ILH Dual Tournament Schedule–Jan 28-29

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Here is the schedule for this week’s ILH Dual Tournament at Maryknoll School. Wrestling is schedule to being at 5:30p on Friday and 9:00am on Saturday. Please come and support your team!




24 Responses to “ILH Dual Tournament Schedule–Jan 28-29”
  1. anonymous says:

    What are seeds for Varsity Boys?

    • Coach Jimmy says:


      1. Punahou

      2. Kamehameha

      3. Pac-5

      4. Iolani

      Boys Varsity

      1. Punahou

      2. Kamehameha

      3. Pac-5

      4. Iolani

      5. St. Louis

      6. Damien

      Boys JV will be seeded on Friday at the tournament.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Punahou is going to run away with the title. There is no competition for them.

    It's going to turn out to be a competition for 2nd.

    And we all wanna see who comes in 2nd, right? exactly…

  3. Anonymous says:

    what about damien? what seed are they 6th?

  4. downfall says:

    you hate to see a program that had such an improvement as damien go back to last place just the year after. its sad that they couldnt even stay on the right track for at least another year

    • Anonymous says:

      It's not that they're doing badly, it's the empty weight classes that put them at a big disadvantage. Frankly speaking, Iolani is in the same boat.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's not about staying on the right track, their program is fine. It is more about graduation for Damien, losing the likes of Derek Shoda, Evan Park, Tonga Takai, and most significantly Marcus Finau.

    • Anonymous says:

      they've got a lot of young talent on the team, based on their jv team. This is a rebuilding year for them for sure. they managed to keep 2 of their stud wrestlers in Shayvis Wilson and Landon Oka, but they're seniors this year as well

      • downfall says:

        Landon Oka struggles against the st.louis wrestler in his class, so i dont see how he is a "stud". Wilson is solid, he placed 6th but i dont see him being a champion this year. As for the graduations of those wrestlers, yes, it is a contributing factor. However, damien still has the same numbers, its just sad that there is no talent in them

  5. Anonymous says:

    do you think kamehameha can pull off a win against punahou?

    • Rick says:

      Punahou will go back and forth in the weight classes until they get to what I call "murderers row". 152, 160, 171, 189, 215 after these weights are done so is the competition. Perfect example of this was at Iolani against Christian Brothers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don't think their heavyweights are strong enough. Suffering from the PAC5 syndrome, good middle weights, but mediumish other weights. Compare that to punahou, which has a lot of the 'top' wrestlers in most weights. Not saying that kamehameha is pac5 or pac5 is kamehameha, I see that both teams that have very good wrestlers, but their weights aren't well rounded enough to win, in my opinion.

    • Ultimate Warrior Imu says:

      It saddens me to say Pac-5 in the same breath as the Warriors. We seem to put all of our eggs into Shayden and Jacobs basket and the rest of the team just watches. What will happen next year when Shayden and Jacob are gone?

      I hope Tyson and Paihi can break out. Otherwise it'll be a long season.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anyone see what happen in the Fukushima vs Terao match? I was looking forward to seeing that one…..Dammit the season is too short!

  8. Pun dad says:

    Terao beat Fukushima, Terao used his excellent balance to get out of any trouble Fukushima put him in. Terao was leading by a few points in the 3rd period, Fukushima took some desperation shots and was put on his back at the end. Fukushima looked frustrated at his inability to beat Terao.

    • bungahead says:

      Fukushima is a fierce and skilled competitor. So, frustration at any loss or performance below his high standards will always result in frustration.

      I wouldn't call the 3rd period shots "desperation". Far from it. They appeared to be strong attempts to make up a point deficit, and to put Fukushima in a position to twin the match.

      Terao is an uncannily gifted athlete, which makes him an uncannily gifted wrestler.

      Both athletes deserve high praise and respect – regardless of the outcome.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the insight y'all. I knew it would be exciting. I wish Terao didn't get D'Qd at Officials, that should have been their first meeting. The next time they'll probably meet is ILH championships. Sad, but as I said before, this season is too damm short!

        • Ultimate Warrior Imu says:

          Unfortunately for Fukushima it's going to be a very long remaining season.

          • Ultimate Warrior Imu says:

            Fukushima can rest assured that next year David Terao won't be around to prevent him from winning a championship. Unless Josh Terao bumps up to 125 or 130. That would be a nightmare for Fukushima.

  9. Pun dad says:

    I agree both Fukushima and Terao are skilled wrestlers. If you are down on points in the 3rd period, shooting and taking risk is the what you should be doing. I used the word deperation, but was only trying to explain that the score difference was high at the end because of those smart risks.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know you meant no disrespect to Bryant. It's their first matchup of the season, adjustments need to be made by both of them. Both are quite impressive.

      • Ultimate Warrior Imu says:

        Sorry, I disagree. Adjustments need to made by Fukushima only.

        Truth be told, Fukushima game was totally ineffective. I don't

        see any adjustment that he can make to help.