Jesse Jantzen to Lead 2012 Iolani Wrestling Clinic

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3x All-American and 2004 NCAA Champion Jesse Jantzen will be the featured clinician at this year’s Iolani Wrestling Clinic. The clinic will run June 4-8 at Iolani School.

You can download this flyer with cost information, schedule, and registration information.


16 Responses to “Jesse Jantzen to Lead 2012 Iolani Wrestling Clinic”
  1. Sabers Wrestling says:

    Kyle Dake to headline wrestling clinic at Campbell. $100 fee for 2 days.

  2. Sabers Wrestling says:

    Clinic is FULL! been maxed out for months….

    • ....... says:

      Announce the clinic then announce its full???

    • guest says:

      Kyle DAKE Clinic in Hawaii! Where is the clinic going to be? Who do we contact? Is anyone willing to put up some interested wrestlers from Maui?

  3. Guest 2 says:

    Whoever posted as Sabers Wrestling has no affiliation with Saber Wrestling and has no right to use that name. Clinic is full.

  4. guest says:

    Secret Clinic?

    • Sabers Wrestling says:

      Kyle Dake clinic has moved to CAMPBELL HIGH!! 4X NCAA CHAMPION, Cornell University grad, 4.2GPA,Sports Illustrated College Atlete of the year, ESPY award nominee! Don't miss the opportunity, Aug. 13 + 14 @ 5pm! $80 for both days. Contact Coach Beulow for more info!

      • Sabers Wrestling says:

        Stop using Sabers Wrestling. The clinic is full.

        You are not authorized to use our name.

    • Dake envy says:

      Hawaii needs more clubs like Ewa.
      They are doing right by their club and Hawaii too.
      What club ran the Kauai Wrestling Fundraiser?
      How many clubs go hard year round and represents on the mainland?
      They put in the work, the time, the effort, the fundraising, they earned that clinic IMO.

    • Rick says:

      Did you attempt to attend the Dake clinic? No one was turned away. Many team Hawaii participants attended the clinic. Terao, Alo, Diamond and Pacheco were there. Last I check none of them attend Campbell. Mr Richardson was kind enough to take Mr. Dake and show him our great island. Thank you Sean for being a ambassador to the island and to wrestling. If only others would do same instead of kicking dirt we could all accomplish so much more.

    • Guest says:

      We attended the clinic, it was a great opportunity for Hawaii wrestlers. There were wrestlers from all over the island, wrestlers from Team Hawaii, Kahuku, Waianae, Ewa, Sabers, Kamehameha, Iolani etc. Kyle Dake was awesome, we were allowed to video, take pictures with him and he even signed autographs. In all honesty I am glad you haters and complainers didn't attend, gym was full of positive vibes!!

  5. guest says:

    People can watch, get autographs and take pictures though?

  6. Sabers Wrestling says:

    Sorry clinic is done. No autographs or pictures available.