Moanalua, Pearl City Tops in Judo

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Moanalua edged out Mililani by six points to win their third straight Boys State Judo Championship, while Pearl City topped 3-time champion Punahou to win the Girls title. The Chargers, led by 220-lb State Champion Sanoe Spencer (her 3rd individual title) beat Punahou by 13.


Final Results for the 2012 HHSAA State Judo Championships

Boys Team Standings

Boys Individual Results

Girls Team Standings

Girls Individual Results


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    Thank you for adding this story Coach and Matside! It was a great State tournament. Lots of great young athletes who fought to the top and there were also a few unexpected upsets. Overall, it was a very exciting and enjoyable event.

  2. guest says:

    Heard Robert Kim #145 got injured and couldn't continue in the consolations. Is he okay?__Everyone else okay?

  3. guest says:

    Anyone know where to find the final brackets? The bracket where it shows who played who, score and match time.


    @guest – I'm not sure where to find the Final brackets, with the winners and others, that you are referring to. I do know that there were hard copies of those posted on the wall at the event, and the winners of each bracket were each given the nice version of the hard copy. You may want to browse the HHSAA Official site?????

    • guest says:

      Thanks Keep It Pos! I tried there and other places but no luck. Anyone else throw me a bone? Appreciate it!

  5. just some guy says:

    Robert Kim suffered from a collarbone injury during the semi finals match, in result, costing him a higher place in the state tournament. He is currently on the road to recovery. Thank you for your concerns and prayers.

    • Hakeem says:

      Collar bone injuries heal rather quickly and without lasting effects. He'll be back in a few months.

  6. Prep Fan says:

    Aloha MatSide! Any videos coming out?

  7. West4Lyfe says:

    I can't wait for next year! We return virtually everyone. Hey Moanaloa kiss your reign goodbye! We coming braddahs! Next season is Hurricane season!

    • guest21 says:

      West4Lyfe, who's coming back? Like you, looking forward to it. Hope Kainoa is good to go! Rush for the HEAD is on! Should be a good STATES!

    • one&done says:

      Kapolei, Mililani and Kamehameha should field very competitve teams next far calling out Moanalua, West4Lyfe better make sure the Hurricane is a category 5 because anything less will just be a tropical storm….hahahahaha…but I do like your confidence in your team and dey shud test Moanalua but I think its better to let the sleeping giant sleep, than WAKING dem up…jus a little tip..

  8. anony says:

    Boys videos?

  9. About Time. says:

    Lol kinda late for you guys to start covering. Season's over. Good shit.

  10. Guess So says:

    I guess so. Not many comments so seems people are satisfied. Except for a couple of comments on seeding, questionable calls, and injuries, it was overall a good season and championship. Sorry didn't see guys like Hosino KSK-P, Alakoa KAL, Sakanoi PC make it for reasons, maybe outcome would have been different.

    IMO toughest bracket – Girls 109. Boys, I'd say half the wt classes, was nuts!. I guess most of the predictions went close to what was forcasted. There were a few surprises.

    Congrats to all contestants! See ya next year.

  11. GUEST says:


    • Guest says:

      No, and there's none on the USJF website either, so probably shouldn't expect any here.

  12. Judo #1 says:

    Did anyone place first, or is the finals tomorrow? Any information would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Judo News says:

      Sorry ladies, judo season is over now get back in the closet.

      • GUEST says:

        @ Judo News – Educate yourself moron. This is peak judo season for the hardcore judo athletes. Judo season isn't limited to High School Judo. Just for your information, a major National tournament was just held in Spokane Washington, the Junior Olympics will be in Texas, and an International Open Tournament will be in Florida. I think it is you that needs to go back in the closet you troll.

        • The Bat says:

          All Judo nationals should be held in San Francisco. It would make returning to your closet more convenient.

          • Brandon Maki says:

            This is a very interesting comment. Please elaborate to why you are assuming judokas are homosexual?… Some are and some aren't… Guess what wrestling has it's share of homosexuals as well… NEWSFLASH IT AIN't WRESTLING SEASON EITHER!

            • Richard says:

              Mr. Maki, some ding a ling posts comments about Judo and you attack wrestling?
              Stop being so presumptuous. By the way, there are wrestlers heading to nationals in Fargo, including 2 time Hawaii Judo state champ Josh Terao. Think B4U post.

              • Brandon Maki says:

                I am not attacking wrestling, I am simply stating the facts. Right now it is neither HS seasons. I did think before I posted. There are many judoka/wrestlers that are going to Fargo but that's besides the point. Richard what is your last name? You know mines…

              • Not yet says:

                Brandon, I think Richard would like to remain in the closet, Lol, lets keep' em there.

              • Maki Rules says:

                For Brandon's sake we all need to post our last name. I would post mine but I'm so afraid that Maki's gonna Judo chop me. I found a video of maki Judo chopping this Japanese guy.

              • Brandon Maki says:

                The reason why I asked for a last name is because it would be nice to know who I am speaking with that's all….

              • Hata says:

                Looked more like a judo flip, didn't see any chops. I think you are thinking of a karate chop. He can do that too.

              • Maki Rules says:

                There was Judo chop towards the end of the clip when Maki had the sailor on the ground.

              • Hata says:

                You're right, missed it, that was a good chop!

    • GUEST says:

      @ Judo #1 – I spoke with some friends that are in Spokane for the Junior Nationals. They all said that Hawaii judokas did extremely well. Apparently a majority of the medalists, including gold Medals, went to the Hawaii players. Congratulations to all the hard working judoka!

      • Judo#1 says:

        Thanks guest really appreciate the info. I support wrestling and judo, I think it is two of the toughest sport and I am real proud of our kids. Especially, when they go out and compete and show the nation how tough our Hawaii kids can be.

  13. GUEST says:

    Results from day 1 of the usjf junior nationals:

  14. GUEST says:

    Complete results from day 1 and day 2 are here:

    • Judo#1 says:

      Thanks Guest for the link, I see that the Hawaii kids did really well. When will Hawaii get to host the next judo nationals. I think the last time Hawaii hosted was in 2002 if I remember correctly.

  15. Like Judo says:

    That was some nice hi lites, is there any whole matches that we can watch?

  16. Tommy J says:

    I'm moving to the Moanalua area and I want to enroll my kids into judo and wrestling. They are both 7 and 11. Are there any good judo and wrestling clubs in the area?

    • one&done says:

      Seishinjuko judo club will start Sept.17 @moanalua high school..I believe da sensei will be brandon maki, Scott pak and many others. Dey coach a very successful high school team at far as wrestling, grapplers hi is a place you might want to check out..its only about 7-10 minutes from is coach sugihiro.

      • Tommy J says:

        Thank you for da info! Do you by any chance know how to contact Seishinjuku and Grapplers Hi? Do they have websites or a contact number?

    • Guest says:

      HI-Flyers starts their Fall Session on Monday the 3rd of September which runs for 3 months. Check for more information on their Facebook page. Search: " hiflyers" and that will bring it up. Their head coach, Jake Clark, is also the Head Wrestling Instructor at the UFC-BJ Penn Gym. By far the best club on the island, but I'm a little biased! LOL

  17. Bryan says:

    Hawaii Judo Academy in Aiea is a great judo club!

    • Guest says:

      HI-Flyers Wrestling Club (search hiflyers on Facebook) in Kalihi. Their Summer Session is just finishing up and their Fall registration is now open. Always bringing in top wrestlers from the mainland to work with the kids throughout the entire year.

  18. josephine says:

    I cannot just really say so of this because I have never been to the city tops in Judo. What i always do is somehow read and do some research online. hauppauge new homes

  19. BigD says:

    How are the teams this year?

    • FRED says:


      • Guest says:

        All I know moanaloa is the team to beat. They probably have the best Judo "sensei" coaches in the state. Or if Dr. Chow is still coaching. But I think Kamehameha is going to take it on the ILH side.

        • FRED says:


          • Guest says:

            It is Judo time. Wrestling season is pau when Fargo is pau though. Sorry kinda how we behave but can't help.

            • 4EYES says:

              Not impressed at all by the ILH teams. The individual studs looked good but, no real threat for the state title for girls or boys. It'll be an OIA race for both boys and girls

              • FRED says:


              • Kapone says:

                All I have to say is this! A Hurricane is coming! Moanaloa struggled against teams that they should have blown out this year. Kapolei is just pounding everyone on the Westsyde! I got Hurricanes for the sweep at OIA dual championships both boys and girls! Who you got?

              • east side pride says:

                omgeee….. i agree that kapolei is doing well but lets not get carried away… i don't consider it "pounding everyone" when seasoned players slam a bunch of novice players…. I'm sure that won't be the same when kapolei has to play the experienced moanalua players…. moanalua will do what they do best……. they will show kapolei humility.

              • Kapone says:

                Or Kapolei will show Moanaloa—-EmbarA$$ment!

              • east side pride says:

                lol…. ok, ok,….. i guess we'll have to wait and see… i wish all players the best of luck on friday….. i just hope certain kapolei players leave their bad attitudes and poor behaviors at home…. it would be nice if they come with some class and respect…. try to be a little civilized.

              • Kapone says:

                It'll be easy to show class because Kapolei will win! Don't worry east. It's about time someone will school the soon to be xchumps in judo

              • east side pride says:

                like i said….. no class.
                good luck kapone.

              • Guest says:

                Hey Al Kapone it's spelled Moana "lua" as in toilet. You should know since you are so full of it and spend lots of time there. It's starting to come out of your mouth.

              • Kapone says:

                I know you're affraid of Kapolei. Be very affraid…

              • Guest says:

                Im shaking in my boots…. not!

              • Kapone says:

                I don't blame you for shakin. I would feel the same way if I were you.

              • Guest says:

                you aint me, you are a loser. do you know what not means? learn how to spell too.

              • Guest 2 says:

                MOANALUA will win. Bottom line. MOANALUA deserves to win.

              • Elliot Ness says:

                The hurricane must've fizzled out to sea. Ha Ha

              • guest says:

                Al Kapone was incarcerated at alcatraz.. He'll be back as soon as he's released but VD hits him

              • Kapone says:

                Who said that? Didn't you hear the sirens? They said itll arive in Waipahu and storm through everyone esp Moanloa!

              • guest says:

                The sirens due your escape from alcatraz. No worries though because heart attack and complications from VD… lol If you research, Hurricanes are rare in Hawaii. Hawaiian water temps not inducive for hurricanes. Last one was due to global warning and elnino. The only hurricane you will see is that toilet flushing…

              • east side pride says:

                team moanalua #1….again!!!! sorry kapone…. your hurricane turned into a mere tropical depression…….

              • Guest says:

                Kapone is just a big bag of stink wind. Couple drops in the toilet disposed of him.

              • Kapone says:

                Don't worry! Kapolei will catch Moanaloa at states! Moanaloa got exposed!

              • Guest says:

                who's worried???? only you got exposed.

              • FRED says:


              • parent says:

                AGREED FRED! Let's just say OIA TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS is pretty much the "SUPER BOWL" of high school judo. One of the best judo tournaments in hawaii. Congratulations to ALL teams and judokas as you all fought with heart and team spirit. Props to PC and Kapolei Girls in the finals. So exciting!! Judo Girls Rock! Good luck to all in Individuals!

              • Guest 2 says:


              • Guest says:

                so how did team championships go?

      • Hiram P. says:

        I tend to side with Kapolei being a more dominant team Moanalua. Luck can only take you so far and Moanaluas will eventually run dry.

        • Guest 2 says:

          Luck? You're right. Kapolei and their bad attitudes were lucky to make it to teams. It was Kapolei's luck that dry on Friday night buddy boy!

  20. Guest says:

    Thats why they play the game.

  21. Real HP says:

    Hmmmmm….we have an imposter on here…signing in as someone else…probably to scared to post under his name….das ok, you can use my name, I feel honored…jus dont post nasty stuff or you're gonna be SORRY!…

  22. guest says:

    Hiram Pali?

  23. guest says:

    What school does Pali go to?

  24. Hiram Palimo'o III says:

    To the person posting and giving others the impression that it came from me, go use your own name…Posting on hiram p and then having others trying to figure out who hiram p is and then people posting hiram pali and asking what school he goes too stops now…Just clear this crap up, my name is Mr. Hiram Palimo'o…I'm a graduate of Farrington High and my sons goes to Moanalua…anyone who knows me I don't post crap about other schools on here….if i have a problem ill say it to your face…I have family dat attends Kapolei High…I cheer for dem as much as i cheer for my kids…I could careless what school my family goes too, if dey my family I cheer for dem…Kapolei is building a strong program..Moanalua has the utmost respect for Kapolei…we don't have to go around bashing other doesn't take a genius to figure out dat Kapolei is knocking on our doorsteps…same like how Roosevelt take a couple years back and just like how Mililani has down the previous years..competition is what drives Moanalua…the bigger the challenge, the better focus it makes the kids perform..dese teams are the reason why Moanalua is great..they prepare Moanalua for future battles…the road is never easy..when you're on top, everyone is gunning to take you down…everyone is taking their best shot…I'm just proud to be a part of it thru my kids..I've met great people along the if you're a Kapolei supporter, go ahead and support dem…dey are a good team…dey performed well at the OIA Dual Meet Championship..will dey win states, maybe dey do have the talent…will moanalua be able to defend their title, I would hope so…win or lose, it won't be because moanalua didn't try, it will because somebody wanted it more…their are other strong teams in contention like Kamehameha and Iolani to keep Coach Maki and Coach Scott up all night…so to the imposter, USE YOUR OWN NAME unless you're to SCARED…Mr.Hiram Palimo'o III..

    • guest says:

      Anyone who knows you knows the dingaling posts were not you, Hiram. Don't worry about it.

      To the dingalings: Boy, I hope for your sake your identity(s) doesn't come out. Hiram enjoys a heck of a lot of respect and aloha in the local mat sport community, and I'm sure you know that. Maybe you think using his name is funny. Not only are your posts not really that funny at all (actually the attempts are childish, awkward, basically lame), but you really set yourself and your family(s) up to end up looking from the outside in. Really lame. And, no honor whatsoever in any of that.

    • Hiram P. says:

      Congratulations to Kapolei for a terrific showing at states this weekend. Tying with Moanalua shows that you have arrived. Look forward to seeing you next season and remember don't be SCARED!

      • thisappointed says:

        Congratulations to OC 16 showcasing what a pathetic sport Judo has become.

        If this is today's Judo, it has gone backwards 2000 years!

        Old timers would dominate and be allowed to play with the spirit judo was once intended to have. Today you have kids more athletic, stronger, quicker and are just boring with the exception of a few… Overall not impressed with todays "NEW JUDO" how judo disciples can stand behind this new flavor astonishes me. Judo is living on a long lost tradition, time to make it disappear.

        • Hiram P. says:

          Upon watching on TV I would agree that watching Carl Shores on the wrestling broacast was more exciting. The best word to describe Judo would be GAY.

  25. Hiram Palimo'o III says:

    At Kapone….I'm not worried wat is said, Do it under your own name and not mines…if I have something to say, ill say it under my name not someone else. I don't hide under cover…

  26. Guest says:

    I saw some judo predictions on Sports Hawaii forum, anyone want to make any predictions for states?? Upsets? Potential epic battles?? Dark horses?

    • GUESS says:

      Here are my Boys predictions:
      First Choice / Second Choice

      108 NG / PLATT
      114 ONIGAMA / KIDO
      132 TERAO / TSUDA
      145 MARUMOTO / KHONG
      161 KIM / HOSHINO
      178 MORI / FUJIWARA
      220 PESTANO / PESTANO*
      275 ???

      Here are my Girls predictions:
      First Choice / Second choice

      98 RAIA / SUDA
      103 CANYETE / CANYETE*
      109 CASTRO / TAKAESU
      115 CASTRO / BADUA
      122 RAPOZA / RAPOZA*
      129 ALO / ALO / ALO / ALO***
      154 TONG / KUROSAWA
      172 FUAMATU / FUAMATU*
      220 ???

    • John says:

      Salera kid worked out with the Teraos at Shobukon. Success by association? Survey says it don't work out that way. Teraos know how to win.

      Hoshino can't win anything. Got dusted in wrestling and is his worst enemy in Judo.

  27. EaglesEye says:

    There will be a lot of great matches but, the main event on the card appears to be the reigning 3 time wrestling state champ and 2 time judo state champ Josh "The Terwow" Terao vs. the # 1 contender Brant "The Natural" Tsuda. Terao is back to his old ways ripping through everyone he faces. No one has come close to beating him the last 2 3/4 seasons. But, there has been a familiar face back at it again. Tsuda's body seems to have built more explosion this year. Both fighters during the regular and post season have ended all their matches by Ippon. Ladies and Gents, this is the match to watch. I'm expecting an epic battle.

    • slick says:

      I agree. TERAO v TSUDA will be an epic battle and "the" match to watch. I also think that the other match that will be a battle will be between MORI v FUJIWARA. I think it'll be two wars. ONIGAMA v KIDO should hold some fireworks too.

  28. GUEST says:

    ING – KATO

  29. Trojan4Life says:

    Congradulations to the 4 Mililani's Girls! 2 1st Place State Champs and a 2nd and 3rd Placer! 2 Trojan Boys placed 2nd and 3rd too! I heard that this was Kalani's last year. Great job Trojans! Congradz to all!

    • ALII says:

      CONGRATULATIONS to them! They did very well. There were so many great matches and the judokas fought hard. Hats off to Kamehameha Boys and the Pearl City girls teams, they did awesome. I hope the students that got injured heal up and get healthy. It’s sad to see these kids get hurt. Also a huge mahalo to OC16 for broadcasting the event.

      • ALII says:

        Trojan4life, is this year's Mililani girl state champ related to last years Mililani boys state champ? Are they also related to the Pearl Citys Taylor Castro?

        • Trojan4Life says:

          @Alii – The 2 Mililani Castro state champs are brother & sister, cousin to PC Castro.

  30. PCHJ says:

    Moanalua is done! No more championships! Good bye as you travel into the darkness.

    • ALII says:

      Hey PCHJ, thats not cool bra. Moanalua would have taken it. They just had a bad night. I didn’t see their bigger boy Justin playing and Tsuda was doing great until he got caught. It’s ok to support who you want but there’s no need to be mean about others. Coach Brandon and his students are good respectful people. They will be back stronger next year and grab that championship. Maybe it’s you who needs to fade into darkness.

      • Guest says:

        Moanalua needed Bubba just to tie Kapolei. lol If he didn't transfer they wouldn't even be in the top 3. Not to mention they lost all their talent this year. Kapolei will be the team to beat new year in the OIA

        • SAD says:

          I also hear Brandon Maki is talking to a few people to transfer to his school. Thats just SAD.

          • college bound says:

            I can see schools like saint louis, iolani and punahou luring recruits their way. But a public school like moanalua recruiting is ludacris. What are they going to offer you? An education thats second to none? What a joke.

            • Judo parent says:

              I know for a fact that Brandon was asking parents of young kids. In fact he wanted some kids from my club that doesnt live in Moanalua district.

        • Guest says:

          I heard that Moanalua is now considered one of the major feeder complexes for the private schools. Kahuku on the North Shore and Moanalua intermediate schools are where the privates are looking first. Those places get the kids ready for private school academic entrance requirements. Two-stop shopping.

          • wake up says:

            That is so pitiful and Ive just lost all respect for coach Maki. Why dont you build from within? Stop trying to steal or even recruit, this is not college!

            • guest says:

              Moanalua is the best public school in the State for academics and they can pick and choose the GE students they want to let in. Now the academics are strong so they are building athletics.

              • judo parent says:

                Yes they should work on academics but do it in house without trying to recruit. even though Moanalua is a top notch school academically they are still a public school. So stop trying to bend rules to win a few state championships.

              • wake up says:

                sorry I tried to say "athletics" not "academics" in my first sentence.

            • Overwatch says:

              Funny how you have no respect for him when I have the utmost respect for him. This is what I saw watching the OIA Championships. I saw one of Kapolei's key players Kainoa, go down with a ankle or foot injury and who did I see run to help carry and walk him off to the trainers guess? Maki! He wasn't coaching the match and saw it happen and ran to help him out. Check the video or ask Kainoa. He didn't have to go there and help him out at all. Be careful who you talk shit about because sometimes bad luck comes back to you. I hope the people talking shit about him is not from Kapolei.

  31. oia says:

    why shouldnt any public school kid go to any public school he/she chooses? we all pay taxes to the same system, whats the big deal?

    • wake up says:

      Really? You must be dumb. They do that so people like Brandon dont try and make it an unfair playing field. You should go to the school where you live, plain and simple. you should wake up as well. In fact grow up cause it looks like you need to.

  32. Wakeup says:

    Grow up? Like what you're doing? Why don't you address this with Brandon? He has his own club, go down there and talk to him about the accusations and your facts instead of doing it online. Who has the growing up to do? I don't get why all of you bitches and let me emphasize the word *BITCHES, don't just address this issue yourselves and talk to him instead of talking shit online. I'm assuming that's all you do in life is bitch and whine and complain behind others backs.

  33. Judo Parent says:

    Guilty or not. All these shots at Moanalua and Brandon don't matter– why? My kids attend a certain private school and I no longer can afford it. Two of the three are pretty good at wrestling and judo. Guess where my first application for a GE will be to? I'm going to put my kids in the best public school that I can possibly find and that's Moanalua. With the addition of coach Darren to their wrestling program, my kids would be blessed to have been coached by scotty, brandon, and darren.

    • guest says:

      What exactly would Brandon Maki be "guilty" of? Is there something that prohibits an OIA Coach from talking to a kid about going to their school? In the ILH, there are initial contact rules, and the kid can't be promised $$$ as incentive for going to the school, but once the initial ILH contact rules are overcome, there's no limit on talking. This discussion really stems from a combination of jealousy/fear/competitiveness. A complainer can't say that the "priorities" are misplaced when a Coach sells his program if one takes such violent exception to his doing so. The complainer is just as obsessed, but merely taking exactly the opposite approach, trying to prevent a program from doing something. And, it seems like this only rubs people wrong when a prominent program does it. Seems like it's ok to build a program that way out of nothing, or to make a weak program stronger, but doooooooooon't do it if you've already attained a measure of success. Then you're "guilty" of something.

      Plus, this is a kid's and his/her family's choice and business. Unless one of you complainers is upset Maki spoke to YOU or YOUR kid, then mind your own business.

      There's a system in place that permits kids to move schools. There seem to be reasons OTHER than sports for families to want to move their kids to a school like Moanalua. Many non-athletes are likely trying to move, thinking about moving, or have moved, presumably bringing something to the school, and presumably getting something they want out of it in return – whatever those things might be.

      And, if you're worried about Moanalua becoming some sort of overwhelming judo powerhouse because it is able to attract good judo players, then maybe your attention should be focused on building the program at the school you're trying to protect, rather than trying to tear down or block whatever others are doing.

  34. Judo Parent says:

    All this shit talking lol. Just watch Imma recruit and bring the whole house including da kitchen sink with my kids to Moanalua.