Matmeticians presents: Season Review/States Preview

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Through all the highs and lows of the season, the peaks and valleys each individual wrestler goes through, there’s only one thing left to do this season…


8 Responses to “Matmeticians presents: Season Review/States Preview”
  1. Anonymous says:

    At 3:28 was the BS stalling call against Kuahine. What was the ref looking at?

    • anonymous says:

      was that a stalling call or a technical violation. and was that the call in 3rd period where murakawa went up 4-2. talk to me!!!

      • Ultimate Warrior Imua says:

        The video depicts the 2nd stalling call on Tyson, giving Todd 1 point.
        This occurred after Tyson was called for clasping giving Todd 1 point.

        The clasping call put Todd up 3-2.
        The 2nd stalling call put Todd up 4-2.

        I didn’t see the clasping because of the angle I had viewing the match.
        I had a clear view of both wrestlers when the 2nd stalling call was made.
        In my opinion, this 2nd stalling call was unwarranted.

        • Anonymous says:

          The clip starts from both of them starting neutral. And by the time they went out of bounds, no takedown happened,so the clasping couldn't have been called. The ref also clearly made a out of bounds or what I interpret as fleeing the mat motion right before he made the technical violation call. Either the ref is really slow on his calls or he is making some bs up. I also totally agree that the stalling was totally unwarranted

        • Anonymous says:

          i believe the clasping call tied it up

          deciding to let todd up. 3-2 (bad decision as todd is not much of a shooter allowing him to be deffensive)

          bad call 2nd stalling giving todd 4-2 advatage (regardless of this calll todd would have won the match)

          needing a takedown on a punahou wrestler in short time is tough for anyone as they really like to slow the pace and in most part wreste deffensive anyway

          • Anonymous says:

            Does anyone have video of the clasping call? From my viewpoint it looked like a cradle with kuahine's arm over the head and the other through the crotch? I'm pretty certain that without the point for clasping kuahine would've been ahead 2-1 with about 30 seconds left to ride todd out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lol, that call by the ref for Tyson/Todd match was terrible. Both wrestlers showing action as they move out of bounds, and the black ref gives tyson a fleeing the mat technical AND a stalling call, WTF!? Seriously? Anyway, hope we don’t get bad calla like those at states.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good Intro with Cooper and Corbett!!!

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