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Have you ever seen a state tournament like this? Have you ever witnessed so much emotion in every win, and so much devastation in every loss? The crowd was as loud as its ever been cheering, fighting, pleading, and screaming at the top of their lungs urging their wrestler to push past their limits for one chance at GLORY.

This year’s states had more than its fair share of controversies, storylines, and outcomes that could/should have been different.

There were 4 wrestlers going for their 3rd Individual State Championship. 3 won.

Shayden Terukina (112- ’08, 130- ’10, 135-’11)-had possibly the most dominating 2 years in Hawaii High School Wrestling. In 2 years at states and 8 matches, he racked up 8 pins, only one of them in the 3rd period. As a fan, the only words we can say to describe his wrestling is “poetry in motion”. His duck under will amaze you with how fluid his hips and body move together, his scrambling possess an incredible amount of body control and understanding of how the body works. And, He becomes Kamehameha Kapalama’s first ever 3x State Champion and 4x finalist, 10 minutes before Kamehameha Kapalama’s next 3x State Champion…

Jacob Luning Hoshino (135-’09, 135-’10, 140-’11)-Intelligent, methodical, and dominating. 3 words to describe “Jake the snake” Hoshino. He had one goal in mind, “Not let anyone score a point on me, not even an escape”.  There was one escape point scored on him the entire state tournament. Has there ever been a wrestler that has had only a single point scored on them? I cant think of any. Intelligent, methodical, and dominating. He becomes Kamehameha Kapalama’s second 3x State Champion and 1st 4x ILH Champion.

Ray Cooper (152-’09, 160-’10, 171-’11)-For the last 2 years Cooper has competed in the hardest weight class. For 2 years Cooper has lost in the preseason, and for 2 years he has finished atop the Podium. Ray Cooper has become the most intimidating presence in high school wrestling, and he has earned it. This season, he added a variety of tilts to go along with his power game.

Ian Akamine (140-‘o9, 145-’10)- Ian has 2 more state titles than 99% of anyone who has ever wrestled, and I hope he remembers that.  Ian’s strength throughout his wrestling career has always been a wicked top and bottom game. His signature move, a standing gramby that he has hit on some of the top wrestlers in the state is memorable, and we may never see another one quite like it.

A video of the 2011 HHSAA Wrestling Tournament will be released, and we promise it will be a Great one. Stay tuned

We will also be writing our take on other story lines that has developed during this year through0ut the coming weeks.

Patrick Sheehan, Bree Rapoza, Jonathan Pico, and others are some of our upcoming articles.


60 Responses to “WOW”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Right on! Looking forward to it.

  2. Pun dad says:

    Chrissy Chow also captured her third State Championship. I believe she trailed in the third period in all three and found a way to win.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When was the last time two brothers won State Championships in the same year?

  4. Rick says:

    Lowen and Tyson from Campbell and Kailua came close. Both won 2 titles each 1 year apart.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Rick. I knew Tyson from Campbell but I didn't know he had a brother. By the way congrats on Bryan's accomplishment, we are all proud of him!

  5. Rick says:

    Randolyn Nohara still holds the most championships at 4x for Kamehameha.

    I don't know what her pin record was at states or if she was a 4x ILH champ.

    It was interesting that she chose softball over wrestling in college.

  6. MatMeticians says:

    anybody want to see the video of Pico vs. Remilliard? guess what, we have it and will be posting it soon.

    • mauiWRESTLER says:

      Get it up as soon as possible please and thank you. That mat was awesome, but get choke contreversy on what when really happened

    • Anonymous says:

      can't waite to see how the KING! dominated the match.

      • Rick says:

        Actually "How the King survived" is a more fitting description.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree. Dominating a match…and dominating a period and gassing the other 2 and then pulling a take down out of nowhere in OT are 2 VERY VERY different things

        • Anonymous says:

          I think what we’ll see is that the King survived with a little help from his friends.

          Who’s that guy who gives J. Bond all those little tricks and gadgets?


          Whoever “armed” the King put Q to shame.

        • Anonymous says:

          notice how LJ is given a point when pushed out by the King, when the roles are reversed and LJ does the pushing nada. also how LJ attacks and circles out no call soon as the king avoids the takedown and gets to LJs leg whistle is blown. Watching tne video it does not seem as the king was stalling as much as I had originally thought. Why does stan ono wait so long to award back points? there is a time where LJ clearly breaks and gets turned again.

          I believe the strategy is to win!

    • Anonymous says:

      Remulard is so susceptible to take down. His movement is very predictable, his reflexes are slow and his strength is about average.

      Remulard has great endurance and knows technique, but these basic mechanical flaws need to be addressed. At his age this it may be a moot point. It’s not surprising that Grant Nakamura has figured this out.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Remulards are never gonna admit LJ just wasn’t good enough to win. It’s never LJ’s fault, it’s always someone else.

        Pico was out of shape, but he still managed to administer 3 takedowns. That’s right 3 takedowns.

        And he got the one that mattered the most.

    • Anonymous says:

      watched the vid, and truthfully, not to discredit LJ, but he’s a sophomore. if the ‘king’ was so good, he wouldnt have trouble with him. the ‘king’ talk needs to stop because he isnt that good, if he was as good as you make him out to be, he would have placed multiple times or not have had such a close match with a sophomore wrestler when he’s a senior. so just call him pico, your ‘king’ screams of arrogance when he’s really not that spectacular.

      from the angle of the video, it’s hard to say if it was a pin or not, you have to actual have the right position to see it, we’ll see if the matside videos have the right angle showing both shoulder blades on the mat.

      after LJ gets out of the pin, pico was in recovery mode for the rest of the periods. I hardly saw him fight out, except for the stand up move that was really terrible on LJ’s part. how can you not defend an ugly stand up like that? lol. anyway, whenever LJ got the mills in, you could clearly see pico running for the border, no turn your head away and shoulder down like a proper defense would have to a mills. the rest of the match that was posted I just saw pico taking his time, I saw no aggression or drive to stay in control, I just saw a lot of stalling so that he could catch his breath.

      I do want to see better angles so I can judge the pin or not, but for now, the match in it’s entirety is not that impressive, given his competition and the performance he had, he shouldnt be called ‘king’ more like ‘one period pico’ :).

      • Anonymous says:

        I Hear a little jealouse, If the KING is not that good then what does that says about lilj, if you claim that punahou is so much more condition and technically better than everyone in the state, then he should of took advantage of the KING. But if you were reading, like Rick said the strategy is to win the match!. And just because you win only one state title it doesnt mean your not a great wrestler. That is an insalt to all the wrestler who battle hard just to even win one state title. So your saying Sheehan is not a great wrestler just because he only won one title. SHAME ON YOU! The KING RULES!

      • Anonymous says:

        Pico placed 3rd at 160 as a sophmore and 6th last year at 171. So he has placed 3 times and has to be considered a good wrestler.

        • Anonymous says:

          i’ll concede the multiple placer comment, I never kept track of him. however, I never said I thought LJ was good. He’s far from it, sorry to cheapen the victory, but 160 lbs was not a really competitive weight class where people in that weight had shown lots of technique or equal level of competition. sure pico won, but it’s not like he won convincingly against a skilled opponent. anyway I’ve always been a quality person and pico’s competition wasnt quality imo. sheehan had quality competition, pico did not.

          • Anonymous says:

            For your info, Remillard was undefeated before facing Pico. He beat the returning 4th place finisher from Missouri and the 3rd ranked wrestler from Tennessee in preseason. LJ also pinned about three quarters of his opponents before Pico.

            • Anonymous says:

              so that wuould the KING #1

              • Anonymous says:

                your grammar is terrible, and LJ is still not that good, he was lucky he had a weak weight class, he would not be in the finals if he went to 152. so imo the king is the king of weaklings 😉 even then having to win in overtime… lol

              • Anonymous says:

                Peralta or Reyes would have run over Pico at 152

              • Anonymous says:

                As a freshman, Remillard took 6th at 160 last year, by far the toughest weight class. He was also ranked 2nd or 3rd last year at 152 before Hernandez beat him in a close wrestle-off to bump him to 160. Remillard also pinned Kahikina Burgess, this year’s 171 5th place finisher, who in fact beat Corbett at officials.

                The claim that Remillard would not have made the 152 pound final if he was there for Punahou instead of Peralta is a huge stretch. His technique, conditioning and superior strength over an entire match would have posed a huge challenge for Reyes, Meyers or Nalu from Lahanina.

            • Anonymous says:

              Goes to show you that none of stuff matters.

              Remulard didn't know how to win when it mattered the most.

              I guess going to all of these high priced wrestling camps didn't help him like they had planned. You got beat by a hick from Maui.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pico is a good wrestler. But his cardio sucks.

          • Anonymous says:

            But he won!

            • Anonymous says:

              Yes he won, the point is, his supporters are making him out to be a great wrestler when he only won in a weak weight class with low competition, imagine if peralta bumped up to 160. Pico would get destroyed. So grats on winning (barely) in a weak weight class.

              • Pico says:

                Ok if you guys read the other posts i said that I had no idea what this site was before corbett told me at states. Someone is trying to make me look dumb by saying i’m the king. Again, why would i call myself the king before I even get to states? It would just add pressure and make me look dumb. Who ever that is is trying to make me look cocky and stupid. This is my third year wrestling and i’m well aware that i’m not the best wrestler out there. Someone is obviously trying to piss you guys off and is succeeding and i’m sure their getting a kick out of it at my expense. This is the last posting i will put on this site so do not listen to any “king” talk or any cocky comments. They stated in their first post that I got dq’d from states when I never got dq’d from any match. So it obviously isn’t me… Their facts are wrong, and that “the king arrives in 5 hours” is completely off…just someone with no life that likes making me look dumb. You guys can criticize me and say what you want about me but i’m happy and you guys aren’t gonna bring me down. But thank you to those who had nice things to say.

              • Pico says:

                Just playing. I am the KING!!

              • Pico says:

                “Down With The King”
                (feat. Joanthan Pico and CL Smooth)


                down with the king for years, about ten of ’em
                recruiting suckers, Mac and Mike, and makin’ men of ’em
                tears and fears for my peers, they rippin’
                you think that it is, it is, if not it isn’t
                race for the border my daughter, ’cause beats you’re bangin’ out
                jeeps rockin’ beats in the streets when there’s time for hangin’ out
                gather, or rather form a circle around a loud
                ’cause brothers or others could never ever rock a crowd
                is it because he’s runnin’ off with the mouth
                or was he really clearly tryin’ to play a nigga out
                nope, shut him down, the king with a crown
                ’cause all you wanna be is dicky down


                [J Pico]
                two years ago, a friend of mine
                asked me to say some MC rhymes
                so I said this rhyme I’m about to say
                the rhyme was meeca, and it went this way
                wrecka lecka mecca mic check on the windmill skills
                Mac distracts, wearing Godfather hats
                it’s okay to parlay to fortee better
                tell ’em my nigga made a sweater tougher than leather
                swing another Rodney King thing in our right
                but just like the white one I get no respect
                money stay awake, ’cause them other niggas are fake
                from Hollis to the Becon, now your dumb ass is leakin’
                C.L. and Run DMC so rush it
                big time way before Hammer got to touch it
                remember the faces in all types of places
                look Ma, no shoelaces
                and I’m….


                I’m takin’ the tours, I’m wreckin’ the land
                I keep it hardcore because it’s dope man
                these are the roughest toughest words I ever wrote down
                not mean for a hoe like a slow jam, check it
                sucka emcees could never swing with D
                because of all the things that I bring with me
                only G-O-D could be a king to me
                and if the G-O-D be in me, then the king I be
                the microphone is granted when it’s handed to me
                I was planted on this planet and I plan to emcee
                the emcee fiends only seem to agree
                that I rock all the world and the society
                I rages on the stages with a tune of verse
                I get praises from these pages to the universe
                my voice is raw, my lyrics is law
                I keep it hardcore like you never saw


                [LJ Remulard]
                I’m the man you see, in the place to be
                I went to John Jay University
                and since kindergarten I acquired the knowledge
                and after twelve grade I went straight to college
                down with the kings on the mic, a full swinger
                the P to the R, not an R&B singer
                the R to the U-N-D-MC’n
                the fly human beings, tonight I hold the key and
                flowin’ with the funk track, here to soul brother black
                pick up the bass, better yet leave a space
                so let me put my big black ?? on in to the early mornin’
                had skins doanin’
                mecca? (yo) you want the mecca? (yo)
                I’ll make a funky beat so we can blow, check it out
                Pete Rock’s the beat knock, put you in a headlock
                and now all the outty out flock is down with the king

              • Anonymous says:

                so you are calling LJ WEAK!!!!!!! thank YOU BUDDY!

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m pretty sure that rap baloney was not posted by Jon Pico.

  7. king v. remillard video says:

    Too bad, still gotta wait.

    PecsKane only was able to post 2 of 5 segments of the match.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thoughts/Observations on the 2 segments by PecsKane of Pico v. Remillard:

      -Regarding fall/no fall: Ref was in position at all times. Video appears to show that Remillard had at least one scapula off the mat at all times. Fall requires both scapula (or shoulders)to be pressed to the mat for 2 continuous seconds. It appears there was no fall.
      -After Remillard got off his back, after a whistle start, he stood up and had acheived hand control when Pico in the rear standing position pushed him out of bounds to avoid an imminent escape. By rule this is deemed to be “fleeing the mat” and a penalty point was properly awarded.

      -After Pico escaped in beginning of second round, in the neutral position Remillard backed him off the mat twice without a stalling call against Pico.
      -After Remillard acheived a take down he put Pico in a deep Mills half. Pico crawled off the mat just when he was about to be turned. Again no stalling call.
      -When wrestling is restarted in the middle, Pico escaped and then was taken down again. And again, Remillard gets a deep half and Pico crawls off the mat to avoid being turn. Again, so stalling call. The ref was not quick on the trigger in calling against Pico.

      -The video does not show the long time it took for the trainers to retape Pico’s arm. Were those trainers from King-K?

      -The second segment ends when an injury time is called for Pico. I believe it was his knee that he indicated was injured.
      -The rules indicate that it is unsportsmanlike to feign an injury in order to catch a breather.
      -I believe Maui coaches have indicated that Pico frequently used injury time or equipment (i.e. retaping) time to catch his breath during the MIL season.
      -If this was being done in the State Finals it is one heck of way to seek a State Championship.

      -Hopefully Matside will post complete video footage to facilitate fully informed discussion.

      • Anonymous says:

        The KING lives!
        Analyze all you like the King has been crowned

        LJ could not take down a tired wrestler who half heartedly became state champion, give the kid his due. Stalling is a strategy happens all the time in the collegiate level

      • Anonymous says:

        Further comments on Pico v. Remillard, segments 3, 4 & 5 posted by PecsKane on Youtube:

        -The video does not show the injury time out taken by Pico;
        -Pico was clearly backing off the mat, fully justifying the stalling calls and award of penalty points;
        -As Remillard had Pico’s leg in the final scramble and was in position to either get his hips back or pass the leg, there was no final takedown by Pico with 4 seconds to go in the 1st overtime.
        -Its in the record books now, and props to Pico on his effort in overtime, but Pico has no valid argument regarding the officiating in this match.

        • Anonymous says:

          The KING had lilj sitting on his but and was in control of his hips. DO you know what wrestling is all about. I will spell it out LOUD & CLEAR, (CONTROL) GET IT! now move on and wait till next year…

        • Anonymous says:

          the refs need some glasses lj was clearly pinned, but ono gave him alot of time to bridge out, it should of been over in the first round.

    • Anonymous says:

      What happened to the lengthy comments analyzing PecsKane video. While a couple of remarks should probably be strickin, most of the comments didn’t seem out of line. Will the moderator please give us some guidance here.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Moderator, why are the complete comments only visible after you add a new comment?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pecskane has completed uploading of the entire Remulard – Pico match.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow Rick, great article.
    That boy is truly amazing to follow his religion, and like a quote in the article said –

    “We’re really raising kids that are going to be bigger than wrestling, and if it’s something that he believes strongly in – which is not necessarily what I would do – you’ve got to respect a kid like that,”

  11. anonymous says:

    this will be my first time joining freestyle, any where you recomend me going and how do i sign up?

    • eFamous says:

      I would try to contact punahou coaches or Jon Robinson, as they organize the team Hawaii freestyle practices. If you are under high school age, might want to find a PAL wrestling club, as they are preparing for their freestyle season to start in the next few months i believe.

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