MatMeticians Presents: Moanalua Judo Documentary part II

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Watch the second part of our documentary following Moanalua’s Judo program as they battle through injuries, rule changes and old rivals Pearl City and Farrington


23 Responses to “MatMeticians Presents: Moanalua Judo Documentary part II”
  1. SOCAL1960 says:

    Aloha judo hawaii,

    Can someone please put me in touch with the coaches of tashiya alo from punahou school?

    She is a judo phenom from oahu and we would to know her weight divsions for the upcoming judo nationals this year (try to avoid her and her sister if possible)I was just informed that this 7th grader beat a 24 year old female black belt national champ by the name of "corey Joe" in your local tournament if anyone has footage of that video I am willing to pay for it (under $25) plus shipping and handling. Maholo

    • Anonymous says:

      not for sale.

    • Nakamura96819 says:

      I think you will need more then video. Started wrestling nationally at the age of 4 or 5. I was able to be at a work-out when they where little that lasted 3 1/2 hours non-stop drilling and conditioning (College Style). Worst then a high school workout. So what you should do is work out 12 hours a day for the next three years and cut as much weight as possible to avoid this girl at all cost. Because you will not be able to match the time and energy it took produce these type of results.

  2. Pumas101 says:

    Her name is Teshya Alo she does not attend Punahou; she attends Kamehameha Schools (what a waste). She is from Pearl City Judo Club, not sure who her coaches are….can anyone help out this guy?

    Good luck getting film… her parents do not post her matches on UTUBE…how sad…

  3. eFamous says:

    ….. 'a waste' wow, what a bold statement… They can choose wherever they want to go, the level at which teshya wrestles at, would not fit well with her style from what ive seen. Plus the benefits that kamehameha has is great overall.

    As for films of her, her parents are smart to guard her videos, preventing other coaches on the island and nationally from breaking down her weaknesses. If you care that much about her talent, you would get your own video to break down her game. For wrestling, she has a few flaws I can think of, as for judo, hard to say since I haven't seen her compete, but I've heard she's strong overall, but still has flaws that can be exploited,

    And matmeticians, i don't see the video or link that you mentioned in your post for some reason.

  4. Socal1960 says:

    I woud greatly appreciate any tips that may help my daughter successfully beat Alo. No one at the national levelcan score on her and if my girl cant beat her, scoring on her is progress, do you no her weight

  5. MatMeticians says:

    Here is the second part of the documentary

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks but she usually competes a lot heavier tham her weight. does she look110?

  7. SOCAL1960 says:

    Does anyone know who who her coaches are? or if anyone has their contact informaiton; I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Hawaii ALOHA

  8. Anonymous says:

    But isnt she in freestyle right now?

  9. MauiJudo says:

    Matmeticians how many videos did you make of moanalua? I love your behind the scenes videos.

  10. makoshark says:

    Keep up the good work Matmeticians!!!! Your videos are getting better and better each time.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Offered more money to who the coaches??

  12. Anonymous says:

    part three “clap clap” part three

  13. Pun Dad says:

    Which teams will be participating in the Judo Dual Tournament at Mililani? I hear Punahou will compete but Pearl City won’t.

  14. :) says:

    yeah i heard that pearl city pulled out…. i also heard they have a tournament at damien on friday ?

  15. Rick says:

    Regarding the aforementioned Teshya Alo, I have seen a documentary on her and her family on the web, yeah, she seems like a veritable judo "Supergirl".

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