Matmeticians presents: States Heartbreak Judo 2010

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There’s not to many words that can describe the emotion every athlete in this video is feeling. Share with us your thoughts and comments please




6 Responses to “Matmeticians presents: States Heartbreak Judo 2010”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Great video. Will you guys be filming judo this year?

  2. eFamous says:

    I liked the idea and overall video, but I really wasnt a fan of all the choppy transitions as well as the really quick show of the placer on the podium. I do appreciate your work and the exposure you're providing for the kids, just some constructive criticism for later maybe.

  3. MatMeticians says:

    Thanks, we will take that into account on the future videos. Our handicap stems from 2 reasons

    1. Our video editing program is a basic program and does not have fancy transitions and effects.


    2. We are amatuers and do not know how to utilize the advanced programs and effects that are program does have.

    Either way, we try to make up for it by being creative and not your straight forward, predictable, and linear yawn fest that haunt most videos.

    We are always open to public opinions and will keep yours in mind when making the next video.


    • eFamous says:

      I hope you didn't take it the wrong way, I was just thinking the transitions could have been combined scene to scene without the black screen for transitions. the main bugging thing was that the song was going on in the background and there was cheering… silence.. cheering again… I hope you understand what I'm saying. I'm no video expert, and I don't make movies, so I understand your points completely.

  4. MatMeticians says:

    It looks like the OIA duel meet will be very competitive again (based on all the recents posts between Roosevelt, Moanalua, and even Punahou supporters). Last year's was great, this year we are planning on filming again for everyone to see/relive the intense battles going on.

  5. Eastside says:

    Are you going to film this weekend’s Judo tournament at Kaimuki?

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