Vote on the best storyline of the HHSAA 2012 Wrestling Tournament

Vote on what you think is the best storyline of the 2012 State Tournament

200+ pt. Club – The Dynamic Duo Does it again! For the 5th consecutive year of their 6 year run, Head Coaches Matt Oney and Jimmy Takatsuka and the Punahou Buff’n Blue Wrestling team scores over 200 pts for the team title. This matches the total amount of teams that have won with 200+ pts. in the State’s 45 year history.

Wrestling at its STRONGEST- Everyone hears about how wrestling was stronger “back in the day”. Students that were so athletic that they could show up and just manhandle all their opponents. There were some that were men amongst boys. Practice or not, healthy diet or not, disciplined or not, they are still the legends of the sport in a few people’s mind.

In today’s day and age, you either need to beat a 10+ year wrestler or be a 10+ year wrestler. That is the truth. To me, that means preparation is everything, and if you are not eating, breathing, and living wrestling, it will be very hard to stand on top of the podium. Doesn’t that mean currently wrestling is at its STRONGEST? What is your opinion?

Grant Nakamura does it again- For the second straight year, Grant Nakamura brought over his top wrestler and battled all the way til the final seconds for the Victory. Both matches, Jonathan Pico over LJ Remilliard PUN in overtime 13-11 at 160 last year, and Austin Bloch over Tyson Kuahine KSK 6-4 have people still talking about the controversial calls that make this sport so exciting. No matter what your opinion is, in the end, King Kekaulike Na’ali’i has a HHSAA Champion for the 2nd consecutive year.

The crowd advantage – The Aiea girls and Head Coach Ason Abe have worked too hard to let their dreams slip away. Trailing by 1.5 pts going into the medal matches, Punahou was determined to 4-peat as Girls Team Champions. It came down to 2 matches. During the 155 lb. final top seeded Tiara Kaye PUN vs. Joslyn Kahala Minczer NAN played in the most exciting girls match of the night. The entire Aiea crowd seated right in front of the championship mat cheered their hardest pushing the Nanakuli wrestler to fight on. They screamed and fought, just as they did all tournament to get to their position, and Joslyn rode that wave to her first State Championship. This ended Punahou’s team points for the night.

Aiea had a chance. Returning state champion Darcie O’Brian needed to avenge her loss against Roosevelt’s Brianna Jeffries in the OIA final, just as earlier in the night when CJ Segi pinned Roosevelt’s Angela Enos for the 103 lb. crown to avenge her OIA Championship loss. Darcie pinned her opponent and pushed Aiea for their first ever Girls HHSAA Team Championship.

The final score tally was Aiea 121; Punahou 116.5. A win in the Championship final adds 4.5 points to the team score. A pin in the Championship final is worth 6 points. Can you see the many scenarios with these 2 matches? A win for Punahou and we have the first ever tie for the State Team Title; A loss by O’Brian and Punahou 4-peats; A win by Punahou and a win by Aiea and Punahou 4-peats. It came down to 2 matches, and Aiea is your HHSAA Girls Team Champions.


18 Responses to “Vote on the best storyline of the HHSAA 2012 Wrestling Tournament”
  1. Fantastic says:

    The Aiea girls did an awesome job, they were the dream team this year, with the amount of girl that they had not even a full team and to beat a powerhouse like Punahou. Had to be the biggest upset of the night. Aiea girls were straight up tough. I've never ever seen a girls team in the history of Hawaii wrestling that powerful. They were damned good. They probably can win the girls national title with that team. Coach John or Clark better jump at the chance and not let these girls get away and take them up to nationals. Clark is already training Higa so he got the ins already. That would really look good on some coaches resume.

    • guest says:

      If you check the numbers, it was Punahou that was far more impressive. Punahou qualified only SIX for the state tournament, Aiea qualified more. Pearl city and Aiea were the true favorites coming in.

  2. Best & worst says:

    Beside Coach Robinson winning coach of the year or (MVP)

    Mliliani has to be the most in prove team, from one of the worst team in the state for many years, to a second place finish. Coach Robinson has really turned that team around, Mlililani wins the top spot for most improve. Coach Robinson is an awesome coach and he will come out stronger next year.

    Bad coach award goes to Campbell for their antics.

    For the most disappointing team this year, with the lack of supervision and discipline fell sort of their dream of being a top four or better. Campbell gets the pittyful award.

  3. wrestling says:

    Pearl City was the favorite from the OIA and Punahou for the ILH.

    What AIEA did was simply AMAZING one of the smaller public schools going out and winning the title.

    • aiea says:

      man those aiea girls wrestled tougher than most of the boys, they wresttled with passion. they're not only awesome they're HOT!

  4. Kayla says:

    Mililani.. Can I say more?

  5. Wtestlinguru says:

    Wrestling at its strongest.

    There are wrestlers coming on to the Freshman wrestling scene next year that went to national wrestling tournaments at 4 and 5 years old 10+ years. Its not who will win or be a 4x State Champ its who will do it in the least amount of time on the mat. Its dreams of National,NCAA Titles and God Willing Olympic Glory!

  6. Wrestlinguru says:

    So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.

    If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
    If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.
    This has been more tersely interpreted and condensed into the modern proverb:

    If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous (literally, "a hundred") battles without jeopardy.

    Sun Tsu

    • wrestling says:

      One man think he know however he know nothing
      nothing he know make any sense, and no cents as he make nothing


    • Anonymous says:

      This is so true.


      If you know yourself, then your opponent cannot know what you know about knowing what you know about knowing yourself.


      If you don't know yourself, then you may not know about yourself enough to know that your opponent might know more than you know and with that knowledge know how to know how to use that lack of knowledge that you don't even know you have to also know how to use what you don't know against you, even if you think you know your opponent doesnt' know how to do that.


      Knowing both your enemy and yourself can be dangerous, however, since you may only think you know your enemy but really don't know that what you know is not actual knowledge, but knowledge that you know without having actual knowledge.

      You know?

  7. True says:

    Yes. Punahou may have had the target coming in, but they were not the Favorites by any means. Even in the preseason Na Alii and the Chargers were the heads on favorite. Props to all 3 teams. Aiea had quality. PC had quantity. Pun had quality. It made for an exciting race.

  8. WrestlingHI says:

    While, the missing Punahou wrestler might have made a difference in the Girls Championship. An overlooked but decisive difference did occur at 130 lbs. Not by 3 time State Champ Mindy Chow, but by Freshmen Kari Okubo. Who?, the 8th place OIA finisher didn't qualify for States, but was bracketed as an alternate on Friday morning. Quickly pinned by Chow in Round 0ne, she came back to win her backside round. Then, two wrestlers in her bracket injury default, she scores a buy and a win to place 6th. Without the points she earned, Aiea finishes second.

  9. WrestlingHI says:

    Turning point 2 – Shana Dillner, Kam leads Sam Higa with less than 30 seconds left in the quarter finals. Higa catches and arm bar and avoids the upset.

    Turning Point 3- within a 10 minute period of the semi finals, Segi & Higa Aiea pick up narrow wins while Sloan and Taniguchi Punahou suffer narrow losses.

    Turning point 4- While suffering some losses, Pearl City is leading the tournamentgoing into the 155 lb semi final. Fuamatu is up on Kaye going into the third period. A win would have won the tournament. Kaye takes down Fuamatu with 30 seconds left to tie it up. In overtime, Fuamatu is clearly out of gas, Kaye shoots but the take down is out of bounds. Had she been taken down and lost Pearl City was still in position to win. Instead she sits on the mat and gets called for stalling and then destroys Pearl City's hopes by throwing a tantrum and being disqualified, losing all her prior points.

    Turning point 5 – Aiea Girls step up and Segi and Manning-Obrien avenge losses to Enos and Jeffries at the OIA finals.

    A lot of clutch wins by the Na Alii Wahine,

    • wrestling says:

      Turning point 4.5- cheer on Nanakuli to upset Punahou

      • Grappler says:

        in addition, PC 155 swore on the mat giving pun a pt to be within 1. As for her antics, she was flagrant out of preseason tournament and was warned that one more she would be done for the season. You would think the coach would emphasize that fact to her for the teams sake.
        As for Campbell, at OIAs the boys had a half point lead going into finals but 3 unsportsmanlike conducts by 1 player and 1 coach cost them the title, Earlier finals match between Mili and Camp was going to overtime until player got called for unsportsmanlike and point awarded to Mili for the win.

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