonna run through everybody on the mat. that guy gets stronger every time.

  32. R.I.P. Judo says:

    Judo used to be fun and challenging. Then it's decision makers decided to gut and castrate it. 🙁

    • one&done says:

      I agree..Judo use to be dynamic and unpredictable but now its boring and predictable..

      • Genki Judo says:

        i disagree. the rules were long overdue. but, the penalties are a little extreme. i would like to see some restrictions on the use of drop knee seonage in youth judo. too many kids heads and shoulders are getting hurt unnecessary from kids doing it wrong

    • Mike Shiroma says:

      Because of the rules change and the poor officiating Judo no longer has interest for me.

      • GrappingSnipa says:

        Now isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? Crappy ref criticizing refs funny stuff Mikey Boi:)

  33. Genki Judo says:

    DEAR COACH JIMMY & MATSIDE: is there going to be a 2012 judo thread started for discussions on this years judoka and judo season? thank you

  34. Highschool judoka says:

    Is there going to be coverage of judo this year?? Pre-season has gone by and there hasn't been any coverage on the tournaments.

    • Chad Sato says:

      Judoka are welcome on the wrestling mat. Wrestlers are not welcome on the judo mat. The rules change displays that very clearly. If you can't beat them, change the rules. Bring back the old school judo and I'll be the first in line to watch again. Bring back the days of real fighting and a lot more will return.

    • Genki Judo says:

      i agree with you highschool judoka. i agree. there hasnt been any coverage of judo this year so far. no olelo. no photos. nothing. more important is, no answers.

  35. Bruce says:

    Judo is easier than wrestling. Simple as that.

  36. guest says:

    Most wrestling coverage this year was user provided. Post your thoughts and maybe things can get rolling.

    • THIS SUCKS says:

      user provided?????? how about you "guest", provide some procedures to us so we can follow your excellence? btw, which videos did you provide? if i'm not mistaken there were several requests to coach jimmy for him to post the videos. so i guess the bottom line is that there will be no judo coverage for 2012??????????? this sucks. this fricken sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay "guest", i've "posted my thoughts", now get things rolling!

      • Pundad says:

        Lets keep things in perspective. Coach Jimmy,works a job, is a father to two preschoolers, puts in countless hours Coaching, and maintains the Matsidehawaii website. So if he doesn't post as quickly as you want, just get over it. Respectfully, report on judo matches hear on the forum. Or send in your photos and edit a video, post it on you tube and provide a link here.

      • no na me says:

        Hey "THIS SUCKS",
        Take videos and post em via link. Thanks for your contirbution to MATSIDE!

        no na me

        • THIS SUCKS says:

          @Pundad, keep this in perspective. shut up. my gripe wasnt about coach jimmy or matside. my gripe was with what "guest" said when he stated "Most wrestling coverage this year was user provided. Post your thoughts and maybe things can get rolling. " i posted my thoughts like he asked. and i also did not believe that most of the wrestling coverage was "user provided." i base that on the various demands by other users who kept hounding coach jimmy to post videos. which proves that coach jimmy and matside are the ones still providing the majority of the footage and NOT the users. so dont try to twist tmy words like you always do Pundad. i've read your comments in other forums and you always try to come off like you know everything. just shove it up your arse!!! @Hey "no na me", stuff it! Lmao!!!

          • Guest says:

            Of the wrestling regular season and most preseason meets, the "coverage" was only give through comments in the forums(per most years). The only true "coverage" was saved for major tournaments/championships. It looks like the judo forums have started to self report(first hand accounts). I was simply suggesting to help in this manner. I believe the only videos posted for wrestling were from the state tournament, same as last year(wrestling and judo alike). That was why people were being such a hassle.

  37. FRED says:


  38. FRED says:


  39. Judo time says:

    It's judo season now wrestling is over time to move on. Who are the top players?

    • FRED says:

      I don't know all their names but I'm sure Moanalua will kick butt as always! Even more now because they have Grace Reyes! Do you think Kamehameha will be as dominant in judo like they were in the wrestling? That school looked really motivated and pumped!

  40. jack of trades says:

    Hey no offense but I played in the band and can honestly say band students work very hard starting during the summer.. Marching season runs a good 4 months and so much time and effort is put into it just as much as sports. I also was on the high school Judo team (oia champs) and wrestling team. Just think its unfair to complain and compare why band gets tv time and judo doesnt. If anything, they should televise the Rainbow festival, conditions are so much better. My only issue I have is judo is not a national high school sport. There is no federation rule book. The referees are sensei from various dojo.

  41. jack of trades says:

    Bands play at games during timeouts. In Judo and wrestling, there is constant action on several mats so bands and music not practical. The main purpose for bands are concerts performing standard music. Marching field shows, parades, football/basketball games are speparate entity. As wreslter and judoka, I wouldnt want band playing, its not feasible.Heck you dont see cheerleaders at wrestling nor judo. Ask them too Judo Parent…

    • guest says:

      In Vision Quest there was a band and cheerleaders. In this link, you can see the cheerleaders:

      In this link, you can hear the band right as Louden gets his nose bleed tended to (and the coach ILLEGALLY uses blood time to coach):

      This part was very unrealistic because no wrestler I know in the midst of cutting weight can a) talk that much; b) think that deep; or, c) smile:

      • guest says:

        Band and Cheerleaders @ Penn State vs Iowa on the Big 10 Network this year.

        • jack of trades says:

          Vision quest was a movie, lots of the moves were illegal. Ask any high school band and cheerleaders to play at wrestling matches and judo matches in Hawaii and see how many takers you get. Get real

          • guest says:

            I can see your point. The band and cheerleader crowd are a selfish, unsupportive lot.

            • jack of trades says:

              well its not so much as being selfish, their plate is full for basketball which runs the same time as wrestling.

        • jack of trades says:

          cmon, this is Hawaii high schools we're talking about, not about 2 of the most glorious wrestling progams in NCAA. UH doesn't even have wrestling and if they did, would the band be there? btw, dual meets where there are only two teams seems doable esp when televised. In hawaii there are multple duals going on 2 to 3 mats at the same time. If you want to hear the band, watch oc16 mililani festival or better yet, attend your schools band concert.

          • guest says:

            It is this kind of attitude that holds Hawaii back from doing well in wresting on the national stage. If we had Cheerleaders and band members at wrestling matches, there would be more audience and greater interest. But, here we see even the wrestler discriminating against wrestling when he puts his band hat on (with feathers and shiny objects sewn atop). A wrestler, a wrestler, wouldn't want to see a band play at an event in which he/she was a participant. Sad. Wrestling has to fight not only the schools, the leagues, and the band geeks and cheerleaders for support, but its own. Very sad.

            • jack of trades says:

              welcome to the real world and yes it is sad. Thank goodness my parents came to every wrestling match and every band concert and also coach and teacher for allowing me to do both. I have met a few cheerleaders/wrestlers and you would think their pep squad would come and cheer but they dont. I also met know there are a few wrestlers/band geeks too. I was one of them.

              • guest says:

                food for thought: geographically speaking, have you noticed that wrestling being a winter sport, states that snow during the winter excel in winter sports such as wrestling: Penn, Iowa, Minn, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, etc.