Terao Follows In Travis Lee’s Legacy

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Note:  Bob Hogue’s  terrific article about Josh Terao in the latest edition of Midweek

Terao Follows In Travis Lee’s Legacy

Posted on August 21, 2013 by Bob Hogue

It’s a long way from Honolulu to Fargo, N.D. – more than 3,800 miles, in fact – but it didn’t stop 31 of Hawaii’s top young wrestlers from descending on the northern city last month. By the time the young grapplers returned home from the Junior and Cadet National Championships, 11 were All-Americans and three were national champions. . . . . .

Read the rest of the article here:  http://www.midweek.com/terao-follows-in-travis-lees-legacy/



13 Responses to “Terao Follows In Travis Lee’s Legacy”
  1. guest says:

    Nice! Someone in the media is noticing our wrestlers and wrestling.

  2. Rick says:

    My only objection to this article was Alo being mentioned. This is Josh Teraos time to shine, no shadows needed. Good to see you're joining your brother at American. Only thing is, who gets 125?

  3. Hfdggh says:

    Travis lee was not an olympian as stated in the article

    • guest says:

      Unfortunately Mr Lee suffered a severe neck injury that put the brakes on his wrestling career. I can speculate that he would have made the Olympic team and done well.

  4. overtime1 says:

    We are from Pennsylvania and will be traveling to Maui in October on vacation. My son is 15 and 115lb. He took 3rd in PA states high school and was in Fargo the past two years. Does anyone have any recommendations for where we could go jump into a few practices while there? Staying at Kapalua Villas on the northwest side. Would like to get a few workouts in, will have car and can drive.

    • Middlecool says:

      Yup sure do. We have some good wrestles at that weight in Lahaina. Practice is M-F in the afternoon. We have fall break from Oct 7-11 though so they might have am practice that week. Give me exact dates and I will check or post email on the community forum and I will contact you.

  5. guest says:

    Are you kidding me Middlecool? In PA you have to place top 2 in league, district, sectional, regional to qualify for State…. not to mention they have 6 different divisions, 6 times Hawaii, Just hope he doesn't hurt your so called "good wrestlers".

  6. Middlecool says:

    Give me a break. The question was, can my kid jump into a few practices while vacationing in your town?The answer is yes. We are 10 minutes down the road from Kapalua Villas and would be happy to have you.

    What did you want me to say, "No your to good for us, we cant even share the same room with you".
    For all I know our so called "good wrestler" could have already wrestled at Fargo this summer. Everyone from Maui survived that dangerous trip. That is what Team Hawaii does by the way; they get on a big plane and fly to the mainland to wrestle the best in the country.
    Thanks for your concern. I will let you know if our kids can survive yet another death defying expirence with the mainland 😉

    • kaleo says:

      sorry to butt in but yeah, i was reading and that guy from PA was being an ASS!! He was asking to jump into practice and what, if he needed practice with someone else then you had some good kids that can get in there and mix it up. These mainland people still think that Hawaii wrestling isn't any good. I guess he forgot that we had a 2x NCAA champ come out of Hawaii and also some H.S. All Americans. So if he happens to show up to your practice, tell them that there is no room for his ego to fit. Hope he gets stung by jellyfish or something for being so rude.

      • Middlecool says:

        Kaleo I think you might of misunderstood my response to the "guest" who thought I was making a laughable statement. I referred to two wrestlers in Lahaina that in my humble opinion would be good workout partners for a tough 15 year old from PA. I was not offended in anyway from overtime.

        The anonymous guest however was a bit irritating. Wherever the "guest" is from I wasn't "kidding" you or anyone else. Wrestling is a great sport and its a privlage when great wrestlers want to practice with your team. Even if our kids got smashed and humbled they will pick up something from the expirence. I responded the way I did because once again someone had to make a negative comment on Matside when they could have just kept it positive. Everyone who is involved with a wrestling program knows that having someone visit your club or school is an honor. This sport is so unique and truly is a brotherhood. Afterwards the kids often exchange wrestling shirts and keep in touch.

        Just following the golden rule, if I was vacationing on the mainland I would like to take my son to a few practice and feel welcome. I have done that very thing when visiting Colorado and it was a great memory for my son. Also, Lahaina is a tourist destination and we have been very spoiled having a lot of great wrestlers coming through our room while on vacation.

        So again overtime you would be welcome anytime in our town. We got plenty of Aloha up in that room and I got shirts waiting for you guys. Also, if your at Kapalua Villas, eat at Gazebos for breakfast, Kapalua general store for lunch, Sansei for dinner and Dollie's for late night pizza. Trust me wrestlers know where to eat too.

  7. Rick says:

    Kaleo, I just read the post from "overtime1" and I don't see anything that would make him an ASS!!

    Based on that, everything you've posted is simply bullshit. Your presumptions are all based on personal bias grounded in ignorance. Be thankful tourist visit Maui. It creates jobs and provides opportunities that would otherwise not be there.

    As for attending practices, just clear it with the coaches first. They may require some type of liability insurance. If they are a USA wrestling club you may need to have a valid card to participate.

    You can find a list of Hawaii wrestling clubs here:

    If you have a chance to visit Oahu check out Grapplers HI. Josh Terao trains there and it would be a good experience for your son to roll with him. Contact Ryan Sugihara for more information.

    Thanks for visiting and Mahalo!

  8. Guest says:

    Showcase Matches
    WFS 121: Helen Maroulis (USA) tech fall Marcia Andrades (Venezuela) 8-0
    WFS 211: Kyle Snyder (USA) tech fall Yiannis Narlidis (Canada) 10-0
    125: David Terao (American) dec. Chris Donaldson (Ursinus) 7-5.
    149: Sahid Kargbo (George Mason) pin Luke Bilyeu (West Chester) 5:33.