OIA Divisional Championship Results

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Thanks to reader Bushido for this contribution!


Eastern Championships

108 pounds–1. Kelson Onigama, Moanalua. 2. Chasen Yuu, Roosevelt. 3. Brandt Kageno, McKinley.

114–1. Bryson Castro, Moanalua. 2. Chad Patulingan, Moanalua. 3. Bradley Suda, McKinley.
121–1. Cody Fernandez, Roosevelt. 2 Brant Tsuda, Moanalua. 3. Bryce Inouye, Moanalua.
132–1. Jacob Palimo’o, Moanalua. 2. Jon Kitamura, Moanalua. 3. Josh Heth, Kaiser.
145–1. Dillon Takeshita, Moanalua. 2. Derek Lee Loy, Moanalua. 3. Trevor Kalawaia, Kahuku.
161–1. Chaeden Grace-Reyes, Farrington. 2. Sage Yoshida, Moanalua. 3. Ethan Pereira, Kalani.
178–1. Randy Ishitani, Roosevelt. 2. Phillip Bryant, Kalaheo. 3. Justin Fujiwara, Moanalua.
198–1. Myer Alokoa, Kalani. 2. Matthew Lee, Moanalua. 3. Simon Vierra, Kahuku.
220–1. Weston Akamine, Roosevelt. 2. Keith Greene, Moanalua. 3. Jheryl Makaiau, Kahuku.
275–1. David Hunter, Moanalua. 2. Tyler Kunishige, Roosevelt. 3. Robert Lateselu, Kahuku.

98 pounds–1. Marina Higa, McKinley. 2. Kristyn Takai, Moanalua. 3. Chale Chee, Kahuku.
103–1. Angela Enos, Roosevelt. 2. Jahya Costa, Kahuku. 3. Marissa Rogers, McKinley.
109–1. Brittany Balanay, McKinley. 2. Uy-Di Nancy Le, Kalani. 3. Alanda Nguyen, Farrington.
115–1. Amber Hekkei-Nagaoka, Castle. 2. Monica Portugal, Kalani. 3. Ayame Higa, McKinley.
122–1. Brittney Shinsato, Kalani. 2. Marissa Fukunaga, Roosevelt. 3. Carmela Go, Farrington.
129–1. Jasmine Brown, Moanalua. 2. Maria Olsen, McKinley. 3. April Rilles, Farrington.
139–1. Kevie Kawasaki, Moanalua. 2. Dioan Cantiller, Farrington. 3. Uilani Freitas-Smith, Kahuku.
154–1. Sandra Baik, Moanalua. 2. Amber Lundsford, Kahuku. 3. Gretchen Carnate, Farrington.
172–1. Brianna Jeffries, Roosevelt. 2. Diandrea Sagusi-Burton, Farrington. 3. Makana Borden, Kaiser.
220–1. Libby Petrie, Kahuku. 2. Drea Colobong, Farrington.

Western Championships

108 pounds–1. Landon Arimoto, Mililani. 2. Micah Platt, Campbell. 3. Jared Oshima, Campbell.
114–1. Donovan Nakama, Kapolei. 2. Alec Ikei, Mililani. 3. Jacob Pekelo, Pearl City.
121–1. Zach Kido, Campbell. 2. Ethan Ogata, Mililani. 3. Michael Ishikawa, Pearl City.
132–1. Tyler Kono, Kapolei. 2. Cody Uyejo, Mililani. 3. Travis Kamioka, Aiea.
145–1. Shayne Sakanoi, Pearl City. 2. Dustin Bataya, Pearl City. 3. Kanioa Marumoto, Kapolei.
161–1. Jordan Ogata, Mililani. 2. Shawn Ferreira, Kapolei. 3. Jesse Fines, Aiea.
178–1. Tevin Miyahara, Leilehua. 2. Isaiah Alcantra, Pearl City. 3. Charles Jaegger, Pearl City.
198–1. Spenser Shimazu, Pearl City. 2. Dayton Furuta, Mililani. 3. Tyson Tarumoto, Pearl City.
220–1. Demetrus Roby, Pearl City. 2. Will Crowell, Campbell. 3. Owen Souza, Kapolei.
275–1. Evan Greenleaf, Pearl City. 2. Joey Choi, Campbell. 3. Iokepa Alcantra, Pearl City.


98 pounds–1. Kaelyn Canyete, Kapolei. 2. Taylor Vidad, Pearl City. 3. Mary Jane Garcia, Waipahu.
103–1. Lauren Dias, Mililani. 2. Shanelle Ramelb, Kapolei. 3. Breanne Takesu, Pearl City.
109–1. Diane Mikuni, Kapolei. 2. Toni Uyehara, Pearl City. 3. Kelly Rivera, Mililani.
115–1. Ilisha Badua, Kapolei. 2. Sharesse Ader, Pearl City. 3. Selena Ryder, Mililani.
122–1. Taylor Castro, Pearl City. 2. Alyssa Dixon, Aiea. 3. Jacqueline Laborin, Leilehua.
129–1. Phairin Hicks, Mililan. 2. Lindsay Villarmia, Aiea. 3. Jade Laborin, Leilehua.
139–1. Rachel Factora, Campbell. 2. Brittnie Fuimaono, Pearl City. 3. Trudie Eltagonde, Pearl City.
154–1. Meridian Burrhus, Aiea. 2. Mylinda Jefferson, Pearl City. 3. Brandi Lopez, Kapolei.
172–1. Kacie Awa, Pearl City. 2. Sierra Steenburg, Kapolei. 3. Kaiponohea Puahala, Pearl City.
220–1. Sanoe Spencer, Pearl City. 2. Anina Uhatafe, Kapolei. 3. Dora Jean Matsushima, Pearl City.


224 Responses to “OIA Divisional Championship Results”
  1. Anonymous says:

    122 Girls weightclass is pretty stacked this year

    • Seiotoshi Chick says:

      Ok, so everyone thinks that the ILH has some pretty hard players this year? Yeah, sure. They always do. But, there will definitely be some OIA players that are the shoo-ins for the gold. Tyler Kono, Kelsen Onigama, Brant Tsuda, and all of those guys… Strong players, great physique, and not to mention, killer skills! They have what it takes to win and they want it. I know that the Terao brothers are getting far, and the Chow sisters are also doing their usual… you know, topping the list. But the OIA contenders shouldn't be looked down upon. In fact, we have a lot of potential that is likely to be first, so disregarding them just because they are in the OIA is just plain wrong! Some girls are looking strong this year, especially that Mililani girl in 129. Talk about beastly! McKinley girls dominated in the first four divisions and the rest are scattered… All I know is that this tournament was intense, even my teammates were getting riled up! Insanity! Hopefully, states will go smoothly… And the right people gets the gold. If you are in it to win it, guys and gals, you WILL win!

  2. Mike says:

    Kelsen Onigama looked really dominant. Strong and fast player.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i was at mckinley’s tourny. great matches. there were a few unexpected upsets, especially in the girls divisions. the competition was fierce between roosevelt, moanalua, and mckinley. all strong players. i saw so lots of injuries too.. in my opinion, i wish double knee drop seoinage was illegal. i think one kknee would be safer in junior competition. overall great matches though!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think that The LW [108-132] STATE CHAMPS will be comprised of all ILH BOYS [The TERAOS, CHANG, etc]. Also most of the MW too. The ILH is just too strong, fast, and technical. The OIA has lots of great players but the ILH Boys are just way too advanced.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He can’t lol!!!! Oh yeah and what 32 are you talking about???? So who exactly will beat Kono ? Lol???!??!? Way too advanced?? So I guess makikomi and counters are too technical for the OIA??? Lol!! That’s funny too!!!!! What MW you talking about????

  6. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t mean to offend anyone. If I did, I apologize. It was just my opinion. I admit that there are good OIA players but I think this year will be “mostly” (okay, not all), ILH Champions. Teraos, Chang, Remulard, Oda, Oka, Pestano, Mori, Wong, and so on. Please, I don’t want this thread to turn ugly. I’m just sharing my thoughts on the upcoming States.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you telling me u think LJ is gonna beat Alakoa?

    • RS says:

      From the OIA:Kelson (moan) at 108, and Cody (roos) at 114, Tyler (Kap) at 132, Bubba and Jordan @ 161, and Meyer @198 look to be pretty strong candidates for their place in the finals. OIA probably concedes only 121 (Terao) and 220 (Paihi/Kyle).

      • Anonymous says:

        108- what about josh terao? 114- Chang?

        • RS says:

          I didn't say the OIA athletes would win those, I'm just thinking those weights will hold good finals matches. Josh terao vs kelson will be interesting (edge probably to terao), and cody and brendan should be a really good fight @114.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hoshino and Leiman (ILH) too.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Teraos yes, chang yes, pestano yes, the rest??? I don’t think so and this is my opinion. Oka will be heavily contested from ishitani, miyahara, and fujiwara and I think he’ll lose to one of them. Oda can’t win because terao will. Chade, though good has his work cut out for him. Mori well he’s alright but, remember what happens when he plays seoinage players….and both Bubba and Jordan have pretty good seoinages. LJ??? Really??? I say he places but not champ. I’m just sharing my thoughts too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Out of curiosity have you watched the OIA??? Or are you just a homer for the ILH???

  10. Anonymous says:

    And nobody will beat yonemori ilh or oia

  11. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have the complete 1st to 6th place results for the OIA and ILH championships?

    • BUSHIDO says:

      I couldn’t find the complete listing but this was on the Star Advertiser today:


      108–1. Kelson Onigama, Moan; 2. Landon Arimoto, Mil; 3. Brandt Kageno, McK.
      114–1. Cody Fernandez, Roos; 2. Bradley Suda, McK; 3. Chad Patulingan, Moan.
      121–1. Brant Tsuda, Moan; 2. Zach Kido, Camp; 3. Daven Shitabata, Cast.
      132–1. Tyler Kono, Kapo; 2. Jacob Palimoo, Moan; 3. Travis Kamioka, Aiea.
      145–1. Trevor Kalawaia, Kah; 2. Kanioa Marumoto, Kapo; 3. Shaye Sakanoi, PC.
      161–1. Chaeden Grace-Reyes, Farr; 2. Jordan Ogata, Mil; 3. Sage Yoshida, Moan.
      178–1. Randy Ishitani, Roos; 2. Tevin Miyahara, Lei; 3. Justin Fujiwara, Moan.
      198–1. Myer Alokoa, Kaln; 2. James Llyod, Kaim; 3. Eric Ferriera, Farr.
      220–1. Jheryl Makaiau, Kah; 2. Demetrus Roby, PC; 3. Weston Akamine, Roos.
      275–1. Joey Choi, Camp; 2. Tyler Kunishige, Roos; 3. Simeon Vierra, Kah.

      98–1. Marina Higa, McK; 2. Kaelyn Canyete, Kapo; 3. Taylor Vidad, PC.
      103–1. Marissa Rogers, McK; 2. Lauren Dias, Mil; 3. Angela Enos, Roos.
      109–1. Brittany Balanay, McK; 2. Uy-Di Nancy Le, Kaln; 3. Diane Mikuni, Kapo.
      115–1. Ayame Higa, McK; 2. Ilisha Badua, Kapo; 3. Amber Hakkei-Nagaoka, Cast.
      122–1. Marissa Fukunaga, Roos; 2. Brittney Shinsato, Kaln; 3. Taylor Castro, PC.
      129–1. Phairin Hicks, Mil; 2. Estee Trani, Kapo; 3. April Rilles, Farr.
      139–1. Uilani Freitas-Smith, Kah; 2. Rachel Factora, Camp; 3. Khrysten Gameng, Camp.
      154–1. Mylinda Jefferson, PC; 2. Brandi Lopez, Kapo; 3. Rosemarie Agtina, Wail.
      172–1. Makana Borden, Kais; 2. Brianna Jeffries, Roos; 3. Kacie Awa, PC.
      220–1. Sanoe Spencer, PC; 2. Patrice Yamane, Cast; 3. Libby Petrie, Kah.

      1. Punahou, 107
      2. Kamehameha, 96
      3. ‘Iolani, 56
      4. Pac-Five, 55

      1. Punahou, 131
      2. Pac-Five, 120
      3. Damien, 94
      4. Kamehameha, 58
      5. ‘Iolani, 48
      6. St. Louis, 16

      • BUSHIDO says:

        This was from Today’s Star Adevertiser Scoreboard ILH:

        ILH Individual Championships
        Varsity boys

        108 lbs—1. Joshua Terao, P5 (Mid-Pacific);2. Matt Hayakawa, P5 (Assets); 3. Nathan Lee, Punahou.
        114 lbs—1. Brendan Chang, P5 (Maryknoll); 2. Jacob Deguzman-Arakaki, Kamehameha; 3. Joshua Tomiyama, Kamehameha.
        121 lbs—1. David Terao, P5 (Mid-Pacific); 2. Ryan Oda, Punahou; 3. Logan Yamamoto, ‘Iolani.
        132 lbs—1. Darren Leiman, Punahou; 2. Bryant Fukushima, Punahou; 3. Korey Higa, Damien.
        145 lbs—1. Todd Murakawa, Punahou; 2. Evan Uehara, Punahou; 3. Brandon Lum, ‘Iolani.
        161 lbs—1. Royce Mori, Damien; 2. Brett Will, Punahou; 3. Spencer Kiehm, ‘Iolani.
        178 lbs—1. L.J. Remillard, Punahou; 2. Dan Grocki, Punahou; 3. Landon Oka, Damien.
        198 lbs—1. Jacob Lewis, Damien; 2. Matt Noguchi, ‘Iolani; 3. Tyler Mizota, Punahou.
        220 lbs—1. Dane Paihi Pestano, Kamehameha; 2. Kyle Tsubota, P5 (Lutheran); 3. Justin Vierra, Damien.
        275 lbs—1. Lukela Los Banos, P5 (Maryknoll); 2. Abe Hall, Saint Louis; 3. Tyman Hayashi, P5 (University).

        Varsity girls

        98 lbs—1. Jessica Oda, Punahou; 2. Thai Ha Sloan, Punahou; 3. Kelli-Ann Omatsu, P5 (Sacred Hearts).
        103 lbs—1. Kimmi Lum, P5 (University); 2. Mikaela Louie, Punahou; 3. Miki Kubo, Punahou.
        109 lbs—1. Nicole Taniguchi, Punahou; 2. Holly Kogachi, Punahou; 3. Shana Dilliner, Kamehameha.
        115 lbs—1. Bree Rapoza, Kamehameha; 2. Kelliann Tamloo, Kamehameha; 3. Kyra Kuniyoshi, P5 (Mid-Pacific).
        122 lbs—1. Kaela Shiigi, ‘Iolani; 2. Tiare Mashima, Kamehameha; 3. Taira Gay, P5 (Sacred Hearts).
        129 lbs—1. Chrissy Chow, Punahou; 2. Kasie Kashimoto, ‘Iolani; 3. Kianna Borengasser, Kamehameha.
        139 lbs—1. Mindy Chow, Punahou; 2. Tara Srirangarajan, ‘Iolani; 3. Mahina Wall, Kamehameha.
        154 lbs—1. Tiara Kaye, Punahou; 2. Puna Kalipi, Kamehameha; 3. Kalene Peterson, Kamehameha.
        172 lbs—1. Erin Scheidt, Kamehameha; 2. Alexandra Fautana, ‘Iolani.
        220 lbs—1. Angela Kim, P5 (University).

  12. Mr. Palimo'o says:

    I was very impress with how competitive the matches were at this past weekend OIA Championship. Every spot to qualify for states had to be earned on both the boys and girls side. Almost all weight classes were contested. States shud be exciting to watch..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well technically you can get 3 shidos in a matter of 10 seconds, as each shido can be called with 3-5 seconds depending on the ref.

  14. misty says:

    A few of my friends really got “ROBBED” at the OIAs! I felt so bad for them. You can’t trust those referees.

  15. Trojans Rule says:

    mistys rite one of our guys got like 2 shidos in the first 10 seconds of the final match wtf? it wznt about lack of skill it wuz about anal refs

    • Anonymous says:

      You talking about landon yea.

    • Seiotoshi Chick says:

      You know, I was really surprised because Kelsen is a formidable player. Actually, I was glad to see someone making him work hard, and it was interesting that Landon Arimoto. Why didn't I hear about him until now? I've heard of the usual: Tyler Kono, Kelsen Onigama, Jordan Ogata, Zach Kido (this guy is beyond just 'good'), Sage Yoshida… I hardly hear of the lightweights, but Landon has been quite the talk among my teammates.

  16. WrestlingHi says:

    Team Championship Outlook

    The competition for the State Championship will certainly be exciting, as the top two teams Moanalua and Punahou could both finish without a single Individual Champion. The Championship will likely be determined by who performs the best on backside matches. I give the slight edge to the Menehune based on the talent of their light weights. Punahou’s strength will come from the middle of their line-up, and while their team is a bit less experienced in Judo, the team will be a bit more resilient to upsets as upset losses by their top player may be offset with upset wins from their second. Roosevelt, with strength in the upper weights will also contend. While a longshot, a few upsets could make Damien a contender. Plenty of other teams with 2 or three high placers, but this will not them a top 3 finish. Other top 12 in no particular order as point totals wil be close : Campbell, Millilani, Mid Pac, Pearl City, Kamehameha, Kahuku, Waiakea, Maryknoll

    1. Moanalua

    2. Punahou

    3. Roosevelt

    4. Damien

  17. WrestlingHi says:

    Girls Team Championship Outlook

    Defending Champion Punahou enters as the favorite, but they are vulnerable. Punahou’s for returning champions Taniguchi, Chow, Chow and Kaye are all potential Champions, but they will still need another placer or two among the lightweights to lock up the title. The top contender will be McKinley with a solid line-up of light weights. While the Tigers could put four into the finals, they would to win a lot of tough matches and hope for some upsets of Punahou. Three teams with good depth, Kamehameha, Kapolei, or Pearl City, could have a hot streak and pull off the upset. Other team looking for a top 10 finish include: Roosevelt, Iolani, Mililani, Kam Hawaii, and Kahuku.

    1. Punahou

    2. McKinley

    3. Kapolei

    4. Kamehameha

    5. Pearl City

  18. Anonymous says:

    Pearl city 5th on the girls side? With 13 girls making it to states covering all 10 weight classes and two OIA champions, you rank them fith? Mickinly has 5 girls in states in five weight classes and four OIA champions, Kapolei has 8 girls cover 8 weight classes and no OIA champions. As for Kamehameha they have a good bunch of girls who will be lead by Mishima and Rapoza.

    On the boys side I would rank 1.Roosevelt who has just as much OIA champions as Moanalua but the have a little more depth. 2.Moanalua with two OIA champions they look good but their two champions are in the same weight classes as the Terao brothers. Plus with the lost of Bryson in states and their 220 getting hurt in OIA's isnt going to help there chances. 3.Punahou With good middles weights they will be in the top 3 but without any true judo players and more wrestlers they will have a hard time. With Sheehan and Hernandez not coming out to judo hurts them.

    • WrestlingHi says:

      If you earned points in the State Championship for qualifying, PC would be in good shape. But points are only earned for placing. A single champion scores more points than the combination of a 4th, 5th, and 6th placer. Outside of Sanoe, most other weights PC will be in 4-6 or one win short of placing.

    • Pun Dad says:

      How did Roosevelt, a top seed of some, lose to Pearl city, #4 in the OIA west?

    • WrestlingHI says:

      Congratulations to all judoka.

      Moanalua, Mililani, and Kamehameha all stepped their game up for the tournament. Roosevelt, Punahou and Damien didn't.

      On the girls side, Punahou and McKinley did as expected. Pearl City was the hot team with three players finishing higher at States then they had done in the ILH, but fell a few points short. Looking at the scores, it appears Punahou had 5 points deducted.

      Quite a few upsets in the semi's but the Pre-tournament favorites took most of the championships.

  19. Turbo101 says:

    Interesting rankings….but only a true ranking can be made when the f'd up seedings of the brackets come out. Then you can view the matchups. So imma wait to see how the brackets turn out.

  20. anonymous says:

    Roosevelt at first? Maybe, but moanalua does have potential to give them a run for their money. Moanalua has a stacked team and many potential state champs. Jacob Palimo'o being one of them. Then you have kelsen and brant tsuda. Yeah there may be the teraos, but these guys can give hard rubs. Justin Fujiwara and Sage Yoshida are also showing alot of skill. Randy (Roos) and justin always go into overtime.

    • Airbender says:

      IMO, Palimoo got robbed at the OIA. Kono got lucky they scored it Wazari and not Ippon. IMO, it was Ippon. Palimoo has a really good chance to be State Champ. Onigama is really good but Arimoto gave him a real hard time. Onigama didn't have that same fire that he displayed at the OIA East. I hope that fire comes back at State. I always enjoy watching that boy play. It was unfortunate what happened to Castro. He really got robbed. He was dominating Fernandez. Fernandez looked confused and scared. Castro was my pick to be State Champ this year. Tsuda looked great against Kido. I was surprised that Kido got caught so quick. Tsuda is my pick as State Champ this year. Ishitani and Fujiwara are always in a deadlock. One of them has to step up their game and come up with something unexpected for someone to get throw the other! If it goes the usual way, Ishitani will get the W. Yoshida is good and has great potential. I think it will be a very close between Roosevelt and Moanalua. Really, really close. It will be very exciting to watch how it unfolds.

      • Anonymous says:

        How can you say Arimoto gave him a hard time when he couldn't even score on him? I thought Arimoto was down wazari just on shido's and then got thrown for ippon.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do agree with you though. I thought Palimo'o's throw was ippon and I dunno what the refs were thinking in Castro's match.

  21. Turbo101 says:

    Ahhh never mind let's see my thoughts…..
    On paper Roosevelt is supposed to take it. On paper Michigan was supposed to crush Appalacian State but, that's why we play the game. History tends to repeat itself. Moanalua and Punahou almost always has a strong showing at states. I can see both Moanalua and Punahou leapfrogging Roosevelt for the title. Roosevelt has the club players, they have the experience but, somehow don't perform well in pressure situations.

  22. Turbo101 says:

    As the saying goes pressure breaks pipes… So, if Roosevelt can put it together for one day they got it but, if they choke like history says they will then let the race for the title begin.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Who do you guys think will win the OIA team champs for boys & girls?

  24. ILHDawg says:

    First time watching the OIA and man let me tell you it's competitive. What happenned to Bryson was a disgrace. I didn't see nothing wrong with that. I hope someone taped that match and sends it to some kind of Referee's commision to be reviewed. That was a horrible call!!!!! No need wear suits if you're gonna make that type of call. Why does it always seem like the Refs are always out to get Moanalua, Punahou, Millilani, and Pearl City? These are the good programs. Palimo'o's match???!?!? Give me
    a break!! Wazari LOL that was funny! All I have to say is stop dictating the match and let the kids play. You know they worked hard for this so call it unbiased refs please.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. What's up with the refs? I saw so horrible calls throughout the day. Geez, just call it fair and let the kids play.

  25. Cali Judoka says:

    A friend sent me a link to this site and I think it's awesome. There is so much information and emotions on this site. Lol. I think it's great that Hawaii has Judo in your schools. That explains why you Hawaiians are always kicking our behinds! Hehe. What's the 411 on Bryson Castro? I haven't heard that name in a while but we sure remember that boy. I read some talk about him like he got into trouble?

    • anonymous guy says:

      @cali judoka. he didn't get into trouble. he got hansokumake during the finals match of the oia championships. so since he got dq'd in oia he can not play in the state tourny. we all know that he would've placed first in that tourny. i was sitting up front for his match and i saw nothing wrong with how he played. we felt it was a biased call, like many other people feel it was too. i've played castro a couple times before in randori when he comes by our club and he is strong for his size. i'm just glad i'm like 70 pounds heavier than he is! but he still throws me! lol. castro is very physical when he plays but he is also very respectful. our sensei like him a lot. the boy gots mad judo skills. too bad though. tough break for him.

      • Cali Judoka says:

        Thanks 'anonymous guy'. Wow, that stinks. Well, I hope he isn't too discouraged and he continues his Judo. And you're right, that guy does have some mad Judo Skills! He and his family had visited our club a couple times before and after National Tournaments and he practically kicked all our kids' butts in Randori! But, it's like you said, he is super respectful. He won over a lot of our Senseis too. He is the nicest kid. LOL. I was a High School Senior when I Randori'd with him last, and he was tossing me with some sick throws! The kicker was that I found out he was in Junior High!!! Boy, was I embarrassed. Hehe. He's a tough little Hawaiian. Gosh, that really sucks to hear that. Well, he can always continue to compete in the National Tournaments. As a matter of fact, if I recall correctly, I think he had won the Gold Medal at the USJF in Irvine last year too.

        • anonymous says:

          I recorded the match because I was looking forward for a good fight. But after watching the recording, unintentional or not, what Bryson did looked pretty bad. I understand whey the ref called what he did.

          It's unfortunate that Bryson (who is an awesome judoka) is unable to compete in states, but he's only a freshman and has 3 more years to prove he's capable of becoming a state champ.

          • anonymous guy says:

            @anonymous. people from our club recorded it too, for the same reason you said you did, to see a good match (castro always puts on exciting matches with his technical style). so, i agree with you on that. however, the judoka in our club and our sensei included, all viewed it many times and we have a different opinion. there was nothing that looked bad at all. castro played like he always does, focused and in his zone. what really made things "look bad" was fernanadez' expressions. as a judoka i know exactly what he was doing. fernandez was frustrated with castro's attacks so he displayed that puppy dog expression like, poor ole me. after his throws castro went in for transitions for newaza (taking fernandez' back) which the ref never gave them time to do newaza. and if you know castro, off the mat he's a softee but on the mat he is all business. i agree with you when you say that yes, he is an awesome judoka and yes he is very capable of becoming state champion in the 3 years to come. our club was happy to see him play last night. we like him, he's a good kid.

            • WiLd808wAhiNeZ says:

              bRysoN iZ a bEAsT! cOdY wuZ bEiNG a BeEeYotch! dOnt bE sKeD hOMie!

              • Anonymous says:

                Hey, be cool. Don't start dramaz. I know both guys and they are cool with each other.

              • Seiotoshi Chick says:

                Who is Bryson Castro and what school is he from? Sounds like a good player, but I have no idea who he is…

              • Anonymous says:

                castro plays for moanalua. moanalua has many good players and good coaches.

              • Seiotoshi Chick says:

                Oh, okay. Thanks. That really sucks that he was at the top of his game, then getting a hansokumake at the end. So junk. Well, he always has next year…

  26. Anonymous says:

    instead of complaining about the referees…why don't you folks do something about it by becoming a referee…i think they could use your expertise…

  27. ILHDawg says:

    He has a point. They are getting paid to Ref so, do it right. No matter how small the pay, take some ownership and do your job right.

    • Anonymous says:

      Regardless if they're getting paid or not they are taking ownership because they have to live with the calls that they made. If you think it's so easy…step on the mat and referee.

      • Anonymous says:

        Living with the calls that they made does not justify them making the wrong call. And I disagree it's the kids that have to suffer and live with it. Just do the job right…the kids deserve at least that much.

        • Anonymous says:

          step on the mat and referee…

          • Anonymous says:

            What a childish argument. When you do a bad job at work, do you tell someone else to do it?

            • Seiotoshi Chick says:

              Seriously? There are good refs and bad refs. Maybe that mat had a ref that was tired. Or sick. Or just plain not into the match. I agree with Anonymous that you have to be a ref to understand how reffing is. But, I agree with ILHDawg that refs should do their jobs right so that they won't have to deal with angry judoka. Take note that championship matches are at the end of the day, so you can bet that all of the refs would be dead tired. Too bad I didn't get to see the Cody Fernandez and Bryson Castro match… It sounds interesting. Don't get so pissed at refs, they have a job do and a quota to uphold. Sure, I get mad at them sometimes, but most of the time, their judgment is sound. It should be.

            • excuse me says:

              The referees have a split second to make a decision and they have two other people to confirm or disagree on the matter.

              At times people have to make a stand and live with it whether it be right or wrong.

              Give the refs a break, I'm sure no one is studying you with a microscope…. Everyone has to start some where, I call these refs brave…. facing everyone and making split decisions on the mat. If you don't like the call, I say, throw the guy again and prove to everyone you rule the mat…

              • Ypahu Deevaz says:

                Eh, "excuse me" – just shaddup yo mouth already. Not all da refs are "brave" like you say. I know most of dem and some of dem are da biggest cowards and weasels. So, SHADDUP (shut up) you dunno wot da hell you talking about bulleh. Most of Hawaii's Sr. Refs are Crooks. Das da dam truth plain and simple!!!

              • Seiotoshi Chick says:

                Look, "Ypahu Deeva." Watch what you say, because you never know if it's a sensei behind the pen name. "Not all da refs are 'brave' like you say." First of all, "da" isn't even a word, and "shaddup" is what you should be doing! People are allotted their opinions on this site, not to be shut down by a lame-ass comment such as yours. If you are a judoka, you don't have the right to slander someone else's comment. I apologize if I you think I am slandering your comment. But, if you have something shitty to say like this, watch YOUR mouth! K? Be respectful, because you never know if the person you are talking to is a sensei or a ref.

              • excuse me says:

                Well Ms Ypahu.. I forgive your ignorance and close minded ideas. I do not have to answer your comments or expect you to understand what you are saying if you do not know what these refs are going through.

                However, by replying shut up, I guess you have nothing intelligent or experience to be addressing this matter with your brain capacity or experience…

                I forgive your high school mentality…. In the future BE RESPECTFUL and humble…… it's that what they teach you in the sport or should we be addressing your coach? Hummmmmm…………

              • ration says:

                @"Ypahu Deevas"

                if you intend to call some one out please so articulately, because if you don't your opinion will ignored or rejected immediately due to the conclusion most readers will draw, that you're a stupid "Deeva" with a computer. So if you wish to be heard, speak proper english.

              • Anonymous says:

                Ypahu Deevaz – Hello is your mouth spitting out stupidity? The person with the terrible english… shaddup? bulleh? name calling.. oh my give it a rest… we were on the subject of referees not the stupidity or high school mentality – that you are showing… for your sake stop being so Ignorant… I end it with you – subject stupidity CLOSED….

                The referees did a GOOD JOB!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know wher Tashiya Alo wil be atending school next year? I thnk she will rain terror in High schol judo and wrestling next year.

  29. ILHDawg says:

    Anonymous is right. The ref won't have to live with it, they'll just blow it off. The kid is the one who trained so hard. Did the ref train? Obviously not!!!

  30. ILHDawg says:

    Come to think about it now. Have any of these idiots been trained or are they like circus monkeys just doing what their master tells them. It seems like they always get intimidated by the sr ref.

  31. ILHDawg says:

    Only a ref would say step on the mat and ref

  32. Anonymous says:

    Since I can't please my bf/gf/husband/wife, can someone else do it? What kind of thinking is that?

  33. Anonymous says:

    if you're such an expert and make it sound so easy then referee

  34. Anonymous says:

    Are we talking to a tape recorder?…

  35. Anonymous says:

    Zazu watch over simba and make sure he doesn't leave pride rock!! Zazu says, "why don't you referee, why don't you referee?"

    • Da Ref... says:

      All dis talk about da referees bring me back to my high school days wen we use to chant…….2, 4, 6, 8 who do we assassinate da referees, referees yeah da referees….hahaha.

  36. Da Ref... says:

    Everyone is receiving shido's for bashing da ref's…continue and I will have to hansukamake you from dis forum bcuz I'm a qualified ref…..

  37. Anonymous says:

    where is all the coverage on the last couple tournaments

  38. Anonymous says:

    It's the playoffs baby anything can happen!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Pearl City did great last night! Great job judokas!

  40. anonymous says:

    AWESOME OIA Team Championships last night. Congrats to Moanalua Boys and Pearl City Girls. Some highlights of the night…4th seed PC boys knocking out 1st seed Roosevelt, Kapolei's Mikuni pressed McKinley's Rogers, PC Ramirez threw for ippon Moanalua's Palimoo. With all due respect to the "favorites", it just shows anybody can win on anyday. Thats why I love this sport. Good luck to all who will be competing in this saturday's state competition and look forward for more "upsets"…

    • Anonymous says:

      Congrats to PC Girls and Moanalua Boys….PC Boys very impressive….big highlight was Ramirez from Pc defeating Palimoo from Moanalua, he started that match off with a bang. Also impressed by PC Boys just coming up short. Also impressive of Kapolei girls to take out McKinley girls. West seems to be getting stronger, hopefully they can field full teams and make judo in Hawaii bigger.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone know what weight class Ramirez is playing for individuals? Looking for his name in state brackets. Did he play Westerns or Oia Individuals? I remember this kid upsetting Koan last year at Oia and he should've got the win against Koan at Teams this year. Havent heard too much from him lately, anyone got info?

        • anonymous says:

          he got hurt in the season and didn't play westerns/oias. hes a senior, so great win for him in team championships.

          • Anonymous says:

            thank you for that info. he finished his season out strong, he had great coaches too. hopefully he continues his judo.

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone post the video of the disqualification?

  43. Anonymous says:




    • Anonymous says:

      You certainly have a great point "DEAR ADMINISTRATOR…..says". After all, the steep access fees you pay for all the things here on Matside certainly entitles you to b*tch like you do.

      Thanks to Bushido for helping out with info on this site (as we're all capable of doing, "DEAR ADMINISTRATOR…..says".

      Thanks to the admins for creating this site (out of love and commitment to the sports and the kids).

      Thanks to the admins for doing what you do:

      (1) FOR NO PAY;




      (5) ALWAYS AFTER TAKING CARE OF YOUR GUYS' KIDS AND FAMILIES (even though they sacrifice a lot to let you do what you do for us).

      To the poster "DEAR ADMINISTRATOR…..says", from a fan of Matsidehawaii, and someone who has made some meager contributions to the site (and nothing compared to the time the admins put in): "Screw you". Wait, sorry, "SCREW YOU!"

      • Prep Fan says:

        Aloha All Matside Fans/Readers,

        Please scroll down to the bottom of this web page, click on and read "About Mateside Hawaii".

        Thank you Jimmy, T-Bone, The MateMeticians and all who contribute to this venue. I and many others appreciate what you all do very much. No worries, you're doing a great job for the Hawaii based, mat work sporting community. We also thank your families for letting you do this. I could add more, but, nuff said. Keep PRESSING!


        Prep Fan

        • DEAR ADMINISTRATOR.. says:


          • eFamous says:

            please take the caps lock button off too, a simple typing etiquette that makes it look like you're 'screaming'.

          • T-Bone says:

            No worries about the frustration at the lack of coverage/results this judo season and thanks to those who backed us up. I thought this would be a good chance for me to jump in and explain some things about my end since I kinda "disappeared" for a while.

            Yes, I do have 2 jobs and yes, I am one the few passionate ones that do this for the love of the sport. I have been out of touch with judo from about mid-season for 2 reasons: 1) my 2 jobs, and 2) my son was injured and is out for the season so I have not had a reason to be there at the events. Although I would have loved to be there at the events, my work schedule right now just won't allow it. And as far as the news results, I have had little time to jump on the site to do so… so thanks to Bushido for stepping up and providing the results.

            Yes, if you read the "About" section, this site was supposed to be a community involved site. Unfortunately, Jimmy, Matmeticians and myself are the only ones that stepped to the plate so far as primary contributors and a handful of others have stepped up as secondary contributors. However, we do welcome anyone who wants to contribute anything… even if it is just witnessing one match at an event and telling us about it. If you have pictures and/or video too, then even better. You can choose to send your contributions to us at contributions@matsidehawaii.com and one of us can post it for you, or you can contact us at the same address if you want to be able to post yourself if you will be a frequent contributor. Either way, any contributions will be welcome and will make this site that much more informative and a great resource for the wrestling/judo/MMA community in Hawaii… and that has been Matside Hawaii's goal from the very beginning. And keep the comments coming (but keep it civil)! We want fans to voice their opinions and make this site a place where fans can go to just to talk story about the sports.

            There is one bit of good news however regarding judo coverage this season… we will work something out to get coverage of states, including video, so stay tuned! And thanks for all your support of Matside Hawaii.

            • Anonymous says:

              I did the first post in response to "DEAR ADMINISTRATOR….says".

              I would add to T-Bone's post that the injury his son suffered was unnecessary, and to date, unresolved. If I were him, I would have a great deal of difficulty functioning on just about anything else. Thankfully for all of us, that hasn't happened.

            • David Terao says:

              I personally want to thank you T-Bone as well as send out a get well message to your son. This website that you and Coach Jimmy have created is more than just a simple blog or forum; it's become something much bigger than that. I remember seeing you and your son and I was so excited to finally meet the man behind Matside Hawaii. Its amazing what you've done with the site and regardless of how much coverage there's been this season for Judo its awesome that you and Coach Jimmy have taken the time out of your busy schedules to help the sports that we all know and love to grow. I hope Matside continues to grow and inspire athletes to perform at the highest levels and I look forward to observing the competition next year as a spectator.

              Thanks so much!

              • Anonymous says:

                Well done, David.

                Practice mopping.

              • Anonymous says:

                Is mopping some kind of secret karate-kid type of training? Like wax-on wax-off? Is that a part time janitorial job? What does mopping mean?

              • Anonymous says:

                haha im a noob but yeah what is mopping?

              • Seiotoshi Chick says:

                Mopping is to build our endurance, I think. The action is to let us know that it takes hard work to do everything. I think… I don't know, but that's what I get from mopping.

              • David Terao says:

                It's an inside joke guys haha

              • Anonymous says:

                Hahaha Thanks, good try Seotoshi. But I think the "mopping" that they're referring to means that David will "mop" his opponents all over the mat = meaning dumping them, dragging them, then ultimately tossing them around. And to the "anonymous" that posted that comment, at least have the decency to respond to people's inquiries.

              • Seiotoshi Chick says:

                Oops… Haha, now I feel dumb… Well, good luck with the mopping David! Thanks, Anonymous for letting me know the meaning… 🙂

              • Da Ref... says:

                Sorry but da mopping in question isn't related to David mopping up his opponents on da mat…it really means he lack da proper technique in executing da cleaning of da mat with a mop…literally speaking…ah neva mind…its an inside joke as David stated ..

              • Anonymous says:

                @Da Ref – so are you the "anonymous" that had made the initial "mopping" statement?

              • Da Ref... says:

                @ Anonymous….it wasn't me…it was ur buddy anonymous who made da original mopping statement…I can't take credit for someone else's post..

              • Anonymous says:

                I'm not sure why an innocuous comment stirs such venom.

                But, for my "Anonymous" bro, and in the interest of "decency", here's the explanation:

                I have identified things that David Terao is good at, and bad at.

                Here is what I have observed that David is good at:

                1. Engaging, and then throwing people off a whizzer;

                2. Staying off his back through various forms of acrobatics;

                2. Judo;

                3. Demonstrating respect to elders;

                4. Conversation;

                5. Coaching peers and underlings;

                6. Supporting the efforts of peers and underlings;

                7. Break Dancing;

                8. Creating positive practice environments;

                9. Making well written, insightful and positive posts on the internet;

                10. Hard work.

                Here is what I have observed David sucks at:

                1. Waking up from sleep;

                2. Mopping.

                What David does good, he really, really does good. What he sucks at, he really, really sucks at.

                Because I often communicate fondness and respect by ribbing, I had two options (poor ability to wake up from sleep, and mopping) to rib him with. Since his long post above extolling Matside made clear he was already awake, I only had his mopping deficiencies as a credible alternative. Thus, I used that.

                Then again, notwithstanding the factual basis for my comment, there is also underlying metaphorical and character based relevance that was always present and which has emerged. You will find that best in David's responses and writings. I leave it for you to decide what that is, and hope you decide as I have.

            • Seiotoshi Chick says:

              I have only gotten into this site just recently, maybe about two days ago. I am just as thankful for this website as anyone else because I will be able to check up on updates after graduation. I hope that this site will continue its outstanding coverage of judo/wrestling/MMA. I also look forward to the results for states!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Could someone predict to me the final two for the girls at states this year?

  46. OiA judoka says:

    98: marina higa McKinley vs kaelynn canyete kapolei
    103: marissa Rogers McKinley vs Angela Enos Roosevelt
    109: brittany balanay McKinley vs Nicole Taniguchi punahou
    115: Bree rapoza kamehameha vs ayame higa McKinley
    122: marissa fukunaga Roosevelt vs brittney shinsato

    That's the farthest up I know

    • judo says:

      129 and the next weight… dont need to predict the other finalists chows win both.

    • Anonymous says:

      looks good, though i'd mention meg aina at 98 as a possible finalist. i understand that she was girls player of the year in the biif.

      • annonymus says:

        yeah but aina and marina are on the same side of the bracket. so it would possibly be them in the semi's challenging for the championship.

    • RS says:

      rapoza and higa are on the same side. so one of the two vs ???

  47. OiA judoka says:

    I'm sure the how's will dominate no doubt, but what's your prediction for the weight class before them?

  48. OiA judoka says:

    So aina and higa at 98
    @ 103 Rogers and enos
    109 taniguchi and balanay
    115 rapoza and higa
    125 fukunaga and shinsato?

  49. WrestlingHi says:


    98 1. Higa, 2. Aina

    103 1. Rodgers, 2. Lum

    109 T1. Taniguchi, Balanay

    115 1. Rapoza, 2. Higa

    122 1. Fukunaga, T2 Mishima, Shinsato, Shigii

    129 1. Chow, 2. Louis

    139 1. Chow, T2. Freitas-Smith, Factora, Shiroma

    154 1. Kaye, 2. Jefferson, Burhus

    172. 1. Borden, 2. Jeffries

    220. 1. Spencer, 2. Yamane

    • Anonymous says:

      updates to your list from the biif. 129 louis choose not to do judo this year. 139 shiroma grad last year.

    • annonymus says:

      98.Higa and Aina are on the same side of the bracket so only one of them will be in the championship.

      115.Rapoza and Higa are also on the same side of the bracket, so Rapoza would be in the finals.

  50. WrestlingHi says:

    Does any one have the full results of the ILH or OIA Championships?

  51. OiA judoka says:

    Why aina though? And who is lum, didn't marissa slam her last year. 103s returning stAte champ seems to be having a tough time with the OIA girls. Her match with Enos from Roosevelt is on you tube if you don't know what I mean, she got swept. She seems to be giving marissa a hard time.

  52. Anonymous says:

    aina may or may not be there, but she placed #3 the past 2 years. she's a good competitor, comes from a judo family, and is a long time club judo player. i'm just hoping for some good represent from the islands. actually, i'm just glad to see that the level of girls judo seems to be going up. most divisions have a handful of girls who could take it all (sorry to you girls in the chows' divisions) if things go right. looks to be a real exciting states. rodgers may have had some tight matches (again a tribute to the higher level of girls judo), but somehow she always seems to manage to win. good luck to all our wahine judo.

  53. OiA judoka says:

    I see what you mean. Lots if these girls seem to have experience under their belts. Most have been in club judo since they were little. It all comes down to whos gonna want it. Theres gonna be a tough fight and I'm looking forward to some upsets.

  54. Anonymous says:


    OIA Championships



    Pearl City 55, Kapolei 40

    10 point winners—PC: Taylor Castro, Mylinda Jefferson, Kacie Awa, Sanoe Spencer. Kapo: Kaelyn Canyete, Diane Mikuni, Ilisha Badua, Kanani Ellis.


    Moanalua 64, Pearl City 30

    10 point winners—Moan: Chad Patulingan, Sage Yoshida, Justin Fujiwara, Matt Lee. PC: Julian Ramirez, Min Shik Kang.

  55. Seiotoshi Chick says:

    All we have to do is see how states are like. Don't make judgments now. If you do, you might have to eat your words later.

  56. OiA judoka says:

    checking the brackets i see marissa rogers on the opposite side of lum and angela enos from roosevelt…

    who will make it to rogers?

  57. Anonymous says:

    i got lum

  58. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck to all the competitors! I am really looking forward to seeing some quality matches tomorrow.

  59. 808 Judo Fan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to all Judoka! Great job! There were many surprising and unexpected upsets. But, keep your heads up judoka, and come back strong next year! Congrats to the Moanalua Boys Team on defending the team title! Also Congrats to the Punahou Girls Team too! The Chow Girls are beasts! However, I gotta give my hats off to the ever-energetic and always-positive Pearl City Team! Those guys/girls are truly a team! They always keep their heads up, and they celebrate EVERYTHING no matter what the outcome is! LOL! They are an Awesome bunch! Great reflection on their coaches! Can't wait for next year's High School Judo Season!

  60. OiA judoka says:

    For those that said lum and Rogers, Enos upset lum and played Rogers in finals. The two went through over time and went to decision. Enos was robbed of a victory when all three refs raised victory for Rogers. However, the two put up a difficult match, giving all they had and leaving it on the mat. Congratulations to both Enos and Rogers!!!

    • eFamous says:

      it's hard to congratulate rogers when she won by doing a lot of blatant stalling. you can almost count to 2 digits the amount of times rogers had to tie her belt/hair and reset as she gassed in overtime. I hope she isn't satisfied or proud of what she did in that match, it was a pathetic win at most. this was almost as bad as the pico/remillard match sadly…

      the tournament was really good overall, lots of great ippons. always have some bad calls, but for the most part, it was mostly good reffing and matches that I remember. Big upsets in 121 in ryan oda, 132s jacob palimo'o, 161s royce mori, and 220s makiau over tsubota that I can remember.

      anyone notice that mid-pac and marynoll tied for 5th in team points for the boys? wouldnt they have beaten moanalua if they added both their team totals up? very interesting, it's sad that pac 5 cant be addressed as a team at states :-/. great states, get training for summer, the preparation for next season has already begun!

      • Anonymous says:

        IMO, I feel that it is appropriate how Pac-5 is not allowed to win the team award. Cause if that were allowed for (ILH) Pac-5, would it be okay to combine Roosevelt, Moanalua, Pearl City, Kapolei, and Mckinley and call them the OIA Pac-5? LOL. Cause I assure you if that were allowed, it wouldn't matter how many point Maryknoll and Mid-Pac puts together. It's designed the way it is for a purpose, and I think it's fitting.

        I agree with you on Rogers. She shouldn't feel proud of her performance. But, some will always say a win is a win. I hate that saying.

        Oda,……ah. I don't agree on that one. He's not that great. I was more shocked and disappointed that Tsuda didn't put up a better fight. And what the heck happened to Palimo'o? He looked totally out of it.

        Other matches to note was Ishitani and Fujiwara. That went down to the wire. Also Ogata and Reyes, another battle to the end.

        Nonetheless, it was a great tournament filled with excitement. Regardless of all the flukes, mistakes, and bad calls. The young judoka did an awesome job. Congrats to David on his 4x States. Looks like little brother Josh, will accomplish the same. Also Congrats to the Chow sisters too. And Balanay.

      • Anonymous says:

        "Big upsets in 121 in ryan oda, 132s jacob palimo’o, 161s royce mori, and 220s makiau over tsubota that I can remember."

        Hmm…I don't know about big. Oda and Tsuda was a close match last year too. Plus Ryan Oda almost got beat by Skye Yonamine had it not been for a controversial yuko. Royce got beat by a 3x finalist and state champ. And Makaiau and Tsubota went into overtime last year too. I think all those matches could have gone either way.

        • Robert Turnquest says:


          Royce was robbed in the quarter finals when Ogata won by repeatedly falling on his face (false attacks) and by penalties, yet another display of the inconsistencies of the ref's. Royce is the only one that had an actual score, only one of his 3 throws were actually put on the board. I personally heard Yosh Uchida call the match and he pointed on the numerous false attacks that should have been scored, as well as a yuko that should have been scored for a counter and a waza-ari that should have been scored from a sumi-gaeshi. If you don't know who Mr. Uchida is, he is the head coach of San Jose state and has been for the past 50 years. Royce then won the next two matches before pulling out due to injury and going to the emergency room. If you're going to post and make comments, know what you're talking about before you do it. Also it wouldn't hurt to man up and actually put your name.

          Robert Turnquest


          • Anonymous says:

            Mr. Turnquest I'm sorry if I angered you in any way but I still believe what I said was a statement of fact: "Royce got beat by a 3x finalist and state champ." Maybe I don't know anything but that is what the brackets said. And I'm sorry but I still stand by my opinion that they are both highly skilled and experienced players and had either one won it wouldn't have been considered an "upset" in my mind because of how good BOTH players are. That is why I said that those matches could have gone either way. That is my opinion and I think I am entitled to that. If you believe Royce is vastly superior to Jordan and that by him losing it is an upset than that is your right as well. But I'd like to give credit to both players who fought hard. Yes I agree with you that the referring in high school judo is questionable as has been discussed ad nauseum in this thread but I just stated the end result of the match, which I believe is a factual statement.

            • Anonymous says:

              Jordan played Royce perfectly, which was to keep his center of gravity low and attack constantly – especially when Royce got his over the shoulder grip. That prevented Royce from being able to use his height and set up his throw. Excellent strategy.

              There was no false attack call from the side refs. All of Jordan's attacks looked legit. The problem was that Royce had no answer to the strategy, got lured into stalling calls, and Jordan won.

    • Ref Perspective says:

      Rodgers was totally gassed the last minute of regulation and throughout the overtime. If you have been in an overtime match, you know sometimes your body just dies. So no disrespect to Rodgers. That being said, Enos kept pushing all the action, the refs could have warned and then penalized Rodgers for not returning to action, and while rodgers may have attempted one half hearted throw every 30 seconds, she could have been penalized for non-combativity. Instead Enos got penalties for false attack when she clearly was the one at least trying for a throw.

      • Anonymous says:

        I totally agree with the fact that rogers gassed out…but despite her being gassed out and stalling after the matte, she still had multiple near scores, and enos could not respond with most of her attacks not even lifting or moving rogers. If enos really wanted it, she would have thrown a gassed out rogers in overtime (or even pinned her), but i think she lacked the experience to do so, and was shooting to only avoid roger’s half attempts and any costly overtime penalties, just as rogers was doing, in which i hate to say, roger’s attempts were more effective. Despite roger’s composure in the match, she definitely had the “near score” which ultimately sealed the deal for her, however I expected at least a split decision.

  61. anonymous says:

    anybody got the state results?

  62. Anonymous says:

    108 josh terao midpac ippon kelson onigama moanalua

    114 brendan chang maryknoll ippon cody fernandez roosevelt

    121 david terao midpac ippon brant tsuda moanalua

    132 tyler kono kapolei

    145 tyler yonemori waikea

    161 jordan ogata mililani ippon bubba reyes farrington

    178 justin fujiwara moanalua ippon(?) randy ishitani roosevelt

    198 didnt get this weight lol.

    220 paihi pestano kamehameha ippon(?) jheryl makaiau

    275 lukela losbanos maryknoll

    5 ILH state champs (2 midpac, 2 maryknoll, 1 kamehameha)

    3 OIA state champs (kapolei, moanalua, mililani)

    1 BIIF state champ (waikea)

    Maybe Pac-5 could've taken states if they had played as one team?

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah cause its combing more than one school, duh lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Remember, the combined total enrollment of all pac5 schools is equivalent to that of a medium sized OIA school. In addition, Midpac and Maryknoll combined only had 5 competitors total; 4 champions and 1 who did not win a match. That's not including the other pac5 schools either. The purpose behind Pac5 is to give smaller schools a chance at being competitive by combining them and the pac5 boys only had around 7 or 8 competitors total anyways, nearly half of which did not place.

    • Anonymous says:

      What happened to that guy who said ILH was gonna win all the weight classes?

    • Anonymous says:

      add one more state champ for the OIA with myer's (kalani) win in 198

    • Anonymous says:

      Maryknoll's Lukela Losbanos & Brendan Chang and Midpac's David Terao & Joshua Terao both independently defeated the entire Punahou team (the former state champions) on their own with two man teams. Very impressive. Congratulations!

      • HAHAHA says:

        HAHAHA. Once again another idiot has to post negative comments and try to start drama with someone. Now, was your comment really necessary? If I recall correctly, the State tournament involved participation with numerous schools, it wasn't just between Punahou, Maryknoll and Mid Pac. Why do you feel the need to post shit like this man? A simple Congratulations would have been appropriate but, you're making it negative and personal by stating crap like that. WTF does "independently defeated the entire Punahou team…" have to do with anything. OH, easy to say when their studs like NG, CHOW, etc. are no longer there. You'd better really humble yourself dude cause your negative crap may end up being "Bachi" for the upcoming years you jackass. I am pretty sure Brendan and Josh will have some very serious competition next year. It may not necessarily come from Punahou but, it'll come their way. You can count on it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow, there's no need for profanity, that's just they things went at states. Its just an interesting statistic that just a 2 man team beat a former judo powerhouse. Remember, while punahou is missing Ng and Chow who graduated, pac5 was missing Tachibana and Cassidy Oshiro who did not graduate yet. Ng and Chow were great champions and they will be remembered as such but everyone has to graduate at some point. Pac5 has also lost many "studs" to graduation so don't be so distraught that Punahou for once had a down year. Also who exactly do you think will compete with JTerao and Chang next year? Nobody is even sure what weight classes they will move to and I'm sure they will be successful where ever they go to.

          • anonymous says:

            You guys are forgetting about Moanalua. A couple of their studs were off their game. Sage Yoshida should have placed this year, but got disqualified for swearing (and stupidity) They still took states even with his five point deduction. Jacob Palimo'o had something up his ass. He got thrown by a nobody. They were also missing their heavy weight David Hunter (still a nobody, but he was alright) due to injury. Next year is going to be a show for sure. So much competition. Who knows who will take it? But good job to all competitors!!!!

            • Mr. Palimo'o says:

              First of all, I want to congratulate all Judokas who competed at States. Everyone trained hard and was deserving to be there. To da State Champions, awesome job of remaining focus throughout da tournament and pulling off da victory in da finals..to Moanalua Boys and Punahou girls for defending their Team State Titles especially when a lot of people didn't expect them to repeat but thru hard work and believing in each other, the entire team pulled together for da win. And now to address da anonymous person who wrote Jacob had something up his ass..first of all, I was very disappointed in my son's performance..frankly, he played like crap and stunk up da arena but he's still my son and I take great offense when someone uses a derogatory word to describe my son's performance..a simple Jacob didn't perform as expected would have been find with me but now you've made it personal..since you obviously know who my son is, you must know who I am..if you want to take cheap personal attacks on my son, you are more than welcomed to come up to me and say it to my face…I've got balls and ill man up to anything I have to say..otherwise keep personal attacks off da kids..in future, all these kids have worked so hard to get at this points..use constructive criticism instead of personal attacks is all I'm trying to say.if anyone is going to use a derogatory word towards my son, it will be ME on dis forum….Mr.Hiram Palimo'o

          • Anonymous says:

            First, Congratulations to all who participated in the State Tournament, you are ALL winners. Don't read these retarded parents' posts who only like to cause "DRAMA". It is Championship events like these in which the top players surface, and will continue to be chased by the others in the upcoming years. Punahou has always been on the surface and every team strives to get past them, no matter how they can justify it, whether in points or by talent. So what if the Midpac's Champions, or the Maryknoll Champions, could have beat Punahou's team individually by points, big deal! So what if last year's Punahou champions were awesome; last year's competition was good last year! So what if next year's competition is more serious than this year; next year's competition will be good next year! So what if some players were off on their game, perhaps the'll bring their game next time! That's why we have this stuff called "COMPETITION" where there is little or no room for error, and the ones who make the mistakes are likely to pay the price.

        • Anonymous says:

          To "HAHAHA". Wow, compare your post and the one that you criticize….who is the the negative idiot here?

          Why compare with Punahou you ask? Because they are the best in the ILH that's why! Please do not drag Ng and Chow into this. They are great champions in their own right.

          Oh, by the way do you think that Josh Terao & Brendan Chang are affraid of "serious competition"? That is what they are "counting on" for next year. Makes for great matches to watch.

          And, what is this "Bachi" thing? Could it be what you're experiencing now??? Nah, no such thing right???!!! HAHAHA

          Congrats to all who trained and fought hard. Enjoy the victory and let the defeat strengthen your resolve to do better the next time!

          • Seiotoshi Chick says:

            LOL, you go Anonymous! Stole the words right out of my mouth. But, seriously, what the first "Anonymous" said wasn't even negative. Try reading the thing completely before making a mistake, HAHAHA. You might end up being the fool.

            • Anonymous says:

              Thank you "seoitoshi".

              Hey "HAHAHA", Punahou won the ILH Championships this year fair and square, be proud! The facts I stated are the facts! Look at how many titles Punahou has…something that Pac 5 will never be able to accomplish right now. It's good to have a dream. That being said, what would the compitition be like without those individual athletes? Not as exciting? I also think that the Pac5 boys lightweight boys J Terao, B Chang, D Terao were awesome to watch but that's not what it take to to win team titles it takes all the players on your team to step up! This is why I think if one looks carefully, there is always something good you can take from an athletic competition like judo. I'm especially proud of Mililani, "what if" Mililani had a full line-up? Great job Kalani! 🙂

              Let me add Moanalua won the boys state team title and Punahou boys won the ILH team title….end of story. Congrats to ALL. Everything else is just enterainment and conjecture, I enjoy the banter. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        As a Punahou parent let me say this in reply:

        -Congratulations are in order to the phenomenol Terao brothers as well as Brendan Chang and Lukela Los Banso.

        -And while interesting that Midpac and Maryknoll each beat Punahou that is simply the way the scoring works out when a school has two champions. And that is the way it should be as a championship should receive premium points in the team competition.

        -To those who responded with bitterness and expletives, LIGHTEN UP! It is understandable, given Punahou's success, that our competitors will gloat a bit when the beat us. But so what? We enjoy our success when we find it and have to accept a bit of celebration by others when we dont.

      • Anonymous says:

        Interestingly, since you talked about MidPac (Terao & Terao) and Maryknoll's (Losbanos & Chang) combined scores beating last year's champions, Punahou, I did some math out of curiosity and their total score of 64 would have also beaten Moanalua's Overall Championship score of 59. But then again, Brandon Maki would only laugh, shrug his shoulders and say, "So What? Moanalua still rocks!" Congratulations to Moanalua and its awesome coaching. P.S. Kelson, I love you!

  63. Anon says:

    Is the coverage for states coming up?

  64. Anonymous says:

    why were there only 5 placers at the 161 lb weight class?

  65. Anonymus says:

    Very major upset. Everyone was determined Marina Higa would win states with Megan Aina behind as 2nd. Well proves that anything and ANYONE can win states. Its who wanted it more. And it ended up being marina higa mckinley vs. kaelynn canyete kapolei in the finals. It turned out to be a GOOD day at states. VERY UPSETTING but Angela Enos Roosevelt should have won that match against Marissa Rogers Mckinley. marissa was just stalling the whole time, went into throws here and there but it was very sloppy. The decisions the ref's chose was disappointing. Good job to the State champions for both Girls And Boys.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Girls Championships

    98- 1.Kaelyn Canyete kapo. 2. Marina Higa Mck.

    103- 1.Marissa Rogers Mck. 2. Angela Enos Roos.

    109 – 1. Brittany Balanay Mck. 2. Nicole Taniguchi puna.

    115- 1. Bree Rapoza KSK. 2. Amber Hakkei-Nagaoka cas.

    122- 1. Marissa Fukunaga roos. 2. Taylor Castro pec.

    129- 1. Chrissy Chow puna. 2. Kianna Borengasser KSK

    139- 1. Mindy Chow puna. 2. Uilani Freitas-Smith kah.

    154- 1. Tiara Kaye puna. 2. Megan Alexander king keka.

    172- 1. Makana Borden kais. 2. Kacie Awa pec.

    220- 1. Sanoe Spencer pec. 2. Libby Petrie kah.

  67. Anonymous says:

    i think last years state tourney was a lot more exciting and the level of competition was a lot better.

  68. anonymous says:

    Congratulations to all the 2011 High School judo champions and all those who made it to States! The results have been made final so what's done is done and it's time to move on to off season training for next year whether it be judo or wrestling or other sports. Thanks to all those organizing the tournaments, the coaches, referees, numerous volunteers, etc. because without you, there wouldn't be high school judo and the kids would not have had this opportunity to play in a State Championships and accomplish what they did!

  69. Anonymous says:

    The combined total enrollment of Pac 5 is not true better run the numbers again…

  70. Anonymous says:

    With our Pac-5 schools combined, I am Captain Planet!

  71. Pun dad says:

    Congratulations to all Judoka. Punahou has a boys team deep with good quality judo players, but the team lacks dominant players (e.g. Terao, Ng, Chow, Oshiro). These players were good enough to win them the ILH Championship over Pac-5. 5 placed in States, but only three scored as two weights had two placers. The team won 32 matches during the tournament, but several players with ability to place came up a win short.

  72. WHAT IF WHAT IF.... says:

    Put the issue to rest already. All you "what if" people that keep crying about Pac-5's combined points would beat out everyone and blah, blah, blah. You know what, face reality! The bottom line is that they are not counted as a team, and THAT IS THAT! Congratulations Moanalua Boys Team! Awesome Job to Coach Brandon (and the other MOHS Coaches)! And most of all, CONGRATS to all the hard-working Judoka of Moanalua!

    • Anonymous says:

      But Pac 5 is recognized as a team in Hawaii high school sports. We all see them as a team. The ILH accepts them as a team first to permit participation by kids at smaller schools, and second, without fear that they “might” win, because the priority is the first reason.

      No question Moanalua is the Boys State Champion this year, because of the break up of the Pac 5 team for the purpose(s) of State Tournament competition. Interestingly, they’re not complaining about it.

      But, the real “reality” is that Pac 5 players earned more points collectively than any other team.

      Give credit where credit is due. Pac 5 had a good season. Its players had a good state tournament. It was a championship performance without a trophy.

      They know it, you know it, we all know it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just some food for thought…

        My question is if Pac-5’s total enrollment is equivalent to a “medium sized OIA school” as another poster put it…then is it fair that when the number of ILH spots for the state tournament is calculated you guys can use all these small schools to boost the number of spots the ILH has in the tournament?

        Also if Pac-5 breaks up for the tournament they could have up to 5 Pac-5 players qualified in each weight class for the state tournament…yet every other ILH school is only allowed 2? How can you then add up their theoretical victory and call it a win?

        Pac-5 is a good team and they played well on Saturday. But something seems a little fishy when you guys want to crown them team champs.

        • eFamous says:

          it’s relevant when each weight class is represented with a separate player and not multiple ones. the ones who made contributing points would have qualified and placed the same amount of points if there were only 1-2 slots for ILH too.

          yes judo is a individual sport when it comes to weights, but when you start adding in team points, it becomes a team competition. in which case, their points should be able to be combined like they do in other sports.

          however, I’m sure all this debating wont change any rules or any thing official, but it would just be good for everyone to recognize that pac 5 as a team should be considered the ‘real’ state champions. so far as to get acknowledgement from the moanalua team/coaches would be nice. I think pac 5 should deserve some of that type of respect.

          • Anonymous says:

            Honestly one can never say how the tournament would have played out had the ILH slots, seeding, players, etc. been different. One upset or player can affect the whole bracket and the team scores. And that is why we step on the mat.

            Nobody is disrespecting pac 5. But to ask the moanalua team/coaches to say they aren’t the real state champions…that seems like a bit much. Both teams did well on saturday. I’m not gonna take away credit from either team.

            • eFamous says:

              that’s the thing, the pac 5 five (lol) that scored team points would have scored the same, regardless of their competition. I dont understand what you meant by “and that is why we step on the mat”.

              I mean no disrespect to moanalua as well, their team competed well, and they won the state title. realistically, they should at least acknowledge they would be bested if they let pac 5 compete as a team. the millilani tournament is indicative of that anyway, pac5 beat moanalua 3 out of 4 times to become the eventual team champions. They should make a state bracketed team tournament as well if that’s the case… one day team tournament, the next day/week individual. that would make for some good judo :).

              • Anonymous says:

                We step on the mat to settle the tournament results and not debate about imaginary rules.

                And here we go again with imaginary situations. Pac 5 beat moanalua in the preseason. Both teams were without players. Didn’t punahou beat pac 5 during the regular season? Does that give them an argument to be state champs as well?

                All teams played the state tournament with the rules that were given and the results are what they are. You guys can have a field day debating theoretical scenarios all you want.

              • Da Ref says:

                I believe people forgot dat points were deducted from moanalua due to one of their player receiving a hansukamake…referee claimed their player had used foul language after his semi final’s match..all his points earned at da time and possible future points were deducted so in essence we wouldn’t be here debating dis stupid topic..moanalua is da state champs NOT pac 5…

              • Anonymous says:

                To Da Ref… I believe you’ve forgotten about Tsubota, add him to Maryknoll and Midpac and the total would exceed Moanalua even if Sage’s points were included. Nevertheless, Moanalua boys are the champs and will be treated as such. I’m sure the individual champs at Pac5 couldn’t care less about this issue.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Moanalua Great job! Awesome coaching staff, and keep up the good work.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha you should write to the HHSAA and tell them PAC 5 should compete as a team. Oh and by the way if they are the “real state champs” then why aren’t they? Last time I checked on the bracket no PAC 5 player entered. It is a figment of your imagination that they are a team. You really should propose that to the HHSAA and then you’ll see how much bids the ILH gets for states. Lucky if it’s 3 but more likely two. Their individuals deserve respect not the team because there is none. Oh yeah you might as well write to the HHSAA about wrestling too.

  75. Sage Yoshida says:

    thank you to everyone congratulating the moanalua high school boys judo team. we really worked hard this year. I know I was disqualified for swearing, when in reality all I did was sigh. the referee I guess accused me of mouthing a cuss word. but I won’t complain about it because what’s done is done, although it would have been nice to have stood on top of that podium. I felt that my mission this year was to lead a team consisting of young judokas. I dont have much judo experience as last year was my first year of judo ever, and no club training at all.

    but I’m sorry for my accused “stupidity”. I truly am. i learned alot from judo, and will be taking those skills with me when I step back into the ring as I start fighting again.

    • Mr. Palimo'o says:

      @ Sage Yoshida….first of all it was an honor watching you develope as a young judoka. with only 2 yrs of judo, you’ve come a long ways and I hope to follow your progress

      • Mr. Palimo'o says:

        @ Sage Yoshida….sorry but pressed the enter button by mistake..i wanted to add dat I will continue to follow your progress inside the ring as well. with 3 finalist gone due to graduation last year (one being a 4x state champion) plus da fact dat dis was a talented but young and unproven bunch, you and the coaching staff did a marvelous job leading the team to their back to back state titles. everyone doubted this team could pull it off especially with an earlier loss in da season and the rash of injuries and other circumstances, you continued to lead this resilient group to victory. hats off to you, da coaches and most importantly, the judokas of moanalua high school. Back to Back…….

    • To SAGE says:

      SAGE: I have not known you long but, I have known you long enough to know that you are a good young man with a great head on your shoulders. You always display great amounts of respect, and heart. I watch you dude, and you are all about HEART! I know for certain that you will excel and succeed in anything your pursue. You have been a great inspiration to all, and a key driving force in Team Moanalua Judo. I too, will be tracking your progress in years to come. You have left a strong positive impact with the people you have interacted with. When you look back to your Senior Year, look back at it with PRIDE, for we are ALL PROUD OF YOU SAGE! ~another Judoka’s Father

      • Sage Yoshida says:

        Thank you so much all of the kind words. i truly appreciate them and take it to heart, which keeps me motivated to continue to grow as a judoka as well as a fighter. i think all the credit for my upbringing goes to my father, Kevin Yoshida, and all of the coaches and friends who have made an impact on my life. Especially all the coaches apart of the MoHS Judo coaching staff, who taught me that "there can be miracles when you believe". I will continue to help out this blessed team in any way i can offer my assistance. Thank you again!

  76. Anonymous says:

    If they make a team tournament for states pac5 still won’t be eligible so what’s your point?

  77. Anonymous says:

    Hey I got an idea call up the ad for moanalua and request that the trophy be given to PAC 5 and see how that goes

    • IM BUFF n IM BLUE says:

      ENOUGH ALREADY…All you parents (or adults) only COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN. All of you are either women, or should be…NAG, NAG, NAG…WHINE, WHINE, WHINE! Thank the Lord, I’m no longer married. All you adults should either take your wives (or significant other if you can find one) to a nice dinner and chill out. BOTTOM LINE…IT IS WHAT IT IS, AND THE RESULTS ARE WHAT THEY ARE!. I will guarantee you that each player, including my son, stepped on the mat to win, not screu up so he can be criticized by you wanna-be parents. Give them credit for this. I will also guarantee you that the refs did their best and if you can do a better job, I home to see you on the mat next year officiating. Players, stop reading the negative parents’ posts as they are the ones who are trying to live their lives thru their children, not to mention, have chips on their shoulders. You Kids are all winners and keep in mind that the only reason this world is not perfect is because of the people who do nothing but thrive on the negative. Now get back to your studies as finals are right around the corner. NUF SED.
      One last note, kindly leave Coach Chow alone, he’s a nice guy and knows the sport better than most of us.

      • Menehune Money Bags says:

        Im Buff n Im Blue, good points. Why do these other parents have to be so negative. That being said, I’ll definitely consider sending my younger child to Punahou in 7th grade, because of what the school’s values are. I know Sensei Chow could do well for my daughter, too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Man, marriage wasn’t good for you, huh?

    • Da Ref says:

      Are you serious?….why tarnish a hard earned judo team state title for moanalua boys..we wouldn’t be having dis stupid discussion if da referee didn’t disqualify one of moanalua’s boys in his semi finals match..all his points earned for da tournament was deducted…add those up and pac 5 comes in 2nd…get over it…

      • Anonymous says:

        Add Tsubota…

        • Da Ref says:

          Ok let me see if my calculations are correct..Tsubota earned 9 points (4 pts for reaching 2nd round and 5 pts for placing 3rd) add dis to the 64 pts earned by Maryknoll and Mid Pac and you have a total of 63 pts. Now look at da points taken away from the moanalua kid plus the future points he could have earned if allowed to continue to play. The moanalua player reached the semi finals earning his team 10 pts. Add this to the final score of Moanalua which was 59 and you have Pac 5 (73) and Moanalua (69)…but wait, da disqualified boy wud have a chance of fighting for 3rd place and with Royce being out due to injury, he wud have been favorite to take 3rd which wud have added 5 pts to this total giving Moanalua a one point victory 74 to 73..a very close and competitive match up….oh well i could be wrong but it was worth trying….hahaha.

          • Anonymous says:

            Key word: Could’ve. But in any case, Moanalua won, I’m not trying to say otherwise. This completely hypothetical.

            • Da Ref says:

              Dats my point…going into da state tournament everyone knew pac 5 as a team cannot win states. with having prior knowledge of dis, why are da supporters coming on here and raining down on what shud be moanalua’s parade..I brought up da wud of, shud of and could of only to illustrate da argument dat pac 5 shud have won da team title..

              • Mister Ed says:


  78. eFamous says:

    As I’ve read through all the postings I have come to one conclusion. Moaanalua and Punahou are frauds. NO ONE can can compare to Awesome Pac-5! You know it, I know it, EVERYONE KNOWS IT! So, just accept it as a reality and move on. The result next year will be even better yet. The podium should be photographed from both the front and back, so our great “Wolf Pack” patch can be seen throughout every 1st place photo! If you don’t like it, too bad. There, I’ve said it. I was getting sick and tired of constantly beating around the bush and trying to be politically correct for you morons. PAC-5 IS THE BEST!!!

    • eFamous says:

      yet not me again, you could at least be more creative with your posts instead of just copy pasting, what a lazy troll.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Also since this is just for our imagination, what if Castro played. Since we are doing what ifs, what If moanalua’s heavyweights never got hurt? Would this even be an issue? Kind of like what if we add all the PAC 5 schools together? In this scenario PAC 5 would lose and it’s not even close as Castro could have been in the finals. Unfortunately nothing can be done about the past as far as PAC 5 competing as a team or all of moanalua’s players being healthy and eligible. So, the answer is to push the issue for next year so that PAC 5 can win a team state title because nothing can be done about this year it’s in the books and in the past.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am very confident Castro would have played in the finals. Chang vs Castro would have been quite an exciting match to watch.

      • Anonymous says:

        If Castro and Chang played in the finals, who would’ve won? Maybe they should have let Castro play and that match would have been the deciding factor as to who would have clearly earned the team championship. I didn’t get to watch Castro and Fernandez during the OIA championships. Who was winning before the DQ?

  80. Anonymous says:

    And the scary part is that this scenario for moanalua could very well happen as they return everyone minus sage I believe. We will see how pac5 responds to losing tsubota and terao. We already seen how moanalua responds to key losses for the past two years, next year you will see them with almost the same team as this year.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t Moanalua clearly win the team championship at states over runner up millilani? Why would Castro play chang? What does that have to do with the team state title?

  82. Ippon says:

    Don't we go through this same controversy every year. Move on already!!!! This forum should be about praising all kids who participate in judo, not bashing coaches, players , or teams. Everybody gets their share of bad calls. Keep it positive for our kids!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      @ippon. This is a forum for all to ask questions, comment, and share opinions. Kinda like how you've been sharing your views and opinions on the other forums???? Take it easy dude. Not everything has to be to your liking.

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